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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. How to Aim Headlights
  2. Sunroof Adjustment
  3. Clutch spongy twords the bottom?
  4. 2010 Honda Civic Fluids
  5. Who designed our pedals?!
  6. Sounds like rear passenger shock noise
  7. original clutch
  8. Knocking randomly
  9. Prestone Coolant & Waterpump
  10. 2006 Civic Si motor jerks hard when driving cold
  11. 1st gear disengagement issue
  12. Serpentine belt whines after replacement
  13. Rumble in Reverse
  14. Question about a part I found
  15. HELP! Clutch Master Cylinder Advise, Upgrade??
  16. Does anyone know if the 08 Mugen si has a different clutch than a standard si?
  17. my readiness codes arent setting, i need help
  18. Need help with etest
  19. Car wont crank over
  20. koni rear strut assembly noise
  21. Car won't crank and and no dash lights
  22. Old coolant mixed in with good - what's the damage ?
  23. Front Brake Caliper will not close after rotor and pad replacement
  24. cooling fans constantly cycling
  25. Squishy air noise
  26. NEED HELP! Tranny won't shift into 2nd gear!!! Leaking sensor??
  27. Parking light,tailight,license plate light,abs problem
  28. Please help parklight/tailights/abs problem
  29. Rim question!
  30. Cluster/radio off and on instantly
  31. Oil leak help plz
  32. Strange issue with power door locks and fob
  33. 2.2 diesel
  34. Loud Knocking @ ~2800 RPM
  35. clutch/shifter issue?? help
  36. 105/170K Service - Amazing Results
  37. Winter tire set up
  38. Better mpg when only filling half way
  39. 18x10 XXR 521 Camber/Tires?
  40. Random Starting Problem
  41. Did not start but did with boost
  42. Help with this problem
  43. Ex burning oil?
  44. how to bleed brakes/clutch?
  45. Honda air filter images - what would you do with this ?
  46. Rear defroster help - No power but good fuse?
  47. Name that part?!
  48. 07 R18 to K20 swap?
  49. Armrest assembly cracked
  50. Window and sunroof issue
  51. Whining noise in 4th gear?
  52. Help, car has no power and isn't starting with jump
  53. Switch to Full Synthetic?
  54. Gears seem very short
  55. Scraping noise right rear tire (08 LX 2-door)
  56. Turbo Kit, suspension and brakes from r18 to k20
  57. Oil Pan Threads Stripped...few questions
  58. What is this black box??
  59. Clutch slipping/dragging?
  60. Added oil but oil life still low, help?
  61. python 4211p with dball2pro install....
  62. OEM Mercedes Benz blue coolant in R18?
  63. I have a 2009 honda civic SI coupe
  64. Radio Going Crazy on Civic EX Coupe
  65. 2008 Si Repeated Aux Jack Failure
  66. 06-09 FG Body? READ
  67. Adjusting hood/fender gap?
  68. Engine Mount Question
  69. HELP!!! My cluch goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
  70. stereo keeps shutting off and lights dimming
  71. Wheel Alignment questions
  72. Dome Light + 12VDC [Helps]
  73. Idle pulley?
  74. car doesnt turn on, temperature shows a dim full solid bar
  75. Please help! Steering wheel vibration/rattling when ac is on and turning steering whe
  76. R18 Maintenance Checklist
  77. 08 civic sedan ac issues
  78. What oil weight for track time?
  79. Clunk noise when braking with clutch in.
  80. FG1 R18 BEST Turbo Kit?
  81. Swapping in a K20A Type R what's different?
  82. Lower bumper grill -08 coupe
  83. trans mount need replacing?
  84. 2 CEL. Noob question!!
  85. Error 1 what this mean?
  86. AC compressor connector wiring help
  87. Suspension adjustment help
  88. check and refill coolant resevoir
  89. wheres the schrader valve test port?
  90. k24 block or k20 block for all motor (using k20 head)
  91. What might be wrong with my 09 ex? Sounds like a diesel truck.
  92. FG2 Vtec? And Aftermarket Steering Wheel?
  93. How Common Are Civic Problems?
  94. RPM's rev high while in gear (Clutch problem?)
  95. engine oil dipstick length (non si)
  96. Whining/Moaning Noise When Releasing the Clutch While Turning?
  97. Replace clutch master and slave cylinder?
  98. Coolant leak on 06 civic
  99. Spark Plug Condition and side note compression #s
  100. Excess Fuel Consumption
  101. Steering Wheel Problems HELP!!
  102. 07 SI Clutch pedal stuck on floor
  103. Horrible radio reception
  104. Bushing Civic 2005 compatible with civic 2007?
  105. My 2006 civic gas mileage
  106. Alternator issue?
  107. Losing power!!!
  108. Alternator or battery?
  109. Gauge cluster wiring diagram
  110. About Service Required for 09' Civic
  111. 2008 LX Rear Drum brakes and wheel bearing guide?
  112. Water-foaming your r18?
  113. 09 Si Hesitation/Studdering when Accelerating??
  114. Playing auxiliary through a code locked radio.
  115. 07 si transmission whine
  116. Clutch issue and now codes
  117. Squealing at high rpm's- pulley? Belt? Pcv valve?
  118. Passenger DRL turns off after a bit of time, DRL light on
  119. Control Arm Uneven Tire Wear Settlement - My SI was fixed?
  120. '08 Civic R18 Spark Plugs 103,265 Miles
  121. ABS Codes after engine swap
  122. 2009 Si 225 vs 215 Tires
  123. Low mpg issue!!!
  124. 2010 LX Sedan Heated Seats question
  125. Used 8th Gen Purchase--Problems?
  126. 06 Si - Removal of Brake booster line?
  127. Most asked questions on Facebook answered
  128. SVC Bulletin #14-058
  129. Whining noise on my Si in forward gears
  130. URGENT: Bad to worse, cv axle assembly problems
  131. Replacing Valves
  132. Rear Brake Rotor Turned Blue...
  133. Changing oil using ramps
  134. a/c compressor needs to be changed. options options...
  135. Civic 2010 engine numbers and codes
  136. Button replacement
  137. Odd power loss/slow rev issue with my SI
  138. Civic AC compressor clutch stops engaging after 15 minutes
  139. Codes Codes Codes!!!!!! Plz look!
  140. Hard to get 06 Si in any gear when running.
  141. Winter Tires - What Will Fit?
  142. 2006 civic si smoking during vtec
  143. Is it safe for the front and rear rotors to be switched???
  144. Shifter Cables question
  145. New trans internals grind
  146. Front Brakes Issue after servicing the rear brakes..
  147. Fd2 impact bar / rebar cut?
  148. Help! Motor Failure on '06 LX coupe
  149. Parasitic battery drain question
  150. AC with zero reading
  151. Snow tires and rims on 2008 LX will these fit?
  152. Code changed my stereo
  153. Lost valuable item in emergency brake opening
  154. Emissions: High Nox
  155. Battery won't charge 3 weeks after engine block replacement
  156. Is something missing in my trunk?
  157. Civic Si Whining Noise
  158. Can't lock/unlock doors unless key is in the ignition. Also, radio not working.
  159. Rear Wheel Sensor
  160. Axle rubbing on frame..
  161. D2 rs coilovers pre-load help?
  162. Weird vibrations and loud noise
  163. Reverse light not coming on 07 civic ex coupe
  164. metal clicking/scratching during lowspeed breaking?
  165. Headlight and interior light pulse
  166. PVC Valve location
  167. Anti-Rust under the car - 2 Questions
  168. Front inner fender reparation
  169. 8th Civic WONT start please help easy fix?
  170. Front passenger tire problem
  171. A/C Condenser & Fan Problem With 2007 EX
  172. flip key mod question
  173. Engine Noise at Idle
  174. Preventative maintenance on 2007 LX at 36K miles? What would you do?
  175. 2009 Honda civic auto 2nd gear problems
  176. Some questions regarding NAPA oil change
  177. 07 EX 5spd first stalling now check engine light .
  178. Random Deep muffler tone on stock car
  179. Hit a Curb, How F'ed am I?
  180. 2009 Honda Civic Si - Black smoke & A/C Issues after oil change, brake service.
  181. Side window/door molding is junk. It's sticky/melty
  182. will 2009+ front bumper fit on my 2006?
  183. Alignment
  184. Short belt length to bypass ac compressor?
  185. Replace DOT4 Brake Fluid MORE OFTEN than DOT3!
  186. Will a tsx 09+ tensioner fit a k20z3 bolt on ?
  187. Civic EX airbag light reset??
  188. Timing Chain problem
  189. Random Grind on Startup
  190. P0420 with general diagnostic chart / My OBD 2 freeze frame data
  191. Holes on both sides of Steering Wheel assembly??
  192. Low PSI on Tires
  193. Rear Passenger Door Lock Unresponsive
  194. 2009 Lx Sport sloppy steering
  195. gear issues..
  196. Getting rid of the 8th gen, had enough.
  197. Engine Light with different readings..
  198. 08 si dash deck resets
  199. 09 honda civic si I have a problem with my brakes and a rattling noise from exhaust
  200. rear lower trailing arms torn
  201. Question about power steering fluid
  202. Replacing Expansion...Please Help
  203. GearBox Issues
  204. Can a new 02 sensor cause RPM jumps?
  205. k20a, will it bolt up to k20z3 trans, ecu etc? possibly K24
  206. Replacing Driver Seatbelt Retractor?
  207. Failed door lock...why does this happen?
  208. Taillights broken please help :(( 90 Civic
  209. No electrical power anywhere
  210. Rough idle and whirring noise (like in reverse) during accel.
  211. Knock Sensor P0325 Replacement R18?
  212. car only starts while code reader is connected
  213. Connected new battery the wrong way!! Car womt start
  214. Just replaced automatic tranny and I am having issues
  215. Just changed oil car won't start help please
  216. Alignment?
  217. Transmission making noise?
  218. Heated Mirror and Heated Seat issue... PLEASE HELP! :)
  219. Clutch?
  220. A/C Compressor won't shut off
  221. Weak start up after ran out of gas.
  222. 2007 Civic Si Coup Door locks
  223. Speedometer and MPG issue?
  224. Clicking sound while going straight
  225. Where to buy hydraulic clutch line for '07 si?
  226. Si Coolant Loss
  227. headache.... vibration
  228. Broken or what?
  229. 1st gear noise!!
  230. Black and Green Knock Sensors
  231. 09 Si doesn't want to crank (details inside)
  232. knocking noise
  233. Will 09+ LX lug nuts work on SI wheels
  234. Idle issues
  235. New Clutch recommendations?
  236. Car was parked 3 weeks .. now wont turn on ...
  237. Serpentine belt squeal, aftermarket alternator, belt size help?
  238. Valve cover leaking?
  239. Wiring problem?
  240. -1.8 camber wears tires 2011 civic
  241. VSA lights on
  242. Spoiler gasket
  243. WHat is an okay tranny to use for replacement?
  244. Car won't start, stranded 10 hours from home!
  245. Extra keys
  246. Oil cooler..
  247. clutch won't disenguage!
  248. honda civic 8th gen cooling fan not working
  249. Changing tensioner on timing chain
  250. Door wont open from inside or out