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  1. Fuel pressure regulation and KW kit
  2. Kraftwerks Supercharger & Hondata Tune - Car bucks at 5K RPM's in 1st and 2nd Gear
  3. Crush FPR with DW65c????
  4. TVS Kit
  5. CT Engineering CLOSED FOR BUSINESS?!
  6. Going to supercharge this fall
  7. kelford 179-s1 with kw sc.
  8. Idle Issues After CTE Install
  9. Kraftwerks Supercharger higher coolant temps
  10. Getting CARB Ready: Need Assistance on Intake Side
  11. Will ac still blow cold after supercharger?
  12. Belt size for cte smaller pulleys
  13. MTF suitable for FI
  14. $800 for a cte supercharger plus throttle body etc...
  15. CT-E Boost By Gear
  16. CT supercharger fueling
  17. Cold air intake for Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit
  18. DW65C w/ Return Fuel System?
  19. WTB CT-E supercharger kit for 8th gen Toronto ON
  20. Compression ratio
  21. Upgrades before boost
  22. Fuel Calibration Tuners
  23. Aftermarket Fuel pump recommendation
  24. Ct supercharger stage 1 question
  25. Discharge A/C prior to Supercharger installation
  26. Built Motor CT Supercharged and Nitrous Fed!
  27. Kraftwerks and CA Smog
  28. i need help
  29. Kraftwerks Supercharger Build Plan
  30. Brand New Kraftwerk SuperCharger Installed
  31. Strange problem, need help
  32. Only CARB legal forced induction for 09+ si's
  33. Stage 2 Clutch with KW Kit
  34. Need help and advice on smogging my new supercharged Si in CA
  35. Rotrex Supercharged (Non Kraftwerks)
  36. Evap question
  37. Need help j37 TB on a kraftwerks kit
  38. K24a2 with kraftwerks kit
  39. Is my engine too old for me to go Supercharged?
  40. VitTuned Kraftwerks Kit Group Buy Offer!
  41. NEED BELT SIZE cant find info anywhere
  42. Supercharger Bypass Valve Adjusting
  43. Merc aftercooler with extras
  44. Water/Meth and Lean Protection
  45. Shifting to the Honda Scene
  46. What high cam angles u run on kraftwerks sc?
  47. Does the JRSC for k20a fit our k20z3?
  48. Is it a good deal ? Kraftwerks SC kit used with 4000 miles on it for 2200$us ??
  49. Fuel Pressure Dropping at WOT
  50. Imt aftercooler reservoir expansion level??
  51. need help with vacuum line locations on vt inlet
  52. Idle ramps up and down after re-learn
  53. Cte manifold help please. Pics needed
  54. fitment CT-E vs Kraft Werks S/C
  55. Supercharging question
  56. Need a starter tune please!
  57. Is there a place to buy just the comptech SC manifold to go MP90? Please help...
  58. Kraftwerks kit upgrades
  59. Vittuned aftercooler help
  60. Consensus on Stiegemeier porting?
  61. Which 3.5" cold air for JRSC
  62. Is this salvageable? Botched port job
  63. Excelerate Performance: Jackson Racing R18 Clearance Sale!
  64. CT-E supercharger T1 IAT location?
  65. Oil in supercharger manifold ??!?
  66. What can I expect to beat w/ 350whp?
  67. Kraftwerks kit: require 4 bar MAP sensor?
  68. Rebuild cte m62 or tvs900???
  69. Kraftwerks as a DD/reliability
  70. supercharger with stock exhaust
  71. Worth changing exhaust/header from Vibrant to Skunk2?
  72. Where can I buy a CT supercharger manifold?
  73. Boost By Gear on CTSC, UK FN2
  74. engine rebuilt and still overheating
  75. Belt Size
  76. Need what?
  77. Flywheel opinions with KW Rotrex Kit
  78. RickSpecd 8thGen Civic Si with Kraftwerks Kit
  79. Aftercooler: IMT Kool Boost 2.25 vs Vittuned
  80. Kraftwerks S/C Kit Supporting Mods
  81. Torque damper? Kwsc?
  82. Kraftwerks which motor mounts?
  83. 335i?
  84. Excelerate Performance: Kraftwerks Group Buy!!
  85. IMT Tvs 1320 Supercharger Upgrade Tested
  86. SC catch can setup, filling with oil QUICK!!
  87. Lightweight k24 cp
  89. Excelerate Performance: The Best R18 & K20 Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit Pricing
  90. How much more horsepower from the CT SC?
  91. Hybrid Racing CAI with Kraftwerks SC
  92. KW BUILD- Noob build questions
  93. KraftWerks KRAZY R18 Civic Kit Group Buy!
  94. Supercharged ?
  95. Best down pipe for SC
  96. Running rich out of no where
  97. Where to buy a JRSC?
  98. High elevation boost?
  99. Psi Census...
  100. what's the best spark plugs on KKraftwerks ?
  101. rebuild or no?
  102. E85 Chat?
  103. wideband gauge question
  104. Header or Down Pipe for KW s/c
  105. Shower of flames...
  106. Where can I find a new JRSC?
  107. ct stage 2 engine mods required?
  108. DW 1500 injector reviews?
  109. Anyone here opt for the c38?
  110. Whipple SC setup?
  111. JRSC 3in (2.95in) b.p and CRV Crank Pulley Belt size
  112. Kraftwerks 9th Gen SC Kit Compatibility with 8th Gen Civic Si
  113. KW Catch Can
  114. CT Supercharged vs Full Bolt Ons + Tuned
  115. CT-E w/ J37 & HR CAI?
  116. RickSpecd Kraftwerks Civic Si Build - Check it Out!!
  117. Where to relocate IAT sensor on Kraftwerks S/C setup!
  118. Merc Racing 3in Blower pulley belt size for JRSC
  119. another ct-e vs KW kits
  120. Interested in supercharging, but still street legal
  121. Been thinking of supercharging my 09 civic si sedan
  122. PIC request: CTe CARB sticker
  123. My CT Supercharged Si on the Dyno
  124. No start help
  125. High Elevation Supercharging help!
  126. Another Kraftwerks in the works
  127. Is E85 possible with a CT-E kit?
  128. CT Rebuild Interval?
  129. Jrsc setup belt size??
  130. Excelerate Performance: FREE XLR8 EXHAUST w/ Kraftwerks or CT-E SC Purchase!!!
  131. Pulley Boys 3 inch pulley for JRSC
  132. intercooler
  133. kraftwerks kit + cams
  134. cte, car sputter while boosting wot? help?
  135. Vittuned aftercooler install
  136. m90 upgrade
  137. Awic
  138. CT Supercharger Fuel Spacer Size
  139. Which supercharger ? Ct or craft werks ?
  140. Build Thread Kraftwerks on Stock SI
  141. Kraftwerks truth?
  142. VitTuned Tune Offer for One (1) lucky KW Kit Owner
  143. Kraftwerks
  144. 4-1 header for a SC setup, worth it?
  145. Tvs1320 / k20
  146. Some advice required
  147. Urgent Help Needed: Kraftwerks Supercharger Belt Malfunction
  148. Unique emblems
  149. Kraftwerk kit recomendations and questions?
  150. Just picked up a used CT-E S/C kit....
  151. VitTuned Big Bore Inlet VS. Stock CT-E inlet
  152. Crank pulley Info
  153. Driving in Winter Conditions With SC
  154. Heat reflective tape on intake mani?
  155. K24 cp unported
  156. Planning on supercharging need build help
  157. kw questions
  158. Who's had to replace their aftercooler pump?
  159. Burning oil / cold start issues.
  160. JRSC install with OEM Tensioner
  161. TTS Rotrex kit's Race Radiator
  162. HELP?!? I need advice
  163. CT-E 3.0" w/ Vit Aftercooler Belt Size
  164. Gauges...
  165. Twin-screw R18?
  166. Anyone running the vit viper 2.95 pulley ?
  167. anyone with cte supercharger with no boltons
  168. Miles on ct blower
  169. Belt Slip or Boost Leak ???
  170. Comptech Injectors 520cc
  171. HELP !! ZDX TB + IMT inlet question
  172. Have searched a ton, just 1 question about CTE and CAI
  173. Rotrex K20z3
  174. Worth it or not to SC
  175. New Tensioner for K series cars!
  176. SC and clutch
  177. Turbosmart dual port bov on Kraftwerks?
  178. Best SuperCharger?
  179. Fouled plugs
  180. to Water/meth or not to water/meth?
  181. 400hp/251tq Kraftwerks kit
  182. AC replacement Rotrex Bracket?
  183. 100 octane on a 93 octane tune?
  184. 4 bar map sensor necessary?
  185. Battery recommendations
  186. Average Price For Supercharging
  187. MercRacing CT Auto Tensioner Bracket
  188. Comptech Stage 2 supercharger questions
  189. CT-E Stage 2 Reliability with High Mileage
  190. warranty on ct-e supercharger
  191. Bbg or no bbg
  192. Just started this screeching sound on cold start-ups.
  193. K24(tsx) vs k20z3 on a cooled m62
  194. Who drives an 11-13 wrx coming from sc si
  195. Excelerate Performance's Black Friday Week Sale - Free shipping to the cont 48 US!!!
  196. Fuel Pump Upgrade
  197. Resovior question
  198. Question about oil
  199. Burning oil
  200. Thinking Of updating my TB but have a couple questions
  201. Intake for a Rotrex
  202. Prosport Boost Gauge Wiring Help
  203. Ep3 jrsc
  204. hey guys
  205. RSX ct-e supercharger tensioner..
  206. Last chance attempt at U.S TTS Shaftdrive kit
  207. Reliability
  208. TTS Shaft drive kit intake manifold testing
  209. CT sage 2?
  210. Car Cuts Off After Boost
  211. Moving from JR or CT to KW?
  212. JRSC shaft
  213. Excelerate Performance: 8th Gen Civic K20 & R18 Supercharger and Installation Source
  214. Replacing rotor needle bearings
  215. bypass actuator tension
  216. bypass hose size
  217. How is this CTSC set up?
  218. RSX JR SC kit fit on Civic Si 08
  219. help need quiter exhaust better flow
  220. Question about belt size and how to run the belt - JSRC
  221. Sourcing M90 parts
  222. Offer of a lifetime!
  223. Time for a new belt?
  224. ct supercharger idle problem
  225. No power at 7500 to 8500 rpm's
  226. Please Help! ECU pins for BBG!!!
  227. Future mods for my ctsc (questions)
  228. Wideband questioin
  229. snapped input shaft on Rotrex C38-81
  230. Catch Can not working?
  231. Another clean TTS SC Install
  232. TTS Rotrex Install Guide and Base Map
  233. Belt Squeal on startup
  234. Black Smoke under accleration
  235. Tig welding TTS sc piping?
  236. C/Te SC kit help
  237. looking for the o-ring gasket from merc racing inetrcooler core stage 2
  238. intercooler upgrade for jr supercharger
  239. High power rotrex build
  240. Need traction!
  241. rotrex bov how?
  242. CTe s/c...what are the symptoms of a faulty bypass valve?
  243. Strange noise after S/C install :(
  244. Tq steer
  245. Small IMT Inlet Review
  246. Need Help Rebuild Is Needed
  247. need help please supercharger ct-engineering stage 2
  248. aftercooler water pump info please
  249. TTS sport kit C30 to 38 ???
  250. Installing catch can