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  1. OR Rays te37 17x9+22 5x114.3 Double Pressed black. PORTLAND WILL SHIP on my dime

    Wheels & Tires FS
    Specs are too aggressive for my car, so I'm selling it to get something that's less aggressive. text 626 823 6386 Will trade for te37 in original Takata green plus cash. Asking $2575 shipped
  2. OR rims and misc Portland free shipping

    Wheels & Tires FS
    capture free screenshot software post images Enkei rpf1 oem like green $850 obo 17x8+45 Ssr ms3 unused 18x9 24 18x10 24 $2750 obo Te37 mag 18x8.5 40 18x8.530 $2575 obo Work Vs-xx 17x9+35 (4) $1850 obo Text 6268236386 if interested in any wheels

    Wheels & Tires FS
    hey guys! the holiday is coming up, so I'm looking to free up some cash by selling some wheels from my hoard! lol. The wheels are untouched unmounted in anyway, so the condition is 9.9/10( not 10 because I no longer have the boxes). I'm asking $2250 obo shipped within the USA 20mb image...
  4. OR Wheels for sale!

    Wheels & Tires FS
  5. NY FS: WORK REZAX 17x8+35 and 17x9+35

    Wheels & Tires FS
    That bend kills a bird
  6. OR Volk Racing TE37 WHITE 18x9.5 +35 Squared for sale

    Wheels & Tires FS
    Make:Rays Volk Racing Model:TE37 SPECS:18x9.5 (4) Offset:35 PCD:5x114.3 Location:Pacific North West Color:WHITE Contact info:Text 626 823 6386 or email [email protected]/ PM Price:$2475 obo shipped
  7. OR Wheels for sale!

    Wheels & Tires FS
    Ssr ms3 18x10 24 18x9 24 Color:silver Price: 3150 obo shipped pic host Rays Engineering Volk racing ce28n 17x7.5 +33 17x8.5+40 Color white Price:1650 obo shipped Time to part with my wheels collection Text 6268236386 if interested
  8. Southeast Florida Bi-Weekly Meets 2.0

    When is the next Miami or south fl meet
  9. FL 12.1x1.50 Lugs for sale Miami, FL

    Wheels & Tires FS
    hey ya'll looking to sell my spare lugs that I have laying around! Rays (pink/RED) used asking $105.00 shipped Work extended brand new in box Asking 155.95 obo shipped RED If interested in any of the following text me 626 823 6386 oh and please deal with confidence because my i-trader speaks...
  10. FL center caps volk and advan Miami, FL

    Wheels & Tires FS
    sold the advans sorry, thanks for the interest!
  11. FL center caps volk and advan Miami, FL

    Wheels & Tires FS
    Looking to sell couple items to raise some funds for other projects. 2)volk te37 caps $150 obo shipped NIB 3)Volk Racing Club Racing re30 $175.00 obo shipped retail 220. 4)volk RAcing Formula lugs barly used $350.00 shipped contact: PM or text me at 626 823 6386 PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE...
  12. FL Volk Racing Center caps(NIB) Miami, South Florida

    Wheels & Tires FS
    Contact:626 823 6386(text only!!) Price:$175.00 obo shipped per set to all 50 states. Please deal with confidence screengrab Club Racing image hosting 15mb Black GT Hi-version image hosting 20mb Contact:626 823 6386(text only!!) Please deal with confidence
  13. CA Godspeed (rays type) lugs

    Wheels & Tires FS
    that's a steal and almost looks identical
  14. FL bnib rays/volk lug nuts

    Wheels & Tires FS
    bump for same goods being sold
  15. FL Extend Lugs(blue) Miami Dade County, South FL

    Wheels & Tires FS
    Hey 8th fellow members, what I have for sale is a set of Rays Extended lugs in 12.1x1.50 lug pattern. The overall condition is mint, but there are some scratches(nothing major). I am asking $ 160 obo shipped or 140 cash obo locally here in Dade County If you're interested, please text me at...