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Furnace just put it into 1st gear on 8thcivic
Year: 2006
Model: EX Sedan
Kilometers (Miles): 348,000km (217,500 miles)
Fuel Economy: Best 5.9L/100km (40mpg), all hwy. Mixed City/Hwy has been 7.2L/100km (32km)
Oil: 5W-20, or whatever the dealership puts in as standard.
filters: OEM only
Issues: Few rush spots and small leak of head gasket. No major issues overall.

We are the original owners. We took delivery in Nov 2005. We have had ZERO issues with this car over the course of its lifetime. We are extremely happy owners.

Fun fact, our VIN indicates we were the 438th model off the assembly line at the Scarborough plant in Ontario, Canada.

A lot has changed over the past 14 years, including being able to afford more expensive cars. I just can't bare the thought of selling this vehicle though. I still use it as my daily driver. It's just so inexpensive to run!

Other vehicles in "fleet": 2004 AP2 SK2, 2014 Odyssey Touring

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