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FlowMix has their car in neutral right now
Originally Posted by oClucker View Post
Year: 2006
Model: EX
Miles 170430
typical MPG: 33-34 MPG
Oil: Mobile1 Full Synthetic 5W-20
filters: OEM

OEM Radio has developed a mind of its own. Switches between FM/AM/AUX on it own, then will just stop working all together often. Believe its due to the common "overheating" issue I've heard these radios have. Ready for a double din system.

Light metal rattle noise coming from underneath the car when moving from a stop often, and between 4K-5K RPM. Really sounded like the brake dust shield rubbing on the rotor, but after inspecting I don't believe that is the case. Probably a heat shield? Need to get under the car and start whacking stuff with a mallet.

One more small thing. The top cell on the fuel gauge will never light up after filling the tank, but I know is still functional as it lights up with the dash warning light check upon start up. Anyone else got this?
I've noticed when the gas pump automatically stops after filling up the tank that cell never lights up. But when you manually "top off" your tank the last cell lights up. It's not good to top off though. Our gas stations where I live have attendants, so everyone just let's them do it since it's their job. Problem with this though is these attendants top off your tank to round the price to the nearest dollar. I stop them from doing this when I can.

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