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Inside and Out

  1. any1 have these ramps, if so....
  2. I install the front lip and have a cuestion???
  3. FG roof wing
  4. Lets see civics that enter car shows
  5. Grafixpressions Redout taillight intall question...
  6. bored pic
  7. Seibon Carbon Fibre Hood Question.
  8. roof overlay gg
  9. tinted turn signals on sedan
  10. steering wheel emblem
  11. Color Matched License Plate Cover
  12. Si Pedals
  13. Mugen Si Front Lip
  14. CSX lip on Civic 09?
  15. Greddy Catback exhaust good price?
  16. hfp
  17. Evo Body Kit
  18. Have you ever seen...
  19. Battery Holder Options
  20. Does anyone have the Civic Coupe TailLight Tint w/Reverse Cutouts from graphx?
  21. Tail light tint
  22. HELP!!!! WhAT SpRaY PaINt do I use
  23. tinted headlight!!!! yellow or black???
  24. Replacing Interior Bulbs on 2009 SI
  25. Undercoating
  26. Are Coupe and Sedan hoods interchangeable?
  27. what are possible front end conversions for 06 si.
  28. Push Start kit
  29. Universal diffuser
  30. Name That Civic Body Kit
  31. tsx rims
  32. Guidance on getting some damage fixed
  33. Red Calipers or Black Calipers?
  34. Where to get unpainted hfp lip for sedan
  35. Stolen front and rear "Si" emblem, front grill replacement?
  36. I have a question on the rear deck shelf! Please help
  37. Got in an accident... need some suggestions
  38. Red JDM Eblems Front Install problem.....?
  39. Rain Guards - Missing Hardware, help ????
  40. Please Read Before Starting New Thread: Inside And Out Forum Stickies
  41. So wtf is this thing?
  42. Any one has painted 06-08 EX rims?
  43. Got this custom made today..
  44. Si seats in a EX sedan?
  45. Skunk2 Short Shifter on LX
  46. Your thoughts on these vanity plates
  47. What do you guys think of the price
  48. Yes or No to this front bumper and the rest HFP!
  49. tint shops
  50. OEM Acura parts from Canada
  51. Tint tint tint.. so many choices
  52. help help help!
  53. any window visors for si coupe?
  54. Roof Spoiler
  55. Installation help
  56. Type S Emblems on my LX-S... cheesy?
  57. Trunk Plugs...
  58. Where can I get stock parts?
  59. Illuminated Door Sill Garnish for the Sedan
  60. GG Touch-up Paint
  61. Wiper Annoyance.
  62. help! my fog light lens are melting
  63. where can i find mugen side skirts (2dr)
  64. OEM horn swap
  65. vortex generator
  66. Should I debadge the SI emblem?
  67. window tint
  68. jem red emblems
  69. Need some guidance - 06 SI - Scraped rear bumper
  70. Poorly fitting exterior cowl trim
  71. The truth about RR Splash Guards...
  72. Tailight overlay
  73. k2motors website legite?
  74. Si black interior vs. Non-si black interior???
  75. HELP! Pedal Tear Down?
  76. Carbon Roof
  77. Can I Change My Shift Knob
  78. How to patch up holes after removing back emblem
  79. HFP Front and Rear Lips for $308...SoCal
  80. Red JDM Emblems On Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk Or Off For Nice Clean Look? Help Plz!
  81. LaminX problem
  82. so i just ordered....(look inside)
  83. 08 coupe front bumper on 08 sedan?
  84. Strate L O S S' s Retrofit (in progress)
  85. **I finally fixed my fogs (over 20 pics)**
  86. HFP lipkit for $350?!
  87. 1 windshield wiper
  88. So, I had this old strut brace layin around....
  89. will these splitters fit an fa5 with hfp front lip?
  90. HFP Sideskirt Installation
  91. Touch up paint
  92. black or not
  93. drivers seat: SI vs. LX
  94. Getting rid of chrome.
  95. 09 civic si wheels
  96. Accord Shift Knob... Will it fit?
  97. Venture Shield womp womp
  98. All Weather Floor Mats.
  99. Best HFP Prices?
  100. HID's for si and 97 toyota 4runner
  101. 8th civic license plate frames?
  102. red outs or black outs?
  103. Seibon Carbon Fiber OEM HFP front Lip Who Wants Them!!!
  104. J's Racing Parts....?
  105. DX plastic handles and mirror help!
  106. Compass Mirror?
  107. Side panel SOHC decals color question
  108. White car black roof
  109. Front tow hook with FMIC?
  110. looking for some idea
  111. My brake light sticker.... PIC
  112. Mugen Lip
  113. Too Cold To Paint??
  114. Sedan rear lip
  115. Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk Almost Knocked Me Unconscious When It Opened! Help Plz!
  116. How Do I Remove My Gas Door To Put My Carbon Fiber Door On?
  117. carbon hood and nhb fa5?
  118. looking for aftermarket colored emblems for a 09 civc?
  119. dual gauge pod
  120. need part number
  121. My NHB FA5....updated pics inside
  122. HIDs and Si grille conversion [pics]
  123. **Got my car back after 8 days**
  124. Pictures of 15% tint upclose
  125. Digital Speedometer Good or Bad?
  126. New addition to my ride!!
  127. My new clear brake light!!!! ( PICS )
  128. TestFfitted My Mugen-Style Body Kit Today. What Do You Think?
  129. Opinion needed: Mugen kit or Type R kit?
  130. Skunk 2 Bilet Shift knob
  131. Tint Question.....?
  132. how much did you pay for your type r emblem (front and back)
  133. PIC's of my new gauge's and pod !!!!!!
  134. pin stripe
  135. Rear Bumper Help!
  136. do these racing pedals fit?
  137. jdm emblem where to buy?
  138. cf trunk with wing
  139. So new Lip for our cars are out.
  140. sun visor light
  141. New Stuff!
  142. blinker/auxiliary light
  143. custom made mugen center cap
  144. Cleared my headlights last night. (pics)
  145. Fog Light Induction
  146. New Carbon CSL trunk for FGs
  147. carbon fiber grill
  148. Skunk2 Billet knob
  149. Front + Rear Bumper Repair
  150. Tinting windows tomorow..last minute opinion
  151. OEM Steering Wheel H
  152. Part #
  153. How much do you think to paint hfp lip kit
  154. Sacramento Area GG Coupe for test fit
  155. Cf Trunk fitment
  156. Where to buy csx console bin
  157. Rearended, concerned about rust.
  158. short shifter...
  159. Help
  160. hood replacement
  161. any advice for a cold air intake on a 08 Si?
  162. Sedan Carbon Fiber OEM style spoiler? Helpp
  163. seat belt pads
  164. Chrome bar removal solution?
  165. what else?!?!?!?!?!?!
  166. how to install rear taillight decal
  167. Mixing matching Mugen Wing Parts
  168. Bumper.....Dad is an idiot
  169. Legal to have tinted taillights in California?
  170. window tint?!
  171. Bored, in the mood to buy...
  172. Question..?
  173. Lots of interesting JDM parts here.
  174. Shift Knob
  175. StrutKing Pedals
  176. Question for Vented Carbon Fiber Hood Owners (Seibon/VIS)
  177. Painting Emblems Gold.
  178. Si Mugen Wing
  179. JDM Emblems Trouble
  180. new lip kit on procivic??
  181. K2 Grill install problems... nd some help
  182. Help with grille
  183. new civic what to do?
  184. crack on front bumper
  185. Removing the orange on headlights of a sedan lx
  186. spoiler?
  187. Painting the interior
  188. JDM eagle badge
  189. Where can i find this???
  190. Polished Metal Metallic vs. Urban Titanium Metallic
  191. GrafiXpressions Sticker on Unpainted Center Caps
  192. I Love Haters Tow Hook
  193. where can i get usdm mugen parts?
  194. To those of you with geniune parts (wheels, lip kits, ect..)
  195. New floor mats?
  196. Painting the front H logo, help!!
  197. if you were to paint, what color?
  198. ? For those of you with 4 or 5 point harnesses
  199. Rear lip picture
  200. Rear Diffuser
  201. Blox weighted shift knobs
  202. Ctr Bumper!!!!
  203. FG2 vs. FD2 Trunk
  204. Post Your Retro/A'market Headlights
  205. how much?
  206. carbon fiber cooling plate
  207. ex grille to si grille
  208. Pulled Over for WHITE LED Lisc Plate Bulbs??
  209. Mugen wing or Replica
  210. worth buying?
  211. Dash Gauge Holders
  212. What resistor is correct resistor to get rid of air bag light when replacing seats?
  213. LED third brake light for LX
  214. Some Jacka$$ shot out a window!
  215. Cover Assembly Front Grille: SAME for coupe & sedan??
  216. help!
  217. Question about trunk swap... again
  218. Can you put an 09 Sedan Si grille on a 09 Sedan LX/EX?
  219. mugen lip kit...
  220. Using a Mugen VIN number on ebay
  221. '09 bumper fit an '07 Si Sedan?
  222. Someone explain the new 2009 civic
  223. perhaps this new shift knob
  224. Amber bulbs for side markers?
  225. AEROCATCH Locking Hood Pins, any feedback?
  226. My i-VTEC red overlay
  227. Real Type R Seat Sets...Limited Availability!
  228. lip kits
  229. people with bucket seats
  230. Spring 2oo9 Teaser
  231. The CF or blacked out look???
  232. what Front Lip is This
  233. can we lower stock seats?
  234. My DIY Seat angle fix
  235. Carbon fiber honda h emblem
  236. New parts post,Pic inside.
  237. Will 2009 Civic coupe grille fit the 2009 sedan??
  238. Sedan grille
  239. Insider trick to Dot matrix
  240. Anyone have their whole windshild tinted?
  241. Black all season mats in a biege interior honda civic 4dr
  242. Seibon vsII hood alignment problems
  243. Should this HFP kit be trusted?
  244. Sun shade for front windshield
  245. Will an 06-08 body kit fit on an 09?
  246. Are these real? Bride Gias
  247. steering wheel H Red?
  248. I wanna get rid of retro parts what are they worth?
  249. Rear HFP lip measurements?
  250. Interesting Coupe Diffuser Idea