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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Question with Skunk2 exhaust install
  2. progress rear sway bar - red shift brackets
  3. 3rd gear...
  4. Engine Flush
  5. my 06 civic ex 4dr
  6. SAP damage
  7. revving while braking...
  8. Carbon Fiber Hoods
  9. Rear Sway Bar
  10. sunroof wont TILT help!!!:shady:
  11. Spoiler SI vs EX
  12. Front Left Wheel
  13. Rough Idle after IMG, TBG, and TBS Install
  14. 06 civic suspension problems
  15. Weird Dash Noise Vibration:
  16. Auto Trans Shudder, 2nd gear
  17. Horrible Sound System. Why ?
  18. My new (used) 2006 si (stock?)
  19. clutch problem!!!!!
  20. R18 ECU Connectors
  21. engine cleaner question.
  22. brakes squeek
  23. Possible Hydrolock
  24. 08 Civic Hybrid Front Suspension noise
  25. honda workshop manual
  26. duplicate Key
  27. whats the deal with our visors!!!
  28. Knocking from engine at low RPM's...
  29. 2 questions, tb spacer + injen cai and test pipe but no cel?
  30. Creaking Steering Wheel
  31. 08 Hybrid Civic w/ Navi moving to Europe
  32. Clutch
  33. After Installing FUJITA SRI....
  34. Outside air temperature
  35. expensive spark plugs
  36. Boost/vac gauges
  37. Determining the difference between headlights
  38. Chirping tires
  39. my rear turn signals wont work!!!
  40. Battery and Airbag warning lights
  41. Running atenna wire from roof
  42. Air Condtioning?
  43. Engine overheated!! Need help please!!
  44. how strong are the SI trannys?
  45. Injen SRI
  46. #3 Piston Shattered
  47. Automatic transmission flush
  48. ? about oil filter install during an oil change?
  49. Radiator always on for the Si??
  50. chrome of headrest rods becoming cloudy...
  51. Shaking...
  52. Paint Problemos - 2 pics!
  53. Vtec didnt engage
  54. water inside dash?? How can this be?
  55. Fog light help!
  56. In order to lower the car....
  57. Foul Smell: Whats the deal?
  58. Rust on the Brake Disc...I think..
  59. Climate Control Fan issues/noises
  60. A/C condenser replacement tips?
  61. Little rattle from back shelf
  62. Buying Extended Warranty Online Safe?
  63. Gas Guage Indicator Problem
  64. CD Player Malfunction
  65. Third gear problem - semantics? Or just BS?
  66. HELP! After insyalling SRI
  67. Help on installing foglight switch in sedan
  68. A pillar gauge pod question
  69. i need to buy an OBD scan tool - Recommendations Please
  70. CEL becuz of Race heaer!!!
  71. Emissions In Atlanta.
  72. R18 Cracked Block Research. Please Help
  73. lx,dx,ex automatic tranny.
  74. Need help buying/identifying an oem part
  75. Need help, issues with removing rear anti-sway bar
  76. AMS oil
  77. Maintenance Minder Schedule and Alignments
  78. unlock both doors from remote
  79. Moving ingnition switch?
  80. 3rd gear fixed
  81. New Hybrid - Trip Meter > Odometer
  82. Shifter's Blue Cap
  83. Want to add extra horsepower
  84. Better summer lube??
  85. Will 4dr mud guards fit the coupe?
  86. My Civic has starting sticking in 1st gear!
  87. Removing Fenders
  88. Short Shifter Question.
  89. squeak when shifting
  90. Fog light switch
  91. First Broken Steering Knuckle?
  92. Help me.
  93. wow, I am surprised.
  94. Issues with hanging RPMs and jumping btw gears
  95. Weird alignment Problem *Negative Camber Throw OFF Steering wheel*
  96. Bolt size for HFP
  97. Will mugen rear lip fit USDM sedan?
  98. Moonroof Problem!!
  99. Dealer states noise is normal. Are they Correct?
  100. How do you remove trunk?
  101. Tightening Handbrake???
  102. Remote Start
  103. Refilling the AC system, quick question.
  104. 2007 LX Low fuel lamp and digital tank level
  105. Check Engine Light Help
  106. general maintenance
  107. gotta quick question??
  108. What to top off "Break In" oil?
  109. Greddy Evo2
  110. where can i get collored dome lights!! from the 818 area sfv in california
  111. engine cracked
  112. Engine light goes on and off (started after intake system)
  113. My 12 month Oil & MTF Analysis & Filter Dissection
  114. maintenance minder question
  115. I'm pissed off at my AC
  116. Front/Rear axles and bearing
  117. Windshield Wiper Fluid keeps leaking out..
  118. Need Help fast
  119. Which Bolt....
  120. Valet key? What keys came with your new Si?
  121. Advice on whether or not to change my oil before a trip
  122. Alarm
  123. oil to low on dip stick
  124. BG Syncroshift 2 in transmission?
  125. Length of time in shop?
  126. If you had 3rd gear problem and still having issues!!!
  127. Who all runs full synthetic engine oil?
  128. please help with seat belt!
  129. wideband on dashhawk
  130. Knocking Clicking Sound on 1st and Rev. Maybe Ingalls ETD?
  131. Safe to drive with Malfunction Indicator Lamp on?
  132. Minor collision, help
  133. Need new clutch at 7k, dealership NOT going to warranty.PLEASE HELP!
  134. ECU location. . . EX coupe
  135. Installed AEM CAI, Messed up Bat + Connection
  136. Need Clip removal Help
  137. oil change question
  138. Rear Camber off
  139. help - trunk not aligned - how to fix?
  140. Ripped Off ByYour Car's Odom?
  141. rear ended, minor stuff
  142. Hesitation on stock 2008 Si?
  143. Rear Lights Replacement
  144. ripped out splash guard, i think...
  145. AC Horsepower Loss?
  146. Repair Help! Various Cars, Pictures Galore
  147. pop (more like explosion) w/ rumble at startup
  148. ECU Reset
  149. TWM shortshifter problem... shed some light?
  150. HFP kit coming off?
  151. How do i know if i have electric power steering or not/.
  152. Duplicate Key
  153. suspension knock
  154. Massisve static
  155. Broken bolt tip inside trunk!
  156. Changed oil problem...need help!!!
  157. Axle Poping sound?
  158. ETD Question
  159. Problem need help asap
  160. NEW SI coupe - problem
  161. anyone try to get honda to fix the paint due to chips?
  162. Legally bald tires (2/32" tread) after 7,800 miles
  163. Si's OEM intake manifold... WTF?
  164. change transmission fluid
  165. Any one ever see this about mobil1 and valvoline!??
  166. Pros and Cons on DCRH? Alternatives?
  167. Squeeks and Rattles
  168. maintenance
  169. HELP ME! Vibration after intake and header install.
  170. The Stock Exhaust
  171. brake pedal bounces back when riding over bump
  172. What is this?
  173. Clutch Issues??? WTF?
  174. Shifting feels weird
  175. Engine chugging
  176. 3rd Gear fix?
  177. 3rd Gear fix?
  178. 3rd gear fix today.
  179. looking for a decent but cheap adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  180. any suggestions?
  181. RPMs crashing during shifting with A/C
  182. act streetlite on stock clutch?
  183. Help from Helm manual owners: torque specs
  184. Oil Change
  185. 2008 Civic Si MAF Problem?????
  186. Well I jacked my car onto a lift. One Problem
  187. Si swap o2 sensor wiring issues
  188. Clutch Problems
  189. my full tank isnt a full tank on my FA5 2008 si
  190. Need Help And Input fast guys
  191. Normal for rear tires to wear faster than front?
  192. WTF Question: Please help
  193. VSA light been on for a week now
  194. Somebody wrote on my windows, how to take it off?
  195. true or false?
  196. Audio/stereo lights
  197. 03 civic unknown problem!
  198. does your civic have rust spotting up everywhere underneath?
  199. Did Honda fix the rattling problem with the newer models?
  200. mystery dents in the roof of my baby!!!!!!!
  201. So I heard metal grinding metal....
  202. A/C Problem(not the usual...)
  203. Whining noise once again :popcorn:
  204. Security Indicator Lights
  205. Replacement windshield: Cots & Brands...
  206. Engine Malfunction Light After 3rd Gear Fix
  207. a quick question
  208. installed injen intake now car has surge or bogging.
  209. s2k engine swap
  210. Speed-O Lock
  211. Look at My Poor Civic--3k miles, and....
  212. Passenger window doesnt roll up.
  213. Bought new rims/tires
  214. Window tinting
  215. Grrr South Bay Honda
  216. front bumper tabs
  217. 08 Fa5 w/Nav Amplifier location?
  218. Aerodynamics/Drag Coefficient of Coupe vs. Sedan
  219. engine light blinks 5 times.
  220. My Civic squeaks when I drive faster than 50MPH
  221. I am scared because i just installed my TWM kit
  222. Twm ss
  223. Did my dealer mess with my Civic?
  224. Shift Knob....
  225. DAMN reverse gear!!!
  226. si feels slow..
  227. Foglight question
  228. Get rid of Check Engine w/ Race Header? Help!
  229. does the coupe seats have memory?
  230. Need Sub + Amp help for 06 Civic LX
  231. car pulls on the right
  232. need help removing clutch in my LX 1.8L
  233. fuel pressure regulator info needed
  234. Need your suggestion: Real Mugen side skirts or replica?
  235. Help my speakers not working..
  236. COWL, Help me Identify! Please? =]
  237. Does anyone have a PDF for this TSB?
  238. spring problem
  239. 06 civic. steering wheel vibrations after 70mph
  240. amsoil user
  241. Quick question
  242. Help
  243. i have major problem
  244. When your idleing...
  245. Don't Hesitate!! Use AMSoil!!
  246. walbro 255 lph-hp
  247. 08 LX stutters when coasting down into lower RPM's
  248. Ethanol = BAD...!?
  249. First problem with a Honda. Need your opinion.
  250. removing steering wheel trim