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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Engine check light - P0121 - TPS sensor
  2. squeeky window
  3. Disconnect feeling from the road on 06 Civic
  4. Dash Brake light is on... Any help would be great
  5. Used fuel additive now there is a problem
  6. RPM's Shifting
  7. help 2nd gear grind!!!!
  8. lock/unlock mechanism
  9. Steering wheel clicking and popping
  10. How accurate are these engine oil monitors?
  11. 2010 LX hard start
  12. Water in the trunk?!?!
  13. will these rims fit with speedometers recalibration?
  14. wierd exhaust noise at 6k+ rpm
  15. Starting in cold weather - Anyone have this noise?
  16. 08 si firewall location
  17. My Honda Civic Window Moldings
  18. Squeaking noise going over small bumps
  19. ATF-Z1 Product Data Sheet?
  20. Good scrap yards [SoCal]
  21. wasup with my windows??
  22. Brank pedal soft
  23. Grinding Noise
  24. DRL Rewiring
  25. Interior Light
  26. R18 ticking at idle!
  27. Help! Could this NOT be a head gasket leak?
  28. Driver's side door handle not working
  29. DIY: How to "delete" your washer fluid reservoir
  30. My Problem with Skunk2 in 2009 :(
  31. will H22 Fit in a 06 ex?
  32. Not another oil change question..not your typical question
  33. LED 3rd brake light on LX/EX Sedan?
  34. Brembo fitment issues
  35. Noise from back of car
  36. Brake - drivers side front squeek to grind and it's getting worse.
  37. 50,000 Miles
  38. Unsafe tire? maybe?
  39. skunk2 exhaust help!!
  40. what is de fuse working the light of panel air conditioner an radio?
  41. Yikes Missed shift...
  42. Has your VSA ever come on?
  43. HID messed up radio frequency
  44. not smooth into gears
  45. hmm..coolant smell..
  46. idling noise
  47. Trouble starting the car
  48. 2008 civic si fog light connections
  49. Turn Signals Won't Shut Off
  50. changes in oil...
  51. Stud on the Header... Si
  52. P0325 Knock Sensor - No signal
  53. Windshield Sprayer Issue
  54. Due for an oil change?
  55. trans Manual fluid change?
  56. What does it mean
  57. 06 civic hard start when cold
  58. harness thru firewall
  59. Overheating Problem
  60. Panel lights problem... :S
  61. coilovers or my own combo?
  62. What have I done?
  63. 2010 LX RPM question
  64. Need help with switch blade key problem
  65. does honda cover alignments on there warrantys?
  66. VTEC vibrations?
  67. CT-E Intake Filter
  68. Readiness Code cannot set!
  69. FA5 3rd gear problem/warranty expired
  70. OK i really need you guys right now
  71. Coolant question
  72. Engine warm up time
  73. ETD clicking noise
  74. feels so good it cant be right...
  75. Sedan vs Coupe turn signal
  76. clutch slipping on an Si?
  77. NEED HELP PLEASE...Weird sound coming from passenger back wheel
  78. Pioneer Navigation Help
  79. broken clutch rod?
  80. Ingalls Powerstick Noise, Help!
  81. Buzzing noise from passenger door panel - 08 EX Coupe
  82. Mysterious "Nudge" in Shifter When Engaging Clutch to 4th Gear
  83. Fitment (Cowl, front bumper areas)
  84. Front Drive Shaft BOOTTTT!!!!!
  85. Need New Upgraded Synchros????
  86. Spindle and lower controller arm
  87. Trunk Won't Open With Key
  88. common problem me thinks? clicking halfshaft
  89. better mpg with k&n and no coupler?
  90. Is this bad....
  91. Engine sounds louder thn normal :/
  92. No clicking, jumpstart failed, car won't start
  93. Car won't start and not sure how to go about fixing it..
  94. Short shifter Issues...
  95. Frozen block, dead battery, a fuse and/or ignition security shutout?
  96. do oil filters have an expiration date on them ? lol
  97. Header help!!
  98. From park to reverse
  99. Kill Switch ?
  100. HELP! Low Beams Gone
  101. I have a question about a short ram aem intake i got for my si
  102. strange orange light blinking in upper dash
  103. Hook up scan tool?
  104. Moisture in OEM fog lamp?
  105. Radiator Fluid
  106. My Civic 2009 LX keeps bottoming-out!
  107. P0134, p1157 cel
  108. check engine
  109. My Si
  110. Anybody else hear this noise???
  111. Door trim question
  112. Gear Whininig
  113. Car will not start
  114. Have to push to Get into Second Gear
  115. lost all bottom gears ???
  116. spark plug for d12b1 engine
  117. Do door latches need to be greased???
  118. weird noise sounds like coming from my belt??? need help asap
  119. Shorter springs with stock struts
  120. Very long post, stability problems with my 2007 EX sedan
  121. Si (K20Z3) Oil pan replacement
  122. CLUTCH slipping in COLD weather?
  123. shocks needed to be replaced
  124. Quick question
  125. 06 sedan underside
  126. Any suggestions for the rev hang?
  127. Hondata Reflash question
  128. side curtain airbag and seatbelt installation.HELP
  129. CAI causing problems!!! HELP!!!
  130. Belt Tensioner Check R18A1
  131. Coolant Leak And Heater Issues
  132. Maintenance Minder - I HAVE AN IDEA - NEED EVERYONES INPUT
  133. Vibration/Scraping feeling when bracking at low speeds
  134. Tire Scalloping
  135. My Emissions Light is on after Light Installaion.
  136. Need Headlight Help ASAP! (non-civic)
  137. Brake problems need help ASAP!!!
  138. Intermittent brake squeal without braking?
  139. rough ride when driving over 40mph
  140. I just changed my air filter after 35K miles...
  141. ?!?!Worn Clutch Causes Ignition/Sensor Problem?!?!
  142. smoking from exhaust manifold!
  143. hydrolock
  144. Rattle Upon Startup
  145. Sparks in exhaust when shifting
  146. Popping Noise in Front End???
  147. Loud Belt Tensioner
  148. When to replace OEM engine air filter?
  149. Bumpy ride at highway speeds....
  150. Chasis flex, braces help?
  151. using e-brake vs tranny when parking
  152. after AEM INTAKE Check Engine Light get on
  153. check engine light code P2138
  154. no insulation in door?
  155. 07 si failed emissions. cat and evap system not ready
  156. My clutch pedal is squeaking
  157. Rear right suspension: popping sound?
  158. 06 SI - Used oil analysis - Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 with 10.3k miles on it
  159. had a cracked block?? I want to know where you're from
  160. Check out how my dealer lied and rigged up a fix?
  161. can a mechanic accidentally reset mileage counters!? help
  162. Does Your Temperature Gauge do this??
  163. Automatic transmission- Problem shifting from 1st to second
  164. Idle surge
  165. How to take side skirts off ?
  166. 06 si wont go over 3000 rpms
  167. any insight as to what unforeseen issues may arise from car accident?
  168. Help! What's going on here? low oil.
  169. Backrest Of Seats Feel Loose
  170. Emergency Brake handle rattle
  171. Brand New Si Fuse Box and other problems...
  172. CEL for CODE P420 - ON, now OFF??
  173. Question on Nst pulleys.
  174. Transmission bites the dust @26k miles.
  175. I dont know what to call it..
  176. Today I Hit 20k
  177. Brakes Grinding
  178. 07 CIVIC with only intake box and filter
  179. Rear shock bushings broken again?
  180. Replacement Battery
  181. braking problem...
  182. DIY for brake fluid change on R18?
  183. HELP! Need to know which part this is.
  184. Reverse grind
  185. Deceleration - Jerks
  186. OEM Remote Start Suck on Civics. Warning!
  187. When to use D3, 2 & 1 gear?
  188. Remote Start not working
  189. Towing
  190. need help w/ csb in Fresno, CA
  191. Economy changes with new air filter?
  192. Sound deadening / proofing to reduce road noise
  193. cold start rattle..
  194. 30K with or without tran fluid exchange?
  195. Feels like Sticky Clutch (COLD WEATHER)
  196. VSA help?
  197. Did anyone experience this problem?? with R18??
  198. intake air coupler
  199. Jumped battery, now alarm won't beep
  200. VSA and /!\ lights come on out of nowhere.
  201. Is my 06 FD car battery dead?
  202. Car stalled, steering wheel locked while turning!
  203. auto lock not working 06 EX
  204. 2006 Honda Civic EX Help!!
  205. How hard to replace passenger side motor mount ?
  206. Remote Range
  207. Windshield Washer Pump/Motor Problem
  208. Rear Wheel Bearing
  209. How often to adjust valves?
  210. Wire tuck
  211. Knocking Noises
  212. HELP! Adjusting Automatic Shifter Cable HELP!
  213. broken door
  214. squeaky trunk on my 09
  215. transmission controller problem
  216. 07 Si Coupe already needs new starter?!
  217. Do I need to warm up my civic in the morning?
  218. Windshield Wiper Motor
  219. Windshield washer fluid won't spray...Help!
  220. HDS and sensor diagnostic
  221. Can't open trunk!
  222. Mugen Si Clutch
  223. CTR Engine Start
  224. Help! Windshield Wiper problem
  225. need parts help?
  226. Header Versus Intake
  227. HELP!!! Brake Replacement
  228. Slow starting
  229. Load on the battery? Dead after a week?
  230. 2009-2010 Si Seat Wear Issues!!
  231. Do you know motor oil stuff? THAN COME ON IN!
  232. popping noise from suspension
  233. can u guys HELP ME?
  234. Is there really no k20 CAI DIY
  235. blinking tpms light
  236. Question About 07 Honda Civic Parts Diagram
  237. p1863 Throttle Valve Default Position Spring Performance Problem
  238. On the 8th civic LCD display problems 【Help】
  239. Engine vibrating/rumbling over 90km/h
  240. 270 degree spin, went up on curb/median rear first
  241. Factory Alarm going nuts
  242. HeLP::Posible Hydrolock??
  243. Burning Smell From Engine
  244. ABS light on/off randomly
  245. vibrating clutch pedal?
  246. Clutch burning on a mountain road
  247. Jumping rpm
  248. Rust on the door
  249. clunk noise from the front plz help.
  250. first time driving in the snow