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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. Tranny problem! HELP!
  2. Brake noise
  3. Can someone identify this clip
  4. Day lights wont turn on?
  5. Clutch pedal parts kit info needed
  6. Check Engine Light
  7. reccomended codescanner??
  8. 2009 si in Canada Rev Hang
  9. Serpentine Belt
  10. HELP! Dip Stick reading/oil change 4.6qts
  11. clutch engaging later than usual
  12. Master cyclinder or Clutch bad
  13. For All You 09' Si Owners Out There w/o Navi
  14. Transmision oil R18 owners
  15. need help QUICK
  16. oil life gauge, broke?
  17. I want to ad a extra bung on my header but were ?
  18. Front inner fender help.
  19. Adjustasble RCA vs OEM RCA fix??
  20. weird noise (need help)
  21. Fog Light Installation??
  22. Stereo and power outlets
  23. clutch pedal creaking noise
  24. cel p2128 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 2
  25. Clutch Master Cylinder
  26. OEM cat bolts sizes????
  27. 165,000 Km's on Iridium Spark Plugs.
  28. Pulsation in gas pedal after tire rotation
  29. Downshift from 5th into 2nd
  30. Mid pipe
  31. Tranny
  32. 1st gear down shift and then Clunk?
  33. Need help with radio
  34. Popping noise w/lights and electronix
  35. Severe wheel hop (Si)
  36. 07 civic wont start and ignition light went on and off
  37. High beam/DRL replacement
  38. Engine mount bolts BROKE OFF
  39. Sea Foam
  40. 3rd Gear Out of Warranty Repair
  41. Brake Problem
  42. Question!!!!
  43. Fog lights and Cold Air Intake?
  44. creaking steering assembly
  45. Moisture in headlight
  46. R-18 engine ticking noise NEED HELP car only has 9102 miles on it
  47. Getting a Car Tuned
  48. Noise When Adjusting Temperature
  49. New here, and I'm stumped.
  50. Cant seem to open my drivers door...
  51. Ear popping?
  52. "Check fuel cap" came on while turned off and parked??
  53. How bad is it when you get tiny particles of dirt in your engine ?
  54. Lowering springs effects on suspension
  55. My brothers Genesis 2.0T acting up...
  56. Loud Thudding/Banging Spinning Tires (After Header Install)
  57. anyone know how to adjust the clutch on the 06 si?
  58. hwo to fix oil pan leak
  59. Comp Clutch stage 4
  60. what spark plugs you running
  61. Headlight bulbs
  62. Turning steering wheel, makes weird noise
  63. I have a voice in the transmission from the inside
  64. 07 Civic Visor Replacement Help
  65. 2500 RPM ruff
  66. Weird Sounds
  67. P2610 c.e.l.
  68. 2010 Si Transmission okay?
  69. Brake light on spoiler not working?
  70. Weird smell....??
  71. Lots of heat from center console
  72. Gonna be changing my front bumper cover and needed some help...
  73. Brake Lights not working
  74. Got my CEL checked
  75. Rear coilovers not compressing?
  76. Civic Si Clutch sticks when released
  77. What to do with used ATF?
  78. Nitrous on stock 08 si
  79. oil smell at WOT?
  80. Fuel Pump went out on me
  81. Need some help guys !!! My girls LS Vtec swap!!
  82. Sputtering and then
  83. Intake question
  84. Torn CV Boot
  85. yet another Si meets a curb ^_^
  86. Clutch Resistance
  87. Steering Wheel issues?
  88. check engine light code P0108
  89. intake!!!!!
  90. Hood Insulation BLEW UP
  91. Bolt size for rear drums
  92. Twisted Seat belt removal
  93. Cerftified Honda - Warrenty Transerfable
  94. pls help master cyclinder pump
  95. Aftermarket lip ready to be installed, but I have no hardware. Help plz.
  96. idling issue or normal?
  97. EP3 Coils?
  98. New Si owner
  99. EBC Green breakpads
  100. oil drain plug washer? help
  101. Woke up this mourning to....
  102. How do you check the condition of an engine mount?
  103. Questions about bringing my car in for 2nd & 3rd gear grind
  104. Knocking in left-rear suspension
  105. New Rims, TPMS light on.
  106. Prob Aftr ShortRam intake installation
  107. knocking noise from under the console
  108. 08+ R18 NST Pulley Kit Belt Question
  109. Debating feasability of *COMPLETE* Type R conversion.
  110. Brake pedal vibrates when braking
  111. Does Honda's warranty cover rattling and creeking sounds?
  112. Thread size of o2 sensor?
  113. Possible Clutch problem? No Clue.
  114. Which condenser to use? :(
  115. metallic ticking noise - source found
  116. Am I worrying too much when my car shifts gears?
  117. Thanks for the DIY articles
  118. Rear Fender liner FA5
  119. 1st and 3rd gear
  120. 06 3rd gear work being completed today
  121. "SUBW OFF" ??? Premium Sound System Help!
  122. Sqeaking/squealing from front left.
  123. p1172 code????
  124. Grooved idler pulley starting to make noise... has anyone replaced just the bearing?
  125. Pop from rear suspension
  126. HELP! Sudden Engine Rev while Stopping
  127. Does my 3rd problem fall within the widespread 3rd gear problem?
  128. K20z3 head removal
  129. Suspension feels stiff, and more noises as car goes over bumps.
  130. Rust spots on bumper
  131. clips
  132. IPOD Connection
  133. Engine code from gas pedal?
  134. Cusco 3 point Strut Tower Bar
  135. whats the cost to get a high output alternator and install?
  136. Bad smell as of late...
  137. Weird sound when getting into first gear
  138. 08 si battery relocater
  139. Syspension
  140. 3rd Gear Problem For 2010s?? Think Mine Has It
  141. Sound System Problem, Dealership Wants More Proof, Don't Know What To Do
  142. Whining noise
  143. $$$$ new fog lights $$$$
  144. ECM Replacement - P060A Int. Contrl Mod Proc Perf
  145. inside Windshield streaky
  146. Twitchy steering & pulsating power assist
  147. Headlight Blubs
  148. 3 amps in civic causing issues? help please
  149. Hill start w/ auto trans
  150. Alignment Problems: Caster and Toe (Pic inside)
  151. Replacing the Air filter
  152. Exhaust Tip snapped off by tow truck
  153. Civic Si 2009 Jerks when accelerating cold
  154. How many of you guys use the NAPA gold 1356 filters ?
  155. What requires alignment after work
  156. Anyone have issues with their transmission mount?
  157. Door panel rattle on 2009 Civic LX
  158. anyone in socal can know how to install oem fog lights for a 08 ex?
  159. Spark plug wire..
  160. Brake interlock and Power steering issue
  161. check engine light on need help!!! =[
  162. driver side window squeels when its rolled down any1 know how to fix?
  163. Don't know if I need camber arms. Need some guidance thanks!
  164. Hole In Transmission Case
  165. In cabin lighting problem
  166. wierd heat/air problem
  167. since day one, brakes and alignment issue! what qualifies for a lemon in NJ?
  168. Front suspension assembly wont line up
  169. High pitched "chopping" noise...
  170. Keyless Entry Won't Work
  171. Transmission sounds like a table saw when cold
  172. Help!!!!!!
  173. Hondata FlashPro Problem!!!!!
  174. Squeaking noise from engine?
  175. Help Installing Fogs!
  176. Error after installing
  177. maybe a dumb question. Is wideband O2 and Secondary O2 same sensor?
  178. I sued Honda..and won :)
  179. possibly dumb question
  180. steering oversteer/understeer
  181. 2008 Civic LX Sedan steering question
  182. 2009 Civic Si vibration
  183. Steelies?
  184. *** Caster off after Front Strut Replacement ***
  185. Does anyone know the size resistor to turn off the airbag light for the seats?
  186. audible vibrating sound from engine compartment
  187. Advice on some tune up stuff
  188. Loss of HP after Over Rev
  189. The Air Assist Valve
  190. Window tint
  191. Fog Lights Power
  192. How to check the ignition coils by multimeter?
  193. Really starting to piss me off
  194. Clutch pedal Clicking or popping
  195. Will VIN Tell Me Disc or Drum On Rear Axle?
  196. Tach ~200rpm Fast
  197. Interior B-Pillar Issues? Popping out?
  198. Pre Cat Failure?
  199. Check engine Light problem
  200. Vibration at 60-70 mph
  201. 2006 Civic EX Security sytem won't set
  202. I NEED HELP; Will the HFP muffler fit my 2010 EX
  203. my ebay fog light switch is broken
  204. Looking for TSB's for canadians
  205. Hybrid Transmission Surge
  206. Steering Clunk: Anyone with springs had it fixed?
  207. Steering wheel noise
  208. Transmission Issue with R18 MT
  209. Proper way to change the Coolant
  210. valves are sounding do loud
  211. need HELP in deciding on a muffler!
  212. Help with gaskets
  213. Click or thud when engaging the clutch
  214. tranny problem
  215. Micu
  216. Car Overheating Really Fast
  217. Civic 08 engine light,reverse light problem.
  218. Brake fluid cap loose?
  219. Cruise control wont work above 70mph
  220. after market subs, radio signal lost
  221. Fogs wont turn on with HID's... HELP!!!
  222. Problems with my 06 Civic EX Coupe
  223. Car vibrated at 50+...engine light came on
  224. Slipping clutch or fuel problem?
  225. Air bag lights on can't clear codes! HELP NEEDED!
  226. factory fog light harness with hid problem
  227. Small electrical issue
  228. steering wheel pop/noise
  229. Gas Milage problem
  230. Gear problem i think.
  231. Help I have A Problem
  232. Cold brakes - grabby?
  233. Rev Limiter
  234. MPG on info display
  235. quick question: our lug nut size
  236. Help!! squeaky noises from rear passenger shocks/brakes.
  237. loud clicking noise starting car
  238. Brake problem?
  239. Steering wheel feels very twitchy
  240. Vtec Rattle/Vibration Dealer Diagnosis
  241. This can't be right?
  242. Mobil1 5w-30 EP UOA (analysis) 6,000 miles
  243. Blown head gasket symptoms?
  244. Grinding noise coming from under the car
  245. Another Pulley Noise/Problem...
  246. Modified Stock Injectors???
  247. broken stock radio buttons
  248. Exedy Stage 2 Racing Clutch Slipping!!!!
  249. Deatschwerks Injectors
  250. check engine light