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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Air Flow
  2. tire wear ??????
  3. Check Engine Light On... I want it off
  4. help guys!!!
  5. Locked out of my own trunk! Help Please!!
  6. limp home mode
  7. stock rear camber
  8. AC problem
  9. Where is the Trunk Shock DIY???
  10. Check engine light came on wtf
  11. Stock si air intake help!
  12. Air bag blew up
  13. Stripped Motor mount bolt hole
  14. Double sided tape wont stick when it's hot out.
  15. '08 Si A/C Noise
  16. Center Console Removal HELP!!
  17. What do you see in THIS picture?
  18. Clutch
  19. VSA not working.
  20. How did i gas up 51 Litres ?
  21. Alternator Voltage when Running ?
  22. Today my Civic Si 07 go to the Dealer for 3th gear, suspension pop, ...
  23. Sunroof rattle problem
  24. oil bolt washer?
  25. wrong downshifting, couple of questions
  26. Help: can I add Cruise Control on a 07 EXI AT by using VTI AT parts
  27. Starting in 3rd gear
  28. My car making odd sounds
  29. HELP! Glue on my fender!
  30. which dot do you use on the dip stick
  31. E-Brake
  32. 08 civic with 1600 miles...brake problem?
  33. Removing FA5 Rear Seat?
  34. Gear grinding in a new car (Civic LX)
  35. My Si was just hydrolocked and....
  36. 08 civic si rear side windows removal prob
  37. HELP!! down gears wont engage.
  38. Too low in front! How to adjust?
  39. pull to the right
  40. small crack on bumper- how do i fix it?
  41. 06 si 3rd gear problem?
  42. Leaking
  43. Look what Honda did to my Transmission....
  44. B-Pillar bar
  45. Hondata Re-Flash
  46. Speed Shifting
  47. Engine Air Filter VS. Pollen Filter
  48. 08 Civic Si - High engine rev on start
  49. Car vibrates when braking
  50. Seat belt lock-up.
  51. led dome lights. need some help!
  52. Ok to buy an Si if VIN doesnt fall in those listed in TSB?
  53. How to install sprint booster?
  54. Motor rattle?
  55. Weird grinding noise
  56. noise and vibration in rain
  57. New 3rd gear TSB..
  58. New Honda Owner---Are these problems or just the norm for the Civic?
  59. tapping noise coming from windows
  60. Replacing Battery In Key Transponder???
  61. Need a transmission cable DIY
  62. Problems with new Clutchmasters Stage 3 Please Help!!!!!
  63. Air Bag Light Problem
  64. anyone ever wire up a digital gauge?
  65. Are new breaks supposed to creak?
  66. I took my car to the dealer today.
  67. Blue smoke at startup
  68. Longer seat belt for the rear? Or incorrect position? (short end)
  69. clicking sound
  70. Help Needed with Problem Codes
  71. Weirdest freakin problem!
  72. Turning Signal Bulbs?
  73. Roof bumps? Defect? Anyone have this happen?
  74. Unstable idling after SRI install
  75. radio frequency sucks!!
  76. Cleaning Injen Air Filter?
  77. HELP! Some lights do not turn on!!!
  78. AC Vents
  79. Service manual?
  80. Braking Issue (Idling?)
  81. Passenger Side Rattle
  82. Grinded!
  83. TMPS light in my FG2
  84. weird clutch sound
  85. bumpers on FG2 and FA5
  86. a/c questions concerns
  87. DIY for FLYWHEEL
  88. i have a brand new skunk2 70mm from my fg and just bought a mugen....
  89. What is this? (1 pic)
  90. Does The 08 Have......
  91. Electrical Problem
  92. Where is the front and rear locations for using a jack
  93. Tranny Problem..
  94. SRS Indicator Light
  95. Clutch Problem...
  96. Trunk Stuck Closed? Here's how to get inside and fix it (with PICS)
  97. Steering Wheel Adjustment
  98. Weird mysterious noice
  99. Tips for how to apply Shin-Etsu grease to gaskets?
  100. Corsport Short Shifter Problem!!!!!!
  101. Help! Weird Noise When In Reverse!!!!
  102. Driver's Door Handle Is Hard To Pull Sometimes..
  103. Rear Speaker Pops When Moving The Passenger Window
  104. Coilovers and Camber Kit, sway bar?
  105. Quality Comparison vs. MS3
  106. '08 SI Sedan weak air conditioner?
  107. R18 3rd issues
  108. Premium gas in SOHC Civics
  109. Trans noise help
  110. Am I burning the clutch?
  111. Weird Noise Please HELP!!!! please...
  112. who makes these for honda?
  113. Shooting out BLACK SMOKE and Spark of flame
  114. Windows Squeaking after Tint Job
  115. AC issue at idle - anyone had it fixed?
  116. Whree to find part numbers
  117. Amsoil Headache
  118. fog light hitting intake
  119. Worth it?
  120. A/C only cold when at higher RPMs...
  121. Rattling behind steering wheel
  122. LX Sedan With CAI Problem
  123. A easy way to install Cowl back on?
  124. What size are the stock injectors on the r18?
  125. I have a 07 civic ex sedan
  126. Oem fog light installation lx sedan
  127. Front end noise...will they warranty?
  128. Seatbelt Chime
  129. Short Ram Intake Air Box. need help
  130. What mtf did you use and with what results? (Royal Purple, Amsoil, GM, etc)
  131. So I took my car to the dealer to check 2nd and 6th problems...
  132. Did I destroy my clutch?
  133. Blown Fuses
  134. Side Curtain Deployment. Replace SRS??
  135. Sunroof blew out
  136. Screeching
  137. first oil change
  138. Honda FCX platform.
  139. Check engine code 2422...
  140. Going to O'Hare Honda tommorow
  141. extended oil life?
  142. I need an Alignment in Houston, Texas
  143. weather temp change (Fahrenheit to Celsius)
  144. OEM and Ebay fogs question
  145. Please help me figure out this rattle!
  146. WTF. My tranny making noise after.........Help
  147. Whoever using Gm Synchromesh in your Si, please give me the part #.
  148. Front grill emblem
  149. R18 owners, 2 recalls
  150. BOV Noise Without Turbo!?!?!?!
  151. 07 si ecu work in a 08 si?
  152. Anyone rocking this?
  153. Brand new '08 Si...
  154. 5th gear grind?
  155. OEM Honda Parts
  156. Oh Noes! i made bad mistake
  157. CV Boot leaking grease
  158. Upper Rear Control arms replaced, did I get the right ones?
  159. driver's side pillar removal
  160. Light Next to Odometer
  161. Jeff Jacobson at Hopkins Honda
  162. Crumpled my '07 si front end today.
  163. what does "bail forfeiture means?"
  164. Exhaust Leak!
  165. our cars bonded together?
  166. Lockout Key Blank?
  167. Engine nearly stalled as car coming to a stop?? (LX M/T)
  168. Seibon CF Trunk not fitting properly on FA5
  169. Which fuse controls dash lights?
  170. Squeaky clutch pedal
  171. Newbie hear, query about gear box's letter!!!
  172. $200 Service at 10,000 K??
  173. lx front grille problem
  174. So I got rear ended last friday
  175. Turbo SI
  176. Civic SI: Honda can't fix my rattling problem
  177. Slight vibration in clutch pedal during release..
  178. Tranny starting to piss me off
  179. LOOSE driver side wheel with clunk / pop noises
  180. ABS/VSA/Brake indicators : solution
  181. DBW problem?
  182. Door Locks?? Need Help...
  183. What The...
  184. Vacum Leak and more please help
  185. Do the rattles go away?
  186. New Owner of GG FA5
  187. Subs Problem! Help!
  188. Low tire pressure warning light came what?
  189. Eneos or Motul ???
  190. Help With A-Pillar Tab
  191. Vibration: Trunk Lid Torsion Bars
  192. A/C problem?
  193. Factory alarm auto-arm disable?
  194. lost key.. Alarm Help (urgent)
  195. Lookin were to find a angled defouler
  196. Too soon for a catback?
  197. How do I know if my car is not aligned properly?
  198. Great NEWS!!!! 3rd gear fix
  199. Need help!! R18a engine
  200. ABS + VSA light always on??
  201. can anybody do a VIN search for me?
  202. Clutch pedal Question
  203. HEADLIGHT reflector issue ASAP HELP
  204. My Intake Exp.
  205. AC Not Working, Please Help
  206. Sensor Swap on wheels...NEED YOUR HELP GUYS!!!
  207. Draining coolant/antifreeze
  208. Removed entire dash, now got check engine light.
  209. Headlight adjustment question..
  210. something other than the 3rd gear issue....
  211. Anyone know where to get the HFP wheel paint color?
  212. rear brake pads touching rotors while car moving?
  213. Radio code WILL NOT WORK =(
  214. Clutch stick spot?
  215. Is it worth buying the Si?
  216. Moonroof Stuck Open
  217. shell v power in 07 civic lx?
  218. steering rack problems!!!help blueoadster
  219. help!why would honda need spark plugs???
  220. So I was in an accident
  221. Need to know right now... HELP!!!
  222. Headlight Question
  223. spedometer from blue to purple
  224. P0101 code help!!!
  225. Busted rear Progress Si sway bar
  226. AT clicking/popping when shifts
  227. Automatic Trans fluid flush at 45k?
  228. So today I mis-shifted.. :(
  229. OEM Fogs not bright enough....
  230. anyone still experience 3rd gear problem after repair?
  231. Brake sound problem in the rear.
  232. knocking noise
  233. A/C will not work
  234. GM synchromesh friction modified.
  235. Why is the cabin air filter so expensive?
  236. CAI Install ?'s for 2008 Civic LX
  237. Question about AC and Max AC
  238. Drivers side visor about to break!
  239. UOA - 2008 Honda Civic 1.8, Factory Fill 5w20, 1000 mi
  240. ECU flash for better mpg and performance
  241. wheel alignment help
  242. Faulty ABS sensor seal notice from Honda
  243. Clutch Engagement
  244. when to do tuneups?
  245. Anyone good w/ bodywork fabrication, advice/ideas wanted
  246. Turn signals Inop :-(
  247. Clutch is hard to press?
  248. dust in engine bay
  249. 2007 LX issue when coming to a full stop
  250. suspension help with 99 civic