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  • 0720Steve ·
    not tryin to boss you. just want to see you get it sold. and then get a j37. much love. you email IMT about the adapter?
    0720Steve ·
    nah. 2 minutes of your time to register and confirm your email. 2 minutes to link over to the fs section and repost the same stuff. not sure if they would delete your pics for not writing k20a on the paper or retaking the pictures. might be worth your time to spend 15 minutes doing it. might help it sell faster. you also need to bump that ish daily to keep it front page. buyer cannot buy if they don't know its there. everyone knows the search button doesn't help you find stuff :facepalm: you gotta drop it in their lap. its up to you how fast it sells. i post it on k20a, and maybe even a tsx or rsx forum. you can take 1 more pic with all the sites written on the page and be done with it. if you build it they will come. just might have to spend a few minutes and register on them other sites.
    Exeon ·
    here's our agent, just say Dat Nguyen sent you

    Daniel L. Trost
    1st Choice Insurance Agency
    10663 165th St W
    Lakeville MN 55044
    952-683-1444 Office
    952-683-1445 Fax
    [email protected]
    Exeon ·
    it's going good bro, i like it alot here. Good variety of ethnic foods, lots to do around, warmer weather, met this HBB. the bad= traffic and lots of hills in this particular area.

    currently IT trainning. Learning MS sccm 2012, juniper ssl vpn, building active directories etc. What

    just need my security clearance and i'm good
    kimchiboytypeR ·
    Awesome! glad its in good hands. After the SSM FA5 it was an 09 SRT8, gas was crazy so went back into a 09 RR FA5, just started modding it last spring!!! Its coming along nicely, Will have to get some pics of it up in the next week. Got a lot going into it, but I miss boost
    :( debating if I want to SC again or build a k24
    Exeon ·
    hey scott would you be interested in Chemical Guys Black wax? i bought as a package and they included the wrong one. since my car isnt black its useless. thought i ask before returning it. its this Amazon.com: Chemical Guys WAC_307_1 BLACK Luminous Glow Infusion for Black Cars and Finishes: Automotive


    search on google for reviews

    Chemical Guys - Black - YouTube
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