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  • Andyfa5 ·
    Hey how's it going? I'm new to the forums but saw your old thread on the Full Race BW efr 7670. I just recently purchased the same kit, hoping to install everything soon. Do you have anymore videos of your car besides the ones on YouTube? Really wanna see how it was running after it was tuned
    shawski87 ·
    :help:hey bro i think u may have mentioned this b4 but theres so much info to read tht my mind cnt quite understand completely of wat is said but i think i get the jist of the info but Anyways... i wanna mate a skunk2 header with a fr exhaust but whn i look it up i get too many different choices of headers like the Alpha Series and the MegaPower header which is the most expensive choice but idk if tht price is worth the buy for the mate with a Full Race exhaust. could u help me out plz cuz i dnt wanna waste money on this project. thank you
    LemonMAN ·
    hey man i bought your rick spec'd CAI a few months ago, and just finally got back and am able to install it but wondering if ill need radiator hoses to install it? thanks man
    shadychris ·
    hey man, I just read a thread you have where you say your exhaust note is almost same as stock and that you are using headers with a full race set up. Can i ask you what headers you are using and if you used another part to keep the noise down ? ( like a resonator or a high-flow cat ?)
    whopTriga ·
    I don't have a Facebook page. Jus a lack on my part, I guess I should just go ahead and make one. I work pretty much every Sunday, have to have two weeks notice to get it off lame! But ill get on the FB thing.
    whopTriga ·
    Yo Yo. Up here in Cartersville. Been reading up on ur threads. Jus seeing if you would like to get together/get a meet going. Are u still doing the blood mountain run?
    drummercor1 ·
    Thats kinda what ive been reading a lot. Im not much of a fan of coils yet anyways, i kinda like to set it and forget it kind of thing. At least for now. :vtec:
    drummercor1 ·
    Hey sweet thanks, i just want to get a great setup going and build my car right. I hate anything rice so i spend the money where i need to and i know these have been getting a lot of great feedback. Ill probably be getting these real soon.
    drummercor1 ·
    Hey so i read in the description of your car that you have Koni yellows with Neuspeed springs. Whats your drop like, like do you know the ride height you have? and how do you like them?
    hondajoc ·
    does the skunk2 megapower header paired with skunk 76mm is louder than the skunk2alpha header paired with skunk2 76mm?

    theres a sound difference between those headers?
    ijm5012 ·
    I was wondering if you had any pics of your Brembo's installed? I'm curious to see how they look installed.
    mvhs09 ·
    I found your post about the two exhaust systems quite interesting (and hilarious). Although, I do have a question then. Even with a silencer, will my skunk2 catback be THAT loud? Is the FR exhaust with the catalytic converter worth the extra $300 investment?
    hondajoc ·
    whats up bro , just got a question

    my cousin just bought a civic si 2008 , the problem is that the guy that used to have it painted the oem wheels chrome ,so he wants to know with what can get off the chrome cause he wants to use black plasti dip
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