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There were so few people on board you could walk up to any of the shows, they had three stages with staggered times, and just walk up to the front row as soon as they took the stage. Bands were just milling about hanging with people and drinking. It was u real. I seriously could not believe that I sat and ate frozen pizza and drank beers with Sepultura. The "new" Sepultura but still awesome. Same with karaoke with Sacred Reich or hottub time with Behemoth on the pool deck. Insanity.

Most people were super chill and it was the most polite concert crowd I have ever experienced. Some of the smaller less well known bands were just happy to have any fans on board and would actively come hang out.

The sea of black t-shirts at the formal dinners was hilarious.

They still run one cruise once a year called 70k tons of metal. The lineup is usually pretty good but its not exclusively death/black metal focused like Barge was. If you like metal at all, I highly recommend you make every effort to go on one of these.

Do this while sharing beers with your favorite metal band... yea sign me up again!

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