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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Tough to shift into 1st from stop
  2. Cams In an SI... tuning??
  3. REMOTE START on Si?
  4. 2nd Gear grind after vtec'ing
  5. Broken LSD, need some opinions please...
  6. help replacing wipers
  7. The most embarassing day of my life
  8. I need to reset my Airbag sensors, but Honda says its $45 to do so... how can I do it
  9. Speaker Issue
  10. Synthetic VS regular oil
  11. Help with fuse + fuse extensions
  12. Should I warm up my car before driving it?
  13. Just picked up 08 Civic DX-G today... exhaust rattle?
  14. Rattle noise driver's front!!!!!!!!!
  15. Help Gears Wont GO!!
  16. engine light
  17. Weird Clutch Noice
  18. Coilover installed, but getting odd noise
  19. Vehicle Shudders When Put In D
  20. Rust problem.
  21. Service Manuals??
  22. Strange engine noise when engine is cold in 2nd gear
  23. 2008 Civic AT DBW Issues
  24. my engine shakes like them old cars now..not as bad
  25. New tires and I think I need an alignment
  26. Where to get OEM little black plastic clips CHEAP!
  27. Out of Vtec
  28. Distributor
  29. Honda Says I Need A New Clutch And Fly Wheel
  30. 08 Si sedan steering is lighter turning left than right
  31. Reliable low-profile jack for MUGEN Si?
  32. Cool Feature I just realized
  33. Modifying a spoiler, suggestions on how to do it?
  34. New to VTEC, a few questions
  35. gas pedal delay?
  36. 800,000+ miles and still going strong
  37. car wont start....
  38. Stock Navi Freezing !
  39. throttle body spacer install ???
  40. just a quick question
  41. Clutch issue?
  42. Missing bolts on passenger undercarriage
  43. won't go into 1st gear
  44. ECM Fuse - Please tell me the location...
  45. Someone care to explain how to remove the seatbelts from front seats
  46. A/C and revs.
  47. Front Wheel Screeching Sound
  48. Seat Rust
  49. Engine Noise
  50. Removing tensioner
  51. Dead Battery, then Dead Radio, Check the Amp FUSE!
  52. Tire Wear !!! so soon ?
  53. driver seat question
  54. trunk light cover
  55. what is the difference between these two rear lips?
  56. Dome light replacement
  57. Trying to put belt back on...but i can't
  58. Brake Noise when Turning
  59. Anyones R18A "roll" after putting into Park?
  60. Weird Smell!
  61. Cel A12??
  62. TB coolant bypass
  63. Strange red liquid in CAI pipe... HELP!!!
  64. Sub/amp turns on for no reason with car off
  65. Bouncy Stock Suspension
  66. Purolator PureOne oil filters
  67. RAttling noise at high speeds...
  68. Speeding with the AC on ... is that alright ?
  69. MTF level (!!!!URGENT!!!!)
  70. Oh crap... Might need a new clutch
  71. Automatic Transmission "Clicks" when going to D
  72. Rear Disc break conversion kit
  73. Radio help please...
  74. 1st gear bogging...cant figure it out!
  75. SI exhaust
  76. Inconsistent work quality at Dealer service centers
  77. Tire wear, 3rd gear, 20k service
  78. Vibrant exhaust smell
  79. royal purple MTF
  80. Stock Exhaust Dia?
  81. Where is the supply fuel line?
  82. Have some squeaking, will warranty cover it?
  83. Removing smog?
  84. Announcement For A Recall!!!!!
  85. Gas Filler Hole.
  86. Auto lock function does not work
  87. Clutch Problems
  88. Mtf
  89. Clutch Master Cylinder keep going out.
  90. Question about Fan and Temperature Controls
  91. Any 08 Si onwers have 3rd gear problem?
  92. cel
  93. K20Z3 Swap problem
  94. CAn i hurt my r18 driving this way
  96. R18 A/T tranny problem
  97. Replacing Headlight Bulbs
  98. AC Noise
  99. third gear rocks
  100. Who's waiting for parts???
  101. car rumble/vibrations when idle?
  102. sig wont work
  103. exedy stage 2 problem?
  104. short shifter, ipod thing
  105. p0113 CEL 2008
  106. Oil Pressure Gauge
  107. spark plugs...
  108. Nino
  109. Whats the difference?
  110. so i thought i didn't
  111. Gas pump sensor..
  112. Flat tire fix and align?
  113. dashboard lights question???
  114. Squeak at front left (drive seat) Help please
  115. Engine lights on, car won't run
  116. Radiator Overflow Tank
  117. Console clips keep popping off?!?!?!
  118. 3rd Gear TSB parts
  119. Poor Gas Mileage....
  120. Low Throttle Engine Whine
  121. is this fixable?
  122. does a stock si exhaust have a silencer?
  123. Chime When Car Turns Off
  124. Another weird smell thread
  125. someone PLEASE HELP!!..My engine check came on!
  126. visor
  127. Stock si dyno?
  128. Help!! Any Honda Tech!!
  129. Order of maintenance minder schedule
  130. Driver's seat is making noises at me!
  131. Engine "clicking" noise
  132. Test drove LX and it drove better? why?
  133. Amsoil MT fluid or OEM Honda?
  134. I Need Help!!
  135. 2008 Civic Si Coupe/Sedan Transmission Questions
  136. Transmission whine from R18
  137. spark plug vs. pulse plug
  138. Oil leak...
  139. is this company any good?
  140. DIY: Automatic Window Up
  141. Car Pulls Left
  142. crush bar door dent removal?
  143. "Passenger Air Bag Off Light" was on...
  144. Moonroof visor from 2dr... Will fit 4dr??
  145. sedan springs on a coupe??
  146. Squeaking Sound when Turning the Wheel...
  147. need help!!
  148. A/C problem, need some thoughts.
  149. Twm Short Shifter Cable Bushings=fail
  150. Honda broke my shifter cable.
  151. Hydrolock anyone??
  152. what can i do to get rid of the rice sound
  153. Transmission woes.... not SI
  154. salvaging.
  155. Fuel gage stuck on "Full".....any experience/;thoughts?
  156. Engine break in -
  157. WTF? BISTOG forums state synthetic oil not worth it!
  158. OMFG PLEASE HELP QUICK! Car Wont Move!
  159. Clutch pedal sounds and feel
  160. 08 Civic SI Fog Light Instal Pleasee Hellpp!!!!
  161. center cap compatibility
  162. engine burning odor / steam
  163. what do u guys think of this cai??
  164. 2007 LX has inconsistent "feel" when driving
  165. 1st > 2nd gear shifting is not smooth
  166. I need help with my cf trunk
  167. lowering spring help.
  168. Tensioner on a R18
  169. Changing from Honda MTF to Amsoil + Oil question
  170. Civic 2.0 modification Advices Needed
  171. 07 coupe fog light dilema.....
  172. coupe fog light dilema.....
  173. Engine limiting on hard turns?
  174. Trunk lock from the inside
  175. Ok, decided to replace my MTF with amsoil, few questions.
  176. windows rattle when cracked
  177. True K20Z3 oil change capacity?
  178. Road Hazard and New Tire
  179. How many quarts of ATF at change
  180. Clutch clicking sound UPDATE!
  181. Powerlong Oil Filters
  182. hesitation problems????
  183. Sudden braking bad for car?
  184. how much to fix???
  185. Brakes are incredibly noisy 12K miles
  186. Engine / Gear Box effect after hard driving
  187. honda oil filter
  188. Post your SERIOUS Mechanical or Technical Problem
  189. i know this has been asked but i need help
  190. My Wipers Hit Each Other Slightly When Wiping...
  191. I think honda cracked my oil pan.
  192. help, little problems.
  193. DX-G exhaust tip
  194. Oil Life In Months not Mile Fist Oil Change?
  195. Optimal Cruising speed vs. Optimal Gas Mileage
  196. Is there a detailed fuse diagram on here?
  197. help with VSA/ABS Light
  198. Another Si Amsoil MTF success story!!!!!
  199. Ss Brakelines
  200. How to remove driver's seat
  201. Having trouble removing short shifter w/ 680 loctite
  202. OBDII Port
  203. Hit a rock and bent subframe!
  204. Getting rid of the DBW system...
  205. Outside temp sensor
  206. Here it goes again! grrrr mother eff'n tranny!!!
  207. Spedometer/Tach Cluster
  208. Question about transmission
  209. does anyone else's brakes give out when you hit a bump/pothole under heavy braking
  210. Steering creeking sound
  211. lil help with adding aftermarket sub plz!!!
  212. ac problem maybe
  213. 40,000 Maintenance?
  214. Rear Windshield Circles
  215. Some question with my 08 SI sedan...
  216. El Cinco de Mayo and...
  217. OMG My rear bumper! Trash can FTL!!!!
  218. No power, no locks...what's wrong?
  219. Is this thing what I think it is?
  220. 3rd gear fix 1000 miles later.
  221. Signs of clutch slipping again?
  222. Rev Hang on Startup
  223. Stant's Locking fuel cap
  224. Premium Fuel?
  225. car is pulling to the right
  226. How to Get fog light hole open
  227. Check engine light please help
  228. smell of gas
  229. Qustion about exhaust
  230. Oil Life gauge shows 15%... 46.000km on the car...what to do?
  231. Weird Sound When Braking
  232. no vtec
  233. First Post! - 2008 Civic LX Question (Drivers side door panel)
  234. Missing Parts From Factory?
  235. wiper problems
  236. Predictions and wear and tear items.
  237. Aout trans help
  238. Diamondfire Spark Plugs, IYO?
  239. Valve adjustment specifications k20z3?
  240. reseting the ecu?
  241. Anybody run 10w-30 in their Si?
  242. Engine Check Light Code P0365
  243. Pinstripe Removal?
  244. Oil Problem!!!!!! Help Plzzzz
  245. Change your Tranmission fluid at...
  246. Wont shift into reverse?
  247. Car shuts down at idle.
  248. Car has starting problem, makes a "zapping" noise
  249. FA5 owners, quick question.
  250. Engine stops from idle to accelerate