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  • JDMFA54DR ·
    Hey bro, i been trying to contact K20z3allmotor or some call him eman, but i Pm'd him and left a visitor message but no luck. Looking to get some work done on my car. Does he own a shop or do you have a better way for me to get in contact with him? thanks.
    Blinded808 ·
    Yeah got the exhaust. Let me know if you're still interested in it. I don't have a problem letting you borrow it if you wanna fab something off of it.
    baller ·
    you could of cut me some slack and just approved it. i spent like 10 minutes writing up the ad, and in there, i said i will put up appropriate photos shortly. which I have on my phone, just wasnt able to transfer to a computer yet, upload to imgur, and put them up.
    Praiaxmugen ·
    Sounds good! An OEM build was my original plan as well... I had basically everything (RRC IM, TB, intake, final drive, oil pump, flywheel and crank pulley) except the FD2 exhaust manifold and downpipe (spent almost two years trying to find this combo... no luck). I was really happy with the results... great balance between power, driveability and reliability. I've had my fun with it though... I'm ready for something different that will be a dedicated weekend/project car.
    fa5flame ·
    Steve is there any way you can look into why my FS thread has not been posted? I submitted 1 on Sunday, but I forgot to add "8thcivic.com" on my sheet, so I resubmitted it twice yesterday and still have not seen it posted. Any help would be great,thank you
    Hitman120 ·
    Did the picture links not work Steve? I had taken the pictures and embedded them into the post but I didn't preview as I was posting from my phone.
    FaDz ·
    Oh wow idk how i missed that one. Thanks for the catch. The picture only caught the corner of the picture lol ill take another one today.
    jdm08 ·
    I have more pictures that I can upload. I can either send you more pictures or resend me the link. I don't understand why your link only allowed one?
    Here is a link you can add or I can for more pictures. I hope that's what you need. Sorry and thank you

    Library Slideshow by Rolly_Rogers | Photobucket
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