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Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon

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  1. PIC and Input request: Habanero Red Pearl Si Coupe - Clear vs Yellow Fog lenses
  2. OEM 2dr foglight pushbutton switch in a 4dr
  3. Rear brake/ reverse lights
  4. >> The ONLY Road-Legal LED Replacement bulb <<
  5. Headlights
  6. need help with k2 fog harness!!!!!
  7. Installing blinker mirrors on 2011 Civic Sedan?
  8. IJDMTOY LED Direct Replacement Fog Lights
  9. High beam bulbs exploded!!! whats up with that???
  10. Lighting enthusiasts, I need help ID'ing a bulb
  11. Post your headlights!
  12. DRL warning light is on, no voltage to passenger side.
  13. Need a part for my FD2 Beam lights, can anyone help?
  14. >>SALE: Savings on LED bulbs, LED Fogs, LED Dome Kits - Philips, Putco, XenonDepot<<
  15. LED hyper flash when running lights are on
  16. newbie wiring question please HELP!
  17. DRL HID Question
  18. >>MASSIVE SAVINGS: HID/Xenon & Halogen bulbs - Philips XenonDepot Osram & More <<
  19. fog lighst LED or HID
  20. OEM Fog Lights..
  21. CK or Conventional front turn signal sockets?
  22. "Need New Bulbs" - Clueless
  23. Switchback LED's in sidemarkers?
  24. Who Needs HIDs?! (LED Review)
  25. Retro-quik: Spyder/spec-d lights?
  26. Keeping fog lights stock?
  27. diy for password jdm fog lights on 06 si?
  28. H8/H11/H16 Philips X-treme Ultinon LED Bulbs Vs Halogen Fog Light Bulbs
  29. HID Relay help
  30. Mounting Fog Light switch...?
  31. Fog light trouble - not turning on after initial install
  32. Setting up bi-xenon with high beam splitters
  33. Rear window brake led strip
  34. New guy needing assistance
  35. Need help , LED blowing fuses
  36. Need help finding an led bulb for angel eyes
  37. Halo ring lighting
  38. LED Bulbs which ones?
  39. Headlight Upgrade
  40. Amazon/Ebay foglight advice! help
  41. Need foglight advice!!
  42. Where to buy HIDs?
  43. Buying HIDs (SimpleHIdKits). Please Help!
  44. Are these 6000k? Help!
  45. LED bulb swap for brake lights. *Issue*
  46. Retrofitting questions
  47. Best FG2 Aftermarket Headlights
  48. COB LED day time running lights
  49. 2011 and 2012 headlight question
  50. [Help] Fog Lights and Kraftwerks (07 Coupe)
  51. Driver's side HID igniting inconsistently
  52. Who Does Retros?
  53. Interior illumination
  54. >> Introducing new Philips HID Bulbs, Putco LED Fog Lights, and Denso Ballasts <<
  55. OEM Headlight Assembly
  56. Now available - Denso (Koito) D2S/D2R and D4S/D4R OEM HID Ballasts!
  57. Need a 12v power source for LED lights
  58. Need OEM Fog Light Harnesses
  59. Led headlight installation problem
  60. Projector w/HID Question
  61. LED Underbody & Interior on my EXL Coupe
  62. Looking for new headlights.....
  63. HID Question?
  64. Fog light wiring (different wires)
  65. HID Fogs / HID Projector Headlights
  66. Xenon Depot/KBCarStuff Fog light Wiring
  67. >>KBcarstuff Canada Day - 4th of July Super Sale - Save on Everything!<<
  68. Tinted tails with Niteshades?
  69. Where to Find Mugen RR Fog's?
  70. Bluetooth color changing lights
  71. Halo eyes to DRL?
  72. >>Honda Civic Headlight and fog light info
  73. Yet another HID problem
  74. I NEED help with these EBAY fog lights ASAP **PLEASE**
  75. need help please maplight install on dx-g (only one day to work on car)
  76. HID Related Question
  77. Fog Light Not Working Fuse No. 6 OK ?
  78. looking to install HID's. have a few questions
  79. Crystal headlights w/ black housings.
  80. Which HID retrofit kit to buy?
  81. Do I need a relay harness to fix that??
  82. Fog Light install please help!!!!!!!!
  83. eBay fog lights help
  84. help with foglight connection
  85. HID fog light kit blows fuses when turned on?
  86. Anyone have these headlights and can post pics?
  87. Yellow DRLs
  88. Best prices for fog lights?
  89. Sylvania SilverStar zXe
  90. How do I turn off this daytime running light on my 2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX-L?
  91. I want to put underbody & interior lights on my 2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX-L?
  92. Removing Coupe License Trim to Install Led Lens
  93. just baught new hids old ones are damaged
  94. fog light switch broken need help
  95. >> XenonDepot End Of Month Blowout Sale - Save 10% On Every Item - No Exceptions! <<
  96. eBay fog lights with H8 bulbs
  97. 2014 Civic EX Sedan
  98. K2 fog light wiring issue
  99. Mini fuses, short blade vs long blade
  100. Ebay for light wiring help
  101. 2007 JDM FD1 HID Head Lights -- Help :(
  102. Ebay fog lights with oem harness not working
  103. LED Brake Light Bulbs
  104. 9th Gen Illuminated Door Sill Trim Accessory Retrofit for 8th Gen?
  105. eBay Foglights wont turn on Help Also Wiring question
  106. xenon 35w no relay question
  107. Is there a difference in si and ex tails?
  108. hid question?
  109. HID or retrofit?
  110. LED signal light problems
  111. PlasmaGlow Igniters LED HeadlightKit Vs. HID Retro
  112. Questions about head lights
  113. 2006 Ex coupe aftermarket G4 ballast been working, one bulb suddenly went out
  114. Help, the light does not light up the sound !!!
  115. Third Brake light on a 2007 FG2?
  116. Looking to get halo lights!! Need help though!! Please!
  117. Foglight&headlight vinyl films??
  118. Need help with a hid that keeps going.
  119. driver side headlight gone need help
  120. Headlight Wire Guide, NEED HELP!!
  121. mugen fog lights
  122. Depot JDM CSX 06-11 (JDM Civic) headlights
  123. Got some depot taillights
  124. DIY: LED Switchback Front Turn Signals
  125. Scion FRS projectors in our housings?
  126. Headlight depot headlights anyone?
  127. Can't decide on which fog lights to go with..
  128. Nokya 2500k DRL/ High Beam review
  129. HID lights
  130. Clips under the hood removal
  131. help with retrofitting
  132. No flashing lights, fogs, or side amber lights?
  133. RetroFit Fog Lights?
  134. DRL Indicator Help
  135. K2 Motor Fog lights Help
  136. Led Tails Help
  137. opening headlamp . oven vs heat gun?
  138. Ice Blue DRL overlays
  139. Is this from a HID kit?
  140. Brightest Bulbs for our cars
  141. Xenon Depot vs Cheap Chinese HID Kit?
  142. Fog lights on aftermarket bumper
  143. Swapping OEM DRL to LED questions
  144. Xenon Depot/Kbb Fog lights
  145. Headlight housing question
  146. Problem with fog in Headlights.
  147. OEM looking HID headlights without retrofitting?
  148. door panel lighting d.i.y. show interest
  149. 07 civic si coupe foglight
  150. "Pro civic" headlight
  151. mod delete
  152. LED Headlights?
  153. HID kit and halogen headlights
  154. A different Quad Retro
  155. OEM Headlight question
  156. 09 Civic Ex: Ebay Fog Lights, with switch install help?
  157. Retrofit headlight question.
  158. Buying new headlight housings?
  159. Fogs Finally Working
  160. Headlight bulb upgrade help ?
  161. Need stock tailights! ASAP!
  162. So I installed my yellow DRL bulbs...
  163. Need help on EBAY FOG with pics
  164. 2008 Si FA5 OEM Fogs Help?
  165. best place to get retros done
  166. Footwell lighting help
  167. My radio light is really dim?
  168. Upgrade Si visibility?
  169. AC control knob light
  170. Quad retro ballasts/ralay mounting question
  171. Ebay Halo Rim + LED Projector Headlights or DIY Retros?
  172. Fog light stalk
  173. Browning of High Beam/DRL bulbs in your 8th gen ??
  174. Mix and match on Fogs?
  175. K2 Fog lights
  176. Sel/Reset MPH/KMPH Button bulb
  177. Does anybody have these LED headlights? COUPE
  178. Anyone know what these are?
  179. HIDs looks like they're unproportional
  180. Does this part come off the hid bulb?
  181. Headlight difference between coupe and sedan?
  182. Fog lights for an R18 sedan
  183. 4300K VS 5000K HID Color Temperature Comparison
  184. Man, my drl/highs look awful!
  185. 09+ Civic Sedan OEM fogs vs ebay K2 fogs comparison
  186. Fog light help...07 Si Sedan
  187. Change color of DRL
  188. My low beams stopped working! HELP PLZ!! >_<
  189. New to HID's please help!
  190. HID Headlight Help
  191. Place to retrofit my headlights in south florida area?
  192. eBay fog light switch help
  193. Password JDM Fog Lights
  194. HIDs are not working properly. Intermediate lighting.
  195. Getting a retrofit done
  196. Need an HID Harness ?? Fog light fix
  197. Which relay harness?
  198. Need help with adjusting the aim of the passenger headlight
  199. My R18 From PR
  200. is there any reason this won't fit an Si?
  201. TRS rubber caps for headlights, what size?
  202. Passenger headlight throw light out everywhere.
  203. Are you damaging your HIDs?
  204. Footwell lighting installation help
  205. XenonDepot Winter Clearance Sale - Save on EVERY item in our store!
  206. HID Newbie
  207. Demon Eyes Installation
  208. Turn signal issues
  209. HID Glare in Factory Lenses
  210. Foglight retrofit question
  211. Installing fog lights
  212. need help with nokya 9005 bulb
  213. Nokya headlight drl and foglight bulbs
  214. 07 Si lighting questions
  215. Help! Left headlight won't turn on
  216. michiba gold vision 300k
  217. OEM/aftermarket Headlamp Housings for Retrofit
  218. spec-d headlights
  219. Anybody ordered from
  220. Projector Question. Mini H1 vs FX-R
  221. What DRL&Switchback is this guy running?/Which member is he?
  222. LED day time running light
  223. iJDMTOY Interior LED Lights Unboxing and Install
  224. Talk me out of putting HID in my stock housing!
  225. Help!drl bulb change
  226. Fogs help...
  227. civic 08 drl help
  228. help! looking for hid halo headlight projectors.
  229. DDM ordering help
  230. Adapter for h11 LEDs?
  231. LED bulbs for civic?
  232. Morimoto 35 HID Stage 1 Install
  233. Need help fixing Fog light
  234. HID and fog light help
  235. fog light help
  236. Led strip need help wiring
  237. HID in 08 Civic
  238. Quad Retro
  239. Has anyone tried CarID's "Lumen" LED's?
  240. LED bar idea...
  241. FX-R Retrofit Questions
  242. Help with my projectors.
  243. tailights and plate lights not working
  244. will this DEPO fog work as the OEM?
  245. >> Black Friday|Cyber Monday Sale 2013 - EVERY Product is on Sale!!<<
  246. Fog works only on halogen, doesn't with HID
  247. H9 instead of H11
  248. Undecided CREE or 68-SMD led type for DRL"S
  249. Reverse Light Socket Removal...
  250. S2K projectors or something else....