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Hey guys, I appreciate the help and feedback. Sorry about taking a while to report back.

Upon taking off the wheel and looking around, one of the brake pads was worn all the way down to the metal. I'll have to look in my log, but I know I just replaced the pads not long ago. It didn't even cross my mind it could be the pads, as I have never had a set last such a short length of time. And yes, these ones are 3rd party pads.

Too, there was no warning whatsoever, no "light scraping" that the OEM brake pads make when they need replaced. One day it was apparently fine, and the next day this was happening.

Needless to say, I'll be sticking with the OEM pads. I'll post the brand name of these when I look in my maintenance log, but they are absolute garbage.

Thanks again for the advice!
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