Water Cooler

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  2. The end of the internet!!!
  3. Been had MONEY
  4. College (Major)
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  6. Sleep walking dog.
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  8. Dilemma
  9. Sunglasses.
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  11. wanna do something funny?
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  23. This is what DC woke up to this morning.
  24. So Today I woke up to a mystery!
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  32. Bad Religion
  33. Ping Pong Playa
  34. Reaching out - anyone need a senior software engineer / database developer?
  35. Man gets charged $81 billion for a tank of gas
  36. The Crisis of Credit: A very good animation describing the banking crisis
  37. Need to rant
  38. Bono blasts Chris martin
  39. best crossover?
  40. best crossover?
  41. Rihanna and Chris Brown back together...
  42. pickbasketballshoes.com legit??
  43. Jean Thread for Jean Junkies!
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  45. what the hell is this thing called
  46. economic downturn and buying GOLD
  47. Seattle, WA - Taking a Trip There
  48. Who has a Twitter account?**Merged Threads**
  49. Poor baby
  50. Canada 'turns back Russia bomber
  51. US Attorney: No More Marijuana Raids
  52. How old your Brain is?
  53. 70 Year Old Pan Swinging Grandma
  54. Someone smashed a full bottle of beer on my car.
  55. Sick Cars in Dubai
  56. Yay!!! 1000 posts lol
  57. 12-hour Viagra-fuelled orgy ends in death
  58. Create a Ricer
  59. All the classics.. (games inside)
  60. Tax Season
  61. stupid bumps. need some help!
  62. GM posts $30.9B loss, keeps spending billions
  63. Anyone's body run naturally hot/cold?
  64. How NOT to kill Lice
  65. Games Blocked At Work??
  66. Ex Or Not To Ex
  67. Just got the 8thcivic.com sticker
  68. damn female drivers! lol!!
  69. What excuses have you used for calling into work !!!!!!!
  70. Chad After Dentist
  71. question about jury duty
  72. was i rude???
  73. My wife beats my ass every freakin' day!!!
  74. I'm so touched...
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  77. this is not tom
  78. Megan Fox Needs a New Man
  79. My New Blow Off Valve
  80. 14 Year Old Accused of Stabbing Brother Over Video Game
  81. Nebody plays drums
  82. VERY FUN law question.
  83. Help! Need ways to look busy and productive
  84. ITT: you guess the movie based on picture clues
  85. Where do you believe you go when you die?
  86. TW fg2 on highway
  87. Jason Statham over reacts while playing a video game
  88. Question about our car
  89. Anyone into go kart racing?
  90. Small Maine town either horny or desperately unemployed
  91. New OnStar Commercial?
  92. How is your current relationship doing?
  93. Modern-day Bruce Lee
  94. Sidney or should i say Cindy Crosby
  95. I have $1,500 what should i do with it.
  96. I really, REALLY have to use the restroom
  97. Going to Vegas for first time. Need help, suggestions.
  98. anyone playing myspace mobsters?
  99. Did you know?
  100. Yes or no?
  101. Deep questions about life
  102. nanerpus remix
  103. I am the kind of epicness. or maybe reposts. (Maybe nws)
  104. roadtripppppppppppp issue
  105. Ultra Music Festival 11 // March 27th & 28th -MIAMI-
  106. Medical Marijuana And The People It Effects
  107. Slumdog Stars Still Living in Poverty
  108. Ricer in a Lancer > in my college <
  109. TVB discussion thread
  110. Financial Planning for 2009
  111. 8thcivic is an insurgent in Baghdad!
  112. 100 rounds of 9mm vs Dell PC
  113. Touch MY Body remake.
  114. Korean Music Festival
  115. Blue SI on Washingtons Most Wanted
  116. Holy hell. Do yourself a favor and go to this website.
  117. Ben stiller ftmfw!!!!!!!
  118. Shrimp Stir Fry - Step by Step - Lots of PIXXX
  119. Something she said.....
  120. When is the best time to drink muscle milk?
  121. ** 2 year anniversary here **
  122. Does your girl give you shi* for being on the Ocho.
  123. need sum insight
  124. 11yo kills father's girlfriend
  125. Illegals jump border and sue US resident
  126. FREE Tacos at Jack in the Box on Feb 24
  127. Very scary 911 call w/audio
  128. To the girl that hit me with her car - w4m - 12 (craiglist story)
  129. I think i need professional help....
  130. Great Samsung commercial
  131. Results of domestic vilolence
  132. mini's!!!
  133. This is messed up...
  134. love this website! haha
  135. Up In Da Club!!!
  136. Anyone else think this is kinda sweet?
  137. For anyone struggling with math homework
  138. Jenna Haze gets a suprise! (NWS)
  139. Gangster scared of bug
  140. Advice: Buying a house in the current economy
  141. Accord physics video
  142. Conan O' Brian?
  143. Potholes.....Hate Em'
  144. My Weekly News Show -- "Weekly Wave"
  145. Teen Faces Cell Phone Porn Charge
  146. Rihanna's Shocking Picture
  147. How to fight an exhaust ticket!
  148. TaX problem?
  149. Whats Your Join Date? Noob or Not?! =P
  150. welcome home surprises
  151. Alex Rodriguez
  152. Am i being Scammed?
  153. F*** My Life
  154. Ftl ftw?
  155. pre-paid college
  156. A high school team..showing GOOG sportsmanship
  157. .m4a file???????????/
  158. Rare act of sportsmanship
  159. Chris Brown vs Rihanna fight footage
  160. Happy Birthday.........
  161. It's My Birthday.
  162. Woman Allegedly Adds Poison to Baby Food (video)
  163. Honda computer mouse! Fit is Go!
  164. 911 Call Screaming Chimp, Frantic Owner (Graphic Audio)
  165. satire
  166. who created the earth!?
  167. Raw Video: Brawl Erupts at HS Basketball Game
  168. Man fends off polar bear with a shovel
  169. Its my 18th...
  170. Top Ten Fastest Planes in the World
  171. Wife pleads Guilty in Death by Exercise Case
  172. I want nice weather so.....
  173. eBay rant
  174. Michael Jackson Has an Auction (nose for sale)
  175. NHL Hockey---Top Teams/Playoffs
  176. I f'ing hate MN WINTERS
  177. what songs are hot in your area?
  178. Police Shoot Chimp After It Attacks Woman
  179. MEGAN FOX a man??
  180. Woman Misses Flight @ HKG Int'l Aiport
  181. Left4LOL (NWS)
  182. FedEx SmartPost sucks
  183. MannyP305 is a bech and today it got worse..happy bday!!!
  184. Question about UPS Ground
  185. Bladder Pacemaker (WTF)
  186. RainX Latitude Blade
  187. 2011 Civic
  188. Beer lovers in Oregon: prepare to get owned
  189. Question for the 8th
  190. This Guy has got Mad Talent
  191. The secret to life *NSFW Language*
  192. Wuddup's Discussion Thread
  193. Can anyone recommend a decent elliptical trainer
  194. VTECH upgrade Only $24.99!
  195. Your getting married where?
  196. Honda FCX Clarity
  197. One really big ant colony
  198. Crazy First Person Crotch Rocket
  199. Would You Buy It?
  200. Saving small business.....
  201. Stupid Cat
  202. weird avatar question
  203. R.I.P. MacBook. What a Way to Go.
  204. The mom song-funny to all with a mom
  205. Most Stolen Song In The History Of Music
  206. Valentines day rejects
  207. Honda Civic toys!
  208. Minivan stoppie
  209. You're doing it wrong! 0.o
  210. University of Florida Students/Alumni
  211. Running the engine while gassing up
  212. Brain tumor - nah it's just a worm. NWS
  213. Lets help him cut his arm off....repost maybe
  214. What the hell??!!
  215. Monkeys and Humans, equal in Math???
  216. Dollhouse on Fox
  217. Poison Peanuts and Righteousness.
  218. ultimate ownage
  219. hey guys i need help with something other than a ticket
  220. Friday the 13th
  221. Earth to Joaquin
  222. The most EPIC FAIL Evar
  223. Once you go black..........
  224. Illegal Immigration
  225. 13yo DAD!!!
  226. How can you make it on Jeopardy and still be this stupid?
  227. Just a little mad about this !!!!!!
  228. Body Dragged for 20 Miles on NYC Highways
  229. Raw Video: Home Invasion Ends in Shootout
  230. Keys to the VIP - funny!
  231. I dealt with my GF's parents...
  232. Late Show Wheres Joaquin Phoenix ?
  233. Health Services Administration and Health Management Information (HIM) Grads!
  234. It finally happened!
  235. Anyone get Laser/ Lasik Eye Surgery
  236. Happy 200th Birthday Charles Darwin!
  237. Anyone Else Play America's Army?
  238. be prepared to laugh ur ass off ...shawtay
  239. I need somebody's technical wizardry.
  240. Thoughts on A-Rod ( Alex Rodriguez) baseball player....
  241. Need some help from internet gorus
  242. So I'm planning on getting my rims painted or powdercoated
  243. Beer Bottle Dominoes
  244. How do you guys wipe?
  245. Comparing Dangers of drugs
  246. The Mark Cuban Stimulus Fund
  247. The newest Song product you MUST own:
  248. Obama transcribing his book to audio
  249. Nick Pitera - Crazy
  250. Watch TV via a contact lens?