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  • mattsbobo ·
    Yeah those do seem to make riding slightly more challenging/difficult however you choose to look at it. :laughing:
    mattsbobo ·
    That's one mean looking bike you're getting. Due to your geographical defect, you might want to think about a set of training wheels before you hit the Dragon. :giggle:
    KMM ·
    It's that time time of year again to get your santa hats on and be merry..
    but it's also time for 8thcivic.com's annual Secret Santa and Im here asking (once again) if you would like to join in on the fun...

    If you said yes then sign up at the link below
    Surfinmaui014 ·
    Hey, no problem man.. just figured i'd give some insider info :p

    Wouldn't hurt to post in a couple threads every now and then to let everyone know you're here instead of fixing things in the back round.. Everyone loves to know when the owners take care of their own.. Hope to see more posts from you and D

    Take care!
    Surfinmaui014 ·
    Just my .2 but I think people don't come to you or D due to your post count because they want someone whos actually here(not saying either of you aren't) but most people on this forum base your knowledge on when you signed up and how many posts you have. I think they feel like you two only show up when something is wrong and they blame you and the staff when something doesn't get fixed.. All the trolls and noobs won't realize what it takes to run a site.. Anywho, just letting you know that some Veterans on this site think you're doing a good job some keep up the great work!
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