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Originally Posted by SiBurtonGuy View Post
I don't think those specs would be too crazy for the 18x8, but you might need to run some negative camber if it's close to the fender (which it probably will in the rear). I also don't really think you'll need any spacers unless they don't clear your brakes for some reason. Take a look at willtheyfit.com and compare your new specs to your current wheel specs to get an idea of how they will fit.
I wouldn't have any rubbing if I stick with the stock ride height would I? I have no desire to lower my Civic anyways. Not only that but where I live the roads are crap so I wouldn't mind raising the suspension a bit either if necessary. I personally prefer an even space between the tire and fender going from one side to the next so. As for tire size I was thinking 235/40/18.
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