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ajt49 just put it into 1st gear on 8thcivic
Alright everyone I got the compressor running, but it stays on no matter if AC is on or not.

I have blue red wire going to the red wire for AC compressor Clutch/Motor and not sure which red wire coming up to the compressor goes to which blue wire... I haven't seen any good schematics that can tell me

switched leads on thermal protection switch ( they have continuity between them) and it still always runs with AC switch on or not.

I am reading it may be the whole Heating/AC control unit in the dash : part # 79500-SNA-A03ZA

If anyone can help me with knowing how to tell which blue or blue white wire goes on the red or black wire for the thermal protection switch.. that would help.. I can slice some heat wrap if necessary and replace it.

Edit: My defrost on rear window causes static in aftermarket radio. This has been happening for a while, and it could be another piece of evidence that my heating/ac control unit is faulty.

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