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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. % oil life
  2. First oil change/maintenence minder
  3. Shifting problem
  4. Bolt size for axle
  5. Squeak/Creaking while Turning wheel
  6. Glazed Brakes...?
  7. tires look flat....
  8. Vibration/Rattle during cold start take off
  9. Six Month Old Car W/ PAINT FADE
  10. Hesitation at constant speed
  11. cel code p0443 question
  12. Interior night lights in dash wont turn on! HELP!!!!
  13. Window Tinting Question
  14. squeeking noise from under front driver wheel well
  15. bad air/fuel during vtec at WOT
  16. FG2 with Bad Ball Bearing!!??
  17. Check engine light
  18. Parrot Bluetooth
  19. Antifreezy is just disapearing..
  20. help please
  21. Stock exhaust issue
  22. airbag question regarding racing seats
  23. Automatically locking (when you are away from the car)
  24. Uneven front doors on 07 civic.
  25. Air Condition Smells
  26. TSB # 08-039 diagram water pump pulley
  27. Need help, ran car w/o oil!!
  28. Cel
  29. Weird rattle or deep click noise in DASH??
  30. removeing front bumper - is it easy?
  31. Bearing Grinding?
  32. 2nd Gear Royally F**cked
  33. Dealer not paying for TSB 06-036
  34. hfp kit bolt question
  35. Headlight bulb question!
  36. legality question for ppl in VA
  37. Need help !!
  38. Tranny Issues At 22,000 miles removed and replaced
  39. odd sound from clutch
  40. LED Licenceplate light blowing out.
  41. Si Weird Noises
  42. turn signals
  43. Low MPG
  44. Repairing a cracked rear bumper
  45. Auto transmission lugging issue HELP!
  46. Getting 3rd gear replaced
  47. just a QUICK question!!
  48. ebay clutch and flywheel
  49. 2009 Si Grill on a 2008
  50. Windshield washer fluid sprays on bumps
  51. 00 Jetta Automatic... anyone a Pro Mechanic on Euro Cars PLZ!
  52. pass. window won't work after red inserts
  53. Storing for the winter
  54. secondary o2 sensor???
  55. Transmission leak. Help...
  56. Got a p0137 cel light ????
  57. Fan Control Dial Illumination - no glow...;-(
  58. 06 1.8L Burning Oil
  59. Motor mounts
  60. Taking my SI to the dealership today for numerous little problems! Any Ideas?
  61. transmission problem in a 08 automatic
  62. For those that have a rattle coming from hood/fender/dash. Fixed
  63. Just installed Vibrant header and HKS exhaust... Now CEL is on.
  64. 2010 si passenger seat rattling/ squicky sound
  65. 09 Civic Si
  66. break in oil
  67. CEL after Fuse Replace
  68. Car running too lean???
  69. IPOD NANO & 2008 Honda Civic Si
  70. Plastic Underbody
  71. crazy rev hang OMG!
  72. how can lots of small dents be fixed?
  73. civic 2006-2009 Thailand have problem in Engine with tok tok sound
  74. Throttle Wont Respond Quickly!!!!
  75. Ignition issue?
  76. Armrest broke...
  77. Shift knob wont go back to center
  78. climate control problem
  79. Exhaust "volume"
  80. Crazy idle Help please!!!!!
  81. is the crucial to get fixed?
  82. ultra btright PIAA bulbs
  83. Tensioner bolt breaks?
  84. k20z3 replacement
  85. Brakes and Auto Window Issues
  86. Sub rattling
  87. BAWM sound when braking over very rough surface
  88. For those of you that have problems with window rattle
  89. Front Speaker Problem
  90. Annoying exhaust sound!!
  91. smells like burning??
  92. Clutch or brake noise?
  93. Security/Vehicle Theft
  94. need some help.
  95. Supercharged and NO boost
  96. Acceleration click front end, Decel click
  97. Revs by itself when reversing
  98. Maintenance light
  99. For those of you Running Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs
  100. Car alarm goes off when I start my car! What happen?!
  101. Are SI Coupe Tail lights different than non-SI tail lights?
  102. Couple problems with Skunk2 Pro-S
  103. Foglight harness pins.
  104. Wierd noise when I turn the wheel too far in either direction
  105. Lighting
  106. Warranty information Mileage correction
  107. 2008 Civic question - blinking "Drive" light
  108. Another Header Problem - Little Power and Huge Gas Consumption
  109. Fuel Filter on the 8th?
  110. service confusion
  111. Clutch Clicking/Getting Stiffer
  112. what suspension component?
  113. Are the front grill SI emblems the same as the Rear Trunk SI emblems?
  114. subs humming without music
  115. o2 sensor extenstion????
  116. Suspect Hydrolock? Read this Honda Service News article.
  117. Homemade turbo setup questions
  118. Pulled Spark Plugs, Cranked out the Water, Engine won't Start!
  119. Will a 4dr seat airbag fit in an 2dr seat?
  120. Can you hydrolock w/ a SRI
  121. Leaking Antifreezy Fluid
  122. License plate lights.
  123. Lost Power with strup race header???? WTF
  124. My Car is Acting Weird.
  125. Possible Hydrolock AGAIN!
  126. oil bolt stripped while changing oil
  127. removing interior passenger dash
  128. Civic EX: 2nd gear manual trans popping & grinding
  129. Clutch Squeaking
  130. 3rd gear issue, everyone needs to read this!
  131. License plate bulbs.
  132. K Member Strut?
  133. K20Z1 Short Block
  134. Whats up with our transmission!
  135. fuse for oxygen sensor ?
  136. What is this on my transmission?
  137. Clutch/Clutch system issue
  138. eBay Honda Interface Module / HDS software clone - any experience?
  139. Gear Jerking!!!
  140. metallic rattling sound coming from front end
  141. popping in my clutch pedal
  142. My side mirror is not moving side by side....
  143. High capacity oil filter for civic?
  144. 3rd and 5th Getting Stuck..Help!
  145. Crooked front quarter panel (w/pics)
  146. Air bag light comes on on the odometer!
  147. Is This "Rev Hang" Or something else??
  148. Honda unable to sync ECU?? help
  149. Dashboard not working
  150. Help! Replace MAX AC and AC Lights in Dash
  151. check engine light on...
  152. pulling to the right after new rims. help!
  153. Tires
  154. a/c and heater making car very jerky...
  155. Megan Racing Header + Downpipe = CEL?
  156. problem shifting
  157. Corsport lists TWM ITB's for the 06+ civic si?
  158. The final word on ECU overrev logging - where's the proof?
  159. Weird Sound
  160. Steering Thump/Bang Sound
  161. CEL gone after intake install?!
  162. I have 16k on my R18 and the stock tires have no tread left?
  163. 08 Civic SI Grinds for a second when COLD STARTING.
  164. shifter cable bushings
  165. Rigidly securing the interior panels?
  166. LOL ok E-brake Cold weather
  167. AC noise and smell
  168. Spring Squeaking HELP!
  169. Aftermarket Spring Swap
  170. clicking sound near driver windshield
  171. P1157 Code
  172. How does your AT shift?
  173. Werid noise coming from Wheels
  174. I may be paranoid but I just want to make sure
  175. 06 Civic Coupe EX whinning noise!!!
  176. HIDs
  177. car tilting slightly to the right
  178. Sound system help (cap)
  179. Cool weather and Nitrofill
  180. DC Sport Race Header Flex Pipe Sux
  181. grinding/vibrating noise
  182. Anyone ever used Ktune throttle booster
  183. Best defouler out to buy??
  184. Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner Pivot Bolt
  185. Shifting
  186. DIY oil pan removal?
  187. Need help
  188. 98 Civic Hairline crack in the radiator
  189. CEL Help.
  190. Engine Died on Highway - Help
  191. tranny fluid
  192. general question about...
  193. how to enable AUTO door lock ON after getting out of the car?
  194. Amsoil or Eneos
  195. Car Stalls When Engaging Clutch
  196. exhaust ticket in NY evo2 exhaust
  197. New clutch problem
  198. Over-revved my engine. Got questions.
  199. Is my 89 civic Clutch self adjusting?
  200. Tricks and Tips for Oil Filter Removal During Oil Change (Si)
  201. Shaking While Driving - Help me out !
  202. sunroof wont close *help*
  203. redline + cold engine = ??
  204. Honda replaced my Navi, Wtf is this...
  205. Your thoughts on HAMP oil filters.
  206. Intake Hose Question
  207. Is it harmful to the steering if I turn the wheel...
  208. Last night I think I smelled clutch for the first time :(
  209. How many clicks on the handbrake?
  210. USB reads ipod but its not playing sound
  211. Does any one know how to take off
  212. New Exhaust/RH with vibrations
  213. 2008 Civic with a God awful AC smell!
  214. Need a Good/Cool Body Shop in *SOCAL*
  215. Noise after I put new header
  216. How robust are civics?
  217. HELP! Occasional Grinding into 3rd Gear
  218. k20a!?!?!?
  219. Brake Grinding Noise under 10mph
  220. Another synthetic oil thread v. no more exxon
  221. 3rd gear getting worse, post TSB
  222. Comptech supercharger or K24 block with forged 12:1 comp pistons and rods
  223. 1st & Reverse Gear Sticking
  224. vibrations when braking hard
  225. 5 speed manual tranny issue
  226. Sudden Electrical Problem
  227. 2008 civic anti theft radio code wont work
  228. Left Brake light out
  229. Need some opinions
  230. Lots of problems
  231. Suspension issue
  232. noise after putting to D. AT.
  233. Anihillated my suspension? steering?
  234. reverse noise?
  235. Popping noise when i turn wheel
  236. Popping noise when i turn wheel
  237. How Do you know ?
  238. Front Dash Board Removal and Replacement
  239. Please help with removal of rear shock...
  240. Forget about calling honda let's call cbs2 news
  241. Reverse & Park
  242. 06 Driver door lock problem
  243. 08 Civic Si ECM pinout!!! HELP....
  244. Shaky car right after start up!!!
  245. Question about headlight tints
  246. Battery!!!
  247. Sedan Speaker Problem
  248. Oil Filters - Dissected
  249. What oil to use?
  250. Choosing the right MTF oil for our cars??