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masabahmad has their car in neutral right now
I've bought the following:
1. KYB front left and right strut assemblies. It makes sense to replace both strut assemblies. The Honda OEM ones are extremely expensive. These KYB ones seem to have good reviews.
2. Inner and Outer tie rods (Honda OEM).
3. Sway bar (Honda OEM).
4. Control Arm + Bushing + Ball Joint (MOOG). I'm also buying a Honda OEM ball-joint because Ive read reviews on amazon saying the MOOG ball-joint cracks in a couple of months. I'm doing this because the Honda OEM control bar + bushing is expensive, plus I dont know how to press the bushing into the control bar. The MOOG one already has it pressed.
5. I'm not sure if I have to buy some specialized bolts. I'll see to that when I'll be changing these things.

The total cost of these parts and labour is going to be a fifth of what the dealer told me.

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