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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. What coolant should i use...
  2. Is it ok like this? help~~
  4. HONDA product update... **must see**
  5. Aftermarket Speakers
  6. Intelligent Informeters
  7. Air blowing in w/o it being ON.
  8. car would not go
  9. SRS indicator recall anyone?
  10. Audrey broke her arm....need advice
  12. Damaged Side Skirt
  13. Rattling from subwoofer
  14. Erratic Idle & Almost Stalling
  15. Can you hear the gas swishing around?
  16. Revving!
  17. Front bumper is too low... need a skidplate!!!
  18. That #$%^@^& Engine Cowling!!!
  19. Strut noise from lowering...
  20. question about trunk lights
  21. Side Mirror Replacement
  22. chug chug chug
  23. '06 FBP Si Transmission/Clutch Problems!
  24. Stop lights? Tail lights? Rear/Front turn signals? o.O
  25. CEL blinking. anyone else experience this?
  26. Return of the Rev Hang?
  27. i got a new engine from honda
  28. DRL light
  29. Got a letter from Honda... W/ PICS
  30. wipers clicking?
  31. Noise from the Engine
  32. Random abs light or is the bodyshop hiding something?
  33. removing painted calipers
  34. Winterizing The Civic
  35. Burning Smell
  36. Tires Pressure = 50+ PSi..? Possible?
  37. Rattle me this Batman
  38. HELP??
  39. Fix for Sub/Headliner Rattle
  40. Oh my freaking god. My entire ceiling rattles now...and stress marks on top of car.
  42. Alignment Problem
  43. engine ticking
  44. Mobil 1 Users -- Question
  45. Non-DIY scratch repair--need advice
  46. first and worst accident of my life
  47. How to change clock please...and boot up message.
  48. a weird rattling...
  49. Broken Right-Side Mirror! How to fix?
  50. Fiji Blue Si no more... :( (possibly)
  51. tranny
  52. I have one question how does the anti freez get to the engine?
  53. DIY * Injen CAI install * Si
  54. Putting things in perspective for all you rattle-phobes...
  55. Clutch chatter
  56. Side mirrors.......PLease Help
  57. Door panel moving...
  58. Groaning from my steering column
  59. loud sound.when shifts
  60. locking car door.
  61. Taking the car to the dealer again
  62. DBW Rev Hang, Throttle Lag, Online Petition
  63. Rattle is driving me nuts
  64. needing help finding a post...
  65. grill removal gone wrong...
  66. 3nd time startin the car in 1st!!
  67. CAN Network?
  68. Any CANADIANS with 07's still have DBW Lag?
  69. Lurching in 4th gear M/T sedan LX
  70. Blackened exhaust tip
  71. 2006 Civic Overheated!
  72. Verizon phone charger blows out fuses
  73. Vibration in clutch pedal?
  74. Wondering If Anyone Else's Car Makes This Noise
  75. Turn signal relay location
  76. Rear Ended!
  77. Does your seat back move?
  78. example of how bad car hesitates
  79. Scrapes,underbody and bottoming out?
  80. r18 aem cool air intake
  81. Passenger seat "clicking" with passenger seated
  82. almost had a car accident! i heard BIG BANG from my car!
  83. Remove cowl
  84. A = change oil but leave filter?
  85. tach?
  86. Where the gas cap goes!
  87. dealer pissing me off - brake noise after B maintenance
  89. Gas Tank Door Question
  90. Oil Change Info.
  91. Maintenance minder reset 06 SI
  92. Rain is driving me crazy...
  93. LSD Problem Maybe?
  94. raw gas smell after spinning tires
  95. Passenger window lock
  96. Interior Rattles
  97. Ran over a curb
  98. Big clutch question
  99. '06 Si shift knob removal problem, need advice
  100. Anyone else experience nasty gastank slap front to back?
  101. Help! Car Vibrates
  102. Cracked interior door handle - 06 EX COUPE
  103. Trouble Starting
  104. Annoying Seat Belt
  105. FAQ on new Civic maintenance issues...
  106. Alabaster Silver and bird dookie
  107. AEM CAI
  108. Dropped The Allen Key into Oblivion
  109. Vents make flapping noise
  110. Clutch make squeaky sound from outside
  111. Injen CAI install question...
  112. Made a big mess changing out the oil
  113. Seatbelt Crackle
  114. My Car Whistles... Calm my irritations
  115. Power Steering Leak problem----Anyone else???
  116. GReddy dyno
  117. louder exhaust
  118. Locking door without arming the alarm
  119. SI Interior cheap as heck!!
  120. Sedan, rattle on the left front, near suspension
  121. removing taillights
  122. Dealer says "WHAT REFLASH?"
  123. Honda's Powertrain Warrany.
  124. a stupid question - when do i change my brake pads?
  125. XM tabs on Navigation screen gone :-(
  126. horn problem
  127. HELP Broken valve cover bolt
  128. gas mileage gone bad
  129. CEL on for no apparent reason? Please read
  130. car servicing
  131. Auto Tran DBW -Fixed!!!!
  132. 2007 Civic Brake Problems?
  133. Do you turn on recirculate mode when parked?
  134. Adding to the list of things that bother me
  135. any ideas?
  136. need new shift boot
  137. small dots in honda glass
  138. Adding a sub to stock Si stereo?
  139. Under the Hood Fuse question
  140. How to: Cut fenderwell and splashguard???
  141. trunk probs
  142. Snow Chains?
  143. Can you hear music from outside your car?
  144. I think i hurt my clutch
  145. Does the 06 Si.....READ THIS IMPORTANT
  146. How to do a trunk swap?
  147. engine turn on hesitates.
  148. Wimpy horn
  149. Changing Seats ???
  150. question about oil
  151. 1st to neutral without clutchin
  152. Clutch pedal. Spinning Noise???
  153. Interior Rattling
  154. Airbag light?
  155. Touch up for wheels?
  156. vtec light wire
  157. Hood plus grill
  159. not even 5 days and my door is messed up.
  160. Drop in Gas Mileage
  161. SI has too many rattlin noise inside
  162. Navigation/Screen Problem
  163. My Si is using coolant
  164. Hail damage
  165. fogged up fog light on the inside-- what to do??
  166. Honda Canada closes the book on DBW fix!!
  167. Helms Shop Manual.
  168. Dash scratch/gouge
  169. 2006 Civic Si engine threw rod
  170. I got into a wreck.. honda = tank
  171. Is this where the "Oil Leak" is that some have had fixed?
  172. My wife scraped my front right side of the bumper on the curb...
  173. Wiper Blade Replacement!!!
  174. Injen CAI Throwing a CEL-Check Engine Light on R18
  175. Throttle Problems
  176. Noise trouble spots
  177. Oil change DIY?
  178. Black paint peeling off front rotor wheel mounts
  179. is this normal??
  180. any body notice the camber on the back wheels?
  181. First oil change,read.
  182. Is it too late to call insurance?
  183. Strange trans noise
  184. black smoke on startup
  185. *Merged* Country Of Origin Vs Quality
  186. Metallic rattle/jingle from rear deck area found
  187. rear shock replaced, engine oil leak repaired by dealer.
  188. A notch going into 3rd gear....
  189. Rust on my Hood by pinch weld (pictures)
  190. Paint Flaking by headlights and Side marker lights....
  191. parking brake
  193. Y Does my RPM go up when i shift??
  194. Civic Si + Snow = ?
  195. Attention all R18 and SI owners!!
  196. Plastic in back of seat fell off...
  197. uhhh...I hope this is covered under warrantee
  198. Skipping Gears
  199. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  201. Grille-less Drivability?
  202. Wheels on EX. How to fix gouges
  203. Amsoil 5w-30 in R18 EX Sedan
  204. My Dealer Put the Wrong Oil in my Si !!!! HELP !!!!
  205. Dealership Stickers
  206. Good oils
  207. Si AEM SRI have CEL?
  208. Seat Problems...??
  209. Problem with new Si
  210. Head Liner Rattle, will dealership fix?
  211. PLEASE HELP!!! :(
  212. Protection for the Fogs
  214. bent subframe?
  215. Loosening the Belt?
  216. Comptech ss 1-2nd grind issue
  217. Whirring sound
  218. 5w20 in an Si.
  219. How to remove a stripped screw on the MAF sensor?
  220. honda of america
  221. Need help with Fogs
  222. Strange humming sound?
  223. Window Problem
  224. Silly Question
  225. Weird creek noise comming from my brand new Si
  226. Bad customer service?
  227. Interior Trim Panels Popping Out - Near Seatbelts
  228. Help!
  229. Steering to the right, driver door can't open/close properly and window rattling.
  230. Shift Boot Leather
  231. Is the dealer price good for maintenance
  232. Windshield Replacement
  233. How to take out Ecu
  234. New custom exhaust, car vibrating when idle???
  235. Mobil 1 in Si = Happy Si
  236. A/T Downshift from 2->1
  237. Minder gives a code B
  238. Canadian R18 Reflash
  239. Personal Opinion
  240. Glass Defect Recall on coupes
  241. sedan sunroof - how much does it tilt?
  242. "Factory" oil out 500 miles early?
  243. Sticky Door
  244. For those of you who previously had weird loud low rubbling sound @ 1400RPM
  245. For all those that have rattling issues
  246. Valet Mode? How do I turn it off?
  247. Getting tired of this new Honda
  248. Redline MTL vs. Redline MT-90
  249. CAI DIY?
  250. I have had it with the dealership