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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Odd First Gear Problem
  2. How often do the 8th Gen Civics need to have the transmission fluid replaced?
  3. ac fan
  4. AC makes a clank when turned on
  5. Strange sound
  6. Weird noise...
  7. Blown #3 IG1 ACG fuse
  8. Steering wheel audio controls
  9. Wheel Stud Broke Off. WTF
  10. Antifreeze leaking
  11. Guide to Removing Front Seats for Civic Coupe/Si
  12. Rattle on Passenger A/C Unit
  13. 4th gear whine
  14. How often should the intake filter be changed?
  15. A/C Condenser fixed by Honda
  16. Clutch Pedal Pop
  17. Does anyone feel that the SI is a "Moody" car?
  18. OBD2 connector loose
  19. exhaust manifold heatshield cutting/melting eps wire
  20. Oil Pump
  21. Spark Plugs
  22. Need Some Serious Help! plz
  23. Rear Curtain Airbag Panel Reinstallation
  24. Intermittent A/C ?
  25. Reverse gear not fully engaged
  26. 3rd gear(Not the normal)
  27. Finding the right vacuum line!
  28. 02 sensor problem
  29. 2nd gear grinding
  30. Drive by wire and D->R
  31. What structural parts is my front bumper missing??
  32. Problem putting into 1st
  33. 12v Accessory Power Socket
  34. HELP!!! How do you take the spark plug cover off!?!
  35. Hep with Check Engine Light
  36. Camshaft timing over advanced P0011
  37. dlc
  38. Honda needs to do something about the 2nd gear grind
  39. tick/ping sound after driving when car is off
  40. do i need to upgrade my battery?
  41. car shakes a lot when ac on
  42. 2006 honda civic engine jerking
  43. allignment problem HELP!
  44. EPS failure
  45. Im Feeling Vibrations
  46. I need help fixing my front grill (Should be an easy fix). Pics included.
  47. Engine block heater
  48. VSA light is Staying on!!!
  49. Morning Whine R18
  50. exhaust and header set up = RATTLING NOISE
  51. Comparison of worn brake pads
  52. 09 Civic LX with 800 miles - hearing front end noise
  53. Brake probelm
  54. Honda not covering my transmission under warranty!!!
  55. Best Honda Parts Website
  56. Major Fog Light Issue
  57. replacement wiper inserts. help please!!!
  58. Anti-Freeze Concern.
  59. Noisy power locks
  60. Firm clutch pedal?
  61. help, something smells like its burning, literally!
  62. whitch tire goes where??????
  63. steering problem
  64. Clicking/Ticking noise from front wheel
  65. Weird air sound
  66. engine swap?
  67. Foot Rest aka "Dead Pedal"
  68. Alarm System Wiring Help Needed
  69. Stock 09 Sedan Si Alignment
  70. i know it not 8thgen(a/c)
  71. PLZ help with airbag light
  72. P0812 Reverse Input Circuit 2007 Civic LX Sedan
  73. stalling on a brand new clutch
  74. detecting an engine "miss" in '09 Civic Si
  75. any problem with the 09s yet?
  76. One Thing After Another.....
  77. HELP! Car will not start
  78. water inside my rear panel
  79. Running A/C on M/T and A/T r18s
  80. Would you buy an 06 SI with great oil analysis results and extended oil changes
  81. Explain Weight to Horspower ratio, please
  82. Halo Projector Headlights - Moisture build up
  83. Wrong jump start~
  84. shifter counterweight removal with pics
  85. a/c problem
  86. What did I just Break???
  87. 2nd and 3rd gear grinding
  88. Water Problem
  89. Limited Slip Problem I'm Thinking
  90. honk when turned off?
  91. Howling noise from right rear wheel
  92. Aircon vent louvers won't stay put
  93. Tech question for a boat - will I need a new hub when changing props?
  94. Aftermarket Belt!
  95. 2009 honda civic sedan
  96. Creaking noise over speed bumps
  97. New Si - why are there markings on all bolts/nuts?
  98. Motor Mount question
  99. do i need to order a washer for my filter?
  100. Needle bearing?
  101. Car stalls on idle
  102. VSA know-it-all please help me!
  103. poping sounds
  104. time for service
  105. I need help!
  106. Stripped moutor mount Bolt!!
  107. Screech/Squeak when Warming Up
  108. Anyone elses shift boot peeling/wearing?
  109. driver front window issues
  110. Grinding noise from front axle area
  111. Car wont start
  112. Help! Vinyl Strip Scratched On Door
  113. Please help
  114. How to change engine mount
  115. Dents in the roof?????
  116. bad vibrations
  117. Uh oh this dont look right....
  118. Removing stock shifter cable bushings...
  119. can i reuse my lightweight flywheel?
  120. Plz help with dc5 recaro seats
  121. thought i would start a discussion for the technically inclined
  122. help!!
  123. Lucas fuel treatment
  124. Help. HID trouble.
  125. Clutch Adjusted?
  126. Noisy, Scratchy Idle. Anyone else have this?
  127. Locked out of my car
  128. New Civic LX 30 miles on odo, dead.
  129. Urgent!! Re: Rear tire wear tsb 08-001
  130. Emergency
  131. R18 question
  132. 3rd gear issue no warranty
  133. Question
  134. Engine hydro locked.
  135. wipers wont go off
  136. strange electrical problem
  137. Intake installation help
  138. Engine Tick!!
  139. Amsoil ftw...
  140. Please help!!!!
  141. No p/s abs or Vsa
  142. Ingalls Rear Camber Kit Plus Progress Rear Sway = NO GO
  143. Manual Transmission Fluid Problem.
  144. intake maifold
  145. Vibration when off gas. Clutch issue?
  146. 12v not consistent
  147. 10% Ethanol In Gas ??? Confused
  148. Shiftings not smooth with A/C on?
  149. Weird ABS symptoms...??
  150. cel: PO443 need help
  151. Trunk hinge spring removal
  152. normal or missing a part?
  153. Tranny issue: 6th gear won't engage; 08 FA5
  154. Proper Torque Wrench Study
  155. Engine power cuts in rain
  156. Bird Poop and paint problems
  157. Help!!! Not sure if I should buy this 06 Civic
  158. Orgering Synchros
  159. water dripping from side mirrors
  160. Power Windows Not Working:
  161. Slipping Clutch need HELP
  162. 09 Si AC compressor cycling
  163. Grinding noise when Starting up Engine
  164. Injected Motor Mount
  165. I WANT A DIY Intake Manifold Heat Gasket
  166. Passenger door electrical problems
  167. rattles
  168. Windsheild cowl is fading
  169. Brake Grinding/ Shiesty Dealer
  170. From Bad to Worse!
  171. 06 Civic Aux. Ouput only works for left speakers
  172. Is this a factory rearview mirror?
  173. A loud plastic noise hitting on passenger side fender???
  174. start up and shut off
  175. engine problems?
  176. 2006 civic si new clutch
  177. Just bought a 2008 Civic LX coupe and smell gasoline. What could it be?
  178. Messing with intake threw CEL + VSA lights
  179. rev hanging
  180. Clutch Scrapes on firewall?
  181. OBX race header...
  182. My airbag light is on AGAIN!
  183. HELP!!! My car is dead!!
  184. No Maintenance at 27k Miles
  185. HELP, P0720 CODE, speedometer does not work!
  186. help hepl clutch/shifter problem
  187. Dealer never reset my oil service light?!?
  188. Need a new key
  189. Brakes Help!
  190. Rear tailights out
  191. Stage 2 S/C cannot read CEL.
  192. Very weird problem... any suggestions please!!!
  193. What exactly could happen if you ran the motor without oil
  194. American Honda Poor Customer Service
  195. check engine light--help!
  196. Whining Noise Coming From Engine. Please Help!
  197. P0010 code, VTC oil control solenoid malfunction
  198. does your 2nd gear grind?
  199. Fuel Mileage...
  200. TPMS light
  201. Feel's weaker
  203. CEL Pontiac Wave
  204. URGENT! Tranny Problem
  205. scraped front bumper... quick fix? :]
  206. 30k service
  207. CD Player keeps saying 'bad disc'
  208. diffirencial
  209. Leaking rear shock? Front and rear camber kits? Transmission, power steering flush?
  210. Short Circuit? Blown Fuse?
  211. Alternator
  212. Clutch/Tranny Problem..
  213. Replacing rear o2 sensor
  214. Rattling noise + Other Q's
  215. A/C problem on a warm day...
  216. * Engine Problem on New Honda Fit *
  217. Electronic Throttle Body adjusting
  218. R18 Manual "Tick" Sound when shifting
  219. High pitched whine with AEM wideband, only when sensor is hooked
  220. noise after i turn off the car and when i stop
  221. New rims mounted, new problems
  222. Stearing noise
  223. Flip Key Transponder Question
  224. Vibe pedal
  225. Non-Honda fluids void warranty?
  226. Steering Bang (clunk)
  227. Im having problems with my iVTEC
  228. Possible new front passenger window question
  229. Vtec power loss
  230. Stock Alarm??? - im confused, lol
  231. Strong Grinding Noise
  232. 2nd gear grind
  233. Coolant flush Question
  234. Is this an engine mount? stock car and my engine mount went boom!
  235. USB song order - Noob (to the civic & site) question.
  236. Scorching Summer... A/C died.. Help!
  237. Noticed low gas mileage after 2 incidents- Help!
  238. Check engine light goes on and off - P0171
  239. Rear Windshield Rattle???
  240. Help With CAI
  241. tranny or clutch
  242. Throttle body malfunction
  243. Squeeky Front Bumper
  244. Help this Guy!!
  245. 08 Si front suspension squeak sound
  246. Engine Off = Different Vehicle Performance
  247. New member w/ a couple questions
  248. Installed pulleys and now alarm isn't working.
  249. This damn idle issue is really starting to piss me off!
  250. K20Z2/K20A3 ECU Questions