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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. What is this ticking in my new SI????
  2. SI wheels on 08 ex
  3. Immobilizer issues
  4. Car cranks before starting
  5. Honda Diagnostic Connector??
  6. Automatic R18 3rd Gear Problems
  7. Radio And lock wont work..Help
  8. clicking sound from between the front left wheel and the lower part of the engine bay
  9. Sunroof noise
  10. How often do you guys change your oil?
  11. Si Recall?!?!?!?!
  12. Tapping from dash
  13. catalytic converter noise....
  14. Installed injen intake, car won't start
  15. fog lights
  16. 8th gen Civic Si swaybar endlinks
  17. My sis needs help asap(non-honda issue)
  18. NO 2nd GEAR!!!
  19. how to check bearings and rods?
  20. Air Filter Question for you experts!
  21. Is my dealership trying to screw me?
  22. Skipping Gears - Will your tranny blow?
  23. noise coming from passanger side rear
  24. BAD to start in 2nd?
  25. 2 codes that i have no clue of
  26. Seriously WTF
  27. vsa light
  28. Cheap alternative to Speedy-Dry?
  29. Vibrant exhaust vs. Skunk2 mega power exhaust
  30. suspension issues
  31. 4400 miles, new trans.
  32. CEL after cable bushing install???!
  33. Few problems with gears and engine
  34. Si oilfilter....
  35. Check engine light
  36. Steering wheel creaking
  37. constant ticking when i'm accelerating
  38. Do i have a case?
  39. 3rd gear replaced
  40. A little noob question....
  41. Clutch??
  42. weird clutch squeak
  43. I have found the "solution" for the 3rd gear issues!
  44. good high flow cat to add to dcrh
  45. Have we found a solution to transmission problems?
  46. "vtec Springs"
  47. Exedy Stage 1 vs Exedy Hypersingle
  48. Gas door not opening
  49. Noise in the handbrakes
  50. Spec Check
  51. Whining noise coming out of drivetrain
  52. stripped rear sway bar endlink...
  53. Rock chip in windshield.
  54. Honda oil change
  55. What are the consequences .... from synth to non-syth oil ?
  56. rear spoiler + third brake light !!
  57. seat rails - stock seats???
  58. 07 EX automatic clunk and poping sound
  59. reinstalled exhaust kinda
  60. weird noise....
  61. Car horn noise when in reverse
  62. I have a seibon carbon fibre hood question
  63. about air intakes
  64. question about parking lights (not working)
  65. si stock exhaust rattling sound
  66. No Start/Engines Quits - Intermittently
  67. Low Oil Pressure
  68. Problem removing fender liner/splash guard, help pls
  69. bad steering wheel vibration at 45MPH after snow tire change over
  70. Speed bump=metal clanking and leaking fluid
  71. 06 ex problem
  72. Installed stock intake, losing coolant?
  73. most likely killed my si
  74. k24 swap
  75. HELP! rev hang after installing P2r TBS
  76. Stripped Oil pan...
  77. Anyone find the seats in the DX/LX/EX civics uncomfortable for long drives?
  78. civic stalling and jumpy revs
  79. Bolts!?!?!?
  80. FA5 in need of masive advice
  81. Installed performance muffler. no sound
  82. Metal shaving on dipstick
  83. Help, car building revs but not transfering to the ground.
  84. Faint whurring noise, wheel hub issue??
  85. Side mirror cover is lose
  86. Head swap?
  87. Key Fob Screw
  88. Damn seat palstic is loose
  89. Holy caked/pitted/chipped windows batman!
  90. replacing bolt on cat flange?
  91. Anyone with Dealership Warranty Experience?
  92. clutch sqeaking when it engages.
  93. P2R Contract
  94. what the problem is??
  95. Leaking oil
  96. help ASAP!
  97. What does "Hitting V-TEC" mean?
  98. Need Short Ram Install Instructions and ADVICE
  99. Too Much Oil???? :(
  100. rim problem!!!
  101. ECU Quesion
  102. Wiper intermittent
  103. Hand/Park brake ... usage
  104. Blown MOTOR!!
  105. Safe way to get car on 4 jack stands?
  106. trany making whining noise
  107. Cold Start Issue
  108. Lemon lawing my car--any experiences?
  109. Help/Questions with Cold Air Intake
  110. alignment or tire balance
  111. Anyone have this problem, or a remedy?
  112. Strobe Light Kit Install
  113. What would you do???
  114. Shaking at high speeds
  115. how to reinstall the stock intake?
  116. Exhaust sounds raspy !!
  117. CEL error code P2177
  118. Weird rev hang after skunk 2 install!
  119. Stock Battery
  120. Shaky / Unstable windows?
  121. honda is replacing my 3rd gear!
  122. layered clear coat problems
  123. Bad radio reception
  124. Question with Seibon CF hood...
  125. 3rd gear issue not exclusive to North America
  126. Look
  127. shake at about 2300rpms?
  128. question of my dish color
  129. passenger door lock
  130. Help! car won't start
  131. Will changing to Amsoil Syncromesh MTF voids my warranty?
  132. RPM Question
  133. need quick conversion help
  134. What the $%#.....Warranty
  135. Funny problem or question here...
  136. Any 08 SI TSBs yet?
  137. will a k20a3 tranny work in 06 civic Si!????
  138. Coolant level?
  139. Question after installed Tein SS
  140. Tuning with FIC - trying to fix throttle lag/bog
  141. downside to changing MTF only 4000 miles later? (Si)
  142. Strange whoosh sound coming from car!?
  143. Buddy Club Race Header
  144. 07 Civic lx Sedan low on power steering fluid
  145. Switched Power Source to tap into?
  146. question for people experiencing transmission issues
  147. To all who hate DBW throttle
  148. 2nd gear grinding now...
  149. Taffy White Paint Flaking!!!!!
  150. No throttle by wire response when warmed up
  151. any 0ne use 5W-30 oil if do plz let me know
  152. Rpm, Engine, And Oil Type?
  153. pretty sure my dealership is retarded (about horns)
  154. Electrical Mayhem!
  155. Fuel Ionizer Proof
  156. install gps
  157. Blown headgasket????Good info.
  158. clicking sound from engine
  159. Oil changed, but oil life won't reset!! Plz help!!!11
  160. Jack Stand Recommendations
  161. Noise from driver side wheel well on bumps?
  162. Need Help On Moter Mounts
  163. A ink that tracks oil leaks ?
  164. Engine SWAP!!
  165. brake light on dash comes on.....
  166. Brand new 08 SI 800 miles popping...
  167. 3rd OIL CHANGE
  168. 2008 Tsb
  169. Question about oil.
  170. brakes makin noise
  171. front passenger window squiking noise as window goes down.
  172. Installed Fog Lights, now Nav Radio doesnt work right!
  173. Warped Head??
  174. Trip meter, Can it be deleted?
  175. 2007 Civic Coupe rough start
  176. is this the vehicle speed signal wire? VSS?
  177. Shifter base clips broken
  178. No maintenance.
  179. Wrench lights as I turn on car.
  180. Decent ECU Scanners? Consistant CEL
  181. K&N Typhoon intake throwing CEL on R18
  182. 06 and 07 ecu(reflashed)
  183. Can mods possibly hold the car back..
  184. Should I buy a stick?
  185. sub-frame brackets??
  186. exhaust rattle
  187. Hope To Receive Help With Installation!
  188. Car wouldn't start!?
  189. 3th gear PROBLEMS! I think I found a new way how to get Honda to fix their problem.
  190. Oooh... a long crappy story here
  191. Electronic Load Detector (ELD) questions regarding low voltage from battery
  192. Jiffy Lube caught on tape!
  193. HID problem
  194. Interior Illumination and Fog Lights
  195. Car shut down!?
  196. Maintinance minder question...
  197. please help with rsx rims on my fg1
  198. CAI clearance issue
  199. turing right side making noise
  200. what u guys think???
  201. Air Conditioning Stops Working Intermittently ?
  202. weird chriping noise
  203. Oil all over the dipstick
  204. 2008 civc si fog lights
  205. 08 Si Coupe White
  206. Cel Help
  207. Aftermarket Fog Install
  208. weird sound when engagin cluth
  209. Ticking noise in front
  210. repetitive ticking noise.
  211. Progress spare parts?
  212. Honda lowered my trade in because of 3rd gear
  213. Trans Fluid
  214. putting OEM climate control in an '06 LX sedan?
  215. 1st to 2nd gear grind in VTEC!!!:(
  216. removing windshield wipers?
  217. what is my compression supposed to be at?
  218. clutch
  219. moderate bump = bad noise!!!
  220. Question on Warranty
  221. how to do you do a compression test? and torque spec for spark plugs?
  222. News pressure: Third gear sufferers in South Florida
  223. driving with cheap dirty airfilter?
  224. Oil life
  225. Grind Sound or something...
  226. Silicone on trunk
  227. Tab removal
  228. Noob question about Dynojet??
  229. Noise coming from passenger side dash/glove box area
  230. Why is my pre-tensioner making this noise!!!
  231. 5800 Rpm
  232. Need some good links for 3rd gear issue to take to Honda!!
  233. Is KYO Plug-N-Play wire harness set a good brand to buy?
  234. blown trannys n e 1?
  235. breakdown/teardown manual for newbs?
  236. how many ppl with trans problems?
  237. door locks when ignition is killed...
  238. Help me prove K2motors wrong!!!
  239. Floor mat Wear-Badly*pics*
  240. gas smell under the engine oil cap.
  241. 6th Gear?? Anyone Know If Accord And Si??
  242. Coolant low, but can't add more?
  243. New Problem: Electrical Buzzing
  244. grinding noise??
  245. Calling all that got bump stop replaced, pop/clunk went away...
  246. WHAT 5w-30 oil to use
  247. hey is this authentic vis??
  248. ABS light
  249. car doesn't want to be turned off
  250. Our transmission woes are over, TSB for Honda transmissions