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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Windows rattle after getting them tinted
  2. Skunk2 Shock F***ED UP! BEARING SHOT OUT!
  3. R18 Oil change oil filters from b18c?
  4. Service Manuel
  5. Airbag light
  6. Ice on/around trunk + sub freezing temps = creaky rear window. Am I alone?
  7. when shiftin from 1st to 2nd..
  8. Upside down "horseshoe" light with a '!' inside ??
  9. cabin filter quesions
  10. Oil weight question
  11. will 16" LX hubcaps fit on SIs?
  12. Hmmm, power loss and sound
  13. In Desperate Need Of Help.
  14. cat-delete pipe
  15. First Oil Change
  16. Rear Window Lip HELP!!!!
  17. Strange Humming Sound
  18. squeeking sound when turning
  19. Installed powerstick today!!!
  20. wheel noise
  21. strup header collector and LSD j-sport...
  22. speedometer, odometer, and no vtec!!
  23. NST Pulleys and The Alternator!
  24. Question about intake.....
  25. GROUND This
  26. Question helpme please!!!
  27. 06 SI - Coming up on 60k - Maintenance?
  28. rewriterable Si ecu with e-manage ultimate ....?
  29. loud cracking sound from AT when reversing up driveway
  30. Touchy accelerator pedal
  31. sway bar installed squeaks
  32. Need stock injector clips!
  33. speakers sizzle/static on Si?
  34. Can someone give me a crash course on wheels and tires
  35. Trunk latch not working? Just a simple FYI...
  36. Messed up my strut! Help!
  37. Installing New Wheel Studs Need Help
  38. 2007 honda civic cold air intake help!!
  39. 2008 2dr fog light install problems
  40. need help werd noise from left
  41. Problem with interior squeak
  42. Deep scratches drivers-side door, touch-up paint recommendation?
  43. Stupid Question please help
  44. When to service the transmission of a 2008 Civic sedan EX?
  45. slammed now break problems
  46. mild whining coming from engine
  47. Installed new steering wheel. Alignment off
  48. how to read srs code?
  49. 07 Civic Si Headlight adjustment tool
  50. Stuck torx bolt
  51. '09 Sun Visors the same?? I hope not....
  52. brakes making funny noises?
  53. XM Question (Doesnt Work)
  54. reset wrench, b 12 and oil life ...please
  55. Drive Light Blinking
  56. Spark plug for 07 si~
  57. hmm...
  58. xm and sirus officially combined today?
  59. TIRE pull to the RIGHT ???? helpp
  60. Tire screech when downshift?
  61. Turn and hissing sound
  62. Ecu
  63. burning smell
  64. help! my tail lights wont turn on.
  65. VSA Help
  66. Clutch gone at only 25k???
  67. help please
  68. R18 Auto Tranny Problem
  69. Why are first and reverse gears jumpy / jerky at low speeds?
  70. Afterfiring hard acceleration shifting
  71. Adhesive Tape reveiled from under spoiler
  72. poor mpg
  73. Dirty Air Filter questions
  74. help please?
  75. Hazing Headlights?
  76. Cupping in Tires
  77. Ticking sound underneath car; car = off
  78. So my car wont start...
  79. got screwed at local audio shop
  80. 1st to 2nd
  81. Clutch issue
  82. 2nd gear very notchy
  83. Playing an IPOD through the NAV!!
  84. "B 12" warning???
  85. Trunk Won't Open!!!
  86. Request a DIY
  87. AEM Filter help
  88. Dip with reflash
  89. Loud FAN noise turning on and off
  90. Parking lights are DEAD!!!!! need help
  91. Rattling panels!!!!!!
  92. wen i change gears, its very stiff
  93. Engine Wobble??
  94. Need Realistic Advice for my Tranny problem.
  95. Transmission Issue... Weird Noises
  96. Whining noise from Transmission. Anyone???
  97. Fujita Dry Flow=Clean MAF sensor.
  98. extremely loud knocking when tires spin..
  99. synthetic oil change
  100. engine rpm @ highway speed (on all models)
  101. dumb ?
  102. i think i have a problem!
  103. Strange and scary
  104. window button help
  105. Bought a new Si; having problems
  106. Do you run it through insurance or settle
  107. If This Were Your Car????
  108. Bad Handling
  109. Winter's coming! Need a remote start!
  110. Weird noise coming from front driver brake/rotor
  111. how do I remove the fuse box in the cabin?
  112. Starting Problem on Si
  113. Engine got louder?
  114. Hondata chat at SEMA
  115. Brake issue
  116. Grinding Squeaking Sound
  117. Aftermarket Clutch Problem.... Please Read!!
  118. Error code B12
  119. k-pro
  120. Need your help and wisdom
  121. front right wheel vibration
  122. JDM or CSX tail light
  123. Steering Wheel Conver
  124. new 08 Civic EX alignment problem
  125. NST Pulleys. I've heard they are awesome but i also heard it may hurt your car
  126. High Compression Piston Question
  127. civic '07 Noise from front
  128. wont pass inspection
  129. FAST brake pad wear Si
  130. On my 3rd A/C blower motor
  131. Battery Question - 2008 Si
  132. Squeaky Clutch
  133. Over rev?!?!?!?
  134. 3rd gear fix without warrenty
  135. steering wheel is off, because of new rims?
  136. 2008 FG2 Power Streering Failure
  137. so i changed my springs.. and found a broken piece..
  138. (!) Signal is on across from the 7k rpm
  139. just me or what?
  140. when turning steering wheel there is knocking sound under car, normal?
  141. Broken glasses inside air condition vent?
  142. Any way to disable Daytime Running Lights?
  143. HELP!!! Automatic Transmission Problem
  144. need help with my handling on 06 civic ex 4dr
  145. Hid Problem
  146. Weapon R Manifold Problem
  147. Can Honda's use 55w HID's?
  148. Coolant Problem
  149. daytime light..
  150. HID Kit killed my lighting system?
  151. My horn goes off by itself
  152. Should I have 3rd gear looked at before warranty is up?
  153. 3rd gear HELP
  154. Rear Sway Bar
  155. car sways/on summer tires
  156. HFP suspension problem
  157. Crashed Civic
  158. Occasional buzzing sound on ignition
  159. CEL in the rain ... Whaaaa
  160. Hfp muffler who said this?
  161. Does anyone know how to disable lowbeam when flashing highbeam?
  162. Bad MPG's with new cars????
  163. new tires now car sways
  164. Who has foglights that are NOT Honda OEM's?
  165. Broken side mirror
  166. Hawaii body shop recommendation
  167. Removed resonator = vibration... help!
  168. steering noise
  169. HIDs effecting radio signal
  170. HEad to the autozone on 3 cyl? (not a honda) *PIX*
  171. K20Z3 Swap
  172. 06 Fog kit for 07 Si
  173. Cracked Steering wheel...
  174. glowshift narrowband A/F ratio gauge
  175. wiring up A/F ratio gauge
  176. Air filters makes your car slower?
  177. Smog a ticket
  178. Break in oil
  179. Can you find REAL carbon fiber parts? Everything seems to be "fiberglass reinforced"
  180. Side Off light
  181. Stud/Lug Nut Problem
  182. Stupid first driving experience.
  183. Random cylinder misfire #1 #2 #3 #4
  184. Black box chip? used to come with weapon r IM for the R18
  185. Sunroof!!! Help...
  186. Honda oil-Is it made by Mobil?
  187. winding/rattling noise in si
  188. Quick question
  189. Took in my 08 SI for sound + trans
  190. Need ideas for removing oil filter from factory. (1st oil change)
  191. Majorly overfilled oil, misfire, smoke... engine damage?
  192. passenger airbag light
  193. Brand New: Alignment Issues Already?
  194. Trunk Mysteriously Opens
  195. Tow Hooks
  196. CAI........R18...........Water..........Trouble?
  197. hit the curb...pix included
  198. How do i torque a brake line fitting?
  199. Winshield Wiper fluid broke
  200. R!8 Oil change, added more oil then 3.7L
  201. Need Help with wiring headlights
  202. New Si ~ Engine "Ticking/Tapping"
  203. going from carburated to fuel injection
  204. Did my CAI cause this problem?
  205. Rattle, Grinding, horrible noises after my drop
  206. cheap quality galss??
  207. Top of my 08 civic lx?
  208. squeak coming from rear end of my civic....
  209. Wierd rattling.
  210. I think there's something wrong with my 2nd gear
  211. Brought My Car in for 3rd gear getting run around.
  212. Weird sound
  213. rpm too HIGH?
  214. HONDATA reflash
  215. Grounding kit Vs. voltage stabilizer...opinions!!
  216. Trunk Light Warning is on even though the trunk is closed
  217. Base and Cable Bushings
  218. 07 si torque specs
  219. 06 Civic SI - 14.5k miles on one oil change w/ AMSOIL SSO 0w30 - Oil Analysis Report
  220. K20 i-vtec sound problem !!!
  221. Auto door locks
  222. balance shaft removal
  223. need help!!!!!!!!!
  224. Heater not hot?
  225. Apex'i S-AFCII?
  226. Stock battery....54k miles....left map light on all night
  227. regular, plus, premium gas
  228. Help! Limp mode?
  229. si bumper question????
  230. Always blowing hot air
  231. TPMS light comes on.. $120 fix? wtf??
  232. windsheild washer squirters
  233. Rear seat...
  234. What is the color of NEW Honda MTF?
  235. Need quick help, axle back bolt size?
  236. oil fliter question
  237. i got a rattle in the engine compartment
  238. Scratch Repair!
  239. Poor Gas Mileage!!!Need Help!!!
  240. engine build
  241. Door panel rattle - who should fix it?
  242. knock under car while shifting
  243. Power Steering Went Out Temporarily
  244. Pulled a CEL. Any ideas???
  245. Airbag light?
  246. burning oil smell
  247. "B" Service.....what a joke!
  248. Problem with Progress sway bar
  249. HELP--List of problems with my car- what do you think?
  250. trick on putting fpr cap on