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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. 2007 LX has inconsistent "feel" when driving
  2. 1st > 2nd gear shifting is not smooth
  3. I need help with my cf trunk
  4. lowering spring help.
  5. Tensioner on a R18
  6. Changing from Honda MTF to Amsoil + Oil question
  7. Civic 2.0 modification Advices Needed
  8. 07 coupe fog light dilema.....
  9. coupe fog light dilema.....
  10. Engine limiting on hard turns?
  11. Trunk lock from the inside
  12. Ok, decided to replace my MTF with amsoil, few questions.
  13. windows rattle when cracked
  14. True K20Z3 oil change capacity?
  15. Road Hazard and New Tire
  16. How many quarts of ATF at change
  17. Clutch clicking sound UPDATE!
  18. Powerlong Oil Filters
  19. hesitation problems????
  20. Sudden braking bad for car?
  21. how much to fix???
  22. Brakes are incredibly noisy 12K miles
  23. Engine / Gear Box effect after hard driving
  24. honda oil filter
  25. Post your SERIOUS Mechanical or Technical Problem
  26. i know this has been asked but i need help
  27. My Wipers Hit Each Other Slightly When Wiping...
  28. I think honda cracked my oil pan.
  29. help, little problems.
  30. DX-G exhaust tip
  31. Oil Life In Months not Mile Fist Oil Change?
  32. Optimal Cruising speed vs. Optimal Gas Mileage
  33. Is there a detailed fuse diagram on here?
  34. help with VSA/ABS Light
  35. Another Si Amsoil MTF success story!!!!!
  36. Ss Brakelines
  37. How to remove driver's seat
  38. Having trouble removing short shifter w/ 680 loctite
  39. OBDII Port
  40. Hit a rock and bent subframe!
  41. Getting rid of the DBW system...
  42. Outside temp sensor
  43. Here it goes again! grrrr mother eff'n tranny!!!
  44. Spedometer/Tach Cluster
  45. Question about transmission
  46. does anyone else's brakes give out when you hit a bump/pothole under heavy braking
  47. Steering creeking sound
  48. lil help with adding aftermarket sub plz!!!
  49. ac problem maybe
  50. 40,000 Maintenance?
  51. Rear Windshield Circles
  52. Some question with my 08 SI sedan...
  53. El Cinco de Mayo and...
  54. OMG My rear bumper! Trash can FTL!!!!
  55. No power, no locks...what's wrong?
  56. Is this thing what I think it is?
  57. 3rd gear fix 1000 miles later.
  58. Signs of clutch slipping again?
  59. Rev Hang on Startup
  60. Stant's Locking fuel cap
  61. Premium Fuel?
  62. car is pulling to the right
  63. How to Get fog light hole open
  64. Check engine light please help
  65. smell of gas
  66. Qustion about exhaust
  67. Oil Life gauge shows 15%... 46.000km on the car...what to do?
  68. Weird Sound When Braking
  69. no vtec
  70. First Post! - 2008 Civic LX Question (Drivers side door panel)
  71. Missing Parts From Factory?
  72. wiper problems
  73. Predictions and wear and tear items.
  74. Aout trans help
  75. Diamondfire Spark Plugs, IYO?
  76. Valve adjustment specifications k20z3?
  77. reseting the ecu?
  78. Anybody run 10w-30 in their Si?
  79. Engine Check Light Code P0365
  80. Pinstripe Removal?
  81. Oil Problem!!!!!! Help Plzzzz
  82. Change your Tranmission fluid at...
  83. Wont shift into reverse?
  84. Car shuts down at idle.
  85. Car has starting problem, makes a "zapping" noise
  86. FA5 owners, quick question.
  87. Engine stops from idle to accelerate
  88. A/C clutch Cycles every 30 seconds
  89. ELECTrICAL HELP !! I`m wiring up NITROUS KIT!1
  90. Has anyone gotten the Firestone Lifetime Alignment?
  91. TSB without warrenty
  92. Wiper pressure, new ones needed?
  93. HELP Tuning/reflashing the AEM FIC for a Turbo R18 Civic
  94. hot upper radiator hose
  95. Blue cap
  96. Feedback on 3rd Gear TSB?? Do or Dont Do...
  97. Hood Align
  98. sympthom's of bend valves
  99. Meant for driving hard?
  100. Hood Removal?
  101. Quick question about 10% Ethanol....
  102. brakes!?!?!
  103. Passenger Windows and Power Lock Button on 2006 Civix LX Broken?
  104. my clutch is squeaking!
  105. new here and i have quick question about 3rd gear. not sure if its aready been posted
  106. Help with interior light
  107. Problem with sound
  108. trunk latch release not working
  109. three bad dampers, should I replace the fourth too?
  110. HELP!!! my car wont brake!
  111. Anyone used sacrificial anodes before?
  112. Big Problem Please Help Asap!!!!!!
  113. 220+ Whp possible with N/A?
  114. Keeping the car intact?
  115. Skunk2 springs
  116. who's changed front pads on si?
  117. Grinding when put into gears & oil leak??
  118. is it posible to change the transmission ???
  119. Please Help - Fuel Cutoff Switch
  120. first gear start noise
  121. Honda COBB AccessPORT
  122. Honda 30,000 mile tune up$$$$$$
  123. Another problem for me=/
  124. URLs for your Civic!!!
  125. DCHR, BCHR, and Rattling?!?
  126. Where in TORONTO area to get AMSOIL MTF?????
  127. Sluggish startup
  128. 08 Si - Sucking Sound
  129. Alternator Going bad... AGAIN
  130. Auto Trans initial 'thud' Coupler maybe?
  131. Both 12 volt slot not working. where are the fuse located?
  132. Maintenance on Air/cabin filter
  133. buzzing at 6000rpm
  134. Third Gear Noob Question
  135. Audio woes
  136. One Press on Key Fob opens all Doors.
  137. squeeky noise? (like couple having sex on bed)
  138. 3rd Gear TSB fix review
  139. First oil change and gear box question.
  140. CHeck engine light!!
  141. Repair Manual
  142. Rough acceleration
  143. How do U quiet front tire nosie?
  144. oil consumption
  145. Hit a pothole and it took a bite out of my tire
  146. Window/speaker problem
  147. Engine won't start after security install
  148. Burning smell coming from engine?
  149. h-brace ?tion
  150. rebuilding my transmission?
  151. Random Thought: Where is that guy with the spiral metal shavings from a in his oil
  152. Smoking car
  153. Should i get 06 coupe headrest or sedan headrest?
  154. trunk latch wont align properly on my SEIBON trunk.
  155. Getting 3rd gear problem fixed
  156. Engine Oil Question
  157. major quesation
  158. Spring making noise??
  159. steering wheel area not clicking, but it makes a BUZZING i the only one?
  160. check this out.......
  161. valve lash adjustment professionals
  162. Coupe bumper in a Sedan?!
  163. What is this warning light?
  164. How low can you go...
  165. civic engine swap
  166. Cold Air Intake Eliminated My CEL ??
  167. Wiring to fuse box
  168. 02-05 civic si header on a 07 civic si!
  169. Maintanence Computer in Civic Cp 07 vs 08
  170. Wtf!!!! Honda Says Ss Messed Up Tranny!!!
  171. reverse ?
  172. 3rd gear help!!!!
  173. turning off auto door unlock
  174. What is this blue thing?(pics)
  175. CEL: Loss of Power??
  176. A/C makes the whole car shake....
  177. Noise coming from engine bay at 70 mph???
  178. help!!!
  179. Does it fit?
  180. Valve Cover coil/ spark plug seals
  181. 2006 civic si rear suspension noise? help?
  182. power (HP) without VTEC
  183. Gab on the doors? normally?
  184. Squeek noise with ac on
  185. Unsure if grinding is related to third gear.
  186. Who's using aftermarket clutches?
  187. Seat Belt Chime Gone! Seatbelt Chime Gone
  188. A new problem... bye bye wheel studs
  189. Crackling noise when turning to the right at low speeds 07 lx
  190. window regulator broken.?
  191. rattling/tinging noise when on throttle('08 si)
  192. sunroof problem. help
  193. how to find TSB?
  194. I don't wana fix my car.
  195. Warranty Voiding
  196. 3rd gear injustice
  197. Programmable automatic power door locks
  198. Tire Pressure Question
  199. 07 EX 5-speed tranny/gearbox annoyance
  200. Stolen Keys
  201. window making a squicking sound?
  202. please help!
  203. Customize SI exhaust piping to fit an r18?
  204. running lean...
  205. rota's
  206. Can somebody figure out two part numbers for me?
  207. Stock Exhaust
  208. Is This Normal?
  209. A/C blow motor going bad
  210. transmission
  211. Grinding once in a while
  212. Part number for side mirror
  213. Bought Used Si, ECU flashed??
  214. civic si intake!!!!!
  216. you all want to help me
  217. Windshield crack
  218. 6th Gear pop outs
  219. fog lightwas
  220. Rust on new Civic 08
  221. RH Installed, Power Steering Problems.
  222. help!!!
  223. Audio Issue: Front Speakers Not Working
  224. stock spoiler: how much downforce?
  225. Car wont start help =[
  226. My passenger rear wheel is wobbling??? :o
  227. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve
  228. AC filter replacement
  229. Fuse Box
  230. A good website??
  231. 08 SI owners???
  232. Where to tap to OIL TEMP SENSOR?
  233. OBD II Question
  234. Having problems getting transmission fixed due to after-market MTF....
  235. Installing A Greddy Exhaust... Need Help!!!
  236. Fujita SRI install Q
  237. Do 06 radio buttons light up?
  238. new wheels, BAD RIDE COMFORT
  239. Have power but ignition is locked
  240. Need help with P2R Spacer install
  241. Took my 08 Si Coupe to Honda for my windshield/dash creak + rear windshield rattle
  242. HELP please. Aiming headlights
  243. Maintaining a Civic Si?
  244. Atten: All Honda electrical gurus...
  245. popping from front and thump in the back
  246. it's official, dealers hate aftermarket MTF
  247. Recharging the SI's A/C system, HELP!
  248. Anyone Know Valve Sizes?
  249. TWM Short Shifter, click when shifting
  250. .~:: Where is the IAT located in 2006 Civic 4Dr LX ::~.