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  1. Hardware Incompatible issues
  2. Cobb Compatibility Issue
  3. Cobb tune and tsx tb question
  4. can we get a roll call of 2014 cobb ap users
  5. Basemap for K&N drop in filter with Homemade
  6. Basemap for rick spec'd intake
  7. Cobb tuning instructions?
  8. No Cobb AP for civic si anymore?
  9. basemaps?
  10. Bolt On tune
  11. Accesstuner
  12. Is a custom tune noticeably better?
  13. Anybody have this map?
  14. Cobb removal
  15. Sold the Si - How do I fully remove Cobb??
  16. Will a stage 1 injen sri intake map with a throttle body spacer be safe?
  17. I'm new to Cobb, Can some PLEASE find or give me a map for my setup...
  18. Cobb price
  19. Can someone take a look
  20. Anyone Have A Cobb AccessPort for Sale?
  21. Need rev hang fix
  22. Tuning Cobb AP
  23. Software for Cobb
  24. Anyone have this map and can send it?
  25. Flashpro or Cobb AP
  26. Ha ha I got Cobb, share some maps?
  27. COBB questions
  28. Anyone have a Cobb Tuner for sale?
  29. New to Cobb AT/Race
  30. Echo, echo
  31. Does Cobb not sell the AP for Si owners anymore?
  32. retune question
  33. Cobb stage 2 without headers
  34. Need Help
  35. launch control question
  36. Strange slight stutter at steady throttle
  37. AP Map Updates on Cobb Website
  38. High AFR
  39. Just got an AP
  40. Tuning for K24
  41. De-tune Problem
  42. Cobb Performance Numbers?
  43. Why dosen't my ATR have a speed limiter table?
  44. Unable to upload?
  45. Throttle Maps with latest AccessTunerRace
  46. Map suggestion
  47. very happy with tune
  48. running rich?
  49. what does this mean ?
  50. How do I raise the rev limiter?
  51. Looking for a good cobb stage 2 base map (Injen sri, vibrant rh, greddy tic)
  52. maps
  53. accesstuners is DEAD
  54. New to cobb... Advice
  55. random help
  56. Ordered my e-tune over 60 hours ago, no response at all yet :[
  57. Cobb Version 5 bog issue HELP
  58. Looking for alternative stage 1 map
  59. e-tuner for cobb?
  60. Safe to lower Vtec window on a stage 1 tune?
  61. cobb tunning
  62. eztune
  63. tunning with cobb tunning in upstae new york
  64. lost the AP, options on returning to stock?
  65. throttle angle
  66. cobb ap and 2011 civic si question
  67. password jdm intake with cobb combo
  68. Need Help with turbo base map
  69. cobb!!! vs. hondata!!!
  70. Guys using COBB still?
  71. cobb tuning launch controller
  72. cobb access port question
  73. Remove 6th gear vtec limiter?
  74. Got a problem from a fixed AccessPORT
  75. COBB question
  76. cannot open the ap on the laptop...
  77. Cobb or flashpro
  78. ask
  79. COBB on Stock?
  80. Stage 2 question
  81. Should I return my Cobb?
  82. whats the difference between 1.03 and 1.05c?
  83. Will Cobb work with Macbook?
  84. Can I use my AccessPORT on two cars?
  85. AP wont connect to computer after 50$ update
  86. COBB Tuning AccessPORT Product Line Consolidation
  87. Just Got My Cobb
  88. AP issues...
  89. Tune for Skunk2 stage 2 cams
  90. Cruise Control Issue Resolved
  91. Received my AP unit, then it died within an hour
  92. AP with kinda stock intake.
  93. Need info!!!
  94. Base MAP tunes?...Cobb chime in!
  95. MAP values in cam phasing tables?
  96. Want an AP but just a few questions?
  97. AccessPORT Firmware, Map and Software Updates
  98. Problem with my AP unit
  99. AccessTUNER Racer server will be down May 21st - May 24th
  100. cam angles question
  101. cobb prob
  102. everything always goes wrong
  103. Video of Cobb's Impending Rev Hang Fix
  104. "they dont have a map for me"
  105. SOCAL cobb tuner
  106. Socal cobb tuners ???
  107. Intake/Exhaust What map?
  108. Access Tuner Map
  109. How many people have gotten their AP professionally tuned?
  110. few questions
  111. AccessPORT dash light issue, reapir
  112. Does Cobb Access Port..
  113. Ltft
  114. which map?
  115. just wondering
  116. The State of Cobb AP Thread
  117. Cobb AP
  118. COBB Tuning Offers Free Shipping
  119. cobb ap
  120. Stock with an HFP Axle-back exhaust
  121. cobb- no vtec?
  122. accesstuner race
  123. questions
  124. Mucter's tune from accesstuners
  125. map for i/h/e and tsx cams?
  126. cobb with mishmoto carbon sri?!
  127. comtech s/c
  128. v1 & v2
  129. Access port work with 2010?
  130. Cobb with defouler?
  131. car wont start
  132. Tuning without the accessport
  133. Join COBB Tuning at Redline Time Attack Round 1
  134. cobb not loading
  135. do you recommend Cobb Tuner???
  136. Atr
  137. Modified Magazine Tests Civic Si AccessPORT!
  138. seriously cant wait
  139. COBB Tuning Takes On Time Attack in 2010!
  140. The official stock cobb thread
  141. COBB Tuning Motorsport Races into 2010!
  142. access tuner race questions
  143. Wtf accessport went crazy!!!
  144. Engine light
  145. Cobb's Stage2+ KNSRI v1.03 vs. Stage2+KNSRI v102 Spec M Rev2
  146. Update from COBB?
  147. question about v1.04 issue
  148. quick ?
  149. Need help with cobb stuff
  150. diff between dyno tune an base map?
  151. Reverting AccessPORT Maps Back to v103 and Other Notes on Beta AccessTUNER.
  152. What next?
  153. COBB + real X-intake
  154. Cobb Compatible
  155. CT Cobb Tuners?
  156. AP noobie
  157. Honda AccessPORT Update Program Available
  158. Updated AccessPort, now my datalogs are jacked?
  159. Just ordered
  160. does accessport help emisions?
  161. noob question
  162. Anyone have any insight on what the values for the revhang tables should be??
  163. COBB Tuning Announces AccessPORT Price Reduction!
  164. BETA AccessPORT Update - Full FI Tuning Support with MAF and MAP!
  165. can not dl Stage2+KNSRI w/ 3500LC map
  166. A challenge for Cobb.
  167. Accessport Problems
  168. My MAF is calibrated, my fuel is looking good, now what?
  169. AccessPORT User Survey 2010
  170. Lowering VTEC
  171. Light throttle stuttering with K&N intake (not related to 1.04 rev-hang maps)
  172. Question about when ap connects to ecu
  173. battery charger for accessport?
  174. How does rev hang affect the performance of the car
  175. Tuning for WOT
  176. Can you make Vtec engange on WOT only with Accessport
  177. Can you make Vtec engange on WOT only with Accessport
  178. In-car video showing stock v1.04 map - no rev-hang
  179. Help with AccessPORT Manager
  180. PWJDM Intake Map
  181. Ideal AFR
  182. Linux?
  183. which map to use to pass emission?
  184. Can the AccessPORT fix the poor warm up performance?
  185. 2009 si running lean at WOT!!!
  186. Which map for K&N drop-in and cat-back?
  187. Feature request - TPMS reprogramming
  188. cobb causing knock?
  189. Winter time and the Cobb AP
  190. AccessPORT Update: Rev-Hang Eliminated
  191. Which mapp?
  192. what stage to run?!
  193. Which Map??
  194. Is my hearing adapting or is my exhaust quieter?
  195. Jdm fd2 ecu
  196. Stock engine with ap dyno results
  197. Primary O2 sensor calibration help
  198. Rev Hang
  199. Latest Update on Honda AccessPORT Development
  200. Burn In (like a plasma tv)
  201. Need help calibrating MAF sensor
  202. Problems with stage 1 rev 1.03?
  203. When is cobb doing a iphone app
  204. noob question with COBB AP
  205. question about accessport
  206. Cobb mount
  207. cobb question
  208. Where to Dyno Tune with Cobb AP?
  209. to dongle or not to dongle?
  210. Hello Cobb community, need some help
  211. ordered first mods + AccessPORT
  212. Cobb Tuning dyno results
  213. New to cobb.. same as flashpro?
  214. upload your Cobb Dyno here
  215. Ordering my COBB access port this week.. need input
  216. Adjusting fuel
  217. Total Noob
  218. CobbTuning issues and problems
  219. CobbTuning calibrations and datalogs
  220. Cobb AP fuel economy
  221. Cobb AP problem! help
  222. Cobb AP Sync
  223. COBB AccessPORT Challenge!
  224. Cobb tuning Map problem
  225. Tuned by Cobb Tuning
  226. Not accepting new car
  227. Tuning VTEC Engagement w/ AccessTUNER
  228. Cobb AP Features (Flat Foot Shifting)
  229. For those with the AP and strup header...
  230. Difference between CSX-S/SI COBB?
  231. 0-60 function on accessport
  232. Cobb, ECU question
  233. AccessTUNER, AP Updater and AP Manager get 64-Bit Support
  234. COBB access port tuned JRSC
  235. Car bogging before vtec, lets think it through.. (Cobb AP)
  236. COBB released the T1R MAPS!!!!
  237. AccessPORT 64-Bit Beta Testing Program
  238. Chat with COBB Sunday (8/9/2009) at 1PM PST (4PM EST)
  239. What type of driving for MAF cal. datalogs?
  240. Cobb AP Chat Thread
  241. Cobb AP: Knock Counts NEED your DATALOGS
  242. Cobb AP: Post your AP Dynos
  243. Cobbs AP Effect on Our DBW System
  244. Cobb owners with X-style intake
  245. Cobb background color
  246. Can't Datalog
  247. Launch Control Vids
  248. Accessport fixed
  249. Enhancements to AccessPORT Maps and AccessTUNER Race Beta
  250. Cobb ATR CEL Delete