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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. hard time figuring this out
  2. car idles rough when fan is on
  3. am i missing a screw there on the engine head?
  4. spacer problems??
  5. Transmission change
  6. Brand New 2009 Civic EX Automatic Rolls Backwards While in "Drive"
  7. Scosche - 2-Channel Adjustable Line-Out Converter
  8. Hit a piece of tired from a truck..
  9. Exhaust and Emissions
  10. gurgling noise when turn off
  11. Need DIY for replacing oil pan 2008 civic si
  12. Weird Smell & Click Sound HELP PLEASEEE!
  13. Main Bearing Colors!
  14. 06 Civic EX Emission light
  15. Premium Unleaded
  16. burning smell?
  17. Pic request of sedan with si wing
  18. power steering clicking
  19. Squeaking Noise in 4th 5th and 6th
  20. 09 Driver's Side Fog Light + raccoon
  21. Puddle of water on passenger side floor
  22. Clutch master or cylnder problem maybe?
  23. Oil Filter Relocation Kit Install
  24. Honda Diagnostic System-CM Update Calibration Flash Anyone Can Help?
  25. Humming Noise When Turning
  26. fuel door won't open
  27. cold air intake problems
  28. Tranmission struggle
  29. Broken E-Brake Handle!
  30. Vibration in the roof from the radio
  31. Si Alternator?
  32. CRX/06+Civic Rotors the same??????
  33. Unknown Fuse Blown?!?
  34. radiator cap
  35. just installed my strup header.. Question.
  36. Passenger Airbags
  37. TEIN Lowering Springs Problem - Need Help
  38. How to Change Oil
  39. Damaged tire sidewall, do I need a new one?
  40. Rev Hang an Issue on Other Cars
  41. wheel hub or.. ?
  42. check engine light problem?
  43. HOW do I put the coolant reserve tank back in?!
  44. Don't Buy K&N Oil Filters even if your life depends on it!
  45. DIY programming of keys and fobs
  46. Trying to locate/fix a noise and I need to take the dash apart help please
  47. Annoying rattling in trunk from sub? Found
  48. comptech s/c cel baro sensor/failed ecm
  49. Is it just me, or does the R18 engine require alot of oil?
  50. Coloured exhaust fumes
  51. Interesting article about oils, Mobil 1, Royal Purple
  52. Cruise contorl cut out
  53. Someone messed up my hood!
  54. Ruined my clutch
  55. Camshafts Timing
  56. 07 Civic DXG MT Engine Stutter...
  57. 09 si rattling sound going pass 70
  58. Tire Experts - I Need Help Diagnosing a Problem
  59. jeep is jumping
  60. Clutch slippage.
  61. Auto trans is a lugger.. 2009
  62. 07 civic too many miles..
  63. Not a Honda problem but i need 8th's help
  64. radiator goes off way too much!
  65. Need Help!!! BRAKE NOISES!
  66. I think im missing my vtec.. unlucky me
  67. HID bulb burnt out
  68. CEL Today
  69. HID Problems..... Help!!!
  70. does your guys stud come out when unbolting your headers?
  71. 1st to 2nd.....
  72. help pleaseee
  73. TPMS light
  74. Squeaking noise while driving / stopping.
  75. help, i need electrical diagram
  76. tire vibration?
  77. Rear Alignment problem on an 08 Coupe
  78. New Installed Intake, But has rumbling in car?
  79. Interior lights wont light up anymore
  80. Clutch Bleed
  81. Eletrical problems when pressing brake.
  82. Connecting Rod Bearings
  83. Steering Rack for 06 SI
  84. is this safe for my r18?
  85. My other Coolant question...
  86. 2008 Civic
  87. Yeaa...I hit my dads car
  88. radio lcd display
  89. Weird Noises?
  90. Corner lights, tail lights and license plate doesnt work
  91. Turbo R18 wont start
  92. 07 Si, 42K miles, slight miss at idle
  93. need help for air bag light on
  94. Suspension Not Firm Anymore
  95. REMINDER call American Honda TOMORROW!
  96. Suspension causing CEL???
  97. DBW / Lazy Throttle (2007 Civic EX -- MTX)
  98. New problem along with my current 1
  99. Rim swap with my mom's 07 odyssey
  100. Another clutch question...
  101. Wheel weights from the factory
  102. Vibrating/rattling when sub kicks from trunk
  103. Cai Veins where to find them at.
  104. Horn stopped working in two years?!?
  105. Armrest Removal
  106. Clutch question
  107. Mugen Quick Shift Problem... Help?
  108. Finding Honda Part Numbers
  109. Vibrant Gen2 - Couple Questions
  110. 2nd gear update
  111. 1997 Honda Civic LX
  112. Hit a!
  113. What is bad for a clutch?
  114. Custom "Intro Screen"
  115. 09 Si tranny has updated internals.
  116. to the guy who beat a corvette
  117. alignment Problem... Help!
  118. The weather broke my visor =(
  119. help removing corsport cable bushings
  120. Class Action Suit for 2nd gear sign up
  121. front passenger squeaks
  122. Coolant question.
  123. Bumper Chip...
  124. 2009 Civic Si 3rd Gear problem
  125. help! rsx wheel fitment
  126. Throwout Bearing..
  127. heater inlet hose location?!
  128. My hood is stuck
  129. Moon Roof And Passenger Window
  130. Adding AC
  131. USB+Blackberry = Songs Not In Order???
  132. mishmoto radiator leaking
  133. Weapon R Intake manafold CEL
  134. 3rd gear problems?
  135. Starter
  136. Does the bolt to drain your oil have a washer?
  137. Getting my 3rd, 2nd AND 1st gear fixed o.0 (thats right I said 1st gear)
  138. CEL Coolant temp sensor and fans not working
  139. Does your Civic's A/C just completely SUCK?
  140. Clutch not Disengaging,what to do?
  141. Auto Shifting
  142. Are Civic owners experiencing this air conditioner problem/issue?
  143. Fujitsubo Power Getter Exhaust
  144. Mass calling 2nd gear to American Honda
  145. Squeeky sound inside dash???
  146. Loud moaning noise when driving?
  147. r18 motor failure dx, lx, ex
  148. Weird WOOOWOO noise
  149. greddy ti c exhaust noise?? HELP
  150. transmission fluid
  151. So, the dealer has had my car since Thurs.
  152. shifter box problem HELP!!!
  153. Oh no my car got flooded!!!
  154. A squeaking sound..
  155. Alarm goes off when opening trunk?
  156. any1 with these mods? only post if you do
  157. Diagnose this Problem
  158. Re-flash ?
  159. ticking noise
  160. A couple problems: fuel door, rattle on bumps / hw speeds
  161. CV boot Damage
  162. Help! Car won't start using cigarette-lighter lamp
  163. College Hills Horns Don't Work
  164. input shaft bearing
  165. How to take off handle bar on roof liner?
  166. everyone!! please i need help or info...
  167. 06 civic si clutch problem
  169. Leds install and fuse blow out.
  170. Cel
  171. Idling Problem
  172. HELP! car noise
  173. I/H/E/Flashpro
  174. cold start?
  175. Dents / Dimples around Sunroof
  176. Not going anywhere
  177. Greddy ti c gaskets ?
  178. Can I reuse catback exhuast gaskets?
  179. whats this?
  180. loss of power in vtec
  181. upgrading wiper blades to longer lengths?
  182. 08-044 cracked engine block
  183. Car completely looses power when I try to start it. HELP!
  184. CA state ref, will I pass?
  185. Need some guidance
  186. Reverse Gear Grind
  187. F*** my transmission
  188. 09 Turbo Si Blown Head Gasket ??
  189. Car running rich
  190. Replacing front Strut and control arm
  191. Best High-Flow Catalytic Converter input/output size?
  192. Break Question
  193. help: first accident and first time dealing with insurance co.
  194. ugh sick of this car
  195. Industrial strength lock-tite
  196. tsx throtthle body help!!!! 1 pic
  197. engine coolant question
  198. want to build a k20z3
  199. A/C working intermittently
  200. Low beam angel.
  201. run engine cooler?
  202. a possible answer to the squeaky clutch sound
  203. SRS airbag light?? on?
  204. Paint worn off on door handles
  205. My Current Rants
  206. oil question.. and no im not asking wat type of oil..
  207. Swaying at high (75-80MPH) speeds....
  208. Synthetic Oil
  209. Skunk2 header question
  210. Oil filter relocation
  211. 02 extension
  212. The reliable '06 Civic SI - A short story
  213. AUX/XM Radio Button...Not working
  214. Weaking trunk
  215. 09 fa5 with navi Wierd noise from speakers!!
  216. Car Wont Start
  217. DCRH Install
  218. Won't let me go past 5 rpm
  219. Anyone had the whole dash out up to the firewall?
  220. Installed Fujita SRI.. stall problem
  221. Knocking sound
  222. Transmission Problems
  223. Rear speakers shut off when I close the trunk
  224. 2006 Civic EX Third brake light and trunk acuator
  225. help needed with LED fitting
  226. 1st gear lock
  227. reprograming a key
  228. !help! 1st gear lurking and knocking!!
  229. Easy and cheap way to remove top speed limitation?
  230. OEM Fogs
  231. fuel system disabled
  232. air resistance?
  233. Techron Fuel System Cleaner?? ANybody Used It?
  234. 18" HFP Rims on an 09 Civic EX
  235. Anyone Else have Wet Carpet 09FA5??
  236. Shifter cable for r18
  237. high RPMs in Neutral
  238. 1st gear grind
  239. DIY Ram Air question
  240. Just got my 3rd gear tranny fixed, but now something else is wrong!
  241. bad clutch or bad tune?
  242. Need torque specifications for suspension components please.
  243. FWD Transmission - How it works Inside
  244. spark plugs
  245. Gaining lift height with a regular floor jack?
  246. clunking in rear
  247. tensinor and tensinor pulley
  248. Odd Servicing Question
  249. Jack stands for a year... What now?
  250. Hood problem - please help!