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I hate OfferUP!

Over the past 2 months I've nothing but bad experiences with OfferUp. Both with Buyers and Sellers!

OfferUp is full of scammers, bottom-feeders, and time-wasters! I can not tell you with just with one for sale posting that I had, how many buyers wanted to waste my time for for the fun of it!

Just yesterday someone selling a Q300 exhaust for a sedan wasted my precious time. Not only was he slow to respond, but his one & two worded responses were beyond frustrating! And this should have been a sign that I should walk away from this loser.

After agreeing on price we planned to meet up on the next day - Friday. Then at 8:30pm Thursday night, he asks if i can pick up the exhaust tonight (Thursday). I had plans Friday night, so I thought this would help clear up my schedule. So I agreed.

I asked where to meet. No response. So, I gave HIM a place to meet me, and it was in HIS neighborhood. So I came to him! When I said I was on my way, he said, "Let me get home first."

Okay, maybe he was out having dinner...

I notify him I'm at the meet up spot (Target parking lot). I after waiting 20 mins I asked, how far are you?

"1 hour"

That's when the s**t hit the fan!

It's 10:30pm and you're no where near home!!??

Why would you ask me to pickup a part if you know you're not going to be home until super late or after mid-night, and NOT tell me about it!? Such a stupid idiot!

And I felt like an idiot by being too nice just to get a "good deal" on a highly sought after exhaust!

Moral of the story is: "Make people come up to your level" If they don't rise up, leave 'em on the ground!
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