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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Car would not start..
  2. Power steering went crazy
  3. VSA question?
  4. throttle body position sensor gone bad?
  5. Drivers Side Mirror
  6. Car will not NOT start. help please.
  7. Will this audio setup require a new battery/alternator?
  8. Amsoil Syncromesh
  9. Shifter area problems
  10. Engine Compartment VIN location?
  11. Put on Megan Racing Header for R18 having issues
  12. Push start switch
  13. Wheel bearings!>:o
  14. Air blower noise
  15. loud squeak going over speed bumps
  16. Problems With Putting Car in Gear
  17. Do MT cars get flushed or just drain and fill?
  18. Shift knob bolt size
  19. 2008 Civic Coupe Fog Light Problem
  20. Trans fluid
  21. spark plugs change at 86,000 06 civic si
  22. Rattle
  23. 'Clunk' noise in steering when cold...
  24. clicking noise from clutch
  25. tips on keeping an abused civic alive??
  26. jdm front emblem problem
  27. CAI Install Coolant Leak
  28. Installed HIDs and now car wont start. Help!
  29. Manual transmission and factory remote start
  30. Wheel Fitment
  31. Need DIY Help !!!
  32. Coilovers need help
  33. Which fuse controls the gauges?
  34. cel from coolant temp sensor
  35. Front Brake Caliper Pin STUCK!!!
  36. Keyless Trunk? Does my car have the option?
  37. Front lower control arm
  38. Rubbing sound after new brake
  39. FD2 tachometer to Si ?
  40. Can I unlock BOTH doors? (like my '08 did...)
  41. Whining noise from driver side pillar
  42. uh-oh clutch
  43. LED Light Blowing Fuse? 06 LX Coupe
  44. VSA light, /!\ light and ABS light on and wont go off
  45. front right suspension CLICK when turning left up or down an incline?
  46. Squeaking coming from Dome Light area?
  47. loud dragging/rubbing/screetching noise underneath my car
  48. Shifting brake pads?
  49. 3rd gear high rpm grind
  50. clutch issues.. just started this morning
  51. Dry rubbing noise while turning...
  52. Bugs
  53. Wheelwells snow-clogged
  54. Will running lean cause O2 sensors to fail?
  55. 01 S2000 Replacing clutch..., trying to separate transmission & motor
  56. Angry car
  57. Need a fast answer: Paint Code Taffeta White
  58. Tire pressure!
  59. Pulsating clutch pedal and a weird noise.
  60. notchy first gear from a dead stop
  61. Horrible squeak....can't figure it out
  62. I plan to paint my rims, what color should I get to match my car's color?
  63. pic request: bottom of a Si sedan
  64. RSX-S Tranny Into A Civic Si
  65. Idle, Starter, and you
  66. Nervous
  67. Clutch makes honing sound?
  68. stock clutches are crap
  69. Something stuck in sunroof tracks?
  70. Steering adjustment on 07 FA5?
  71. Soft brake peddle feel after SS line install
  72. Mechanical Over-rev
  73. Abs breaking with very lowered car question??
  74. WOT in 1rst,2nd, and 3rd gear
  75. DRL Warnig Light On
  76. S2 70mm or Buddy club spec 3in?
  77. Weird Engine Sound........
  78. Just changed my rear brake pads and rotors, what went wrong???
  79. Lifespan for serpentine belt in 06 EX Civic?
  80. OMG My Clutch Is Stuck
  81. window replacement
  82. WOT in 5th/6th..
  83. Loud Whine In 1st Gear
  84. Problem with A/C
  85. What are these items on my car?
  86. What tool for engine mount?
  87. Clicking Noise
  88. Inner Door Handles Ajar?
  89. why arent my DRL bulbs fitting?
  90. Clutch pedal squeak
  91. constant beeping noise mainly 4th gear???
  92. I want to lower my car, but I got a problem. Need our opinion!!!!!
  93. How to remove the steering wheel.....
  94. anyone else having this problem? twm stage 2 short shifter pushing against shift boot
  95. 06 Si, knock at mid-range RPM
  96. Weird Dipstick Readings...
  97. '09 Si 2nd Gear Observations..
  98. Blinkers, brake lights, fogs all not working
  99. Whats this thing?
  100. help removing an 09 front license plate bracket.
  101. 12V outlet not working
  102. Windshield Problem
  103. Oil Pan Threads fixed!
  104. over rev
  105. problem not fixed
  106. 08 Civic Si and 3rd gear problems?
  107. Wrong reading on speedometer
  108. clunk noise in the front
  109. Front Brake Clicking Noise - Help
  110. Alignment/Camber toe
  111. Interesting article on additives.
  112. 2009 SI Steering/Alignment Problem
  113. HELP...broken nut from winter wheel **any solution**
  114. Imprint on passender side dash
  115. Digital Xetronic HID Fog lights
  116. broken window clips, repairable?
  117. Getting poor gas mileage! Help?
  118. Help PWJDM Batt. relocater !!!!
  119. Broken Fog Light Lens!!! any suggestions?? see pic
  120. Transmission Question Help
  121. vibration 1st gear @2,500 rpms, 35,000 miles on the car 2008 lx auto, is this common?
  122. 08 SI IDLE PROBLEM help!!!!
  123. loss of power help please
  124. Si Rattle Noise at 17MPH
  125. Windshield Wiper Fluid Situation. Weird But Annoying
  126. Replacing Grille, Srewed up wth buy?
  127. Weird Rattling Noise
  128. RRC install question....
  129. Oil Analysis 10,300 Miles Mobil 1 EP Civic Si
  130. stuck hood bolt
  131. What happens when you try to save 10 cents
  132. Used 2008 Civic Si Sedan/prior owner
  133. void warranty?
  134. 30k mile service.
  135. ******wtf happened!!!! *****
  136. just change oil today and guess what happen
  137. H e l p!!!
  138. Check Engine light
  139. overheat
  140. Brake problems
  141. Vibration while reversing during morning only
  142. whinning noise in 4th gear
  143. Shifter Cable Bushings - Shifter acting Weird
  144. Ser
  145. Big Problem With Fg2
  146. oil pressure gauge install ?
  147. No rear brakes??
  148. Sizzling
  149. Idiots at dealership oil drain plug
  150. Car Bucking/ Bad Gas Mileage...
  151. how do you take out the plastic panel that covers the trunk/gas door release?
  152. EX HFP suspension upgrade popping noise
  153. Car Starter on manual transmission?
  154. O2 sensor fuse #?
  155. How much am I looking to get in a car wreck?
  156. Rev hang / throttle response after dealer ecu reflash
  157. SI 09 Warranty Violation Question???
  158. Fog light HID problem. Anyone know what the issue is?
  159. $300 Oil Change
  160. 30K maintenance items
  161. Best place to buy bumper clips?
  162. Cel p0135
  163. Why You Should Use Synthetic Motor Oil
  164. Is it safe to skip gears on a manual transmission?
  165. Can i still switch to synthetic oil
  166. Popping noise from Passenger Wheel when driving below 30mph ???
  167. Si pulls hard to the left
  168. Car got towed
  169. Shift Gates
  170. Drivers Side AirBag Light
  171. Problems with over heating
  172. 2001 Tranny Dead..
  173. 06 civic 3rd brake light problem
  174. Check Engine Light, Possible Mass airflow sensor!!
  175. Need Help?!?!?!
  176. Car humping after 1st gear
  177. Loud Thump Noise from front right
  178. hi quick question about our 8th gen civic.
  179. 2009 Civic Sedan.
  180. TPMS sensor
  181. Popping sound.......clutch
  182. Rsx steering wheel
  183. Where is the water temp. sensor?
  184. passenger window/speaker
  185. Funny But Annoying Issue
  186. Manual Transmission Questions
  187. Window scratches
  188. windshield wipers,mind of their own
  189. Flooded Mugen...
  190. Possibly Need A New Clutch?
  191. gas cap hissing!
  192. 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring edition...
  193. Car feels jerky when changing gears (AT)
  194. need to know a few things(installing DOUBLE DIN)
  195. need your opinion!!! noice on 1st gear when cold.
  196. My 2nd and 3rd issues story.
  197. Clutch Stages and Gas
  198. How do I adjust the clutch?
  199. Mixing Mobil 1 with Mobil 1 Extended Performance
  200. 06 Civic Si - Concern about it's engine performance
  201. fujita installed and now a problem
  202. How often should I change/clean my air filter?
  203. Creeking/Grinding Noise When Downshifting
  204. o2 sensor?
  205. Any easy ways to take out stock fog bulb?
  206. clutch or transmission problem?
  207. Metallic Rattle/Jingling Noise Coming From Rear
  208. Steering hisses at full lock
  209. hissing breaks
  210. 08 Si CAI Install ?
  211. does this ever happen to you?
  212. Something Rolling Around in my Dashboard
  213. 2 Horns Possible
  214. ANY Shifting issues above 5k RPM w/aftermarket clutch? Try this!!!
  215. Popping, clicking noise from rear right area
  216. American Honda is sending a representative to come look at my car...thoughts?
  217. Motor gone 30,000miles
  218. Fenders
  219. ScanGauge II Short Term/Long Term Fuel Trim?
  220. How to install Tachometer?
  221. Clutch Wine?
  222. passing smog
  223. Help! Rust!
  224. A good shop in the Tampa FL area?
  225. R18 braking problem
  226. Tail light wont light up when braking!
  227. lifter tap in my K20...
  228. Fluids For Everything what you use?
  229. AEM AFR gauge acting weird
  230. Idle Noise
  231. Need a new clutch, advise please = )
  232. Dc5 slave info
  233. Changing Belts on 06 Si Coupe
  234. Filling Hole in Body
  235. Car Wiggles at Highway Speeds
  236. Quick rattle sound on cold start-up?
  237. Windshield scratches caused by wiper blades
  238. CRANK Pulley Removal HELP
  239. Clutch clicking problem (my experience and the fix)
  240. Whining noise for a few seconds after car turned off.
  241. raspy sound at low rpms.
  242. Low Idle, fixable?
  243. Ringing sound from engine bay area
  244. Gas tank door will not open!
  245. MAF sensor fail
  246. Snapped a bolt on the Intake Manifold
  247. alignment or worse?
  248. crankcase breather hose off?
  249. HELP!! Clutch/Gear Problems
  250. Tranny