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  1. Car Shops in San Diego
  2. where should i start?
  3. New to San Diego and the car game
  4. Anyone in NorCal selling parts?
  5. Spocom show 2016
  6. EpicJonTuazon Meetup
  7. Suspension upgrade or hondata flash pro??
  8. 2008 civic SI wheels
  9. Mountain View, CA
  10. wheels 17x9.5 offset +20mm
  11. NorCal East Bay MEETS/GREETS/PICS::
  12. Looking for someone in the greater LA area to plasti dip my FG1
  13. axle problem clicking sound ?
  14. anybody near humboldt state university?
  15. San Diego Meet: ROYAL MEATS win a set of wheels!!! DEC 09
  16. San Diego MEET: CARMEATS 10 car meet for Elijah 16 NOV 3PM-6PM SUNDAY
  18. looking into getting a 8th gen sedan si
  19. Anyone here from Fresno ca? :)
  20. Vallejo?
  21. Victorville
  22. new CA DAD smog
  23. Tire sizes!!
  24. July 12th Mulholland Canyon Cruise
  25. Anyone in SoCal
  26. February 23rd Palomar canyon cruise
  27. Amazing car meet in Irvine every Saturday!!
  28. Moscone Auto Show + Auto Salon Coverage!
  29. Cost of hondata flashpro????
  30. Question about the red emblems!
  31. Watch out Norcal, someone is stealing our exhaust tips and I know who it is
  32. San francisco, cali !!
  33. 06 Civic DX with aftermarket power locks
  34. Need everybody's help on this one please!!!
  35. Wekfest San Francisco 2013 Coverage!
  36. Blox Open House 2013 Coverage
  37. sacromento meet july 26 7pm
  38. Monterey area (roughly) tuning shop
  39. SoCal meets?
  40. New to the forum scene
  41. New official bay area group/crew
  42. Custom DC SRI into CAI
  43. SoCal Car Meet (Near Six Flags)
  44. Fresno!
  45. Fresno!
  46. Buying a car out of state?
  47. So-Cal 8th civic meet!!
  48. Team NVUS
  49. Help a kid find his stolen '66 Mustang and get 10 Grand
  50. jdmlifestyle x inspire meet oct 27th
  51. FA1 Goodies for sale
  52. HPS SRI For Sale
  53. Xxx~Family window sticker~xxX
  54. Looking for someone to install my jdm rear in SOCAL 714
  55. whats in YOUR trunk?
  56. 7th Annual Hond-A-Rama SATURDAY JULY 14TH 2012 SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA
  57. What other cars do u own??!!!
  58. Aftermarket yellow fog light SOCAL
  59. Bay Area Coast Ride.. Si vs Spec v.. Who wants to go??
  60. Skunk2 Spring Cleaning Garage Sale- Norco, CA. 4.14.2012
  61. Help please
  62. Check out Feel Your Boobies rider from socal
  63. Gas prices so high!
  64. FS: Sac - Vibrant Header w/Cat
  65. Anyone have a HFP exhaust for sale
  66. Where can I get my badges installed in LA
  67. civic fd2 type r oem rims
  68. Need help for my 08 Civic Coupe
  69. will a combination switch from an 09 civic fit an 08?
  70. Sunset Honda 6th Annual Hond-A-Rama Car Show 10/08/11
  71. Central California BBQ and Car Meet
  72. san diego weekly meet
  73. CIVIC SI SEDAN Exhaust
  74. petition to abolish carb
  75. Autocon Dec 10th, Lets make this one the last big one of the year!!
  76. looking for mugen si front lip
  77. Ship my car to California
  78. DRL light went on after installing LED
  79. trunk swap
  80. Extreme Autofest 2011 | San Diego
  81. In Loving Memory - Benefit Car Meet (7.24.11)
  82. Californians.. I need your help picking shocks/struts
  83. IDesings-awsame body shop that you shoud know of
  84. Hey going to Cali! This Thursday need some help.
  85. going to CA from AZ
  86. SD People Photoshoot
  87. Trip to Cali :)
  88. Central California folks!
  89. Can a NRG innovations muffler fit on 2011 civic sedan?
  90. thank you Mr.Hit&Run Driver.
  91. Canadian Si to California
  92. AMA Action Alert - Save the California OHV Trust Fund!
  93. Hows this body kit on a FD2?
  94. New Traffic Fines Effective 1/6/2011
  95. WEKFEST * Roll Call
  96. Sunroof/Moonroof Leak
  97. Message to all Californians...
  98. 360VM: The Spocom Edition
  99. God damn, just got a speeding ticket and the cop was a ****k.
  100. Hypertech® Obtains C.A.R.B. E.O. for Max Energy Sport Power Programmer!
  101. K24 frankenstein
  102. Retractable front license plate
  103. Anyone ever gotten 2 tint tickets?
  104. Sited for illegal parts. Told not to drive my car.
  105. Local Shops in NorCal
  106. I need help....:(
  107. car accident! fake information!
  108. My roadtrip takes me through NoCal and SoCal around July 6th or so...!
  109. Missing Person !! Please read !!
  110. Quick question.
  111. Should I get a 2008 Civic SI or a 2010 Civic?
  112. Smog, DMV, Registration, Oregon Plates, Use Tax
  113. Is it CARB legal to bore out the throttle body?
  114. WTB: SI exhaust tip
  115. California Marijuana Law
  117. Guess what? Somebody doesn't want it
  118. Anyone familiar with Auto Parts in LA?
  119. Opinion on headers
  120. tuing shop in Fresno, Ca
  121. wanted new tires, got computer reset!? help
  122. 11-99 Foundation
  123. L.a. Auto show 2009
  124. Registering a Salvage Vehicle in CA
  125. minor in possession
  126. Where to get header installed?
  127. lemon law
  128. starting a (559) Krew
  129. driving from Bay Area to LA!! I-5 vs US-101...
  130. Fresno
  131. car meet stockton july 12th lollicup
  132. Coming from vegas...
  133. cen*cal bi-weekly meet pics *56k warning*
  134. driving from oklahoma
  135. r&d dyno - any info on site being down?
  136. BODY SHOPS... where?
  137. Wlac
  138. help with dmv accident report
  139. Insurence
  140. Front Plate Fixit Ticket :\
  141. Visiting San Francisco
  142. converting 5 lug to 4 lug
  143. i know i know.
  144. California is Screwed: Tax increase effective April 1, 2009!!!
  145. Banned rental of OBD2 scanner in Cali?
  146. Possession ticket
  147. CHP Bulletin on Enforcement of Exhaust Noise and Systems
  148. Central California Chat Thread
  149. Fix-it Tickets cost increase in CA
  150. Just got a tint ticket. What are my options?
  151. 2009 new traffic law
  152. Spotted Si
  153. Skunk2 Garage Sale! This saturday nov.22!
  154. hey guys heres a link to get 25% off car stuff
  155. CA State Referee Certification Help
  156. Anyone down...
  157. any one live close to Concord. ca. 94519/ bay area/
  158. Spoon nsx-r
  159. Meet up in LA
  160. AN OFFICIAL 559 MEET....IT's TIME TO GET TOGETHER! come check in NOW!
  161. Should our visors be covered under the California Lemon Law?
  162. LA vs Sacramento
  163. CHiPs
  164. Bay Area Shops
  165. HFP Suspension KIT? help me VErify
  166. California outlaws texting while driving
  167. December 29th Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway!
  168. Honda Clawson in Fresno, CA SUCKS!!
  169. Moving to CA with my Civic, have questions
  170. Love Fest After Party
  171. Bureau of Land Management
  172. HID question
  173. Spotted! Two Si's - Irvine / Hollywood
  174. LA Spottings
  175. Alternative method to fight traffic infractions.
  176. Fresno, ca meet aug 16 2008 pics
  177. Question about Los Angeles
  178. Suspension of Referee And CAP Services??? wth
  179. No group buys unless you are a sponsor.
  180. Anyone in east bay looking to swap si trunk with lx trunk 07
  181. SI 4 doors....
  182. spotted this car with cali plates in Maine. is this you
  183. Honda North in Clovis, CA sucks!
  184. Will illegal tint fail inspection/registration?
  185. Legal Drifting Clubs/Events/Organizations?
  186. Parrot 3200-LS REVIEW
  187. Diamond Bar Area Car Shop Area
  188. Team Ryoku Bi-Weekly Meet!!! Cerritos, CA
  189. Monterey - 831
  190. This thread title has been changed due to lack of respect for other members
  191. Newbie Exhaust Question
  192. What is the LEGAL % of Tint in California?
  193. TINTING the REARLIGHTS LEGAL and removing the front plate #? LEGAL as well?
  194. Has anyone had any experience at Pacific Stereo (Fremont)
  195. Wanted: Si Wheels
  196. Post yur slammed, dumped, hammered cars...
  197. Change California Tint Law
  198. Coachella 08!!!!
  199. Question for Californians with FS/FT threads
  200. Come Check Out The Cali Squad
  201. Looking for cheapest tire shop in LA
  202. Where do you guys consider Monterey Norcal or Socal
  203. New Eibach Meet 5-18 !!!!!
  204. Heart-Pain For the Owner
  205. NST in So Cal at CA Speedway...
  206. Can anyone please call Kobe Wheels... I am german and need help!
  207. coachella 2008 who's going?
  208. Amber Alert
  209. CTR Available for viewing
  210. Another Day, Another Meet! a few members have a picture in Honda Tuning Mag.
  211. 661 Santa Clarita!!!!!
  212. So Cal tuner shops...
  213. in or around fresno. CENTRAL CAL
  214. anyone know someone looking to get an Si in norcal?
  215. You're Invited: Road Racing @ Firebird International Raceeway
  216. CA Cellular Phone Laws Effective 7/1/08
  217. new comptech si pics
  218. Eibach Meet 2008 !!!!
  219. License plate question
  220. Vehicle Registration Info Question
  221. is there any conquer the dragon on the west coast?????
  222. Hamton Blowers car & trailer stolen. If you're in cali please open.
  223. Riverside, CA Meet!!!!
  224. Norcal SVTOA & Apex Motorsports 3nd Annual Toy/ Food Drive & Car Show-Dec. 2nd.
  225. NorCal & SoCal Meet Videos.......
  226. BBQ pics!
  227. To all in SF
  228. Norm Reeves Honda Car Show
  229. California Fires
  230. whoever live's in fresno, how about a meet all 8thgen rolling out to this car show
  231. Vote for date of Official NorCal & SoCal End Of the Year Meet
  232. What the eff...
  233. JHP JHP JHP Meet 9/30/2007
  234. Any SOCAL DOWN for meet Sat. 9/15/07
  235. LET's Do a FG BBQ meet at Einstein Park on SEpT. 1 2007
  236. Official 8th Gen 11th Norcal & SoCal Meet BBQ, Nov. 17th, 2007
  237. California Vehicle Code!!
  238. Car Warraty Issue
  239. Boring day+canon rebel+07GGcivic= good pic
  240. SoCal & NorCal End of Year Meet.
  241. South SD
  242. Interesting C.A.R.B./Tinting Dilemma
  243. Best photoshoot spots in the LA area...
  244. Legal Tint % in Cali?
  245. Where is there a good tint shop?
  246. Campgrounds
  247. Front Liscense Plate
  248. Might relocate to San Fran-advice needed
  249. Ducks Hockey Thread
  250. Wanted: Si rim and tire