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Originally Posted by MrkThMn View Post
(this post was just emailed to me so I assumed it was fresh, although Im now seeing its about 8 months old, haha. Well, for anyone in this same situation, heres my two cents!)

Just some food for thought, Im in the same boat as you in that I just want to add a little more of the deeper volume. I must have looked at every system people mentioned and everything always went too raspy/ricey at WOT. I thought back to how much I loved the flowmaster exhaust I had on my old mustang GT and in an act of desperation I looked looked to see if they had anything I could use. It turns out they make a muffler for 4 cyl engines that is exactly what I have been looking for! Its the Flowmaster 60 series. Theres a couple videos of it on various cars at different speeds and its basically the type of sound you get from a CAI. I already have a CAI and love the sound it makes so more of that is exactly what I want. I'd say get the 60 series muffler and have you shop build you a cat back to go with it.

Thanks I'll look into it. I found a used Vibrant 1622 streetpower Catback system for sale, but I think they are a little loud. I like it, but I can't exactly roll up into my place or worship with a loud exhaust like that. LOL! I need to maintain a low profile.
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