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  25. World's Fastest Honda Civic R18
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  43. Will my battery get in the way?
  44. My Turbo K24/K20 in a Brazilian Base version Civic :)
  45. Race gas questions
  46. Anyone Ever Part out a FULL-RACE KIT?
  47. Gt3082r
  48. T2 garrett gt30 Opinions
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  57. Compression test?
  58. compresion question....
  59. Won't boost over 7psi.
  60. 1st time FI
  61. Roma's 8th Gen Civic vs the World
  62. rrc intake manifold
  63. valve springs and cam combination?
  64. Downpipe Issue
  65. Intercooler for FA5???
  66. Valve spring?
  67. Whos the best tuner for a turbo civic in Toronto
  68. What WG spring size for BBG?
  69. Turbo'd with over 100K? How's it holding up?
  70. Please honda gods
  71. Purchasing a turbo'ed 8th Gen
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  74. help me!
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  78. Anyone ever heard of auto dynasty?
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  86. Question FA5 with K20A2
  87. boost/vacuum signal?
  88. Turbo R18s
  89. Anyone know where to find a turbo housing for a borgwarner efr 7064
  90. Has anyone used the Kmod Turbo kit
  91. Looking for a shop in Delaware to weld oil pan bung for return line
  92. Dumptube/Downpipe Fender Exit
  93. Converting efr 7064 to external waste gate
  94. sheepy twin scroll manifold
  95. twin scroll manifold
  96. Twin Port IWG for EFR
  97. well ...... blew my motor
  98. MAP sensor way off from boost gauge
  99. Jendry's VitTuned Si raises the bar...
  100. Sidewinder t4divided turbo mani
  101. full race efr turbo kit wga questions
  102. dual plenum intake mani
  103. Stock intake manifold plenum volume
  104. Srt turbo kit
  105. how to hook up Garrett gtx water lines.
  106. Custom R18 Turbo - need help and guidance from professionals
  107. Choosing turbo 6263 vs 6266 PTE
  108. PRL GTX3071r Kit on the Dyno
  109. Punching PCV?
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  111. Broken Trans. Yes I know this is turbo section
  112. Turbo kit Cxracing
  113. base map?
  114. Boostjunkyz sidewinder
  115. intercooler for a sc car
  116. how to run coolant lines?
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  118. turbo kit
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  120. Are ARP head studs needed?
  121. Dead AEM Wideband
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  123. Dyno tune vs étune
  124. Boost gauge
  125. Finishing up my turbo install. Question about vacuum line.
  126. Buying a used turbo kit
  127. What to do with turbo outlet?
  128. Oil feed line tee question.
  129. Just installed turbo
  130. dyno results for the EFR 7064
  131. Greddy turbo kit help/ instal / others
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  133. in a middle of installing have some questions
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  145. I have a question on the Greddy turbo kit i bought :]
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  150. 2007 FN2 Turbo Proyect
  151. R18 Turbo kits
  152. Intercooler setup
  153. better traction
  154. No Nonsense Fuel Return
  155. IAT help
  156. Used Turbo Kits?
  157. P2r Turbo manifold
  158. Vit's 2008 Si More Better Epic Build
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  171. will i leak oil if i capped the welded fitting? oil pan
  172. i need help with my turbo decision
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  177. 30R fitting size
  178. Pic Request: Re-circulated dump tube setups
  179. looking for turbo options can anyone help?
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  182. rulosi’s “Enta Da Turbage - Real cleva, cause I wear my leatha in the winta” Build
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  185. Reccomendation for N00b
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  205. In need of some assistance!
  206. buy and install engine internals slowly or during turbo kit installation?
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  208. rev hard manifold
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  212. Geezer's EFR
  213. Wastegate options
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  227. Contribute to my Turbo Build
  228. 18 psi?
  229. want to go turbo
  230. K20z3 Summer Build/Boost Thread--Leggo!!!!!
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  232. Cooler IAT/coolant
  233. my first run against a bike :)
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  236. Can someone look at this weird issue
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  246. I need help
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