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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Warranty
  2. super tech valve train
  3. 2006 SI - Used Oil analysis - 10.7k on Pennzoil Plat. 5w30
  4. Blurry spot on new tinted windows.
  5. LX?EX Manual Tranny problems?
  6. CF hood and rim repair, help!
  7. Wnt to remove metal air hose in engine bay
  8. Clutch and flywheel question
  9. 3rd gear problem
  10. k20z3 engine swap help!!!
  11. Fender, wheel well lining all gone. Now what's that hissing noise?
  12. Oil qty.... HELP
  13. Iphone OS 4.0 and usb...
  14. ABS scared the **** outta me
  15. 1st Gear Popping Noise
  16. squeak going on shifter going into 1st and reverse
  17. squeaking and rattling sound at front end
  18. Transmission Issues *again*
  19. Wheres the Oil Pressure Gauge Guys?
  20. H.I.D. help!
  21. ebay fog lights help!
  22. '08 EX - Uncommon shift problem
  23. o2 sensor problem civic
  24. DX/LX/EX Steering Rack Failure: Report Yours
  25. A/C Vibrates car & Vtec not engaging after startup.
  26. First Start Pop?
  27. spark plug change ?
  28. Steering Wheel too tight compare to other Civics
  29. Electric Steering doesn't Come on intial Start.
  30. haha fml keys in trunk...
  31. Engline Light + No VTEC Occasionally
  32. 4 years, and 52,000 Miles later...a mechanical rundown.
  33. First oil change
  34. Oil Change
  35. valve cover crack!!!!!
  36. Clutch Squeak/Creak, Not CMC or Pedal
  37. Request: DIY Engine Block Heater
  38. Trabby issue at 39k miles???
  39. bad rod=blown engine ('08 Si)
  40. 08 Si RIP
  41. R18 Blown Engine
  42. Oil Pan Gasket Made By Felpro, PN OS30746
  43. Car shakes and valves sounds like tapping =/
  44. VSA Issue
  45. Weighted shift knob bad for tranny.
  46. Automatic Transmission
  47. VSA Installation
  48. over revving on a boosted si?! question
  49. Fog lights aren't working/New Light
  50. tein basics
  51. HID issue, can someone help me ?
  52. Radiator fans not working
  53. 1998 mustang v6 ignition problem
  54. radio code
  55. 07 si limp mode
  56. CEL on 08 Si
  57. RPM's pausing when accelerating
  58. 2009 Honda Civic Si
  59. Fuel pressure gauge assistance please????
  60. car only revs to 3000 rpm
  61. Whining or Whistling from engine bay?
  62. Is my Si under-performing?
  63. OEM FG2 fog lights vs FG1 fog lights
  64. Squeak above passenger front wheel (with video)
  65. drive by wire lag......annoying!
  66. License Plate Light Question - Not What You're Thinking
  67. Brake Problem? Need quick answer
  68. Navigation technical issue
  69. Weird, ocassional feeling in the brakes?
  70. A/C vents are loose when hot
  71. 2nd Gear Issue DEALER RESOLVED **LONG READ**
  72. is it supposed to be hard to shift (N-1 and 1-2) into gears?
  73. My DRL/High-beam are on when ignition off?
  74. Stall out and Smoke from TRANS
  75. A/C Issues
  76. Is it the issues with manual tranny or my head brain is sick?
  77. Big Boys Air Horn ?
  78. Just back from dealer, now cel?
  79. 2nd Gear Grind VERIFIED by Honda Tech
  80. One of my wheels are chipping
  81. Suspension Rubbing sounds???
  82. Spider in tail light
  83. car jack
  84. Ring gear in LSD exploded. anyone else?
  85. New axles?
  86. Odd Sound When Accelerating
  87. Power side mirrors not working
  88. AC not working on 2006 si coupe
  89. Engine whine - dealer says it's normal
  90. 2006 Civic Both Radiator Fans Always running
  91. Taping up for a trip
  92. scraping sound when accelerating ?
  93. Radiator fans always turning on
  94. is this covered under warranty?
  95. am i shifting/clutching correctly?
  96. Clutch pedal losing pressure when held for period of time
  97. p0139 code
  98. my tires are dying
  99. Noise from rear
  100. clutch pedal clicking... no more honda!!!
  101. Can I drive on this tire?
  102. cheap replacement key to just open doors?
  103. New Civic with several problems
  104. Master Slave Cyclinder for Clutch
  105. Is this Normal? (engine discoloration)
  106. p145C P0497 CEL
  107. noise from the front
  108. scrubbing sound from both rear tires
  109. trunk springs / tension springs
  110. Help With camber bolt!!?!
  111. 07 Civic Si "Case Bearing" Destroyed?!?!?
  112. OEM Horn = Fail
  113. Driver side seat height adjustment problem
  114. Clutch is very stiff
  115. front 02 wires
  116. Something strange happened…
  117. intake tuning question
  118. Clutch Pedal Noise
  119. can you install the sk2 rpm guage on our cars?
  120. Release Bearing
  121. radiator just cracked on an 08 Civic EX
  122. Will using aftermarket intake increase engine stress?
  123. Tein S Tech problem
  124. water blocker???
  125. cai causing jerking and hesitating
  126. TSB fix questions... im a newb
  127. TSB fix questions
  128. is it normal after installing a race header sound
  129. OEM Fuel Pumps
  130. My Transmission is shot!
  131. Glue Looking stuff in spare tire well, Normal?
  132. oil pressure gauge
  133. Help with installing grille for 2010 civic sedan ex
  134. wiper arm removal
  135. MPG, Air Con
  136. Oil leak coverd under Honda Extended Warranty.
  137. steering noise
  138. Cruise control comes on when pressed but does not stay on
  139. Coolant change - MM or mileage?
  140. OBD2 elm327 bluetooth to PC scanner
  141. Removing front mud flaps when lowered
  142. just hit 30K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Backup fuse blowing
  144. Steering Wheel Falling apart...
  145. oil filter?
  146. Unusual Vibration @ 70mph
  147. Water Splashing Noise?
  148. Honda and problems
  149. Question about serious thumping!
  150. R18 help?
  151. Steering wheel / steering wheel air bag
  152. Rattle/shaky/rough idle with AC on
  153. Need help ASAP!!!!
  154. Radio and OBD2 port not working!
  155. How to remove front bumper clips
  156. When I turn signal, my emergency lights turn on?!
  157. 09 civic si, single clunk noise when turning wheel
  158. Damaged bumper. Too bad to sell?
  159. Rear Suspension Issues
  160. 08 si, rebuilt axle, cv joint getting hot/warm
  161. Plugs
  162. Air Conditioner Delete
  163. Battery in key fob-
  164. Rattle from rear view mirror.
  165. Studdering acceleration when first driving thar car.
  166. Help!!! Car got stuck in puddle
  167. To install or not to install, that is the question
  168. Is AEM SRI really CARB legal? Smog Failed!
  169. Are Dealerships Still Fixing 3rd Gear TSB?
  170. all dash light flashing fast and cant start!!
  171. Overheat issue!!!!!
  172. warranty
  173. Fans running when engine off
  174. New Battery
  175. CEL 02 sensor?
  176. Brake trouble. Loss of brakes
  177. Is simple green best for engine bay?
  178. Front end seems like its falling apart.. :(
  179. Hissing noise when car is turned off
  180. chk engine light/new intake(HELP!)
  181. running bad. 08 si HELP!
  182. eBay sedan fog light issues. Need help.
  183. Squeaky/movement in the undercarriage when starting from a stop..?
  184. Hit a curb side curtain airbags deployed
  185. Help Horn Problem.
  186. front subframe reinstallation helpppppp!!!
  187. Help!!..DTC P0118, P0113 and P2185
  188. 5th Gear Issue
  189. Over reving 
  190. Temperature and fuel gauges are darker than the rest of the console
  191. si service manual pdf
  192. Disabling seatbelt reminder
  193. 2008 Civic Timing Belt Tensioner Failed 56K...
  194. Inner Door Lock Doesn't work when used manually.
  195. 09 si sedans... I need your help
  196. Green Security light on instrument panel flashing while driving
  197. Whats wrong with Fram?
  198. I need a new outer tie rod
  199. Getting Screwed?
  200. DP: Ruined motor, what now?
  201. Dumb Filter question! lol
  202. Disabling Security Autolock?
  203. how to steal a civic
  204. SEARCHED But Found No Solution ! !
  205. dying battery???
  206. Technical 07 si aftermarket radio issue
  207. Door Panel Removal Question
  208. Rattle at 1500 rpm
  209. HELP!!!! What does this mean!!!!
  210. Please help!! How to install breather pipe
  211. weird AC prob. on my 95civic.
  212. Cutting template for cracked fog light lense
  213. synthetic oil ?
  214. Water In Engine Knowledge Needed..only...
  215. Color of recirculation button
  216. USB connector stopped working iphone/ipod
  217. Can anybody give me what each part actually is?
  218. Scrape
  219. strong pull while accelerating at low speed?
  220. Rear HFP lip Deinstall and reinstall?
  221. leaking A/T... keep an eye out - dealer's response
  222. car starts and turns off
  223. Replacing DRL with 100 watts
  224. 5-20 vs 5-30 synthetic oil
  225. check engine light
  226. A Thermodynamics Querry
  227. mpg cut in half after putting on new wheels?
  228. How to tell when shocks are going bad
  229. 88k - 06 SI - Random: Front strut Dust boot severely torn
  230. Weird noise when taking off
  231. Loose seat back
  232. Melted/destroyed innerfender and other stuff
  233. Si suspension Question
  234. need help with 1st oil change
  235. the seatbelt is soo tight...
  236. anyone have a fix for the seat squeek?
  237. Don't know what the issue is....
  238. Question regarding stock cd player..
  239. boof noise...
  240. DIY Skunk2 70mm installation issue
  241. New Battery?
  242. problem....
  243. urgent help please! wheel can rock back and forth?!
  244. Black plastic clips?
  245. any way to stop mileage from rolling over?
  246. P0420 cel
  247. My ac isnt cooling
  248. have fogs on with running lights help
  249. problem
  250. R18 VSS Sensor Information