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defroster/radio static issue


I'm a newbie to civics and new to working on cars in general. I have an 06 LX automatic with the 1.8. Nothing special, but I'm hoping to learn with it.

Anyway, I just changed the plugs out b/c my gas mileage is low and it had a bit of a rough idle, and since doing so the idle is much better but now the defrost makes the radio fuzz out.

I've seen this is a common problem, but I'm wondering if I somehow caused it by doing something wrong changing the plugs. I used Denso plugs, gaps seemed to be in the .39-.43 range, and I torqued them to 13 ft/lbs. The car was a little bit warm when I did the change but there seem to be no other issues I can tell.

Anybody got any thoughts?

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