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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Transmission sounds
  2. Turbo spools and makes boost, but no power
  3. Clutch not disengaging
  4. Transmission Issue
  5. Service time
  6. Overfilled oil during an oil change
  7. cabin lights suddenly not working
  8. Oem subwoofer removal..
  9. Shop overfilled coolant, should I suck some out?
  10. How to remove sandable primer off plastic lip
  11. Grease for Anti-rust on the body
  12. fuel gage doesn't read correct help please
  13. Need Help with Engine clearances.
  14. Gas smells in cabin
  15. Unplugging computer for a bit ? Ok ?
  16. A/C not blowing cold
  17. P2R TBS for R18
  18. P0455 p0456 Evap codes?
  19. Ticking noise
  20. Speedometer, Odometer, and MPG
  21. Engine Vin Location?
  22. Exedy Throwout Bearing Failure
  23. In need of adive for drag slicks.
  24. Clutch sound outside of car
  25. Ticking sound from trunk
  26. Replace A/C compressor coil and clutch without disconnecting a/c lines
  27. Fuel Filter
  28. To tap or not to tap
  29. jerk on deseleration Honda civic 2008 Auto
  30. SRS light reset - where is the MES connector?
  31. K20z3 oil leak
  32. noise in the machine K20z3 blues
  33. p1157 Code
  34. Exhaust leak.. I think
  35. check engine light
  36. Civic gets hot after rain
  37. Forced induction and engine life
  38. water pump pulley snapped off, tech said wp is broken
  39. Si no start, please help!!!!!
  40. 2007 civic DX rear suspension rattle
  41. A/C compressor overheat
  42. Drain Plug Crush Washer
  43. Power Window problem
  44. 2009 Civic Si left turn signal blinking fast...HELP!!
  45. Fans wont Kick-In -- HELPP please
  46. Wheel painting question
  47. Knocking sound then serp belt came off!!
  48. Quick ? on EM1 CMC before ordering
  49. tons of knock in one cal none in another.
  50. injen cai
  51. Shaking and hard start.
  52. Compression numbers
  53. Painted rims and clear coat feels rough
  54. Help, Transmission Issue?
  55. trans knocking only at idle
  56. 2006-2007 Tire Wear Recall
  57. Won't hold a charge
  58. Nav Screen Blank
  59. Hard to shift into second from first (09 civic si)
  60. What purpose those this hose have?
  61. Entitlement to Repair?
  62. Opinions on front lip
  63. Hard shifting Manual Transmission 2007 civic
  64. What do I have to change?
  65. ACT clutch slipping
  66. Transmission Change, Flat Ground?
  67. Jerking Feeling
  68. Buzzing and Vibrations!!!!HELP!!!!
  69. Floor board messed up NEED HELP D:
  70. Help please. Coilover problems.
  71. skunk2 pro tb coolant bypass
  72. Clunking sound when turning.
  73. Reverse/4th grind after "new" (30k mi) transmission installed FG2
  74. Problem with driver side window
  75. Problem with key fob
  76. Help needed; persistent AC issue
  77. Airbag Code 33-10
  78. civic making weird noises
  79. DTC - 92-20 SRS system
  80. A/C shuts off after 15 min civic si
  81. AC noise/vibration
  82. Using Dip Stick to Roast a Marshmellow =/
  83. ECU reset??
  84. strange sound around 2.5k rpm
  85. Lights won't blink when I click to lock/unlock car
  86. Transmission shake entering third
  87. Grinding whining metallic noise from passenger rear wheel
  88. Rough Idle After Coming to a Stop
  89. Engine mount problems ?
  90. CEL O2 Upstream from catback install HELP
  91. 07 Civic Si Clutch Pedal Soft
  92. where can i buy new extended primary 02 sensor?
  93. bogging out on all the wrong places..
  94. Need help stat!
  95. CRV drivetrain in a SI
  96. Leaking Power Steering Rack
  97. Navigation system?
  98. 07 LX Clicking Sound Highway Speeds
  99. How are aftermarket front bumper covers?
  100. CEL and limp mode after engine was replaced
  101. Whining sound 2009 Civic SI - what is it?
  102. radio error cant find sticker
  103. Clutch pedal clicking noise = CMC Is it under Power Train Warranty or only Bumper-B?
  104. Replace A/C compressor...and other components?
  105. Knocking While Braking
  106. Spacer Problem
  107. Safe to lube clutch pedal rod?
  108. Manual Transmission Fill Bolt
  109. My DRL ligh just came on.....
  110. air condition
  111. Radio shuts off and turns back on while driving
  112. Unusual rear sway bar install issue.
  113. Stiff to get into 2nd and 4th
  114. Anyone have a repair manual for a Hybrid?
  115. Road Noise from Rear / Tire Cupping
  116. Whats the lowest tire psi that is ok for our car?
  117. clunk clunk clunk noise rear left suspension need help!!
  118. Signs of suspension going bad?
  119. Ist Gear Pop
  120. 1st Gear Pops out
  121. Civic Si 2007 Radio Harness
  122. Tranny fluid...
  123. Shaking in neutral
  124. DIY HVAC (AC) Compressor replacement anyone?
  125. Start Up Misfire PLZ HELP!!
  126. si brake boost hose
  127. Sticky caliper?
  128. Sound from engine, pls help identify the issue.
  129. Warning All M1 Users
  130. SRS light - wiring harness and passenger weight sensor $1000 fix
  131. V6 in one of our civics.. Possible?
  132. AC compressor/fan keeps shuttling on and off
  133. Bought 2008 Civic manual DX without service records, what service to do?
  134. Q45 throttle body
  135. questions on changing manual trans fluid
  136. Shaking when braking from high speeds.
  137. Things to look for when buying used
  138. Oil In SRI
  139. Lsd question
  140. alignment question, toe to blame?
  141. 07 Civic 4DR auto - RPM drop at lights, vibrations, transmission
  142. front axles replaced 2nd time in 55,000 miles
  143. Front Tires Creaks Over Bumps
  144. Dyno tuning cluster F***
  145. Delaware 8th gen si meet
  146. Injector questions
  147. Headlight Identification
  148. Knock sensor code... help please
  149. Alignment problem i would like to get some advices
  150. 3rd gear pop
  151. speraticly running rough
  152. What did I break?
  153. competition clutch stage 2 and ultralight flywheel problem
  154. Rack and Pinion Grommet
  155. *HELP* Tranny rebuild
  156. 06-11 Civic Si Hybrid Racing Performance Shifter Cables
  157. Are oil pan threads stripped easily?
  158. 2008 DX adding Aux input
  159. Is 250lbs too much?
  160. Rough Idle ???
  161. 2005 vs 2006 Honda Civic
  162. its only the transmission
  163. Driver Seat Not Pulling Forward/Backward?
  164. Door handle/lock problems
  165. a/c relay not engaging
  166. transmission plug size? 14mm x ???
  167. skunk 2 alpha race header melted primary 02
  168. Question regarding oil level
  169. Neodymium magnet transmission plug?
  170. Transmission oil as injector cleaner?
  171. A/C Compressor Clutch won’t disengage
  172. clutch makes loud pop, can't get into gears
  173. Help with "Cylinder heads"
  174. *HELP* 2009 Honda Civic Si tranny problems
  175. Axle problem? I need help, please.
  176. Coilover help
  177. Feeler gauges
  178. car wouldnt start
  179. Unidentifiable sound
  180. Cam Holders
  181. OEM fogs vs. JDM fogs
  182. Aftermarket speaker issues
  183. Leaking fluid from clutch :(
  184. Random hesitation when starting
  185. Very intense vibrations
  186. Will HFP axleback fit with OEM Mugen Si rear under spoiler(lip)?
  187. oem carbon fiber trunk install problem
  188. My letter to Honda of America regarding the 3rd gear grinding issue on the Civic SI
  189. Newbie here please help (CEL)
  190. Restoring painted rims help!
  191. Tranny Noise
  192. Exterior Light Fuse BURNING TOO QUICK!!
  193. emergency brake releace
  194. Mugen RR THird Brake light
  195. I think I broke my transmission...
  196. Cruise wont engage.
  197. Civic EX ghostly whistling noise when accelerating
  198. FlashPro Knock?
  199. Header melting steering rack harness..
  200. What Sensor is this?
  201. Just finished rear brakes, now E-brake won't work...
  202. Car keeps dying when I slow down to make a turn.
  203. 07 Si Oil Leak
  204. New rims and tiers pull to the right
  205. Inspecting Brake Pad Thickness....
  206. Rapidly Worsening Grinding Noise
  207. 2008 Civic Si P2610 code
  208. misfire after engine wash
  209. 09 tranny on 08 SI ?
  210. 3m Fuel Sytem Tune Up Kit
  211. Transmission Fluid
  212. little clip fell into my transmission... should i be worried?
  213. Clutch issue
  214. Clutch Replacement '08 Mugen Si
  215. Questions about AC intermittently blowing clod air, then hot, then cold again.
  216. Ecu reprograming
  217. clunking/popping
  218. how to wire vtec light on R18a1
  219. CV Joint Problem?
  220. Need a new transmission. Advice?
  221. Engine losing power in 3rd 4th 5th & 6th gear
  222. Axle play in my 08 lx
  223. Engine Block Cracked! Advice??
  224. 2nd Gear issue/Tranny(Yes I know another post)
  225. A/C rattling at idle?
  226. Inspection Failure
  227. ABS and brake light- only when hard right turn/curve?
  228. Driver Front Fender Rattle
  229. Blown Head Gasket in 07 LX w/56K miles??????
  230. How long it takes to change my break pads?
  231. Transmission problem fixed!
  232. jerky throttle
  233. Brakes dragging?
  234. Clicking noise
  235. Outside Temperature Gauge stuck at 77?F ?????
  236. Rubbing noise from DS front wheel (with video)
  237. Bolt broke off on the inside
  238. Help!! Weird gas leak from front end!!!!
  239. Window mechanism?
  240. Weird Noise
  241. Rubbing in RR Wheel
  242. My r18 died....
  243. Separating R18 AT from Engine - ATF drain req?
  244. 97,458 miles 08' stock si, AC blows warm air/coolant temp increased
  245. Turn off tpms light?
  246. Front lower bumper mesh grille HELP. FG2
  247. Gas Gas Gas
  248. screeching noise from front right???
  249. the infamous VIBRATION at 65+ mph. 2006 auto R18 civic 4dr
  250. Oil casing slightly cracked...