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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. ticking noise
  2. A couple problems: fuel door, rattle on bumps / hw speeds
  3. CV boot Damage
  4. Help! Car won't start using cigarette-lighter lamp
  5. College Hills Horns Don't Work
  6. input shaft bearing
  7. How to take off handle bar on roof liner?
  8. everyone!! please i need help or info...
  9. 06 civic si clutch problem
  11. Leds install and fuse blow out.
  12. Cel
  13. Idling Problem
  14. HELP! car noise
  15. I/H/E/Flashpro
  16. cold start?
  17. Dents / Dimples around Sunroof
  18. Not going anywhere
  19. Greddy ti c gaskets ?
  20. Can I reuse catback exhuast gaskets?
  21. whats this?
  22. loss of power in vtec
  23. upgrading wiper blades to longer lengths?
  24. 08-044 cracked engine block
  25. Car completely looses power when I try to start it. HELP!
  26. CA state ref, will I pass?
  27. Need some guidance
  28. Reverse Gear Grind
  29. F*** my transmission
  30. 09 Turbo Si Blown Head Gasket ??
  31. Car running rich
  32. Replacing front Strut and control arm
  33. Best High-Flow Catalytic Converter input/output size?
  34. Break Question
  35. help: first accident and first time dealing with insurance co.
  36. ugh sick of this car
  37. Industrial strength lock-tite
  38. tsx throtthle body help!!!! 1 pic
  39. engine coolant question
  40. want to build a k20z3
  41. A/C working intermittently
  42. Low beam angel.
  43. run engine cooler?
  44. a possible answer to the squeaky clutch sound
  45. SRS airbag light?? on?
  46. Paint worn off on door handles
  47. My Current Rants
  48. oil question.. and no im not asking wat type of oil..
  49. Swaying at high (75-80MPH) speeds....
  50. Synthetic Oil
  51. Skunk2 header question
  52. Oil filter relocation
  53. 02 extension
  54. The reliable '06 Civic SI - A short story
  55. AUX/XM Radio Button...Not working
  56. Weaking trunk
  57. 09 fa5 with navi Wierd noise from speakers!!
  58. Car Wont Start
  59. DCRH Install
  60. Won't let me go past 5 rpm
  61. Anyone had the whole dash out up to the firewall?
  62. Installed Fujita SRI.. stall problem
  63. Knocking sound
  64. Transmission Problems
  65. Rear speakers shut off when I close the trunk
  66. 2006 Civic EX Third brake light and trunk acuator
  67. help needed with LED fitting
  68. 1st gear lock
  69. reprograming a key
  70. !help! 1st gear lurking and knocking!!
  71. Easy and cheap way to remove top speed limitation?
  72. OEM Fogs
  73. fuel system disabled
  74. air resistance?
  75. Techron Fuel System Cleaner?? ANybody Used It?
  76. 18" HFP Rims on an 09 Civic EX
  77. Anyone Else have Wet Carpet 09FA5??
  78. Shifter cable for r18
  79. high RPMs in Neutral
  80. 1st gear grind
  81. DIY Ram Air question
  82. Just got my 3rd gear tranny fixed, but now something else is wrong!
  83. bad clutch or bad tune?
  84. Need torque specifications for suspension components please.
  85. FWD Transmission - How it works Inside
  86. spark plugs
  87. Gaining lift height with a regular floor jack?
  88. clunking in rear
  89. tensinor and tensinor pulley
  90. Odd Servicing Question
  91. Jack stands for a year... What now?
  92. Hood problem - please help!
  93. Driver's door doesn't feel right opening
  94. R18 cel?
  95. Winter Tires 09 Si Sedan
  96. Automatic transmission chatter when shifting
  97. DIY USDM Mugen Body Kit Instructions
  98. HELP i think i just blew my tranny
  99. Flapping/Tapping noise
  100. A/C Condenser Replacement
  101. what is this
  102. transmission/lsd
  103. Fog Light Install Help
  104. Uneven tire wear - bad control arms
  105. a/c and boomba mounts
  106. Need help with 4th gear grinding at fast shifting
  107. New 09 fender bender..need to remove fr. fender!
  108. Questions about third gear?
  109. Clunking, Popping, or Clicking Noise TSB!
  110. Second Gear "probable" Solutions
  111. Fender Mud Gaurd is Done
  112. Strut tower
  113. Engine Swap?
  114. 93 Civic Idle
  115. Website most of you use for your aftermarket parts??
  116. Intermittent ABS&VSA Lights.. HELP
  117. 07 EX Sedan Rear suspension bottoming out. Normal?
  118. jacking up car for axle back install
  119. Burning smell after Vtec
  120. Shift Knob flange nut measurement.
  121. No power to windows, locks sunroof
  122. Please give me advice, im noob
  123. kind of knocking sound
  124. Losing Gas? Losing KM?
  125. Has anyone installed a Mugen short shifter in an Si?
  126. Fog Light Help!
  127. R18 cold morning engine whistle at low RPM
  128. Car stalls after intake install -- HELP --
  129. Cold Start, Sharp Wheel Turn, Loud Clank?
  130. Online Owner's Manuals
  131. About paint
  132. Holy mother of wheel gap!
  133. No Start/Battery problems 07Civic 4drLX
  134. Need Help! Need Exhaust Manifold Gasket In San Diego
  135. Key will not fit into ignition, anyone experience this ever?
  136. Exploding Sun Visor
  137. 2009 AT hesitation
  138. Shift issues
  139. civic behavior on the highway(auto trannies)
  140. HELP CEL comes twice after reseting it..
  141. Tell me about 2007 Si Front Rotors
  142. Idle Hop
  143. SRS light on Please Help!!!
  144. Lights not working! HELP!
  145. I've had it!!!!!!
  146. Seat belt locks?
  147. Power window issue
  148. Your trailer experiences?
  149. HELP my car shakes when i drive
  150. *clutch not like butter no more*
  151. Ground Throttle Body for Improved Performance/Reduced Lag?
  152. MPG linked mostly to RPM? Throttle position a factor too?
  153. Really loud squeak from rear suspension
  154. Recommendations on a good battery?
  155. Clutch Questions
  156. Noise from front passenger side door
  157. honda warranty question and rpm question. plz help me out
  158. R18 OBD2 Codes P0102 & P0113
  159. oil overfill
  160. clutch chatter or realease bearing ..again?
  161. Remote wire ??
  162. Honda diagnostic tool
  163. Windows squeak going down? Here's how to fix it
  164. I want a foglight cover, not whole assembly!!! Where art thou??? (09 FA5)
  165. rubber undercoating
  166. Question about shifting.
  167. oil pressure switch thread specs?
  168. Odd First Gear Problem
  169. How often do the 8th Gen Civics need to have the transmission fluid replaced?
  170. ac fan
  171. AC makes a clank when turned on
  172. Strange sound
  173. Weird noise...
  174. Blown #3 IG1 ACG fuse
  175. Steering wheel audio controls
  176. Wheel Stud Broke Off. WTF
  177. Antifreeze leaking
  178. Guide to Removing Front Seats for Civic Coupe/Si
  179. Rattle on Passenger A/C Unit
  180. 4th gear whine
  181. How often should the intake filter be changed?
  182. A/C Condenser fixed by Honda
  183. Clutch Pedal Pop
  184. Does anyone feel that the SI is a "Moody" car?
  185. OBD2 connector loose
  186. exhaust manifold heatshield cutting/melting eps wire
  187. Oil Pump
  188. Spark Plugs
  189. Need Some Serious Help! plz
  190. Rear Curtain Airbag Panel Reinstallation
  191. Intermittent A/C ?
  192. Reverse gear not fully engaged
  193. 3rd gear(Not the normal)
  194. Finding the right vacuum line!
  195. 02 sensor problem
  196. 2nd gear grinding
  197. Drive by wire and D->R
  198. What structural parts is my front bumper missing??
  199. Problem putting into 1st
  200. 12v Accessory Power Socket
  201. HELP!!! How do you take the spark plug cover off!?!
  202. Hep with Check Engine Light
  203. Camshaft timing over advanced P0011
  204. dlc
  205. Honda needs to do something about the 2nd gear grind
  206. tick/ping sound after driving when car is off
  207. do i need to upgrade my battery?
  208. car shakes a lot when ac on
  209. 2006 honda civic engine jerking
  210. allignment problem HELP!
  211. EPS failure
  212. Im Feeling Vibrations
  213. I need help fixing my front grill (Should be an easy fix). Pics included.
  214. Engine block heater
  215. VSA light is Staying on!!!
  216. Morning Whine R18
  217. exhaust and header set up = RATTLING NOISE
  218. Comparison of worn brake pads
  219. 09 Civic LX with 800 miles - hearing front end noise
  220. Brake probelm
  221. Honda not covering my transmission under warranty!!!
  222. Best Honda Parts Website
  223. Major Fog Light Issue
  224. replacement wiper inserts. help please!!!
  225. Anti-Freeze Concern.
  226. Noisy power locks
  227. Firm clutch pedal?
  228. help, something smells like its burning, literally!
  229. whitch tire goes where??????
  230. steering problem
  231. Clicking/Ticking noise from front wheel
  232. Weird air sound
  233. engine swap?
  234. Foot Rest aka "Dead Pedal"
  235. Alarm System Wiring Help Needed
  236. Stock 09 Sedan Si Alignment
  237. i know it not 8thgen(a/c)
  238. PLZ help with airbag light
  239. P0812 Reverse Input Circuit 2007 Civic LX Sedan
  240. stalling on a brand new clutch
  241. detecting an engine "miss" in '09 Civic Si
  242. any problem with the 09s yet?
  243. One Thing After Another.....
  244. HELP! Car will not start
  245. water inside my rear panel
  246. Running A/C on M/T and A/T r18s
  247. Would you buy an 06 SI with great oil analysis results and extended oil changes
  248. Explain Weight to Horspower ratio, please
  249. Halo Projector Headlights - Moisture build up
  250. Wrong jump start~