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Honda Civic Do It Yourself Articles

  1. Body Kit
  2. Heated mirrors on fa5
  3. How To Install GARNISH, L. FR. CORNER 73375-SNA-A01
  4. 2007 Honda Civic partially submerged in a ditch
  5. How to fix your Rear Sway Bar Mounts
  6. Sunroof motor replace
  7. oil change
  8. DIY - LX Sedan Remote Trunk Release Upgrade
  9. 2010 DX - mud flaps
  10. Honda Civic 2009 (Which Spark Plugs & Serpentine Belt)
  11. Factory MIC with aftermarket DDin, is it possible?
  12. DIY Tow hook cover for Honda Civic 8th FK/FN (HTB)
  13. Video - DIY Changing front Pads and Rotors
  14. Need some guidance
  15. Gear swap possible?
  16. b1 light came on Civic LX (what does it mean)?
  17. Wide body kits?
  18. How to Find a Parasitic Battery Drain
  19. Replacing Factory Headunits with aftermarket (Premium Audio System in 08 EX)
  20. To stroke or not to stroke?
  21. How to Easily Deodorize a Vehicle's Interior
  22. Fixing up ugly wheels
  23. 2003 Honda Civic si starter.
  25. k20z3 pcv valve
  26. Changing my door
  27. Ignition Coil (Coil, Plug Hole) Help needed
  28. where to tap reverse wire for wireless camera?
  29. Torque Wrench Socket Extension, Yay or Nay
  30. Rattling from From Left Fender Area
  31. 2008 Si - Factory Amp with Aftermarket Stereo
  32. 8th gen How to repair centre console latch?
  33. Degree Your Camshafts... (Part3)
  34. Blueprinting Your Cylinder Head... (Part2)
  35. Disassemble Your Cylinder Head... (Part1)
  36. Alternator suggestions
  37. How to Unclog a Sunroof Drain (VIDEO)
  38. Automatic Window Closer (install module)
  39. DIY: D2S Retrofits into a 2010 Coupe with LED color Halos
  40. DIY: How to Pull a Coupe Dash (VIDEO)
  41. Doors from a base Civic
  42. Any DIY for Coolant Drain and Refill (09 Civic LX)?
  43. Zest JDM FD2 Rear End Conversion
  44. Anyone know where the PCV valve location is for a 2008 Civic Hybrid?
  45. Mileage left 2007 dx
  46. Quick Release Steering wheel with working horn
  47. DIY: Subwoofer Rattle Fix
  48. Having trouble installing double din touchscreen radio on ex coupe.
  49. Need help with thermostat replacement
  50. 8th Gen Water Pump DIY
  51. 8th Gen Power Steering Pump DIY
  52. DIY: Disabling VSA by Default
  53. Idler pulley removal and install
  54. Serpentine Belt Routing
  55. DIY Install an A2DP receiver in a stock head unit
  56. DIY: How to Rebuild a Starter Motor (VIDEO)
  57. DIY ABS Light Troubleshooting/Repair
  58. DIY back seat A/C ?
  59. Procivic help
  60. OEM Replacement Radio - No Audio
  61. 8th gen shirts
  62. DIY: How to Remove and Lubricate Disc Brake Sliding Pins (VIDEO)
  63. DIY Aftermarket 2din 7" Navigation HU install for Civic EX Coupe with Premium Audio
  64. Engine mods
  65. DIY: 06 TSX Brakes on 07 LX
  66. Steering Wheel Controls Work Intermittently w/New Aftermarket Head Unit
  67. i need brake torque spec
  68. How to replace roof molding?
  69. Hasport Rear Mount Install Tips
  70. DIY front brakes, Pads and Rotors
  71. Brake Pads
  72. Test pipe:
  73. Window Rolling Issue: Fix!
  74. Refinish Coatings Leather Repair and Review (VIDEO)
  75. Passenger side and curtain air bag installation
  76. Civic 2012 - Replace AUX port for USB
  77. Enkei
  78. Help with retrofits
  79. Honda Civic 2006 8th Gen Rear quarter Replacement DIY help needed.
  80. Let's see your R18 mods!
  81. Urgent help with LX radio
  82. Not sure if i wired it correctly...
  83. DIY: Easier way to change foglight bulbs
  84. Heated aftermarket seats?
  85. DIY:Civic Si K20Z idler and tension pulley replacement
  86. DIY Custom Fender Liner
  87. DIY: S204 STi lip
  88. Is it okay to post 8th civic diy videos here?
  89. Air bag system
  90. Slightly Lifting an 8th Civic
  91. What adhesive for rear window spoiler?
  92. R18 auto transmission help
  93. How to fix (and replace) Hazard button light
  94. How to: Add Bluetooth & Voice Command button functionality with Aftermarket Radio
  95. Radio Hack
  96. Cigarette lighter broken
  97. Honda Civic CRX D16 D16Y7 Connecting Rod
  98. Need help on how to install a Mugen lip on my 09 4 door Civic
  99. Trunk close pull strap for your sedan
  100. Rebuild after head gasket replacement
  101. 2007 honda civic si stock deck problems
  102. power window switch part ## for 2008 civic ex 4 door
  103. Help installing aftermaket deck
  104. Plasti dip front emblem
  105. Mishimoto 3-port Catch Can Review
  106. DIY : Valve Clearance Adjustment straight out of the Honda Helms manual
  107. how do i connect my mugen rr drls to foglights with out blowing fuse?
  108. DIY: Footwell (or other LED) Lighting Connected to BOTH Headlight and Dome Power
  109. Diy r18 engine wire tuck
  110. Tapping into headlight power for footwell lighting
  111. passkey for alarm?
  112. Trunk release Solenoid gets overheated for some reason
  113. 150k plus advise
  114. DIY: Nexus 7 2013 Head Unit Integration with Factory Audio and Steering Wheel Control
  115. DIY Index!
  116. Quick Reference - Removal Diagrams
  117. Honda Civic Sedan 2006 R18A Searchable Online Service and Repair Manual
  118. Maintenance Guide
  119. Torque Numbers and Quick Specs