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Inside and Out

  1. When searching for '06 si front grilles...
  2. For those who have EX coupes
  3. DIY: body color grill [dial up?-you've been warned]
  4. Honda Civic Dashmats
  5. Import Trenz Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  7. get started :)
  8. console sliding door in front of shifter?
  9. CF partial grill.....(56k not for you)
  10. Any new full bodykits coming soon?
  11. JDM Engine Start Button
  12. CF hood for civic sedan?
  13. yes-SiR!
  14. JDM Rear emblem
  15. Lip Spoilers
  16. How to make my front/rear H emblems black??
  17. Custom DIY Mugen Front Grill (Pics)
  18. plate relocater and sidemarkers
  19. Custom LED Tailights----step 1
  20. Shift Knob ... help..
  21. mounting bracket
  22. Skunk2 shift knob
  23. seat covers..anyone tried these?
  24. Sunrise over GG Si: Rain X and dewdrops
  25. springs to lower car!?!?
  26. Projectors
  27. Shift Knob Height?
  28. Lambo Doors....Installed....
  29. Has anyone seen this???
  30. Legal Tint limit in Vancouver?
  31. Need help gu replacing my stock headlight bulb!
  32. Just got back from Autozone and was looking at blue headlight bulbs!
  33. U.S. & Canadian Tint Laws
  34. What the legal window tint is in each state
  35. Window tint in CA?
  36. ABOUT DYNAMAT and 3M SPAY sound deadening
  37. mugen shift knob
  38. Fit Horn
  39. Wind deflector for moonroof?
  40. Short Shifter questions
  41. minor mods in past month
  42. Smoked/charcoal tail lights
  43. Please post pics of an installed OEM body kit
  44. LOOK what I got Finally
  45. Charcoal Taillight Tints ""LOOK""
  46. How Do i Repaint my Dashboard?
  47. Will this work???
  48. civic 06 si hfp aerokit
  49. Fog light blanks, gone!
  50. Si grill
  51. Question concerning R18 decklid
  52. auto dimmer mirror compass blue
  53. OEM kit
  54. 06-07 Honda Civic SI Coupe Carbon Fiber Fuel Gas Door
  55. upgrading soundsystem but cant choose
  56. License plate Removal..
  57. Requesting for Future Products
  58. this has to be at LEAST 14 whp. :)
  59. IM BACK
  60. LOTS of Pics of 20% tint on Silver Coupe
  61. Question about SI grille on the lx
  62. stock diameter of Si exhaust
  63. titanium shift knob
  64. CSX Center Console! (+Auger Shift Boot)
  65. Red Type-R Honda Emblem
  66. My bra was tough to put on this morning
  67. installing a si spoiler on a civic coupe?
  68. Leather Steering wheel installed
  69. Decal Removal
  70. Looking for HFP Kit
  71. Showstoppersusa
  72. CF door sill....
  73. "Civic" trunk DeBadge... too easy
  74. Racing pedals?
  75. decals
  76. JDM emblems
  77. Si spoiler on Ebay!!!!!
  78. Got it fellas! 2006 JDM front end
  79. LA battle scars: scratched paint repair question
  80. Si Sedan Parts- When? (Chrome grill sucks!!!)
  81. Mugen Air filter
  82. Lambo Doors?
  83. JDM Folding Mirrors and Clear Turn Signals
  84. Carbonne Fibre Gas Lid
  85. Jdm conversion not possible on the coupe...
  86. cold weather affect?
  87. Installing Jdm bagdes?
  88. connecting foglights
  89. SI spoiler
  90. hmm What do U think
  91. Painting my roof estimate?
  92. MUGEN Wing on US-Version Sedan (NEW PICS!!)
  93. Aftermarket lip pics
  94. carbon fiber hood/trunk
  95. short shifter madness
  96. 2006 Civic Si Rims Rare?
  97. Somebody bumped my bumper :(
  98. clear headlight question?
  99. Extremely Dumb Question
  101. Dealer Sticker removal
  102. Quick question about TINT
  103. Any Takers?
  104. Mugen Body kit
  105. Smoked Tails Question (Tamiya paint method)
  106. New Techno R Spoiler With Carbon Fiber Center Picture
  107. Dash Kit
  108. I almost pissed in my pants!!!
  109. for those of you who had fiberglass bodykits in the past!
  110. Paint Si Grille
  111. Is my car ok?
  112. 06 Si Update. Pics.
  113. JDM Conversion for USDM CIVIC, Si? Merged threads
  114. where to buy fogs ??
  115. Coupe vs Sedan H Emblems
  116. Does this red emblem fit the front one?
  117. Removing Coin Collector thing????
  118. CHROME *BLINK-BLINK* haha
  119. Knock Off "SIVIC" Logo
  120. Door Sills! *pic
  121. Pics of my new tint on ASM
  122. Let's start a "cheap mods"
  123. Type R Vid....
  124. New bodykit and wing for coupe
  125. Post here if you have a different bodykit then the honda lip kit!
  126. Accidental Custom Grill
  127. Better license plate holder!
  128. GG Sedan Tinted & Rims, what you think?
  129. dent in bumper
  130. bodykit / lights combo???
  131. Hybrid and Reg Civic Rear Decklid Spoilers- Different?
  132. Suede steering wheel cover!
  133. Possible to remove SRS AIRBAG label from dashboard?
  134. Custom leather steering wheel
  135. License plate move..
  136. led tail lights??
  137. Techno R spoiler Actually installed!!!
  138. Civic Si seats
  139. Paint Job
  140. Carbon Fiber roof anyone?
  141. Check this out !!!!
  142. Honda vinyl protectant / seats
  143. FT: ASM R18 Trunk for Si Trunk [California]
  144. what's this, a new front lip kit for the 8th civic
  145. CIVIC emblem
  146. Cheap place to get lambo doors?
  147. Tints on Atomic Blue Metallic, Anyone have Pictures??
  148. Check this out.....NEW LIP KIT!!!
  149. New Plates
  150. civic 06 4 dr bodykits
  151. Leather seats??
  152. Type R shift boot installed (Pic)
  153. Pic Request: Sedans with spoilers
  154. Finally, I got it done.. Look at my headlights.. Pix
  155. New N1 Carbon Hood from ViS Racing!
  156. ViS 4dr Carbon Hood and Trunk Lid
  157. Binder for Owner's Manual
  158. Post your Projector Retros
  159. Grill work in progress
  160. help cleaning injen intake filter
  161. 02-04 si floor mats
  162. Predator front bumper?
  163. Is there a grill removal DIY?
  164. VIS Techno R spoiler almost installed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. heated outside mirrors ?
  166. Oil Filter Relocation???
  167. Saw this on ebay
  168. any good websites?
  169. Mugen pedal install
  170. Help with Rear Deck reinstalation please
  171. J's racing underspoiler
  172. Red Valve cover.
  173. license plate holders
  174. my custom civic si side sills
  175. any bodykits out yet? please post!!
  176. Thoughts on changing front grille...
  177. VIS Releases N1 Style Spoiler and Laser Kit for Coupe
  178. foglights in winter
  179. I'm Paul Wall Baby....
  181. paint shop
  182. Removing security and ULEV stickers
  183. door sill and steering wheel pics
  184. 3rd Place at NOPI NATIONALS
  185. HIT and RUN
  187. how much to paint?
  188. Need Help!!!!! 3rd Brake Light!!!
  189. These LED's alright?
  190. rr si tint pic
  191. About painting the calipers
  192. Need Help finding a part for moms car
  193. Valve Cover R18 Honda in Red
  194. Carbon fiber Grill for 4 door
  195. exhaust tip from ex
  196. anyone know...
  197. Comptech SS in Civic EX
  198. Cool idea....super stealthy.
  199. Silver Sedan Tinted?
  200. got my weathertech window visors
  201. Pedals,radar and Sirius!!!
  202. If you have tinted your taillights, come in
  203. Si spoiler on LX coupe
  204. Tint
  205. dent on my car....
  206. ANyone know where i can find the light bulbs for the tail lights?
  207. Tinting question
  208. carbon fiber hood
  209. WRX 03 rear wing on the civic coupe!!
  210. Red H emblems
  211. HID Bulb Hi/LO beam. on ebay...
  212. Momo Wood grain sphere shifter
  213. Post your car graphics here
  214. Help on exhaust?
  215. Don't use double-stick or duct tape to secure ensolite in your doors!
  216. Before & After with lots of pixs
  217. Help. Gas Pedal Removal
  218. Sedan Front Lip Work Log...56K, here comes the PAIN....
  219. carbon fiber front lip
  220. "ALL AROUND"
  221. HFP Magnaflow Muffler Clearance issue?
  222. Wrinkle Red Valve Cover *pics*
  223. Alright, first mods done...
  224. Is this fake?
  225. New Shifter
  226. Rear Civic Logo
  227. just out of curiousity...
  228. White Civic Si
  229. For all you posers...
  230. lit up shift knob
  232. mugen emblem
  233. SI Steering Wheel
  234. Opinions on Body Kit for my Si
  235. way to disconnect seat belt alarm?
  236. Does Window tinting keep inside of car cool?
  237. Red Valve Cover
  238. How would I look with the HFP body kit?
  239. Yospeed custom frame ;)
  240. Possible to redo tint?
  241. tinting civic coupe
  242. WHo makes this??
  243. Seibon EVO CF hood:
  244. Anyone has the website to order this bodykit!
  245. Just ordered new shifter...
  246. mugen-style sedan spoiler.
  247. For those who took off, or going to take off their front bumper
  249. wasting my money on an A/T transmission
  250. Im back....Custom Trunk in my '06 Civic