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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. AC noise and smell
  2. Spring Squeaking HELP!
  3. Aftermarket Spring Swap
  4. clicking sound near driver windshield
  5. P1157 Code
  6. How does your AT shift?
  7. Werid noise coming from Wheels
  8. I may be paranoid but I just want to make sure
  9. 06 Civic Coupe EX whinning noise!!!
  10. HIDs
  11. car tilting slightly to the right
  12. Sound system help (cap)
  13. Cool weather and Nitrofill
  14. DC Sport Race Header Flex Pipe Sux
  15. grinding/vibrating noise
  16. Anyone ever used Ktune throttle booster
  17. Best defouler out to buy??
  18. Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner Pivot Bolt
  19. Shifting
  20. DIY oil pan removal?
  21. Need help
  22. 98 Civic Hairline crack in the radiator
  23. CEL Help.
  24. Engine Died on Highway - Help
  25. tranny fluid
  26. general question about...
  27. how to enable AUTO door lock ON after getting out of the car?
  28. Amsoil or Eneos
  29. Car Stalls When Engaging Clutch
  30. exhaust ticket in NY evo2 exhaust
  31. New clutch problem
  32. Over-revved my engine. Got questions.
  33. Is my 89 civic Clutch self adjusting?
  34. Tricks and Tips for Oil Filter Removal During Oil Change (Si)
  35. Shaking While Driving - Help me out !
  36. sunroof wont close *help*
  37. redline + cold engine = ??
  38. Honda replaced my Navi, Wtf is this...
  39. Your thoughts on HAMP oil filters.
  40. Intake Hose Question
  41. Is it harmful to the steering if I turn the wheel...
  42. Last night I think I smelled clutch for the first time :(
  43. How many clicks on the handbrake?
  44. USB reads ipod but its not playing sound
  45. Does any one know how to take off
  46. New Exhaust/RH with vibrations
  47. 2008 Civic with a God awful AC smell!
  48. Need a Good/Cool Body Shop in *SOCAL*
  49. Noise after I put new header
  50. How robust are civics?
  51. HELP! Occasional Grinding into 3rd Gear
  52. k20a!?!?!?
  53. Brake Grinding Noise under 10mph
  54. Another synthetic oil thread v. no more exxon
  55. 3rd gear getting worse, post TSB
  56. Comptech supercharger or K24 block with forged 12:1 comp pistons and rods
  57. 1st & Reverse Gear Sticking
  58. vibrations when braking hard
  59. 5 speed manual tranny issue
  60. Sudden Electrical Problem
  61. 2008 civic anti theft radio code wont work
  62. Left Brake light out
  63. Need some opinions
  64. Lots of problems
  65. Suspension issue
  66. noise after putting to D. AT.
  67. Anihillated my suspension? steering?
  68. reverse noise?
  69. Popping noise when i turn wheel
  70. Popping noise when i turn wheel
  71. How Do you know ?
  72. Front Dash Board Removal and Replacement
  73. Please help with removal of rear shock...
  74. Forget about calling honda let's call cbs2 news
  75. Reverse & Park
  76. 06 Driver door lock problem
  77. 08 Civic Si ECM pinout!!! HELP....
  78. Shaky car right after start up!!!
  79. Question about headlight tints
  80. Battery!!!
  81. Sedan Speaker Problem
  82. Oil Filters - Dissected
  83. What oil to use?
  84. Choosing the right MTF oil for our cars??
  85. Another civic meets a curb (with carnage pics!)
  86. what else could be possibly bent?
  87. Starter
  88. maintinance minder stuck @ 100%
  89. civic automatic(2007 lx) d light is blinking and check engine light on
  90. Please Help If You Have Had This Problem??
  91. No Reverse after Transmission Swap...ideas?
  92. How much oil to add... 4.6 Qts????
  93. in cabin electrical issue
  94. Sensor issues
  95. HELP Need Installation Direction 06 Civic Wiper Motor
  96. Steering Looser to the right
  97. VTEC does not sound right!! help
  98. Anyone have a grind in 2nd gear as well as 3rd
  99. Oil
  100. Blacking out dash lights
  101. Belt tensioner rattling...
  102. CEL question
  103. Just bought a XTD stage 3, 6 puck clutch and flywheel
  104. possible causes of misfire?
  105. Can The Amsoil Trans Fluid Switch Damage The Trans
  106. 06 civic si sound system volume goes down by itself when turning steering wheel
  107. dust and pollen filter Honda civic 2008
  108. small indicator on dash?
  109. 2009 Civic EX Automatic Sedan Pulls to the Right When Accelerating
  110. Tranny Rebuild
  111. Found this just sitting in my engine bay..
  112. 3rd Gear Problem, Need Advice
  113. Car Wont Redline!?!?!?!
  114. Benefits to allowing self-test on startup?
  115. Skunk2 Pro-S Problem. BOTTOMING OUT! HELP
  116. Check engine light came on today
  117. Hard to get into gears
  118. K&N Air Filter vs. Green Air Filter
  119. hard time figuring this out
  120. car idles rough when fan is on
  121. am i missing a screw there on the engine head?
  122. spacer problems??
  123. Transmission change
  124. Brand New 2009 Civic EX Automatic Rolls Backwards While in "Drive"
  125. Scosche - 2-Channel Adjustable Line-Out Converter
  126. Hit a piece of tired from a truck..
  127. Exhaust and Emissions
  128. gurgling noise when turn off
  129. Need DIY for replacing oil pan 2008 civic si
  130. Weird Smell & Click Sound HELP PLEASEEE!
  131. Main Bearing Colors!
  132. 06 Civic EX Emission light
  133. Premium Unleaded
  134. burning smell?
  135. Pic request of sedan with si wing
  136. power steering clicking
  137. Squeaking Noise in 4th 5th and 6th
  138. 09 Driver's Side Fog Light + raccoon
  139. Puddle of water on passenger side floor
  140. Clutch master or cylnder problem maybe?
  141. Oil Filter Relocation Kit Install
  142. Honda Diagnostic System-CM Update Calibration Flash Anyone Can Help?
  143. Humming Noise When Turning
  144. fuel door won't open
  145. cold air intake problems
  146. Tranmission struggle
  147. Broken E-Brake Handle!
  148. Vibration in the roof from the radio
  149. Si Alternator?
  150. CRX/06+Civic Rotors the same??????
  151. Unknown Fuse Blown?!?
  152. radiator cap
  153. just installed my strup header.. Question.
  154. Passenger Airbags
  155. TEIN Lowering Springs Problem - Need Help
  156. How to Change Oil
  157. Damaged tire sidewall, do I need a new one?
  158. Rev Hang an Issue on Other Cars
  159. wheel hub or.. ?
  160. check engine light problem?
  161. HOW do I put the coolant reserve tank back in?!
  162. Don't Buy K&N Oil Filters even if your life depends on it!
  163. DIY programming of keys and fobs
  164. Trying to locate/fix a noise and I need to take the dash apart help please
  165. Annoying rattling in trunk from sub? Found
  166. comptech s/c cel baro sensor/failed ecm
  167. Is it just me, or does the R18 engine require alot of oil?
  168. Coloured exhaust fumes
  169. Interesting article about oils, Mobil 1, Royal Purple
  170. Cruise contorl cut out
  171. Someone messed up my hood!
  172. Ruined my clutch
  173. Camshafts Timing
  174. 07 Civic DXG MT Engine Stutter...
  175. 09 si rattling sound going pass 70
  176. Tire Experts - I Need Help Diagnosing a Problem
  177. jeep is jumping
  178. Clutch slippage.
  179. Auto trans is a lugger.. 2009
  180. 07 civic too many miles..
  181. Not a Honda problem but i need 8th's help
  182. radiator goes off way too much!
  183. Need Help!!! BRAKE NOISES!
  184. I think im missing my vtec.. unlucky me
  185. HID bulb burnt out
  186. CEL Today
  187. HID Problems..... Help!!!
  188. does your guys stud come out when unbolting your headers?
  189. 1st to 2nd.....
  190. help pleaseee
  191. TPMS light
  192. Squeaking noise while driving / stopping.
  193. help, i need electrical diagram
  194. tire vibration?
  195. Rear Alignment problem on an 08 Coupe
  196. New Installed Intake, But has rumbling in car?
  197. Interior lights wont light up anymore
  198. Clutch Bleed
  199. Eletrical problems when pressing brake.
  200. Connecting Rod Bearings
  201. Steering Rack for 06 SI
  202. is this safe for my r18?
  203. My other Coolant question...
  204. 2008 Civic
  205. Yeaa...I hit my dads car
  206. radio lcd display
  207. Weird Noises?
  208. Corner lights, tail lights and license plate doesnt work
  209. Turbo R18 wont start
  210. 07 Si, 42K miles, slight miss at idle
  211. need help for air bag light on
  212. Suspension Not Firm Anymore
  213. REMINDER call American Honda TOMORROW!
  214. Suspension causing CEL???
  215. DBW / Lazy Throttle (2007 Civic EX -- MTX)
  216. New problem along with my current 1
  217. Rim swap with my mom's 07 odyssey
  218. Another clutch question...
  219. Wheel weights from the factory
  220. Vibrating/rattling when sub kicks from trunk
  221. Cai Veins where to find them at.
  222. Horn stopped working in two years?!?
  223. Armrest Removal
  224. Clutch question
  225. Mugen Quick Shift Problem... Help?
  226. Finding Honda Part Numbers
  227. Vibrant Gen2 - Couple Questions
  228. 2nd gear update
  229. 1997 Honda Civic LX
  230. Hit a!
  231. What is bad for a clutch?
  232. Custom "Intro Screen"
  233. 09 Si tranny has updated internals.
  234. to the guy who beat a corvette
  235. alignment Problem... Help!
  236. The weather broke my visor =(
  237. help removing corsport cable bushings
  238. Class Action Suit for 2nd gear sign up
  239. front passenger squeaks
  240. Coolant question.
  241. Bumper Chip...
  242. 2009 Civic Si 3rd Gear problem
  243. help! rsx wheel fitment
  244. Throwout Bearing..
  245. heater inlet hose location?!
  246. My hood is stuck
  247. Moon Roof And Passenger Window
  248. Adding AC
  249. USB+Blackberry = Songs Not In Order???
  250. mishmoto radiator leaking