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After selling my silver Fa5 back in 2012 Iíve owned a 2005 Evo MR (loved that car) and an Evo x (no attachment at all). Iíve had many people ask why go back and itís simple in my case I just love the potential that our cars have and a little bit of nostalgia for me. So Im back, but this time with a coupe. I have no problem saying that Iíve been inspired by tongmanís build and am looking Build it somewhat similar motor spec. I bought my fiji blue fg2 about 9 months ago and since then I have got it entirely repainted, added hfp front and rear lip, have rpf1 wheels waiting for rubber, and I have an sti s204 lip waiting to install till rain stops. I also couldnít get back my old account that I had on here so this is my new one Anyway Iím back! Hereís a few pictures of my old silver Fa5, evo8, and Evo X
pics looking cool
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