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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. exxon superflo 5w-20
  2. Clutch or something else??
  3. How do you swap out the chrome trunk piece on a sedan?
  4. clutch problem?
  5. Can i install TMPS on Honda Civic 2007 Lx wich doesn't have TMPS
  6. change a vtec engine
  7. Help Cant find buddyclub rail for 8thgen
  8. couple questions regarding my car.
  9. Down Pour w/ window open - now problems
  10. top wiper blade sits a bit high
  11. Temp gauge went out, and car died... helllp
  12. The dreaded cel
  13. Question about Cat-Back Exhausts.
  14. Windshield wiper fluid not spraying!!
  15. Problem with Driver's Side Auto-Pinch/Auto-Reverse
  16. Found hose unhooked on air intake piping... had the new car for 5 days now...
  17. 0w-20 Oil for 2009 Civic EX?
  18. Getting asphalt off of car paint.
  19. K&N intake V1 + upper coolant hose
  20. Rattle is driving me nuts
  21. steering wheel conversion
  22. I want a front grill diy
  23. 3rd Gear w/ no warranty
  24. Gauge pod placement
  25. 07 si weird squeaking noise problem, help!
  26. Tach Accuracy
  27. Erm, is this normal? (r18)
  28. How to remove spark plug seals?
  29. Burning smell?
  30. Help w/ CEL!!
  31. Car wouldnt go over 5,000 rpm?
  32. Ac warranty
  33. Bumpy-ness when applying brake pedal hard
  34. Any info on a Master Cylinder upgrade on 06 civic?
  35. This place scares the &%^$ out of me...
  36. Procedure for changing brake fluid
  37. What milage to change airfilter and cabin filter?
  38. Changing exhaust question
  39. oil light comes on while im driving so im forced to turn car off and restart
  40. Simple Q your you elctronic savy people
  41. rear deck lid clips
  42. How much should a new clutch be?
  43. OEM Honda Filter Milage Rating?
  44. I have a prob
  45. What fluid could this be?
  46. loud bang
  47. Suspension Knock 07 Si (HFP)
  48. wheel Noise
  49. Rack and pinion replacement
  50. Help from all those who have/had tranmission issues
  51. Flex Fuel Gas?
  52. Wrong Gas
  53. Car is making a howling/vibrating noise
  54. 06 SI wheel stud thread pitch issue
  55. tie rod adjustment to fix crooked stering wheel?
  56. Relay buzz when starting (cold or warm, whatever)
  57. Cars RPM drops to 500 and vibrates when coming to stop/idle
  58. Keeping it Cooler??
  59. use it or lose it?
  60. Replace rear emblem
  61. turbo build
  62. Steering wheel off, Bad Alignment?
  63. WTF is wrong with my tranny?
  64. Vibration from Radio
  65. TECH CHAT: K motors and K transmissions
  66. oil pan replacement
  67. Oil pan threads stripped? warranty?
  68. Brakes
  69. Need help!!!urgent!
  70. If you own an 09 Civic, Short Shifters may not fit it.
  71. Weird Clutch sound?
  72. 0 to 60 Question
  73. Catalytic converter studs stuck!
  74. How to remove trunk?
  75. Resistance at front wheels - is this normal?
  76. 07 dx wont start, help!
  77. Auto Tranny Help
  78. Exhaust help, need help now!
  79. Mountain Bogging !!!!!
  80. Alternator question
  81. HELP Fuses!
  82. how bad is it if you can smell your clutch?
  83. TWM question
  84. Low Gas Mileage
  85. VSS sensor unplugged
  86. Soft brake pedal
  87. air filter
  88. Help please: 2007 civic ex amp sub help
  89. What type of high beams bulbs does the projectors take?!?!
  90. Test Pipe/Header Rattle
  91. zex hyperformance spark plugs
  92. Leaving the Air Conditioning On
  93. oil and mtf thread to end all oil and mtf threads
  94. Dealers rebuilding my transmission...Need some advice
  95. Frusterated about jacks
  96. Iat?????
  97. clutch problem
  98. royal Purple
  99. New Tranny Shift Issue 06 SI
  100. Engine Overheating
  101. Power wire for amp??
  102. Diagnosis help - Trunk squeaking
  103. Strup owners: FLex Pipe gone!
  104. 09 Coupe EX-L problems
  105. Brake question?
  106. Vtec power loss
  107. FA5 Si Wing Liner?
  108. whirring sound
  109. R18 Belt Replacement ( looking for routing diagram)
  110. Wheel will not come off the Hub!
  111. tranny fluid
  112. Emergency for summer!
  113. Those who worked on brakes
  114. Popping 2nd gear?
  115. Weird sound when i turn on a/c
  116. Loud Bang
  117. problem with MAF after flashpro
  118. Using an AEM F/IC (Fuel Ignition Controller)
  119. steering effort and changing of tire sizes (please help)
  120. a/c and idle issue not normal
  121. 2009 Honda Civic Si Coupe Owner's Manual
  122. Amsoil MTF ?
  123. help help
  124. Only people with invested in Civics Need Apply!!!
  125. rear bumper
  126. RH throwing two codes
  127. Maybe a fuse? which one??
  128. installed progress RSB---now have a frequent knock sound
  129. Plastic....!
  130. Correct setting for offset and fuel cut off for ScanGauge II for 8th Gen Civic
  131. Subwoofer box problem....
  132. hy i have a stocke civic si and 2 months ago started make this noise under the car so
  133. 09 si - installed AEM intake / Throwing CEL
  134. 3rd gear compleatly shot.
  135. Walbro Fuel Pump
  136. burning my clutch
  137. wierd sound while at the track....
  138. replace battery on the spot??
  139. Heater Control Panel not working at all
  140. Fuel gauge not reading
  141. Cannot Find "VSA Off" Button Replacement Part
  142. Help with HID's
  143. CR-V Intake
  144. How do you make all Doors open when you shut off the car !!!!!
  145. I cannot open my passenger door*Need help*
  146. 06 ex suspension problem
  147. Skunk2 SS Install Help
  148. Can't shift in and out of gear occassionally
  149. My car does not align!!!
  150. Rattling Transmission Sound
  151. Axle Seal Change? Proper way to do it?
  152. starting at 2nd gear instead of 1st...
  153. An extra ticking sound when clutch not depressed
  154. A jerk while accelerating...
  155. car turns off when driving
  156. trouble going into 2nd at high rpm
  157. 2008 rear tire wear!!!!
  158. HELP My car is vibrating like crazy when I drive
  159. I have coolant smell underhood, but I don't see any leak. there
  160. Indoors door handle won't is loose
  161. Thermal Protector $480 to replace????
  162. Royal Purple - 5qts+kn oil filter = $39.99
  163. Anyone use seafoam?
  164. Front driver side speaker rattles sometimes
  165. Premium audio problem, cd player busy?
  166. Civic Si exhaust problems!!!!
  167. HFP Gaps
  168. Oil Change Techniques?
  169. Do we have a fuel filter?
  170. me being an idiot.
  171. Left Sticker or Vein!!!! HELP!
  172. code PO172
  173. Paint on painted wheels chipping off!
  174. Help! I need to replace the Clutch Master Cylinder
  175. Gears getting stuck in 09 lx coupe.
  176. 07 civic si poor quality
  177. 07 Honda Civic LX 4D Sedan ATF Dipstick
  178. OMG Im Worried About My Trans! Is It Ok?
  179. Onan OHV generator dies with a load
  180. A/C Noise & Power Surge
  181. HELP! How to get to clutch master cylinder
  182. Some information about Comptech SS screws being loose
  183. Locked keys inside 08 honda civic lx
  184. Driving Uphill
  185. Oil Change for Civic SI in Chicago, IL.
  186. Proper Idle Speed
  187. Intake effecting air conditioning???
  188. LX Audio Problem
  189. car feels alot slower and smells burnt after oil change
  190. EX Premium radio onto LX?
  191. so i wanna upgrade fuel rail and injectors
  192. power windows
  193. CEL/VSA/! lights on
  194. oil change question
  195. windshield problem
  196. Sounds like a rod knock to me....
  197. Dirt in my airbox.
  198. fuse box nitrous help now
  199. Overheating
  200. weird noise after bumps and dips on road. HELP!
  201. Removing/replacing rear bumper
  202. Just a Nav question
  203. Does the Fumoto Valve fit the R18?
  204. died after taking it out of gear
  205. question about progress swaybar
  206. Issue with 2002 Civic Ex
  207. Best place for SeaFoam into intake?
  208. Help w/ MTF
  209. Help please =(
  210. replacing side mirrors
  211. is a transmission casing valuable??
  212. idea for a homebrew intake
  213. Replacing Valve Springs
  214. strange suspension noise (not popping)
  215. Will Honda/Acura Replace My Odometer?
  216. Will this damage my R18?
  217. 06 SI - AMSOIL SSO 0w30 - 16350 miles Oil Analysis & Report
  218. Possible problem with top hat?
  219. After driving the car makes a clicking sound, what is that sound?
  220. Loss of electrical while driving
  221. need a little help...
  222. transmission problem =(
  223. Temperature Sensor #2
  224. Engine Smoking
  225. probably a noob question, but just to be safe
  226. Airbag lights intermittently
  227. Valve Adjustment How To Help Please
  228. where does the obd2 scanner plug into?
  229. The I don't know what I should do/did I just kill/hurt my car thread.
  230. Another Ticking Noise!!
  231. Power Steering Fluid is "soiled" ???
  232. lx key fob
  233. Water Leak FTL
  234. Adjusting Toe
  235. did i kill my civic? :(.. ignition question
  236. Screeching Noise Coming From The Rear Passenger Wheel
  237. Clicking in reverse 08 si
  238. 100 watt instead of 55 watts? (foglights)
  239. Alarm not arming?
  240. Possible hydrolocked or something else not sure????
  241. cold air intake
  242. noise
  243. 2nd 4th and 6th gear problems
  244. Engine Ticking LOUDLY
  245. disconnecting the battery on si
  246. Shifter loud?
  247. AC/HVAC Won't Work with Push Button Start
  248. how much coolant?
  249. My DRLs only work sometimes
  250. Nail in tire...need advice ASAP!!!