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Inside and Out

  1. Anyone seen the CTR bumper on a USDM before?
  2. Anyone seen the CTR bumper on a USDM before?
  3. black tail lights good or bad idea
  4. Anyone tried the eBay Mugen RR front bumpers for USDM sedans?
  5. recovering arm rests?
  6. Rear Coupe Type R Emblems
  7. Jdm
  8. BRIDE iPhone 4/4S cases from GRFXP!
  9. Scratched Front Bumper, How to Repair?
  10. Adjustable License Plate Bracket Needed
  11. alcantara wrapped shift knob
  12. Modification Help
  13. Purbread: Speedstar, Survival of the Fittest
  14. Vinyl Wrapping Full Car
  15. Reason #1 of why I dont like Sunroof Wind Deflectors
  16. JDM Honda Emblems
  17. front lip help!!
  18. looking for a new front lip
  19. Getting my R18 tinted right now!
  20. With outside mods ONLY in mind..SI or EX?
  21. front bumper differences
  22. Help with steering wheel cover
  23. How do you adjust low beam on JDM headlights?
  24. Usdm lip on a fd1 (csx) rear
  25. Stay NHBP?
  26. FA5 L.E.D tailights, your opinions
  27. Where could I get a used or new Mugen Si grill? Help!
  28. Ebay bumper fitment?
  29. Shaving Si Emblem of Grill?
  30. Plastic under bumper piece
  31. what motor should i use??!!
  32. Help installing CF wing on CF trunk!!!!
  33. Sunroof cover HELPPPPPP Plz
  34. Carbon fiber hoods
  35. removing rear tint?
  36. should i put a si spoiler on a non si civic?
  37. Ebay spoilers
  38. Bad window tinting job?
  39. Spoiler/trunk trade?
  40. Kplaygrounds Whale tail V2 for COUPE
  41. Let's talk rear air diffusers..
  42. HELP: losing brake pressure
  43. Sunshades for side windows?
  44. Carbon fiber front bumper
  45. Purbread: Victoria Day Speed Fest Ė Mosport
  46. *The OFFICIAL* - Everything about fooling the OPDS thread for Aftermarket Seats!!!
  47. Replacing OEM seats with Evo 9 Recaros and resistor questions.
  48. s204 lip under asia, what!?
  49. How to fix carbon fiber
  50. colored hoses and pipes in engine bay
  51. New.front and rear emblems from. taiwan
  52. Option Racing (Ebay) Carbon Fiber Hood
  53. Finally! My HFP Front Lip Installed!!
  54. Did Honda sell me a Fake Mugen Si Limited Edition Badge??
  55. Mugen Visors
  56. Price estimate on a new rear bumper + paint
  57. Input on window tint
  58. HFP Side Skirts Help
  59. Genuine FD2 Red Logo Key Fob Cover
  60. Where to buy Hardware?
  61. Clear Coat gone bad
  62. Disney's Cars sunshade windshield
  63. Need help finding an item!
  64. DJ/AM Macbook kit (as seen in Ironman 2)
  65. Front Lips
  66. carbon hoods
  67. Purbread: CSCS 2012 Season Opener
  68. 07 si sedan need side skirts?
  69. Window tint - how often do YOU get pulled over?
  70. What lip is this?
  71. Katzkin Leather Interior Group Buy
  72. Does honda sell the 09 front bumpers colored?
  73. Si front grille, bumper vents & fog holders paint DIY??
  74. Red Plasti dip on a NBP FG2
  75. Would this fit? Please help!
  76. GRFXP BRIDE iPhone 4/4S Case Kit now available!
  77. Black out 09 civic, opinions needed
  78. Broken door sill - replacement part #?
  79. New projectors :D mirin' brahs?
  80. Ebay Overlays?!
  81. Yes or No??
  82. Matte black or glossy/shiny black?!
  83. Purbread: 8th gen Civic Meet
  84. Zest JDM Front End
  85. RIP lovebug
  86. Plasti-dipped my front grill. What do you think?
  87. Black suede red stitch
  88. Purbread: Stretch & Poke Season Opener
  89. 06-08 and 09-11 Side skirts and rear Bumper
  90. Fitment is good ~ JDM headlights and RR front bumper....etc
  91. Need help!
  92. What is needed for the 09 front end?
  93. Should I paint emblem for $162?
  94. Weathertech Floor Mats
  95. jdm rear red emblem issue
  96. Memorial Day Weekend Sale!
  97. New HFP Exhaust - Paint?
  98. Cost of Vinyl Wrapping my whole car?
  99. Yellow fogs on Habanero Red Sedan?
  100. Plasti Dip Wheel Question
  101. Anyone selling an SI coupe grille?
  102. Save 20% on Lloyd Classic Loop Floor Mats! This offer ends soon!!! SAVE BIG!
  103. Would it Fit??
  105. [B][/B]Does the HFP Front Lip fit a 2008 sedan?
  106. Replica Mugen window visors double sided tape
  107. Mugen Like Spoiler??
  108. Hood Bra
  109. DIY Plasti dip tail lights and eyelids
  110. My doors close EXTREMELY easy, help?
  111. buy lip kit or type r conversion?
  112. went from si to ex
  113. hurst shifter
  114. EX Coupe rear spoiler lip removed?
  115. Made some changes... ORANGE
  116. Mugen Si Diffuser- eBay find!! Authentic!!!
  117. New Headlight? would it look good?
  118. Under Spoilers
  119. Redline Goods red-stitched steering wheel cover.
  120. A question about dye-ing interior trim pieces
  121. Katzkin Red Leather seats
  122. interior color?
  123. 2010 4DR front grille
  124. Don Nguyen | Gloss Black Vinyl Roof Wrap - White FG2 Sedan
  125. Paint Chips
  126. iPhone/smart phone mount?
  127. HFP Front Lip Overlay??
  128. Si wing on LX Sedan??
  129. Si with a silver grille
  130. Gauge pod?
  131. REQUEST- 06-08 sedan m-style front lip
  132. HFP kit
  133. Looking for help regarding USDM Mugen front lip
  134. Purbread: 9 years, 7 Preludes, 3 ITRís, and One Honda Dream. Meet Eric @ Teknotik
  135. Foglight Help
  136. red i-vtech logos??
  137. GrafiXpressions - New stuff!!!
  138. Coupe Version 2 Whale tail
  139. DIY: Swap rear trunk H emblem to red JDM
  140. Cut out my grille!
  141. engine splash guards
  142. Civic Sedan Door Sill Garnish Back In Stock!
  143. Visor restoration?
  144. Do Recaro Rails work with Si Seats???
  145. Sea Sucker Roof Rack
  146. Save 10% off Lloyd Floor Mats + get Free Shipping! Offer ends soon!
  147. Would this Lip fit?
  148. Need help identifying/finding these tail lights
  149. Has anyone ever gotten a gem, or ANYTHING worthwhile from eBay?
  150. Carbon Inner Door Handle
  151. 09+ sedan front license plate bracket
  152. Are the CF emblem inserts any good from eBay?
  153. Vinyl Wrap Diffuser Coupe
  154. Free floor mats???
  155. JRSC and stock engine cover?
  156. Pioneer System Install
  157. Llumar atc/atr durability?
  158. Exterior Mods
  159. Cool Plasti Dip trick!
  160. -08 civic sedan spoiler-
  161. blackworks shift knob
  162. Post up pictures of your MODS!
  163. Take a look at my civ and tell me what I am missing. Need opinions!
  164. redlinegoods - stay away!
  165. Which Bushing and Short Shifter?
  166. Front JDM Emblem Placement
  167. 2008 si sedan jdm emblem for front?
  168. Type RR Hood
  169. Fair Price for Fender Repair
  170. Removing dent???
  171. where can i buy 2011 civic headlight eyebrows?
  172. Civic Decal Removal gone wrong?
  173. 20% tint pics on a white sedan?
  174. STI S204 Lip on 07-08 Sedan HFP Front Lip
  175. your thought on mugen style wind visors
  176. Removing JDM steering wheel emblem
  177. My first carbon fiber piece
  178. Lip identification
  179. wipers
  180. Want to paint my car need some insight
  181. Window tint: What do you think is dark enough? Post here w/pics!
  182. Hail: Does this look totaled?
  183. Cracks in paint "crows feet" covered under warranty?
  184. TWM Big Type-R or TWM Desert Eagle
  185. Civic 06 hfp lip on eBay?
  186. car seat covers coupe 06-08
  187. Theft proof the visors?
  188. Best deal for HFP kit?
  189. GRFXP fog overlays and HIDs
  190. Best looking diffuser on USDM Sedan!
  191. Awesome Red H center cap stickers & brake caliper stickers
  192. JDM badges for coupe
  193. Carbon fiber dash?
  194. Has anyone thought about doing this?
  195. 2010 4 door SI rear Lip Fit on 2009 4 door DX?
  196. 2dr or 4dr HFP rear lip?
  197. 8thCivic Trunk Tray Special - More Than Half Off Retail!
  198. Help!! 2009 si coupe front bumper problems!
  199. Suede shift boot?
  200. CSX side mirrors
  201. Where to get Mugen RR parts?
  202. Need help with lips!!
  203. Arc light under lip
  204. Red "CIVIC" badge/emblem
  205. csx heated seat buttons?
  206. HFP Body Kit !
  207. Civic 2007 Floor Mats
  208. Major Scratches can i fix it?
  209. Post pictures of your window tint
  210. Honda script emblem??
  211. do you prefer oem or aftermarket????
  212. Mugen Rain Guards
  213. Help with shipping
  214. Gloss black door pillar covers
  215. jdm shift boot?
  216. Left with a decision to make.
  217. wtb bike rack and rear visor
  218. Mugen RR 3rd brake light flash/blink HELP!!!
  219. Advice about HFP Underbody Spoiler Kit
  220. 07 HFP lips discontinued?!?!?!?
  221. Hfp Front lip.. Black or match car color?
  222. Si emblem color schemes??
  223. 09' civic si coupe
  224. Should I get this grill?
  225. Whale tail spoiler and new rims;)
  226. JDM Trunk w/ Si wing
  227. Should I get these rims for my track use?
  228. i need help plz
  229. What is this piece called and how much?
  230. possibly a solution?
  231. Diffuser
  232. need help!
  233. Stock Headlights or Aftermarket???
  234. if you had the chance...
  235. Aftermarket grilles and lip spoilers
  236. "Civic Hybrid" AC Panel..??
  237. :(
  238. Thief Damaged my ROOF
  239. Red HFP Floor Mats
  240. JDM headlight brackets
  241. Are these Legit Mugen visors?
  242. Giving away some more Carbon Fiber Vinyl
  243. How best to remove scratches from bumper cover?
  244. Blox 490 or skunk 2 shift knob
  245. fender replacement
  246. Which Oil cap would be best?
  247. best place to buy a USDM Mugen Si rear lip
  248. What is this?!?!?!?!?!
  249. Clean Si Club!!!
  250. *** Post up pics of your Rota P45R's