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Originally Posted by mix View Post
yeah with flashpro you can but just as simple as that. you have to get injectors and modify your fuel pump and get a custom tune if I am not wrong.
it depends how much power you're making. I'm all motor and all i did was change my injectors. i'm still using the stock fuel pump.
Originally Posted by GlxyGry06Si View Post
but with e85 you dont get quite the same gas mileage. i believe its 20% worse but the power you can extract is enormous and like the op showed. Cheap ass F.
for gas mileage, it's about 30% worse. with E85, your car will drive a lot smoother and you'll get more HP out of your motor.
Originally Posted by cambodianricer View Post
wow, i might switch even if im not boosted
boosted cars get the best out of E85. they'll gain like 50HP while n/a cars only gain around 10HP
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