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Intake & Spacer Discussion

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  1. Finally got a CAI
  2. I did search but quick question about AEM CAI vs SRI
  3. Cleaning CAI and SRI filters
  4. CAI and SRI possibility
  5. State inspection with CAI
  6. throttle response from injen cai after 2000 miles
  7. Injen CAI on an FA5
  8. Video/Sound Clips: dcrh, dc exhaust, and Injen cai
  9. Which exhaust is quieter with a AEM CAI?
  10. 07 si AEM CAI DIY???
  11. K&N Drop in filter installed. (two thumbs up)
  12. Installing CAI
  13. Clamp Question for the Injen CAI
  14. anyone find cai cheap
  15. CAI Installed
  16. CAI VS Short Ram intakes???
  17. Bone Stock vs Injen CAI
  18. Stock Intake System vs Short Ram Intake
  19. defineing hydrolocking for your cai!!!
  20. new aem cai for the r18?????
  21. TB gasket or TB bypass?
  22. special edition CAI
  23. Injen CAI Installed **PICS**
  24. Injen CAI Installed @ the track run Video
  25. Aem CAI or Injen CAI
  26. Cheapest place to get an Injen CAI?
  27. Finally, an Injen CAI for my JDM R18 Civic
  28. Intake FAQ
  29. Cleaning injen cai
  30. Fujita SRI or CAI
  31. CAI hydrolocking
  32. New AEM CAI and Magnaflow
  33. Couple CAI questions
  34. DIY: Power Rev Racing Throttle Body Gasket
  35. Poor Fitment ON injen cai
  36. Poor Fitment ON injen cai
  37. heat gaurd IMG
  38. Dyno Results - SI w/ AEM CAI and DC Sports catback exhaust
  39. Injen CAI CARB OE #?
  40. Injen CAI CARB OE #?
  41. CAI affect heater?
  42. CAI or SRI for 07 SI?
  43. Injen CAI arriving today!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Aem filter on a injen cai
  45. AEM REPLACED MY CAI with the NEW MODEL!!!! TO FIX THE CEL !!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Question about the Injen CAI
  47. Injen CAI - Si Questions
  48. Best Price for CAI or SRI?
  49. Ordered my CAI!
  50. Help on Installing Injen CAI on R18.
  51. BEST SRI and CAI for 06 Civic Coupe LX ???? --------
  52. Ebay CAI
  53. Fujita cai for R18 help
  54. Bypass installed on Injen CAI
  55. Color of Injen CAI
  56. Color of Injen CAI
  57. Weird noise from Injen CAI
  58. How easy is it to install the Hondata IMG.........
  59. Throttle Body Gasket
  60. CAI in thE RAIN????
  61. INJEN CAI pic request
  62. Any dyno results Si - Injen CAI?
  63. Comptech Header, AEM CAI, Greddy EVO II Installed
  64. Pre-Filter for CAI and SAI
  65. Deminsions of AEM CAI DRYFLOW FILTER for the Si
  66. My '07 Si w/Injen CAI - video
  67. injen cai start problem?
  68. intakes intakes sri & cai 07si sedan
  69. Password JDM C/F Intake
  70. Question on CAI, burnt smell
  71. INJEN CAI for 219/shipped?
  72. Black Injen CAI installed
  73. Fujita CAI for FG2s?
  74. CAI question
  75. How often do you clean your CAI?
  76. InJen CAI
  77. ATTN: R18 AEM CAI owners
  78. CAI Installation HELP
  79. CAI and car washes?
  80. Installed Injen CAI on R18
  81. Cutting fender for Injen CAI
  82. Intake's and carb
  83. Cai and raining is it bad?
  84. Injen cai install, with lots of pictures(56k come back in 1 hour)!
  85. Has anyone tryed this with there InJen CAI
  86. Just got my Injen cai for my R18 and have 1 question!
  87. ALL Injen CAI INFO
  88. Injen CAI installed!
  89. Hose Clamps for CAI
  90. Injen CAI and Progress Rear Sway Installed
  91. Injen CAI or Injen SRI for 06 Si
  92. Optimal position of filter for Injen CAI
  93. an intake that almost killed me (AEM CAI)
  94. Before and After vids, New CAI...
  95. I just oder my injen cai from corsport and have a question..
  98. Any Injen SRI regrets?
  100. The best CAI
  101. comptech icebox
  102. Trick or treat! My Injen CAI arrived.
  103. Injen SRI down to $200
  104. Injein CAI in MR and RD......
  105. For those with AEM CAI and CEL
  106. AEM sri
  107. What intake?
  108. How do you like your Fujita & Injen CAI
  109. Cooling system Bypass. Hondata IMG. Samco Installed.
  110. HELP!!! Intake manifold gasket install.
  111. AEM sri for r18's
  112. CAI Intake
  113. short ram on lx?
  114. AEM CAI
  115. hydroshield for Injen CAI?
  116. pics of injen SRI????
  117. Hondata IMG Install ? on 06 Si
  118. does the Injen CAI converts into SRI??
  119. Injen cold air intake
  120. Newbie Question: Fujita CAI - ?
  121. What's Better?
  122. hondata IMG white?
  123. Is AEM SRI for Coupe (non-SI) out now?
  124. Injen CAI comments and review
  125. Injen CAI installed! Tire rub?
  126. Short Ram vs Cold Air
  127. cheapest injen cai, greddy evo2, dc sport?
  128. Fujita SRI-CAI info
  130. Fujita Hybrid Short Ram...
  131. Magnaflow catback and injen cai part2
  132. Just Installed Fujita CAI on my R18
  133. Question for all CAI owners...
  134. Best price for Injen CAI?
  135. Just installed my AEM CAI on my EX Coupe
  136. Cut-out fog light opening for CAI?
  137. 1.8L intake
  138. just got a FUJITA SRI
  139. CAI or SRI?
  140. JDM Accord R intake manifold...
  141. INJEN SRI HELP!!!
  142. AEM CAI (Pics and Vids inside!)
  143. (General) Aftermarket Intake Question
  144. This should come as no surprise [another AEM CEL thread]
  145. 06 Civic Cold Air Intake With Bypass Valve???
  146. "LOOSE" sound for AEM CAI R18
  147. Having a little trouble with for CAI for EX
  148. Question: For people who had injen cai and magnaflow catback for si
  149. CAI and Fog interference?
  150. which is better......?
  151. hydrolocking and wot?
  152. Install CAI = void my warranty?
  153. Heatsoak with a SRI
  154. issue with injen cai pipe and radiator hose
  155. Stock SI vs SI with Injen CAI + IMG (mine)
  156. AEM CAI filter size?? R18
  157. AEM CAI on r18
  158. injen CAI...
  159. Easy to clean filter on CAI?
  160. How the FUJITA SHORT RAM INTAKE has changed my life.
  161. winter/snow and CAI
  162. Fujita
  163. Long Term Intake Updates
  164. Hydrolock and you...
  165. Injen CAI vs. SRI Questions
  166. Injen CAI & Greddy Evo exhaust video clip
  167. Just installed my INjEN CAI
  168. Magnaflow catback and injen cai video
  169. so why didnt they make AEM V2 CAI?
  170. fujita CAI vids
  171. Just Installed Hondata (new rev 8/1) flashed Ecu and injen CAI
  172. Short Ram for EX??
  173. CAI
  174. Which one first: Injen CAI or oem fogs??
  175. Urgent! Need immediate help with CAI installation.
  176. How long did it take you to install your CAI?
  177. sri for r18's ?
  178. AEM bypass valve in Injen CAI?
  179. CAI useable during the winter?
  180. AEM SRI and resinator box???
  181. Which is the right intake for me?
  182. Injen/Fujita CAI conversion
  183. Where to get SRI?
  184. Diff between CAI and SRI?
  185. For those who installed Injen CAI and fogs....
  186. Intake Differences
  188. Need the Injen CAI Part # for R18 Engine
  189. For those who had Injen CAi installed on the SI
  190. INSTALLED! Fujita SRI for 06 SI
  191. Injen CAI vs AEM CAI Review....hesitation etc.
  192. Injen CAI - Wear on pipe
  193. Just installed my Injen CAI (FG2)
  194. SRI Intake options for Non-SI
  195. whats the best SRI
  196. injen sri installed... questions help plz
  197. Injen Cai or Performance Muffler? Can't afford both :(
  198. just got a tornado,but didn`t really fit?
  200. NE1 w/ injen CAI (sp1569p) on a "sedan"
  201. what type of CAI is good for r18?
  202. Air intakes and Wet Weather
  203. pengful's Intake Mod - No CAI (56K warning)
  204. 15 HP gained with only Injen CAI!!!!!!!!!!
  205. Intake
  206. Injen CAI for the Si is out!
  207. aem cia on si
  208. Unboxing the Injen CAI non-Si w/ PICS
  209. How much HP gain from CAI And catback
  210. intake question
  212. Is the AEM CAI filter 2.5" or 3"?
  213. Dyno update 06 SI DC Race/AEM CAI
  214. Intake Dilema
  215. CAI vs SRI questions
  216. Air Bypass Valve for CAI??
  217. SRI cold air.
  219. Help Intake info needed----Dose a Intake Kill your warty?
  220. Guide: Installing Injen CAI for R18 Civic
  221. CAI
  222. IMG install?!?
  223. ahh... im paranoid already!
  224. Cleaning intake?
  225. AEM Filter on K&N SRI?
  226. AEM CAI R18 VIDEO CLIPS ~if you missed post in LoOt's thread
  227. Injen SRI
  228. 06 Si w/Tanabe Medalion, DC-RH,IMG (Pics+Video)
  229. K&N Typhoon
  230. Short Ram AEM??
  231. Injen Short Ram Intake
  232. AEM Air Bypass Valve
  233. AEM 1.8 CAI Installed---throttle lag ?
  234. R18 CAI Poll: AEM v. K&N v. Fujita
  235. What intakes are better Fujitas or AEM?
  236. Problem with AEM CAI
  237. Injen CAI
  238. R18 CAI on AEM website
  239. K&N Typhoon Short Ram
  240. Fujita SRI
  241. Fujita intake si
  242. Anyone tried making their own CAI?
  243. CAI and CEL
  244. Installation of AEM CAI
  245. AEM CAI group buy???
  246. INJEN SRI
  247. AEM CAI Installed on EX Coupe! (1.8L) (pix & Video!)
  248. This is why in MA I can't get a CAI
  249. AEM CAI for ex/dx/lx out? Maybe they're just bs-ing again
  250. AEM V2 Intake for 2006 Si