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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Wrench / Oil Life wont go away
  2. might be a stupid ?
  3. BOMZ Cold Air Intake? Any Problems?
  4. SRS Light pops up
  5. oil levels
  6. Really low idle.?
  7. Help with part number
  8. increasing idle?
  9. Changing FG1 Front Fenders...
  10. R18 Valve Tick
  11. SI engine start/cranking time
  12. 06 Ex Coupe Dieseling ...
  13. Another shift light question..
  14. tips on driving stick shift
  15. Gas overfilled, now Civic is stalling
  16. Strategy for removing cowl cover clips
  17. Steering harder to left, easy to the right?
  18. Check Engine Light is on
  19. light bulb broken and trapped in the headlight
  20. Windshiled ball bearing sound?
  21. 3rd gear question....
  22. obII codes
  23. Help weird noise switching into 3rd
  24. !
  25. Rear Headliner Rattle
  26. 6th gear problem on Car Talk
  27. Attn:si owners
  28. no torque
  29. do I have to use Honda power steering fluid?
  30. so i went to the dealer today!!!
  31. Interior lighting problem!!
  32. Ignition won't start up right away (buzzing sound)
  33. Is my car ok?
  34. An EEERRRRRRRR noise b/t 38-41 mph
  35. Got 3rd Synchro's replaced..Guess what happened..
  36. 02 sensor rubbing issue w/ aftermarket angled defouler+header
  37. OEM Chrome Exhaust Tip
  38. Anybody have a Dodge SRT4? or have owned?
  39. Winding down sound in lx coupe?
  40. Tps
  41. B pillar question
  42. rim question
  43. HID installation
  44. Puff of white smoke on startup?
  45. Bunch of little ball-bearings all over the driveway now...
  46. Shaking?
  47. whats breaking???
  48. Navigation, on audio tab, background no longer animates.
  49. So shifting out of 2nd at redline into 1st is a bad thing? hahaha
  50. Dead Battery
  51. Dear Lord, Somebody Please Help Me
  52. Grind 2nd Gear
  53. Wheel Hop
  54. 2 more clanking noises - paranoia?
  55. Is a click noise after engaging different gears (auto) normal?
  56. Vavle Clearance Adjustment??
  57. Not sure what happened, help.
  58. Adjusting hand brake
  59. Changing seats
  60. 1996 honda civic
  61. Is engine whine normal on the R18?
  62. fog light question
  63. resetting the ECU?
  64. ABS, battery trouble
  65. These DBW limitations are ridiculous
  66. Power Window
  67. Radiator Hose ?
  68. how do you tell if your clutch is going?
  69. dash light.......don't know what it means
  70. anyone got problems with their VSA?
  71. Unknown problem!!!!!
  72. Questions about things that annoy me
  73. which way does donut gasket go on fa5 adapter?
  74. Mugen QS "play"
  75. Hondata heatshield
  76. Getting left behind
  77. My Si went into limp mode!
  78. Supercharger rattling. Need Help
  79. Cel question?
  80. Questions on R18 Alternator
  81. VSA on a 07 Si?
  82. TSB for 08 Fa5?
  83. 12 volt cigarette outlet question
  84. How to get this paint problem covered under warranty
  85. ugly noise from rear passenger windows
  86. 1st oil change debate
  87. what oil do you use?
  88. Engine bogging down...
  89. 2006 honda side swipe
  90. HELP aem engine CODE!!!!
  91. aem cold air intake code
  92. Fog Lights & HIDs & Fuses: A Problem.
  93. Left Standing
  94. Problem with sub
  95. thread pitch on shifter?
  96. LOW RPM' s
  97. will sedan rear hfp fit without cutting the exahust hole on stock?
  98. Problem with DRL
  99. need fog light help ASAP
  100. So for good measure Honda decides to F with me one last time...
  101. EX maintenance question
  102. engine over rev
  103. New Upgrade For SI
  104. POS tranny, you tell me.
  105. Skunk2 Pro-S Rear Question
  106. 2 month old civic in for 2nd time for moonroof water leak
  107. wow easy 3rd gear fix
  108. ghosts in the machine?? My turn signals randomly turn on...
  109. Drive B.W. throt problems, lagging big time!
  110. red oil light issue on R18
  111. Right H/L went out
  112. Faulty window weather strips. SAFETY RECALL?
  113. Clicking/Popping Noise From front suspension!
  114. si cd player broke?? HELP!!
  115. Changed my oil, now car makes weird sound!
  116. Issues on rainy days!!!
  117. Steering Light?
  118. Anyone with Strutking SS issues?
  119. clicking clutch pedal?
  120. Vibration below middle of car from e brake?
  121. Ticking sound in the engine! please help
  122. Horribly Annoying!!!!!
  123. Replacing Brake Rotors...
  124. Big 3 upgrade diagram for R18?
  125. To Everyone That Has Had 3rd Gear Fixed In The SI
  126. So I just called AH and told them I want a new car....
  127. Battery Question
  128. brake upgrade
  129. electrical/ lighting problem please help
  130. ecu re-map??
  131. exhaust rattle
  132. Help finding a part in Honda part catalog. It's only a grommet. Couldn't find it. :(
  133. shift boot measurement?
  134. Squealing after braking
  135. Paint cracking on HOOD!!!
  136. Subwoofer kill switch
  137. kinda of dumb, but wondering
  138. Driving WITHOUT and exhaust.
  139. Air conditioner blows warm
  140. Double Tap
  141. Lute Riley HONDA and my fist... erm clutch. 2007 EX
  142. Driving 08 Si: More Indept Questions
  143. Did anyone Fix this on there SI
  144. 07 civic ex coupe broken :(
  145. should I change the oil for only 1500km?...
  146. Does the ECM cut power to the engine when the SRS light is on?
  147. Engine tick HELP
  148. Water pump pulley bolts may loose tension
  149. front BUMPER woes, 06 SI coupe owners...
  150. engine shakes at idle after 3rd gear fix. help
  151. HCH 2003 engine redlines after O2 sensor change
  152. 1st gear problems
  153. car dead - no power nothing
  154. CEL help
  155. Reving Rumble at 2k rpm
  156. Battery problems
  157. PAINTING question
  158. FIRST OIL CHANGE.......question...........
  159. Weak E-Brake????
  160. So Honda is replacing my entire engine at 36k miles
  161. brake pedal lockup??
  162. si shuts off!!
  163. Could cheap wheels cause this vibration?
  164. After battery removal - power windows don`t work
  165. Taking off rear lip spoiler??
  166. C Pillar rattle
  167. Turn off Daytime driving light?
  168. i think my starter is going up...
  169. cable bushings
  170. r18 oil change
  171. ATF change
  172. had to drive through deep water........
  173. Squeak when I start my car
  174. Steering wheel LOCKS while driving!!! whats going on!!!
  175. Carbon Fiber Hood......
  176. Skunk2 hitting my Tein coilover in the rear of my car
  177. HELP!!!! Clicking/Popping Noise in front end
  178. rpm goes up then down when braking
  179. pod filter = Engine Maulfunction light
  180. Changed/updated 3rd Gear, now 4th gear is a bit hard to shift out.
  181. Gasoline Questions
  182. squeaky clutch on engagement
  183. intake question....
  184. Mugen Si question
  185. how do you rev the motor from the engin bay on a 2008 civic si.
  186. Update to my Si Tranny woes...
  187. Squeaky Rear End
  188. Help cel
  189. So, took my 06 LX in for a brake problem......
  190. WaterPump Open Recall?
  191. Brake problems
  192. Warranty Work for 9.19.08
  193. Just bought a used SI
  194. Rear camber.
  195. Weird "clunk" sound! please help :(
  196. scratchy noise coming from wheel/brake area
  197. 2nd gear grind is cable problem
  198. Actual Maintenance Study
  199. no reverse or 6th
  200. RPMs At IDLE
  201. USB Input on 09 Hybrid???
  202. Fuel filter location
  203. Dam trunk
  204. Droning Tire
  205. '06 EX manual shifting issues - haaaaalp!
  206. Well, the drama about my car continues....
  207. Fluid coming out from transmission
  208. conventional Oil brands
  209. E3 Spark Plugs? Anyone try them?
  210. LED bulb Flasher Unit
  211. Question about cel light
  212. Help!
  213. Si bogging down
  214. gear noise?
  215. Major Issue wit my SI
  216. Navigation DVD gone bad
  217. Skunk2 Megapower fg5
  218. Change oil before trip?
  219. So I dropped off my Si again to have the tranny fixed...again and...
  220. 23,000 miles on single oil change, Lab recommends 25,000 miles for next change :)
  221. SI Sways on EX = TMPS problem?
  222. Help omg - cai - ecu - shaking violently
  223. removing paint
  224. need help fast, in the middle of doing this..
  225. Ticking Noise
  226. Brakes acting unexpectedly
  227. Recall - Water pump pulley bolts
  228. Front end "popping" at dealer now
  229. So I got my car back from having second replaced yesterday, and G_d Damnit....
  230. Broken motor mount???????????
  231. Bolt size on OEM/Greddy exhaust
  232. Is this bad?
  233. Super Loud Reverse Pop and Odd Sounds!
  234. Inspection by Police, illegal me
  235. Parking: Handbrake vs. In Gear
  236. Driver Side Speaker Vibrations
  237. New 2008 SI Sedan engine noise?
  238. does anyone know?
  239. help!
  240. yet another clutch thread... and maybe a lawsuit
  241. ABS/VSA Light
  242. Whats the torque spec....
  243. FD2 front knuckles
  244. Wipers
  245. Si uneven/oscillating/choppy transmission acceleration
  246. restartin ecu
  247. Short Shifter Problem?
  248. Can't re-install Serpentine belt!
  249. I just got hit n run.....
  250. car starting issue? hard starts and no starts