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sirgatti 01-02-2008 03:00 AM

What's the coolest concert you've ever been to?
For me it would have to be:

Underoath (not as good as I was hoping, but still good)
Everytime I Die (awesome... craziest out of all the bands)
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster (completely badass, the lead singer put people on his shoulders and threw them into the crowd)
Poison the Well (eh... didn't care too much for them. A little too hardcore for me.)

Everyone was PACKED into the venue. I expected the majority of the people there to be a bunch of *** 15 year old emo kids, but everyone there was suprisingly cool.

07mugencivic 01-02-2008 03:11 AM


bad_andy0881 01-02-2008 03:11 AM

Disturbed at the House of Blues - you want to kick some ass after hearing these guys live

But the best is U2 at the Staples Center - there is no better showman than Bono. AMAZING!

trogers8 01-02-2008 03:27 AM

Prince on his Musicology tour

ImLikeMike 01-02-2008 07:08 PM

For me it was the

Dimmu Borgir
Children of Bodom
Iced Earth

tour a couple years ago. Man that kicked ass!

Orbit1 01-02-2008 07:10 PM

MUSE was amazing live

GeezerSi 01-02-2008 07:11 PM

Neil Young - Solo concert - Cleveland 1983

AXIS 01-02-2008 07:13 PM

The Up In Smoke Tour, i think thats what it was called

asndragonboii 01-02-2008 07:14 PM

Michael Jackson! NYC 9/08/01

Thats the only real concert i been to other than those radio station concerts.

I really wanna go to an Eminem concert since hes my fav rapper.

y2kedar 01-04-2008 10:51 AM

Fleetwood Mac, West Palm Beach '05 or '04

MBK 01-04-2008 11:13 AM

jerry cantrell house of blues

CameronJr9 01-04-2008 11:19 AM

I saw The Who in Indy. Pearl Jam and Radiohead in St. Louis (two different concerts) tie for second place. Beach Boys when I was 8 probably comes in dead last.

06si 01-04-2008 11:24 AM

Probably the Projekt Revolution tour which included Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg and Korn (i forgot the 4th bands name)

effNsi 01-04-2008 11:33 AM

i'll have to say as of now best concert i've been too was Moving Units in SF @ cafe du nord. just cause I was in the very front and they kick ass. The Mars volta @ berkley was also good. Muse puts on a good show and so do Editors oh yeah and Interpol. Those are just the ones I can remeber right now.
Oh and the Killers, but I saw them before they started playing big venues. Got to see them in Vegas @ the house of blues when you could still smoke inside.

NIGHTHAWKSI 01-04-2008 11:36 AM

jay-z @ madison square garden

tommyroo 01-04-2008 12:05 PM

Probably the first Bonnaroo festival in 2002. It really opened my mind (& ears) to many different forms of music then I was used to listening to. Changed my life, literally.

Widespread Panic • Trey Anastasio • String Cheese Incident • Phil Lesh and Friends (w/ Bob Weir) • Bela Fleck & Edgar Meyer • Galactic • Gov't Mule • moe. • Ben Harper • Ween • Jack Johnson • Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains • Keller Williams Incident • Karl Denson's Tiny Universe • Disco Biscuits • Norah Jones • Robert Randolph & the Family Band • Umphrey's McGee • Soulive • Blind Boys of Alabama • North Mississippi Allstars • Mofro • Particle • Blackalicious • Dirty Dozen Brass Band • Col. Bruce Hampton & The Code Talkers • Donna the Buffalo • Dottie Peoples • DJ Logic • The Big Wu • Drums & Tuba • Cut Chemist • Old Crow Medicine Show • The Del McCoury band • John Butler Trio • Gran Torino • Z-Trip • Amon Tobin • Llama • Campbell Brothers • RANA • Acoustic Syndicate • Corey Harris • Gabe Dixon • Jim White • Lil' Rascals Brass Band • Vinroc • Z-Trip

twistedframe 01-04-2008 12:08 PM

Oz Fest about 3 or 4 years ago at Nissan Pavilion. It was a great/crazy show with so many great bands! Next would be the Summer Sanitarium Tour about 5 years ago with Korn and Metallica. Also there are alot of shows in punk clubs in Richmond that I've been to that have kicked ass. Like Dropkick Murphys a few weeks ago, was a great show.

rmfa 01-04-2008 12:11 PM

I saw Billy Corgan aka Smashing Pumpkins in November here at the Backyard in Austin. What a concert. (thanks, Joy!) I've also seen Incubus, Willie Nelson, 311, Velvet Revolver, Howie Day, John Mayer, Blue October, Audioslave, Metallica, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. :-D (I could go on an on. Living in Austin is WONDERFUL for seeing live bands.)

Kurt 01-04-2008 10:15 PM

Dave Matthews Band - 8.7.04

Englishe30 01-04-2008 10:33 PM

RHCP (Californication Tour)
Tom Petty (Played with Stevie Knicks)
Roger Waters (Hippies Galore)
Eminem & Limp Bizkit (Anger Management Tour)

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