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Gturn 09-17-2016 05:30 PM

Xenon back to Halogen - advice needed
Hey lovely people,

My Euro spec 2006 hatchback has Xenon HIDs.

No idea if they're factory fitted but I guess they are as there's a part that protrudes from the underside of the headlamps.

I must confess I know nearly zero about HID headlamps.

All I do know is they have ride height sensors on front and rear suspension (theoretically, not checked if my car has them)

Here's my issue: it turns out my Honda is a POS. Not it's fault though, seems like it had a really bad last owner.

The headlamp mounts/bumper skin supports are previous generation, both headlamps are basically trashed and being supported by blocks of wood! :facepalm:

Decided it's best to buy a brand new pair of headlamps and support brackets, however, Honda parts are stupid expensive in the UK and new HID lamps are ludicrous money.

Found a brand new pair of Halogen lamps for an acceptable price so wondering what changes I may need to make?

Any advice dudes?

RedCoupe 09-18-2016 03:19 PM

Wood, well that is a novel sort of fix, and in the tradition of British cars too.

Look for the HID ballasts, each headlight unit will have its own, if its an add on kit this ballast will not have a Honda part number on it. If you are lucky, and these are just some sort of conversion or add on, the original OEM sockets (which normally would have connected to the back of the stock halogen lamp) are still there and only need to be disconnected from the ballasts (the ballasts can be removed). If it was more of a universal kit (one size that fits nothing) its possible these original connectors have been cut off and the wiring spliced into the ballast, if so your best bet is to get a set of connectors with an ample pig tail (for splicing) from the auto wreckers.

Gturn 09-19-2016 04:27 PM

That's what I was wondering.

Will need to investigate further. I assume if they're factory fitted the connectors are specific to the HID lamps.

Luckily I'm handy at wiring/soldering so retrofitting halogen pigtails should be easy enough.

I also assume the normal 12V wiring feeds the ballast which then produces the high voltage required.

Another thing to add to the list when I visit the breakers yard lol

RedCoupe 09-19-2016 09:52 PM

This might be easier, have a look at the under dash fuse block and locate the fuses for the left and right low beam headlamps, on a car with stock HID lamps these fuses will be 15 amps, on a car with standard halogen they are 10 amps. Again its possible that the person upgraded the fuses when upgrading the lights (if they did in fact upgrade them) but its something they might have overlooked while they focused on the carpentry work.

If your lights are true factory installed HIDs, the ballast is built onto the headlamp at the back, you might be able to shine a strong light in the engine compartment forward and see if you see a small black box with a high voltage symbol on it (I know its cramped in there, a borescope or similar device might help if you can get your hands on one).

Yes its 12 volts feeding the lamp so its really only the connector/plug you need worry about. If the fuses for the low beam are 15 amps you will want to change them to 10 amps for safety sake - you can likely find a bunch of them at the yard, bring long-nose pliers, the fuse puller included in the car is totally useless and breaks easily.

Gturn 09-24-2016 11:58 AM

Cheers for the heads up on the fuses.

The ballast is on the bottom of these lamps but it is a UK civic so who knows.

I have seen the connectors and wiring for halogen lamps now so just need to have a look at mine, hopefully the connectors are the same (1 large plug with maybe 12-15 pins and a smaller plug with only a couple of pins)

If so, straight swap and check dipped beam fuse rating.

Managed to get two new brackets so making progress, new lamps soon if my wife's car doesn't need anything spent on it.

Gturn 10-28-2016 12:53 PM

Fitted my new Halogen headlamps in the car today, the only difference I found was the Xenon HID's had one extra connector, connecting to the ballast; the other connectors were the same so no pigtails required. :)

Strange thing though, I thought Xenon lamps were supposed to use a projector?

Both old and new housings are identical in every way, the new lamps even came with fittings on the underside for Xenon ballast.

Regardless, car is massively improved with new headlamps and brackets, all fits together much better.....no more cobbled together headlamps supported on blocks of wood and the new lamps came with the added touch of a black glossy strip inside which IMHO looks cooler than the stock OEM ones and works well with the black grille with black chrome surround. Car looks much more crisp and a tiny modified touch, albeit subtle.

Just waiting for her indoors to come back from the shop with new bulbs.

Then I can test the new headlamps.

With any luck the two spare connectors won't matter, I taped them up and secured them so they don't short on anything.

Will post one last comment to say if all went well just in case anyone from UK/Europe finds the need to do this with their car.

If all goes well I'll miss the colour of the Xenon but absolutely won't miss other drivers swearing at me and flashing their lights thinking I have my main beam on.....was really getting tired of that sh.....

Not sure if it's because they were a retrofit by a complete idiot or because they were broken and aimed incorrectly but either way I (hopefully) can drive at night without making people blind and angry. :beer:

Gturn 10-28-2016 02:32 PM

Well, game's a bogey. :bleh:

Sidelights? check.
Indicators? check.
Main beam? check.

Dipped beam?......:facepalm: nothing.

I can only assume the connector for the ballast has the wiring for the dipped beam and it needs to be transferred to the main connector for the headlamp.

No idea of pinouts and no idea if it can be swapped easily or if it's a soldering iron job.


So now I have another uphill task.

This car is getting sold as soon as I fix everything. I'm going back to Audi.

Gturn 11-11-2016 12:22 PM

Quick update just in case anyone wonders (nothing worse than threads with no resolution).

The HID's were factory fitted as the loom was all original.

So, to convert a UK/Euro civic with Xenons back to Halogen:

1) buy new/used Halogen headlamps (the Xenon and Halogen lamps are different wiring and fitments for dipped beam internally) you could swap the internal wiring/fitment if you have the parts).

2) swap the live wire from the ballast connector to the correct pin on the main connector (you can identify the correct pin by unclipping the main connector inside the headlamp and examining which pin feeds the dipped beam live wire). The ballast plug has only two wires each side. They are colour coded and the two wires you need to move to main connector are the yellow on one side and green on the other.

3) swap 15 amp fuses for 10 amp fuses.

Job's a good'un.

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