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  • keduhanh0t ·
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    Steve42790 ·
    Thanks lol. I have the header already I need the cat and stock catback. that intake is also a good price I pm'd him!
    VitViper ·
    Yeah the clips are $40 if I'm shipping them with the pump. I'm waiting on my stock order from DW to arrive... so it might be next week before I ship the pump.
    BL06FG2 ·
    Thanks for the heads up! Trying to decide on what I wanna do. I don't have a windows pc so, tuning would be difficult.. unless I partition part of my HDD for windows on my macbook.

    Everyone seems to say that this is the first and best mod you can do for yourself and your Si. Was thinking of doing FP and Intake or Header together to start out. What do you think?

    Also gotta get these new coils on!
    BL06FG2 ·
    Cool man, thanks for the reference and pix. Have you ever ran a SRI and can compare to your CAI? Did you install the CAI yourself?
    BL06FG2 ·
    That's my main concern with the CAIs... the dreaded hydrolock. Have you ever had problems with it? And what exactly is the waterproof cover?
    i met u before at 8thgen bbq at stephens house lol u have that silver fa5 gutted in the rear lol playing loud music right?
    toekneeg ·
    I don't do those types of shows and I'll be prepping my car for the track the following weekend. Thanks for the invite though!
    Jayro ·
    Haven't been on this site in 6 months....gimme a wave if you see me rollin :) RR FG2...Licence plate "Jayro" ;)
    jmetzer03022 ·
    The part number is 4070825 for the gatorback belt I have. Cheapest place to order it off of is amazon.
    And thanks for the compliment bro.
    BL06FG2 ·
    Cool cool. The thing I hear about springs though is that with the way the Si (and RSXs) are set up, you should pair the springs with good shocks. People I've talked to complain about a "popping" or "stiff steering" column because it's not as fluid. I think he was explaining that with coils you get a better ball bearing movement for more fluidity. Any thoughts on this?
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