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Inside and Out

  1. Serious Improvements
  2. Extreme Dimensions Buddy Club 2 Kit
  3. 2 Tier Dash Trim
  4. I have a 07 Coupe White and was wondering...
  5. getting some stuff powdercoated. +new ideas opinions wanted
  6. 07 si coupe front bumper
  7. Mugen Door Sills, Where is the cheapest place I can get these?
  8. My Custom Black Grill
  9. Help regarding paint (minor hit and run)
  10. CF hood on Silver Sedan
  11. Weird Shift Knob...
  12. roughly how much..
  13. buying this body kit
  14. Concept Sedan Wing
  15. si spoiler???
  16. Fill it or no????
  17. INGS Civic Type R *Merged*
  18. a few night pics
  19. Removing head lights
  20. just ordered this from password jdm
  21. HFP wing pics?
  22. carbon fiber vs. paint
  23. Need help, wheres the colors link?
  24. FD2 JDM Parts (RHD) (FG applicable)
  25. Trunk Swap From Lx To Si!! Nhbp !
  26. Daytona Beach Area Custom Body Shops?
  27. oem rubber floor mats
  28. ECM socket connectors
  29. so i'm a moron
  30. Spoiler Brake Light Tint, What should it say?!
  31. Trunk Tray
  32. Insurance On Individual Parts
  33. Let there be light... LEDs under the dash
  34. Post Your Custom Interior!
  35. commercial i came across...
  36. Front and Rear HFP Lip
  37. Broadway
  38. Asm Sedan Smoked/charcoal Tails...anyone?
  39. tape for Install HFP kit
  40. List of Tint laws
  41. got bored and took some pics today
  42. Prototype Lip Kit For Coupe
  43. "charcoal grey" honda badge
  44. Painted Calipers
  45. brand new tint
  46. Majestic Honda HFP Lip
  47. weight of civic type r shift knob VS. stock???
  48. Well, Im parting out the last month's ROTM...Going Mugen!
  49. Sway got droped
  50. iPod car mounts?
  51. HFP and Mugen
  52. Tint strip for windshield (Merged)
  53. R1 Wheels
  54. Mud guards...painted to match body paint?
  55. OFFICIAL Mugen Si parts *RANT*
  56. NEW Lip Kit Coming!!!
  57. VIS Techno R Lip Kit
  58. Lip
  59. Painting
  60. Dead pedal options?
  61. HFP Lip kit pricing ?
  62. Haters!!
  63. BBM stock lip overlays (PICS)
  64. Available body kits
  65. HLEP PLEASE!!! Replacing stock dead rest pedal to JDM FG2 Sport Dead rest pedal
  66. red shift boot pics?????
  67. question on hfp kit
  68. Mugen wing & 3rd Brake light questions..
  69. Custom gauges maybe???
  70. 8th Gen Police Car ????
  71. Civic windshield vinyl decal
  72. removing I-VTEC on sides
  73. where can i purchase shift knobs?
  74. i love this lip
  75. EX LED brake lights in DX
  76. Honda charging too much????
  77. GTech Pro Tesla Location?
  78. Weird Idea
  79. Buying Mugen si parts?
  80. 08 Mugen_Civic vs 08 Civic_Type R
  81. Dash Board
  82. Engine Start Button and STRI SLM II Gauges
  83. Grillcraft Grill installed, add H or Si emblem?
  84. Recent add:
  85. 8th Gen Civic Sedan needs lowering !!!
  86. Feel's FD2 Parts
  87. Mugen rear wing for Si Sedan
  88. Concept type R bodykit for the coupe!
  89. Tech Frontlip... and Info 'bout?
  90. pic request pls!
  91. Seat covers
  92. another WHICH body kit thread :P
  93. Finally added something new..
  94. Rear Si Badge
  95. Mugen Parts and Prices (Merged Threads)
  96. How to remove rear deck on a Hybrid?
  97. Just installed heated leather!
  98. Just installed heated leather!
  99. questions about tints
  100. J's Racing Front Lip
  101. Post pics of your Skunk2 Shift knobs....please
  102. shifter overlay
  103. someone stole my si symbol from my grill
  104. Protecting Carbon Fiber Hood
  105. Black Door Sills w/ Red Si
  106. CF Hood Dampers
  107. Bat's Rear Valence Overlay for non HFP owners now available!
  108. Key Fob Covers!
  109. Some JDM ideas: any input!
  110. Flip flop trunk
  111. All Carbon Fiber Hood People Look At This Thread!!!
  112. Honda Going Cheap...
  113. wing help please
  114. wing help please
  115. Debadging. What type of goo remover is safe on clearcoat
  116. new "Type-RR" grill mod
  117. Sidemarkers
  118. 4dr window visors
  119. Anyone here have a ROLL CAGE in their civic?
  120. Chrome Sedan Grille, ugly!! solutions??
  121. goodbye civic?!?!
  122. Need Pics of the Interior (seats...) EX, DX, LX
  123. Insulation
  124. Stealth Black
  125. Should I go through with HFP kit?
  126. Cool Bootleg Mugen T Shirt...
  127. something wrong with my driver side window!
  128. HFP Lip Kit---how can i tell if its for sedan or coupe?
  129. Should i get my tail lights tinted???
  130. Keeping it Fressssh!
  131. Seibon CF Hood & Trunk (FA5)
  132. question about
  133. my front bumper arrrghhhh!
  134. Broken side view mirror!
  135. Painted my chrome EX grill
  136. si spoiler on ex
  137. Vinyl??????
  138. :O look what I found in infront of my door :)
  139. JDM Flare
  140. ALL LX owners Please REad
  141. where to get mugen res. tank covers and other dress up?
  142. projector headlights
  143. To Do or not To DO?
  144. Pros and Cons of these kits
  145. Need Coupon Code For Passwordjdm
  146. FD2 R color close the fiji blue?
  147. Red H for Steering Wheel
  148. Making: Car Decals..Need Ideas
  149. You asked for it, you got it, Bat's HFP Lip Overlay(PICS)!
  150. Blue BatMobile Eye Lids are finally here! (56k join us)
  151. Superbright leds - License plate leds
  152. Leather Seats! (what's 56k?)
  153. Weathertech Coupe Window Visors
  154. Finally, (PICS) of Bat's Roof Overlay!
  155. Picture of an FG2 with HFP Front and Rear only?
  156. How does rear sway perform in winter/windy conditions
  157. opinions on these for coupes
  158. Any good parts sites for 08 Civic?
  159. Carbon Fiber
  160. V-Tec Decals
  161. colored windshield wipers
  162. Body kit for si Sedan
  163. Password JDM Spark Cover
  164. Engine bay Flap
  165. 2 different coupe HFP kits??
  166. what rear is this ?
  167. Mugen SI Grille
  168. DIY Question
  169. Tinting Tails today... Any advice?
  170. This a new type of coupe lip?
  171. Any way to widen the car-to-trunk pass-through?
  172. Smoke Dc5 side marker <PICS>
  173. Was wondering how will a hood from a NHBP civic will look on GG.
  174. Mugen ??
  175. new bumper!
  176. Legal or Illegal. Help me decide...
  177. hfp lip kit matching majestic honda price
  178. shifter boot housing
  179. mesh gril
  180. Installing HFP Front Lip, any advice?
  181. A couple of recent additions (-;
  182. HFP body kit question?
  183. Pic of 2008 Si shift boot...
  184. First ever with this interior mod? or is it security?
  185. 2007/08 si coupe body kits
  186. For peeps with kids
  187. Passenger Door i-vtec sticker Replacement?
  188. 06 Si Sedan
  189. Shifter
  190. Why??????
  191. Custom seat track for EX coupe
  192. Help me pick a color for my si
  193. New Bumper? Maybe body kit?
  194. Help with Moonroof??
  195. Has any1 bought these eBay sedan vent visors?
  196. How to go about painting ECU cover, Fuse Cover ect?
  197. Smoked tail lights
  198. I Want to mod my car
  199. Fiberglass Anyone???
  200. replica steering wheel emblem...
  201. No1 do business for autolumination
  202. Greddy SP2 muffler only..
  203. window deflectors question
  204. Pics of Mugen Rear On Coupe
  205. centercap decals
  206. Pics of New New Mods..
  207. New Grille
  208. Red Door Panel Inserts
  209. Skunk 2 Knob Fitment
  210. SI Spoiler on 08 Sedan?
  211. best motor oil for your 8thgen civic?
  212. Mugen Lip Vinyl
  213. pics of an EVO spoiler on my EX!! It looks so freaking awesome!!!
  214. HFP side skirts only?
  215. Intake and HID's BABYYY :hail:
  216. makeing rr fa5 flat black hoot trunk spoiler and roof
  217. Side Step "si"
  218. Who is our contact for College Hills Honda?
  219. Bumper Mod Question
  220. Bat's Headlight Eyelid Overlay (PICS)!!!
  221. EBAY- mugen replica wing...
  222. JDM Badges, Best Place to buy
  223. Where can I get the brackets for the HFP kit
  224. New Piaa Carbon Fiber Wiper Blade
  225. Hood Deflector (WEATHERTECH)
  226. hybrid mirror?
  227. New Short Shifter
  228. red vtec decals?
  229. Si grille installed but need civic badge
  230. Is it worth getting the body kit from Honda?
  231. Difference between 2dr and 4dr Si hoods?
  232. Front Red H emblem for Acura CSX
  233. Pictures of new shift knob
  234. AIT Racing Carbon Fiber Hood
  235. So what are my options (shift knobs)
  236. shift knobs/ pedals
  237. multicolor decal..does it exist, and where can I get one?
  238. techno R family!..
  239. SI seat in EX?
  240. Body repair advice - plz help!
  241. Opinions wanted on grill color
  242. Oh NOES! I got clipped. Time for Carbon
  243. How many are storing their cars this winter?
  244. Civic 06-07 sport style mesh grill
  245. Winter starter recomendations?
  246. Laundry list..
  247. does this spoiler exist?
  248. lightweight seats...
  249. Help! wing issues
  250. Dents on front bumper