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ECU Tuning Information

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  1. Fluctuating Idle after cleaning Throttle Body
  2. Using Weapon R throttle controller after hypertech?
  3. Is there a way to disable your knock sensor in flashpro?
  4. Bee-r for R18?
  5. Tuning for premium
  6. Hondata Flashpro with Injen SRI and Magnaflow Catback Exhaust?
  7. i know..fp vs kp .. another
  8. buying uses flashpro
  9. Horrible gas milage.
  10. All motor build
  11. Just got flashpro... How do I start?
  12. K pro
  13. E85, Premium gas, mixing the two... some perhaps hypothetical discussion.
  14. From Cobb to flashpro
  15. DC race header + flashpro w/no intake.
  16. r18 sohc i-VTEC
  17. Flashpro Review with Dyno and tuning at Church Automotive Testing
  18. where is my ECU in my 2009 honda civic SI??
  19. Tuning
  20. quick FP question
  21. Should I wait or get it done.
  22. Used Flashpro. Do I only need the device?
  23. New ILX tune?
  24. hondata kpro
  25. Need suggestions about Cobb AP Guys/Gals :P
  26. flashpro or cobb???
  27. Tuning shops, Lubbock TX/West Texas area?
  28. Need help wiring a performance module
  29. Flashpro install
  30. "custom" tune uses nearly identical MAP that is provided with Hondata-?
  31. problem with obd1 and obd2
  32. Question: Should you RE-Tune after a certain time?
  33. Recieved the wrong hondata -.-
  34. Flashpro a necessity ?
  35. Hondata vs. Greddy e-manage
  36. 2009 Si tuned!!
  37. Can't get 100% throttle...
  38. FP here I come!
  39. Calling out experts : FLASHPRO calibrations for stock or for intake
  40. Flashpro: dyno vs. no dyno
  41. I/H/E before flashpro
  42. Alpha Header PLUS Hondata flash pro!
  43. question about stock ecu
  44. tuning question
  45. Tuning without flashpro?
  46. hondata coming
  47. Stock vs. Stock w/ Flashpro? Before/after?
  48. 2 step help please
  49. Alternative to flashpro??
  50. Evans Tuning VS. E-tunez
  51. ScangaugeII faulty readings for instant mpg after flashpro?
  52. Flashpro and emmissions tests ?
  53. New Battery..
  54. Flashpro?!
  55. FD Civic AUS - ECU Immobiliser
  56. kpro vs flashpro confusion
  57. i beat an s2000?
  58. TSX TB tuning question
  59. FP for 04 ep3
  60. FlashPro acting weird
  61. New HELP! Car is acting very weird! (DATALOG ATTACHED)
  62. Need help w/ brand new flashpro "could not lock flashpro to this vehicle"
  63. Need help quick!!
  64. where is the Hondata located?
  65. What is easier to self tune?
  66. california smog w/ hondata
  67. Anyone familiar with the Neewer WiFi WLAN Wireless OBD OBD2 Diagnostic Interface
  68. Base map?
  69. Got 2 questions
  70. K-pro vs Hondata
  71. FlashPro HELP!
  72. ECU Problem on FN2
  73. Hondata group buy
  74. Installing Injectors which is + which is -
  75. kpro, flashpro question
  76. Got an app for that?
  77. Looking For Computer Box 2006 Civic,2.0/Matic.
  78. safc 2 for an 07 civic si?
  79. How to check if FP Unlocked
  80. running flashpro
  81. need help flash proo
  82. Can you dyno tune without flashpro?
  83. maybe a noob question but oh well. need help.
  84. Back to stock, crushed FPR and Walboro 255...problem?
  85. quick tuning question :D
  86. Good tuner in the east coast near NYC ?
  87. HEL HELP HELP! i need HELP
  88. No vtec on stock car?
  89. Wanna ask u pros about this chip
  90. Anything to gain on r18
  91. Tuning Deatsch Werks Injectors
  92. Ecu
  93. Which sponsors sell Flash Pro?
  94. modded and wondering about hondata
  95. how to use flashpro
  96. Edyno
  97. 1,000 dollar budget
  98. Just starting need help
  99. flashpro fd2 question?
  100. What's the point of flashing the ecu IF.......
  101. difference in ecu's
  102. hondata compatability?
  103. Does anyone in SoCal have the FlashPro for R18's?????
  104. Hypertech maxsport
  105. NEED HELP Running to lean With reflash
  106. Individual Cylinder Trims - Flashpro
  107. AF Ratios? How important is it REALLY?
  108. So yea..Re-flash or Flashpro?
  109. Quick question about AEM F/IC vs Flashpro
  110. Efi tuner advice, input, experience.
  111. E85 Stock tuned flashpro?
  112. Aldl
  113. Someone please explain flashpro to me!
  114. New to hondas
  115. Flash pro question !
  116. flashpro not connecting to ecu
  117. OBD2 not reading
  118. flashpro noob need your help!!
  119. help please open
  120. new guy
  121. calibration please open
  122. Scangauge 2 - Civic Si 07
  123. Stock revlimiter?
  124. sooo frustrated finding a tuning upgrade for canadian R18!!!
  125. Stock '10 si with CT-E intake Cobb or Flashpro?
  126. best step for four door si ??
  127. Tune Needed After New Header/Exhaust on '09 Civic LXS???
  128. apexi vafc
  129. Where to buy Flashpro
  130. Hondata FlashPro Honda Civic Si 06+ For Sale Brand New! $650 FIRM
  131. tuning question.......
  132. Reviews on AEM EMS
  133. where could i get a us ecu for r18?
  134. ECU turbo tuning help plz!
  135. [R18] Greddy E-Manage Ultimate Jumpers Setting
  136. What should I do?
  137. AEM UEGO Replacement Sensor (Screw You AEM Im Not Paying What You Want)
  138. R18 ecu
  139. worth getting flashpro?
  140. flashpro manager ?
  141. $150/hr to much?
  142. Canadian MY ECM not compatible with HONDATA plz help!
  143. APEXi S-AFC II
  144. How accurate are edynos if done correctly?
  145. which to choose
  146. throttle controller question
  147. non hondata?
  149. Stock 2011 SI on KMS DynoJet
  150. light weight flywheel making it hard to tune
  151. FA5 owner, quick question about Accords
  152. Evans or e-tunez?
  153. ECU part number?
  154. performance increase question
  155. ECU tuning help
  156. tuners available?
  157. What are you A/F ratio's at cruising? Idle?
  158. Questions about Tuning/Flashpro
  159. any more info on this ?
  160. New Here!
  161. need help choosing Map or Maf tune
  162. About to make the plunge on FP, but i have some ?s
  163. FD2 K20/K24 TODA ITB built
  164. aem wideband not reading
  165. Just got Flashpro installed on my '11 Si - suggestions?
  166. Review of FlashPro
  167. Which Programe which can see Injectors duty cycle?
  168. Do i need a tune?
  169. how to datalog
  170. German car guy, Honda Newbie need ECU Advice
  171. valet mode
  172. noob tunning question!
  173. stock 2 step?
  174. E-Throttle Booster
  175. Hondata FlashPro ECU Unknown Problem
  176. WOT ignition advance?
  177. Calibration and 3rd gear WOT pull. Help...
  178. Problem with ECU
  179. Reflash or Flash pro?
  180. Does reflash clear CELs?
  181. greddy infometer touch
  182. I have about 200 bucks to spend and wonder what should I get
  183. Flash Pro/ tune noob
  184. 07 civic si tune
  185. proper wideband/oil pressure gauge wiring question
  186. Hondata FlashPro worth it for a few mods?
  187. tune?
  188. n00b tuning questions
  189. Boost conteol
  190. Reflash?
  191. FlashPro Tech Question
  192. Hondata Flashpro + Macbook Pro
  193. I can't install flash pro manager full v1-1-7-4
  194. Quick question about flashpro...
  195. Flashpro with just race header and exhaust
  196. WOT 3rd Gear With Boost
  197. has anyone changed there rev limiter after flash pro
  198. can i lower vtec myself with flashpro
  199. just got my flashpro installed
  200. Cold air intake and skunk2 catback
  201. If i get flashpro should i keep my AEM Uego?
  202. best tuner in socal?
  203. FlashPro vs. Reflash
  204. evans tuning etune service?
  205. 2011 FG2: Love the car, hate the rev hang =(
  206. Quick question on Hondata and Etunez
  207. Who should I tune with... Professionals only, I dont need NOOBS trying to tell me.
  208. help me on ecu chip
  209. tuning help in temecula
  210. should i remove fp for this?
  211. A DIY for the MAP sensor?
  212. Need advice: How to tune my car on the dyno from another country
  213. Dont kno what to get hondata or cobb
  214. Where to buy MAP sensor?
  215. my car gives me giggles now that it's tuned...
  216. IQ3 Data Logger Dash
  217. E-Tunez Article - MaxxtuningMag
  218. flashpro on a stock civic si?
  219. flashpro
  220. Is running a diff A/F sensor ok???? :/
  221. E-Tunez review, now fully tuned by vitviper
  222. considering flashpro
  223. Haha #2
  224. Haha
  225. Tuning
  226. G-Force Performance Chip?
  227. flashpro or just a throttle controller? need help deciding
  228. Ez-Tune Review. JRSC Tuned by Vit.
  229. E-Tunez review supercharged (Vit)
  230. Which netbook would you recommend?
  231. Flash pro??
  232. i neeed help
  233. VTECnical - E-Tunez experience
  234. do you think ?
  235. cobb sucks, Why ?
  236. Buying Flash pro used
  237. Ultra-Gauge
  238. Can the computer tell how high you revved the engine
  239. Engine light is on
  240. Question on A/F for wot
  241. What the heck is a K15?
  242. factory o2
  243. Dyno tune?
  244. ECU Reset?
  245. UltraGauge vs. ScanGauge II
  246. What is a nitrous tune?
  247. mass air flow keeps going off with a short ram air..... WTF
  248. PLZ!! Need a ECU Diagram
  249. Hondata and Cobb users
  250. ECU wiring Diagram US and Canadian R18