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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. '08 Stumped on Full Dash Removal
  2. Key fob replacement buttons?
  3. Overheating mystery 2010 Civic
  4. PS Fluid and Brake Fluid Changes?
  5. Stock OEM air intake system
  6. 2007 Civic, help please
  7. Progress Rear Sway Bar Mount and Bushing FAIL and REPAIR
  8. AC slowly gets cold over time
  9. 0W-20 in the R18?
  10. Awful Scraping / Groaning from Brakes
  11. How to replace driver's side transmission mount (07 Ex Coupe)
  12. radio knob not working 2008 ex. making erratic changes
  13. 07 Cracked Block replace or scrap?
  14. HFL (Bluetooth) not working
  15. Need help/information/experience with TL-S Brembo swap
  16. Alignment Issue for lowered Si
  17. 2011 Civic Growling/turbocharger sounding noise?
  18. 2009 Civic Si Horn/Airbag Issues
  19. Jerk when accelering from a slow roll and sometimes a stop?
  20. 08 civic questions
  21. 2006 LX wheel hub replacement
  22. EPS - Torque sensor relearn
  23. Help
  24. 2010 civic si hard start
  25. carbed r18a
  26. Sporadically, Engine not starting when turning key
  27. 2009 Civic Brake light Issue
  28. Car feels like it wants to spin all the time
  29. Grinding noise from Steering when turning either way
  30. 06 Civic EX - MIL status unknown emissions testing
  31. Trunk Spoiler Seals
  32. 2007 Civic Belt tensioner. Using heat to remove.
  33. VSA light on, check engine light on and triangle with exclamation point on.
  34. Civic SI Knock Sensor Flashing?
  35. What is the normal idle speed for the 1.8?
  36. second recall on air bags
  37. 2006 Civic LX Idle vibration issue
  38. 06 Civic EX, idle surge while braking
  39. 2011 civic si clucking sound from the front
  40. Battery relocated - lower radiator hose contact
  41. Car Jerks on first acceleration 2010 LX Auto
  42. Steering hard to turn right when cold outside...
  43. Rust on Sash? around windows 2009 Honda Civic
  44. 2007 R18 LX - Need advice as far as engine treatment chemicals...
  45. Fuel Pump Replaced. Fuel gauge flashing orange dot
  46. New spark plugs and new error code...
  47. Question about Foxwell Code Reader
  48. Frozen cluster 08 civic
  49. P0171 Code - HELP!!!!
  50. 8th Gen Civic- Sluggish Acceleration and Stalling Intermittently
  51. Clutches!!!!
  52. Do fluids need to be replaced low miles
  53. Advanced Users - Is PCV valve on R18 different than regular PCV valves?
  54. Trans broken? thump every wheel rev, worse when coasting
  55. Wierd Clutch problem?
  56. Coolant leak
  57. Civic si shifting hard again?
  58. Radio Buttons Mixed up - No SVC
  59. 5w20 oil in civic si
  60. Switch climate control units
  61. Upgrade to "Premium Sound"?
  62. 2009 Civic LX Electrical Issues
  63. Electrical issue
  64. Secret to getting high mpg
  65. Not shifting when warmer weather
  66. Clutch pedal is not coming back up
  67. Doors keep locking + car alarm randomly goes off
  68. Swapping a K20C1 into an 07 Si FA5
  69. How to install backup camera no drill
  70. 06 Civic Ex shifts weird
  71. '08 stock wipers in snow
  72. Keys won't program after dead battery, green key light
  73. No heat please help
  74. AC Compressor & Condenser Fans Cycling Even With System Turned Off
  75. Oil Pan Gasket Leak?
  76. hard to diagnose misfires, part throttle
  77. Bad alternator, wiring or both?
  78. Parts..
  79. Heater/AC CONTROL have 2 blown bulbs
  80. Tips for removing front/rear motor mount bolt?
  81. Fuel light pixel burnt out?
  82. Clutch chatter in a 2009
  83. 2006, no auto trans cooler lines to radiator?
  84. 2006, no auto trans cooler lines to radiator?
  85. Kraftwerks Supercharger & Hondata Tune - Car bucks at 5K RPM's in 1st and 2nd Gear
  86. Should I change transmission fluid at 115K?
  87. Knock Sensor & ABS Light
  88. 2010 Civic A/T Driveline Lash & Idle Vibration
  89. A couple questions about my 2008 Civic...
  90. P0137 ep3 civic si
  91. OBDII error P0128
  92. Busted gearbox?
  93. Engine Block Crack... Any Hope?
  94. My EPS situation
  95. Oil consumption problems
  96. "Clicking" noise while downshifting
  97. Replacing only front speakers
  98. Lost all unswitched power
  99. Losing All Electical Functions & Stalling Out
  100. input shaft bearing issue
  101. Washer Fluid Disappearing ?
  102. Tough issue to diagnose. HELP!
  103. Over Heating Issues
  104. What is replaced during warranty engine block replacement?
  105. Hard shifting, and clutch problem
  106. Rough start and idle jumping issue.
  107. Low Idle problems after warmup
  108. new mk8 civic 2.2 owner with a few issues
  109. Used 2010 Civic Si
  110. 2008 civic motor mounts manual trans
  111. Crc gdi ivd
  112. TPMS light on and off
  113. Can a faulty starter kill a running engine?
  114. 2006 civic ex sunroof
  115. Seeking Advice - K20Z2 Ti Semi- K20A Conversion
  116. Alignment problem
  117. 2006
  118. K20 coolant smell when turning the heater or ac on "FIX"
  119. Official Service Manual for 2010 Coupe
  120. How much pressure does it take to open the thermostat
  121. Need Help
  122. Anyone ever have a timing belt brake and bend valves??
  123. Cooling problems
  124. 8th gen Si Sedan Droning noise
  125. P0966, flashing D light
  126. Wobble at 55mph after snow tire installation
  127. My car key won't open my door to my car
  128. Code #4 a/c - heater vent
  129. Does the Acura CSX use the same front fender liners as civic sedan
  130. Clutch problems on EX
  131. EPS Torque Sensor Location
  132. Sunroof it's stuck tilted up
  133. 2006 Civic DRL issue
  134. Automatic Transmission Oil Pressure Switch
  135. What kind of windshield wipers are these?
  136. Loud knocking sound from front of engine
  137. Lag between gas pedal and acceleration
  138. Proper rear jacking points on the 8th Gen Civic?
  139. 2007 Civic SI 3rd gear
  140. Driver front power window misbehaves during auto-up
  141. 08 EX - Oil Pump/bypass Failure (247k)
  142. P0847 Which part # for trans pressure switch sensor
  143. P2651 ? Oil flush after VTEC pressure problem?
  144. Need helpp si rebuild
  145. Hybrid racing shifter cables
  146. Key Fob Problems 08
  147. 2010 Civic hybrid
  148. Is this a bad trans mount?
  149. 2006 Civic EX. High Idle Problem.
  150. Slow Cranking, New Battery, No Codes?
  151. Serpentine belt or alternator going bad?
  152. ECU RPM Wiring
  153. *I need you HELP and OPINION!!*
  154. 2007 EX, poor gas mileage
  155. 06 si wont rev past 7k
  156. A810 and A830 TPMS sensors interchangeable?
  157. Door remote unlock issues.
  158. HVAC troubleshooting- I've tried everything!
  159. Belt tensioner pulley
  160. PCV Valve cleaning, throttle body, maintenance
  161. Random P0172 DTC - probable causes?
  162. Can someone identify this part
  163. Ingalls stiffy with Innovative mounts
  164. Metallic Rattling Noise
  165. Brake Booster Issue
  166. Key lock
  167. 2008 honda civic si small vibration felt at idle. "Heartbeat" " stumble"
  168. Civic Auto Re-Locks / Cycles Locks Leaving Stop
  169. 08 SI cranks but no start sounds like no compression
  170. knocking sound at 2500 rpm in 2009 Honda Civic si
  171. Help Diagnose P0135
  172. How much slack should my timing chain have?
  173. Replaced ELD, now won't start!
  174. VSA, traction control, and e-brake lights on
  175. Before you replace your purge canister valve.
  176. EM1 CMC replacement - Sweet spot
  177. Hesitation / Power Loss (Solved)
  178. I need help diagnosing noise from brakes
  179. Ac/heat problems
  180. Fd2 type r suspension for CSX Type S
  181. 2008 A/C Pressure Sensor Replacement
  182. 2007-2008 Honda Civic LX Sedan Front and Read Seats
  183. 2006 Civic LX Automatic Transmission Jerkiness in 4th & 5th Gear
  184. Immobilizer Issue?
  185. 2007 Civic 1.8 Manual gearbox
  186. Main Engine Harness Removal...
  187. K20Z3 failure?
  188. Anyone Know what’s wrong with my Valve stems
  189. Assistance With Choosing Parts
  190. Valve sounds - only under load
  191. Vacuum Leak Survey
  192. Cooling System issues
  193. 2008 civic si - what is this sound? [video]
  194. Radio Backlight Blicking When I Step On The Brakes
  195. NST pullies and AC
  196. Usb Driver Update (Error:T)
  197. Cracked Transmission Casing 2008 Civic, fixable?
  198. Lx-s vs sport (Canada) what's the difference ?
  199. Issues with Civic After Being in Honda's Care
  200. 2006 Civic SI IAT SENSOR P0113
  201. Rebuilding k24y2?? Can't find a kit
  202. Cracked blocks on Brazil produccion
  203. 2008 Dash blinking
  204. Rebuilt trans oem parts weird noise
  205. Loss in torque after new clutch installed
  206. 2006 EX Sedan died and won't start. Could this be the A/C compressor related?
  207. Has anyone cleaned the EGR passages on R18?
  208. FA5 (2008 Civic Si) Question
  209. Can we use Civic S paddle shifter on a Civic EX?
  210. Myo9 fd1 sedan 5sp manual 1.8l will this car marry with 6sp man box from 2.0l
  211. Weird throw out bearing type grinding noise replaced everything!!!! 💥.
  212. Does my motor sound normal? HELP PLEASE!
  213. Car is not accelerating normally
  214. Low speed wobble after coilover install
  215. AC Cycles from hot to cold over and over
  216. Transmission/Clutch Issues
  217. Poor fuel efficency
  218. Vibrations when radiator fans kick in
  219. Engine revving up and down violently (before getting to operating temp)
  220. Ignition coil questions
  221. Si wont shift past 4k rpms in any gear
  222. 2011 stumbles when accelerating
  223. Brake pedal locked while cruise control is on!!
  224. 2006 Civic LX Sedan help with AC
  225. Any issues with moving from conventional to synthetic motor oil?
  226. Dumb Drum Question
  227. Oil Life % Feature?
  228. Wont shift into park
  229. 2010 Power window rolls down only
  230. Crankshaft bolt
  231. Moving RPM at all throttle positions
  232. Interior touch up paint
  233. Engine vibration when cold in park and reverse.
  234. Need help identifying rotted piece under car
  235. weird leak down results R18 (PLEASE HELP!)
  236. AC Clutch air gap spec PLEASE HELP
  237. Airbag light
  238. AC is cool but not cold
  239. Torn CV boot
  240. Weird afr issue..
  241. Tensioner Pulley Access
  242. Projector retrofit problem - how to trigger hi beam solenoid only on 12v
  243. Flywheel problem
  244. Gap
  245. dumb question: idler pulley same as tensioner pulley???
  246. Can't find the part numbers for radio and hvac control knobs?
  247. Low signal voltage to ac clutch relay
  248. HDS software download?
  250. Weird Humming Noise