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Anyone with experience plz give input!

I flashed the engine with what is described above, let the car warm fully, and went for a drive, logging. I drove around for 5-8 minutes and registered what I would consider quite a few knocks, although I was poking the bear as it were. That file is log number 0004.

I pulled over and pulled a couple more degrees out of the ignition advance low table, one degree from 2500 - 3500 rpm and another all of the way from 2250 - 4000 rpm, all at 30deg cam angle, for all columns based on my first drive. That's when the unexpected began. On the drive back to my house I had a similar knock count, but I felt like I had SIGNIFICANTLY more power and throttle response in that range. The way I understsand ignition, reducing spark advance should only add power if you're way out of bounds. I need to compare more tomorrow, but I think the majority of my knocks in this log were at cam angles below 30deg. I have a feeling that my new found throttle response had me acting a little exuberantly and I caught it off it's typical angle. I'm desperately looking for any indication that removing timing like this is likely to damage my engine based on what I am seeing.

Of course, I was making plenty of knock so my K.Control parameter jumped quickly from 55 to 100 and it more or less stayed there over the duration of both logs.
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