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Inside and Out

  1. Interior scratches: how to get rid of them?
  2. Will these rims fit on my car
  3. Where to buy Map Light Console?
  4. Has anyone done an 09+ sedan HFP lip install?
  5. panasonic model cn-nvd905u
  6. jdm emblem overlays?
  7. FD and FA models, same trunk???
  8. Help with stock tail fin repair...
  9. blue tints?
  10. shocker sticker
  11. Rim repair
  12. Questions about corsport Front and Rear Emblems
  13. JDM Front emblem removed
  14. Proper placement for rear all-season rubber mat
  15. Replacing upper and lower front grills on 07 Si Sedan
  16. Body kit fit question
  17. where to buy???
  18. spoon oil and radiator cap!
  19. Need to fix ebrake handle
  20. My wheels with plasti-dip
  21. Question about Buddy Club rails and brackets for full bucket seat
  22. No more 4x4! (it rymes if you say it)
  23. some nice upgrades on my civic sedan 07'
  24. Put a little red pinstripe tape on my 2010 si grill
  25. Grafixpressions | New Update!
  26. Grafixpressions | New Si Decal Available!
  27. Rust from front lip?
  28. Types of Seats?
  29. Ebay Red Honda logo on wheels
  30. Red Plasti Dip Time?
  31. Yet another HORN Replacement thread
  32. Rear trim piece search...
  33. "Downgrade" to 06-08 3rd brake light (2-door Si)
  34. What does a breather do?
  35. '09+ PMM tint pics????!?!?
  36. Clear brake light?
  37. Mugen Visors
  38. Ilds
  39. Rear Roof spoiler
  40. What color Red ?
  41. KP Mugen lip or HFP lip kit
  42. recaro seats NEW?
  43. DIY: Fill in Shift Knob engravings
  44. OEM style red i-vtec decal
  45. Lamin-X Tint
  46. Painting body panels
  47. retractable plates?
  48. KTC Trim Removal Tools
  49. Gucci Arm rest and shift boot
  50. to pinstripe or not to pinstripe?
  51. greddy evo catback exhaust system possible for 2010 civic ex sedan?
  52. OEM Parts or Aftermarket?
  53. Huskyliners Weatherbeater Floorliners
  54. A great last minute Christmas gift - the Galaxy Shift Knob!
  55. Pic request!!! 06-08 PWJDM Mugen Style Front Lip
  56. For Garmin Nuvi users...Get your car graphic!!
  57. E-Brake Handle/Steering Wheel Help?
  58. Should I get these or spend double on OEM?
  59. VIS OEM CF Hood Fitment Issue
  60. to those rockin the recaro door inserts...
  61. How is the plasti-dip holding up?
  62. Foglight Install
  63. Kplayground 09+ CTR Mugen Style Front Lip
  64. ***post PICS & explain Y you park so far from the Store or Blng your going to***
  65. Civic Icon for TOMTOM?
  66. Gauges, Gauges, Gauges !!!
  67. Red suede shift boot??
  68. need help, mugen grill question
  69. Kplayground 12 Days of Christmas SALE now on!
  70. Reverse cut out tail light over lay bulb color?
  71. Front Grille Question
  72. problem with right side of driver seat
  73. honda emblem
  74. Carbon fiber oxidation repair help!
  75. Front Bumper Question
  76. ***Put some JUNK in that TRUNK***rear HFP install***
  77. ***JDM LP,give your car a lil JDM BLISS***by kokoy
  78. 2008 civic si headlight
  79. Replica Si Sedan Spoiler?
  80. window visor - in channel / or / tape on ?
  81. FD2 Tail Lights 09+ Anyone, Where to buy????
  82. Noob Question
  83. Help me mod my car!
  84. Info On Hood
  85. Bride Seat and Rail Information
  86. NHBP Mugen RR front end??
  87. cracked rear bumper
  88. Fiji HFP lip kit
  89. My plasti-dip front grill and lower flange
  90. eyelid overlay help?
  91. Custom shift boot anybody?
  92. FG2 raised spoiler, seen it at top of forum??
  93. 09+ coupe grill options?
  94. Making Shift Boot Question
  95. tail lights
  96. window visor tape
  97. Plasti-Dip for Winter Protection?
  98. How do I install an Si molding grille? (Have a Silver EX one)
  99. Is there a DIY for Cruise Control?
  100. 8th gen carbon fiber steering wheel
  101. Fender Fastener/Gromets
  102. Red H emblem for 2010 civic ex coupe?
  103. Trunk Garnish
  104. HFP or mugen LIP KIT on 06-08 sedans
  105. just hfp front and back lip. no sideskirt?
  106. How many cans of plasti dip for all four rims
  107. just front lip rear lip. no sideskirt?
  108. New Carbon Fiber Parts (Maybe)
  109. For those looking for a new shift knob...
  110. 06-08 fg2 fog install question
  111. Sun Visor
  112. what is this wing on front wing?
  113. Hfp front lip or mugen front lip help please
  114. ***NEW*** WeatherTech Floor Mats. Premium Quality! FREE SHIPPING! SAVE BIG!
  115. Yakima Roof Rack help
  116. Post Up Your Salt Covered Civic!!
  117. Hfp front lip kit on my 09 ex only
  118. White on Black front H
  119. Front end repaint quote. What do ya'll think??
  120. Mugen wing on r18 ex?
  121. Black part of HFP rear lip
  122. Front Bumper for 2006
  123. Repo'd!!
  124. need stalk fog lights info help college hills!
  125. Doing some simple mods to my Si...need some quick answers
  126. Should i sell my cf trunk?
  127. Pillar Gauges / Pillar ???
  128. Painting cowl
  129. where to buy fd2 trunk and tail lights???
  130. Lowering a car -> Adding mugen lip -> bad idea?
  131. new suspension look same as body kit?
  132. Anyone buy anything form this place?
  133. looking for spoon mirrors for fa5
  134. JDM taillights and headlights
  135. 09 Civic EX headlight question?
  136. 09' Civic Stereo Panel question??
  137. is there DIY on how to fix key scratch?
  138. Show pics of where you mounted your aftermarket Gauges!
  139. habanero red pearl
  140. Black mesh grille??
  141. White Civic SI
  142. Interior door wear issue. Help!
  143. Wheel color...
  144. FD2 conversion
  145. FD2 Mesh
  146. Elevated Shift Knob/Lengthened shifter options - yes searched
  147. installed my rr brake light
  148. Modified Dead Pedal
  149. short shifter for 2009 non-si
  150. Yospeed Winter Sale - Heavily Discounted Items & Free Personalization!
  151. dumbest decision made my honda..
  152. Raising the rear fin on the 4dr sedan
  153. Interior sounds
  154. Tail Lights
  155. carbon fiber hood
  156. red front and rear emblems
  157. Detailing the ol' beat up Si
  158. Opinions needed
  159. CSX center console from Vancouver Acura $190 shipped?!
  160. coupe type rr body kit?
  161. Cover for center console
  162. Painting SRI Wrinkle Black
  163. Atlanta Hydro Imaging!!
  164. What next? (opinions)
  165. Hide Away Plates
  166. red "i" in the "i-VTEC" decal on side of civic
  167. Dip the hood?
  168. Gimme pics of painted calipers under HFP 18s
  169. tow hook help
  170. Plasti dipped HFP wheel?
  171. HFP kit question!!
  172. Plasti dip Rear End
  173. Wheelwell Molding
  174. Aftermarket Front Bumper
  175. Removable weight???
  176. driver side headlight delete(drag racing/auto x)
  177. MUGEN Shift Knob Owners: Question Please Read! REWARD!
  178. winter mode ideas?
  179. 2011 special edition
  180. What wheels???
  181. Anyone good with photoshop? wanting to helpme out?
  182. Sickest REAL Mugen Thread
  183. No need for FD2 shift boot with knob
  184. Weathertech DigitalFit FloorLiner review
  185. harnesses on sedans?
  186. SunTek a good tinting brand?
  187. Tinting...35% or 30%?
  188. fog light tint
  189. Fog Light Installation Spot Replacement?
  190. 2009 LX Coupe Fog Lights?
  191. Downstar Inc/ Bolt Boys Engine Bling Review
  192. I-Vtec Do You? Sticker
  193. Help with brake calipers!
  194. 09 up front lip options
  195. red panel fabric
  196. Suggestions!
  197. Shift Boot Question
  198. sedan si wing on coupe?
  199. Painting mud guards?
  200. rims weight?
  201. question aftermarket steering wheel
  202. USDM Mugen Spoiler w/ 3rd brake light Replica INTEREST THREAD
  203. Post pics of your GRFXP Galaxy Shift Knob!
  204. !!Sticker Bomb Pic Thread!!
  205. Look What I Got.
  206. Custom Upholstery FTW!!
  207. Yakima or Thule Roof Racks
  208. TR lip.....
  209. 2011 BodyKit
  210. carbon? black paint hood?
  211. vinyl badge for chrome civic badge.
  212. Is this the right bumper?
  213. 2010 Si HFP kit?
  214. Pictures of "Panda" civics
  215. Carbon Fiber!
  216. NHBP Coupe Exterior Design Questions...
  217. TWM Big Type R shift knob review
  218. opinions
  219. Windshield Frost Prevention
  220. vinyl car wrap
  222. Window Tint
  223. Gap between rear quarter panel and tail light assembly
  224. Where did you guys buy your authentic JDM badges?
  225. Big Scratch on the side! need advice!
  226. does white coupe with black si wing will look good?
  227. HFP kit and the 2 sided tape
  228. Anyone find out a USA supplier for the CSX sliding cover?
  229. Anyone ever install these?
  230. Shift boot part number?
  231. Shift knob question.
  232. Best place to buy fabric for custom interior?
  233. HFP front lip install
  234. Painted Front Grill and Rear Trunk Trim (No More Chrome YAY!)
  235. fd1 trunk
  236. DIY - Adapting a non-custom shift knob and boot
  237. Couple lip
  238. J's racing parts
  239. R18 emblem? sign? letter?
  240. '07 sedan mesh grille
  241. Any body with a habi! Look here!
  242. Who has tinted their tail lights?
  243. Anyone taken the Civic for a snowboarding trip?
  244. How does the JDM Start Button work?
  245. best rain visor
  246. I need some feedback on these two lips!
  247. i'm backkk :)
  248. anyone have an 09+ with fog lights?
  249. Tinting Tail Lights Question.
  250. Wanting to do CF vinyl on the door panel "silver" parts