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Inside and Out

  1. New CF parts!
  2. bodykits...
  3. Your Top 3 Color Choices
  4. passenger seat torn
  5. Calling All ARC Magic Winglest Owners
  6. The HD-R Front lip finally came in!
  7. Dumped coupes with roof racks
  8. Yellow DRL?
  9. Help. Mod Ideas please!
  10. Majestic honda... does this price look right?
  11. Self Installed All Weather Package & Viper 5901 Alarm
  12. ctr knob
  13. JDM hazard button part number
  14. Tail light tinting idea
  15. CSX type S spoiler on coupe---also wheels
  16. CF License Plate Frame.
  17. Hood pins!
  18. NRG carbon fiber grill for 4 dr si?
  19. so insurance is buying me new seats cuz of a back injury
  20. Great news.. Someone keyed my car
  21. santa clause stop by my house.
  22. what do u guys think???
  23. The Ultimate Horn Upgrade
  24. Fg2 tw
  25. h emblems...
  26. where i can buy civic steering wheels red emblem online?
  27. Emblems Acceptable for r18?
  28. Exhaust tip
  29. NEW TR front lip for the FG
  30. Evo Roof Fins on a Civic?
  31. Installing Fog Lights Help?
  32. Half Nose Mask for FA5
  33. Debating on HFP Lip Kit.
  34. s2000 mods on 8th gen
  35. Liscence plate lights..?
  36. Coloured Dashboard - any photos?
  37. grfix help
  38. Anyone have the J's Racing Titan Shift Knob?
  39. HFP muffler
  40. Anyone seen these body kits for sedan? I can't even find pictures.
  41. So i just did this... now should i do this?
  42. Finding O9 Civic SI Parts?
  43. Anyone know if this grill will fit the 09 SI?
  44. taffy white with blk hood?!!?
  45. Heated Seats
  46. Monster Knob Review
  47. Rare parts thread!!!!!!--jdm maddness--
  48. Where can i get tint for my reverse lights only??
  49. Civic Owners Manual Case
  50. Window Visor - Mugen, Weathertech, or OEM Honda?
  51. The First Ever Hide-A-Plate 09 TWFA5
  52. Mod Help..What to do next
  53. Need your input for Tint Job.
  54. Has anyone painted their front (chrome) grill?
  55. HFP body kit has slight gaps
  56. Yellow Headlight overlay/cover?
  57. Hood Dampers?
  58. Camber kits...
  59. 10 minutes with the dremel
  60. quick cf hood question
  61. Front & Rear Dash Covers
  62. Just Some Pics of My Ride...
  63. R18 JDM Intake Manifold Cover
  64. Any rear diffusers out for si coupes?
  65. ARC winglets without HFP front lip?
  66. Pillar gauge cup holders
  67. Who else hates the chrome piece on the trunk for the 09 civics??
  68. Bug Deflector
  69. Help.. How to take this out??
  70. HFP on a leased car?
  71. Blacking out the Si Emblem.
  72. help where can I find this dash bracket?
  73. Classified as Rice? Tail Lights...
  74. How To Remove The "H' Emblems?
  75. My fog light color is ______ because...
  76. Instrument Indicator Panel
  77. HFP for $528?
  78. 09 LX What options as far as lips?
  79. need help getting that "tinted tail light" look
  80. coupe spoiler on sedan??
  81. Mugen replica lip on ebay?
  82. Door red suede for the diy?
  83. Personalized liscense plate
  84. Tail Light Tint
  85. battery tie downs?
  86. Philacivics New front lip
  87. rear tail light tint
  88. carbon fibor lip
  89. Anyone think this seat is fake?
  90. did the price go up on the si grill on collegehillshonda?
  91. Burn in back seat
  92. Gauge Pod Project (PICS)
  93. just so everyone knows about vavaline oil
  94. 4 pont harness
  95. Blistering/Bubbling Hood (Carbon Fiber)
  96. LED Tail Lights
  97. tint removal
  98. Weathertech visors and rattling
  99. Resonator delete on a si sedan
  100. Best / Funniest Licence Plates
  101. Interior Scuffing/Seat Belt Buckle
  102. 08 civic messed up
  103. ew set of wheels on the way... pics later
  104. Window Visors
  105. LLumar Paint Protection Film
  106. What exactly is a "bad" paintjob?
  107. Window Tinting Shop (Chicagoland)
  108. Debadged Civic Emblem
  109. Sedan HFP front lip owners
  110. Noob tint question
  111. ctr style door panels
  112. need pics of carbon
  113. I just messed up my rear bumper...
  114. Side graphics
  115. need help on slamming/flushing my car
  116. Cant decide...
  117. Reverse Lights Tint Overlay Not dark enough
  118. Looking 4 an I-VTEC DOCH image original size
  119. Door panel trim pieces removalable/replaceable?
  120. GB on 09 chrome trunk finisher?
  121. Should I?
  122. Any1 ever put si carpet in lx coupe?
  123. COstum Spliter
  124. Grillcraft lower grille
  125. door visors!
  126. winglets?
  127. pics of carpet removal
  128. I cant decide on how to tint my lights
  129. Carbon Hood
  130. WTB: New or Used (Pref Used) JDM Front Emblem (EP3)
  131. Looking for Type-R Parts for 2Dr Civic
  132. fa5 oem navigation double din?
  133. does si come with black door panels?
  134. What exactly do you need for a FD2 TYPE R rear conversion?
  135. tail light tint help!!
  136. can someone tell me what is needed for the rear CSX conversion
  137. Honda cost for replacing carpet?
  138. FA1 to FA5 front grill question
  139. Aftermarket Seats
  140. body on our cars
  141. 3m Colorstable tint on civic
  142. Best Practice: Installing Rear Emblem ?
  143. anyknow know this front bumper
  144. tail light tint trouble
  145. just wondering
  146. This is Rediculous!
  147. 2010 Honda Mystery Accessories?
  148. My new suede painted door panels
  149. Cobb AccesePort Mount
  150. will these fit on a 08 civic lx sedan?
  151. Reverse Lights Tint Overlay
  152. cool floormats for you FG guys
  153. Is someone doing a fiberglass project? I want to help.
  154. What color should I paint my wheels????
  155. what kind of headlight are these?
  156. painting front grill
  157. B-Pillar Overlays
  158. Today's Project
  159. Help Front JDM emblem..
  160. white 08 fa5 with black grille
  161. I saw a new Tsunami front lip for 06-08 2-door Coupe
  162. question... Civic 09 bumper on Civic 06, is it possible?
  163. Seibon CF Hood Trunk and Spoiler
  164. 2009 Civic Sedan Door Edge Guards
  165. FYI Honda Parts Price Increase July 1st
  166. DIY - 09 EX Under Covers
  167. keep stock Lx shift or buy...
  168. Mugen Reservoir Cover ??? Please HELP !
  169. Mugen Full Wing on the Way...
  170. Heres two looks. Rate em!
  171. 07 FG2 coupe window visors
  172. red h's for my wheels?
  173. Si grill on R18. what to do about the Si emblem area..?
  174. Key Lock for glove compartment
  175. Pictures of Racing Seats in their cars...
  176. taking apart sunvisor
  177. D.i.y: Painting stripe around rim
  178. Finally, my first mod!
  179. Removing JDM Emblems
  180. My 2nd exterior mod
  181. Post up pics of your engine bay! :)
  182. does college hill honda charge tax?
  183. ok.. stupid colour question... me just being OCD
  184. how to remove door sills??
  185. urethane vs fiberglass
  186. fujita vs. K&N SRI
  187. Where to buy an Si Steering Wheel?
  188. 09 Si Sedan Grill on an 09 Ex Sedan?
  189. Pass airbag panel removal
  190. type r shift boot and knob question!?!?
  191. AIT GTi wide style body kit
  192. 09 coupe front bumper converted to 08
  193. where can i get the mg style side skirt for coupe
  194. 06-09 FA5 oem trunk to jdm?
  195. Check out my new Chromelessness!
  196. Pic Request: NHBP/CBP Sedan with mudflaps/splashguards
  197. jdm emblems
  198. cluster swap?
  199. mugen RR color code!! anyone know ?
  200. Civic 06 LX Sedan Front Bumper
  201. New Steering Wheel Emblem
  202. JDM Emblems
  203. Anyone have Pics of NHBP with black stockies?
  204. how to get inside door handle off?
  205. Is there any difference?
  206. Fitment of OEM Visors
  207. eyelids
  208. Summer Sale!!!
  209. 250 to spend in parts suggestions please
  210. Are EX and LX back bumpers the same?
  211. rear seat burned by cigarette. FML
  212. Some Questions for the '09 Si
  213. When did you get your first scratch ?
  214. need advice on a Short ram intake
  215. Mugen Style Front Lip
  216. Hate front plates? Want to avoid tickets? Heres the fix.
  217. Outside/Inside Rubber Seals
  218. where did you mount your accessport
  219. H Emblems
  220. Seibon Carbon Fiber MG style Vents.
  221. Calling all Sparco users! (racing seats)
  222. New Shift Knob/Boot
  223. ~ GRAFIX tail lights overlays Gallery ~
  224. 2009 Civic Si Coupe Window Tinting Percentage?
  225. New Si just got 2 scratches UGHH
  226. whos running quick release? (post pictures)
  227. Strutking - RSX Shift Boot Adapter
  228. Custom Painted TW Whale Tail [PIX INCLUDED]
  229. how to change seat? please help
  230. Horn Combo Pack for Si?
  231. black overlay for 09 hfp front lip help
  232. Just installed my new lip!!
  233. Wing or not to wing....that is the question.....?
  234. red honda emblem adhesive replacement?
  235. Red civic floor mats??
  236. Some company should make a type r front for FG's
  237. Heat shield?
  238. HC Racing CF Hood? oem style
  239. unpainted under mud flaps
  240. Anybody with Leather Interior? Check this out..
  241. Fog Light Kit Parts Lists
  242. Mugen Style Lip
  243. Just smoked out the lights. What do you think?
  244. quick question
  245. Rear HFP Lip question (Sedan)
  246. yellow fog light hid or nokya
  247. Anyone with a Black FA5 with yellow tint
  248. Bagging civic...on 18s
  249. Has anyone else noticed this?
  250. lambo doors?