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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Shuddering when I take off
  2. 2009 Si Coupe Failed California Smog Check
  3. getting the camera out today. and...
  4. How do I know if my radio is Alpine of Clarion?
  5. 07 si Cold Engine grinding metal sound HELP plz
  6. Loud popping noise at slow speeds over bumps...Noise when steering wheel is turned...
  7. Periodic harder starting
  8. ever had idle vibration after an oil change
  9. HELP! Skunk2 Short Throw Adaptor 06+
  10. Missing clips around hood/fender trim
  11. hot A/C controls then dead A/C
  12. how to put car on 4 jackstands?
  13. Battery Heat Wrap?
  14. Mass Air Flow Sensor!
  15. K20z3 vs k20a3?
  16. My factory alarm gives me problems
  17. Rpms goes up very slow, HELP!!!
  18. Do these A/T and Cat pics look normal??
  19. Urgent car is in limp mode help!
  20. Possible Header + wiring issue?
  21. check engine light
  22. Cooling question- re: coolant fluid
  23. Push Start Button
  24. Correct Part Number for Primary O2 Sensor?
  25. good ole VSA
  26. vsa still on?
  27. Chattering/Vibrating Noise around turns & start up
  28. Ticking noise from passenger seat
  29. SeatBelt Indicator
  30. Cel
  31. Can't get Si into gear? All gears locked out when trying to downshift on highway.....
  32. i would like to know about engine balancing and blueprinting..
  33. over heating issues 06 civic
  34. Cylinder Head Valve Clearance Adjustment(R18A)
  35. All my doom lights went out.
  36. OK guys need an answer FAST please help thank you
  37. They should have always been using 5W-20
  38. check fuel cap
  39. Srs airbag light on
  40. Spark Plugs Replacement Info
  41. Maintenance schedule
  42. short shifter adapter
  43. dome light probelm?
  44. Bad ECM?
  45. Bleeping Rear Brake Wear
  46. Clutch Noise. Help!
  47. help!! mouse in the hvac
  48. weird noise when i reverse
  49. Audio help!
  50. I've got money to spend
  51. keep having bad luck :/
  52. My vtec stopped working. Need Feedback Please
  53. Motor Mount Questions
  54. Rear audio loss when using passenger power window
  55. anyone else hear weird noise on bumps?
  56. cost of cv boot replacement?
  57. Another strange popping type noise (not the bump stop issue)
  58. crappy xenons
  59. Help! Dealer flushed trannie instead of drain and fill
  60. Question: Skunk2 cams with stock shafts?
  61. Should you change oil viscosity at higher miles?
  62. New Brakes Pads???
  63. first gear problem
  64. I Want A Turbo, But What Do I Need?
  65. 3rd gear problem after cable bushings/ base bushings. NOT THE FAULTY 3rd gear TSB
  66. 06 SI overheating, rough idle
  67. Are OEM Motor Mounts expensive?...
  68. '06 stuttering on startup
  69. Interior Fan/Blower whistling very annoyingly.
  70. engine wouldn't go pass 30mph
  71. Locked out of All Gears.
  72. R18 2nd Gear Grind?
  73. Front end issues
  74. Question...
  75. Corsport Endlinks to Progress RSB ~ Install woes ~ MUCHO PICS
  76. K & N SRI Causing CEL?
  77. Thud from front passenger side
  78. Help knocking under feet at 45+
  79. Rain got the best of me! :(
  80. 2nd gear grind dealership experiences
  81. Cowl cover a pain?
  82. Driver axle not all the way in
  83. Cruise control won't work about 68MPH....?!?!?!?!
  84. Lug pattern
  85. rattle in driver side door panel when radio is on.
  86. Dealership/Bodywork Question
  87. Cracking paint!
  88. air intake temp
  89. Si Exhaust Manifold Stud - Can't find it!
  90. should i change spark plugs?
  91. 07 08 09 civic si
  92. heat/defroster strips, possible problem.
  93. Brakes.
  94. 1 st & 2nd gear
  95. Clunking rear suspension - FIXED
  96. MP3 usb Port stopped working!!!
  97. OEM Headlight Harness ripped up! Help!
  98. CEL on DC Race Header 4-2-1
  99. for car mechanics..
  100. Throtle Problems
  101. Clutch or syncrolls
  102. Door handle issue
  103. Greddy tic vs SE
  104. egine oil change issue
  105. rpm problem
  106. Pipe Dimensions
  107. Revs
  108. Trunk does not really "pop"
  109. Wiper Insert Help!!!
  110. Bizarre Rattling Noise while Driving
  111. Subwoofer/amp problem?
  112. Rear camber kit
  113. Why does everyone disagree on ATF??
  114. Stupid Dealer
  115. smell clutch burning and werid nosie
  116. Whines and moans in idle, accelerating and decelerating
  117. Ticking noise when the car is turned off
  118. how to take out the cover of the hood-opener?
  119. Whining / humming noise from rear of car at high speed.
  120. Window Electrical Problems
  121. Does "Fujita" and "P0171" go together?!
  122. Stutter/Hesitation on Ignition?
  123. coolant level low, help!
  124. 06 Civic Lx coupe (Auto)...power steering problem
  125. Replacement tires for '09 Civic SI
  126. driving car, radio randomly turns off
  127. Did I waste $450...Basemap better than Tune?
  128. 2 issues I have been experiencing
  129. A/T second gear "bounces"...
  130. Ebay 2.0L alternators any good for Si's?
  131. Coolant leak, motor overheated. Opinions please.
  132. Redline my car..again
  133. Headlight Loose
  134. steering wheel weird noise
  135. What Internals to replace for Turbo??
  136. new to honda: 07 SI sedan door switch (unlocks, won't lock)
  137. 2 Weird problems
  138. dropped off the si at the dealer.
  139. Does this axle look popped out?????? HELP ASAP PLZ
  140. Anyone with a 2006-2007 Non-si Sedan want to help out?
  141. Brake Pedal Rattles
  142. Clutch GONE? 2009 FA5.
  144. rear coilovers poping clunk sound help????!!!
  145. Help, will my 06si ecu work with an 09si motor??
  146. AC help
  147. 3rd brake light problem... ('09 Si sedan)
  148. License plate Slam Noise
  149. Urgent! Need Help ASAP! Car doesn't start
  150. Witleing noise
  151. Wiper Splatters
  152. ATF change interval question...
  153. 08 SI sputters during gear change
  154. HELP ! Weird Noise once pass 18 MPH
  155. Early Mileage Clutch Wear??
  156. Can A Lemon Car Be Fixed and NOT Be A LEMON??
  157. Clutch/presure plate install question!!!??
  158. i need to break into my own car without breaking anything
  159. anyone try Castrol Edge Oil??
  160. Thung noise when shifting out of park?
  161. 08 si steering rack help:{
  162. pls. answer this
  163. help! nasty vibration
  164. Trailer wiring harness dosent work?
  165. injen cai just install, now having battery issue
  166. Should I get a camber kit?
  167. 1st gear grind and steering click
  168. Knocking Noise after header install?
  169. 2006 Civic Si....Clicking noise during acceleration from stop
  170. vtec question
  171. Magnetic compass: Interference?
  172. Cruise Control Not Coming On
  173. cracked trunk and spoiler, 2 days out of warranty, i need you guy's opinion!
  174. Bent spindle..Help!
  175. Car acting weird
  176. Exhaust Bounces Around When Driving
  177. How to Remove Front Rotor
  178. all must read
  179. Malfunction Indicator Lamp Problem
  180. Service Manual
  181. OEM alarm problem
  182. HIDs dimming?
  183. quick question
  184. Dumb Question
  185. Is This a Factory Radio?
  186. Oil change ? Please help
  187. BOTH Fog lights, Tail lights, and radio/AC/heat back lights stopped working! HELP!
  188. Weird noise when car is in gear, gets faster paced the faster car moves
  189. Odd AC issue.
  190. Opinion On My LED lighting
  191. Noise from Wheels
  192. Will a 2010 Motor/tranny bolt right into my 06si?
  193. Need Help Bypass
  194. 09 EX Handsfreelink with Blackberry Tour
  195. Engine noise
  196. AC Squeaking- Whistle
  197. Problem on passanger seat
  198. Oil Filter changed every other oil change?
  199. need a new clutch
  200. power steering issues
  201. Help code p0135 pgm fi subrelay ground?
  202. Serious Issue, Helped Needed ASAP!
  203. High Low beam problem with new 07 si fog light switch stalk after fog install
  204. knocking/clicking sound after car is off
  205. set TDC with crank pulley?
  206. 06 SI Front Sway Bar End Link Click clak clunk
  207. 06 EX won't accelerate
  208. Help!
  209. Running rich as hell
  210. Tein EDFC motors
  211. Rear spring sag
  212. 2007 Civic sedan transmission noise
  213. Replacing plastic cover at bottom rear(PIC INSIDE)
  214. civic si battery connectors?
  215. Rattling Side mirrors
  216. i need some help
  217. Which oil is preferred for 8thgeners?
  218. Will any 06-09 si tranny bolt up to my 2006si??
  219. need help setting my dashhawk
  220. This cover fell off.. where does it go???
  221. Back to stock question
  222. help! blown ext fuse with leds
  223. Fender Liner got torn up!!!
  224. Certain Smell
  225. Engine Revs
  226. Ktuned throttle booster
  227. Clutch and transmission probs?
  228. SI 5500RPM redline???
  229. Clicking noise in driver side wheel-well
  230. Weird noise coming from passenger side....
  231. Need radio professional!!
  232. Steering Wheel & Controls
  233. Need help, Is my shifter cable's okay?
  234. tein basics torque specs
  235. stuck brake piston
  236. 08 Cold Start Hesitation
  237. Noisy rear suspension???
  238. Si Axleback on R18 rattling noise
  239. Dead weatherstripping
  240. rev'd to high question
  241. 2006 civic lx - No Start and no Communication to PCM
  242. si and hissing sound from engine when driving
  243. 2005 Civic LX issue
  244. First manual car questions...:ohnoes:
  245. Check Engine Light just came ON! ugh
  246. R18 Casting numbers on head
  247. Where is the IAC Valve on 06 Civic EX
  248. Had to replace rear shocks at 32k miles
  249. Noise after installation of Race Header
  250. Strange gas cap noise