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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. "Twang" guitar-string sounding noise from shifter area
  2. Knocking noise from under the car help!!!!
  3. I hate curbs!!!
  4. rear chamber kit...any good?
  5. Tein spring help
  6. Need a new battery, quick questions about size / install - 06 SI Coupe
  7. break pads
  8. Hub Of Wheel To Small For Car, HELP!
  9. IAT sensor location?
  10. Where is the Civic SI K20Z3 Cylinder Block Coolant Drain Bolt Location?
  11. Acc. 120v plug?
  12. Can someone post the TSB for the R18 Cracked blocks please
  13. Squeaking trunk Jamaicin' me crazy
  14. Just cleaned MAF? Do I need to reset ECU?
  15. SRS Airbag light on
  16. 2010 Civic Coupe Maintenance Question
  17. Z3 Head Torque Specs?
  18. Howling Tires?
  19. Winter Tire Question
  20. Squeeky steering wheel
  21. VSA LIGHT ON, and wont turn off
  22. R18 water pump
  23. Headlight Trouble! Urg!
  24. Damn bugs..
  25. Automatic converted into Manual trans.???
  26. DRL light is annoying me!!!!!
  27. Help!! Broken Auto tensioner pulley bolt
  28. Is my front bumper OEM?
  29. How do you clean MAF?
  30. Car rough idle dies when reversing out
  31. Help k20z3/k24a4 build
  32. NEED HELP BAD. boosted, motor going????
  33. So I think my block is finished
  34. Several questions about my R18
  35. Atf dw-1
  36. Need Help Running AEM Wideband A/F Wires
  37. ...:::R18 Won't Start:::...
  38. Sedan Rear "Airbag/C-pillar" Rattle - FIX!!!
  39. what causes temp to raise when comptech supercharger is instaled
  40. Some thing broke and i dont know what. help
  41. 2009 Civic EX Control arms
  42. Brake Pad Replacement Question (06 FG2)
  43. Auto window up or down not working
  44. r18 rear bumper fit si???
  45. 2 New Noises from the rear - Suspension?
  46. Engine surge after engine cleaning
  47. Rear trailing control arm bushings replacement
  48. CAI, MAF problem
  49. Different hole where rear shock can go?
  50. wheel hop
  51. Do I need to remove CAI to get my 3rd gear fixed?
  52. Should I add coolant or do a flush?
  53. Sounds like something is shifting by the axel
  54. What do I need for a d15b vtec motor swap on 1989 honda civic hatchback dx?
  55. How do I replace radiator coolant temp sensor on 06 civic si?
  56. LX 3rd brake light install on FG2
  57. Cracked Transmission Case 07 Si
  58. break in
  59. problems with downshifting into third
  60. tires
  61. Helms Manual now in stock
  62. Low on Oil?
  63. Rattling noise from engine bay? '06 LX
  64. Humming noise from the tranny?
  65. Doing some maintanance work, few questions
  66. Question about camber kits
  67. Lights dim down when i turn my wheel
  68. Clutch went out I believe & how much for the clutch replacement?
  69. Wet driver-side floor panel (F+R)
  70. Overflow is full, radiator is low
  71. Strange start today.
  72. [ASK] where is the fuel filter?
  73. Bogging when trying to turn and accelerate
  74. vsa abs and brake light on.
  75. 06 Civic right brake light doesnt work
  76. Nav System/Radio Resets By Itself
  77. Heat & A/C Question
  78. K24 build
  79. need help with k24 swap in fa1
  80. 100k Coming Up... What to look for???
  81. Emergency! What is this?!
  82. Warranty work, Asking for old parts back
  83. Question about stock intake
  84. differential question
  85. Clock/radio dashboard fade
  86. Noise when steering
  87. Noise when steering
  88. OEM Radio volume issue
  89. 60,000 mile service
  90. Gas Light
  91. need help documenting dealership error
  92. Idle Reving Problem and Electrical Issues
  93. can some one do a DIY for spark plugs..
  94. Having my car repainted for the 6th time. Thanx Honda
  95. Help!! Windshield wiper adjustment possible?
  96. Copper spark plugs
  97. bump stop creaking sound
  98. Clutch Engagement Pt Floating
  99. wisco 86 or 86.5mm
  100. Civic si options question???????
  101. Passenger seat rattle
  102. right headlight keep blowing
  103. Are you angry with Honda?
  104. Transmission fluid change
  105. ABS Light Stays On???
  106. lowering springs?
  107. Srs light
  108. Question about a box with chips near the washer fluid resevoir.
  109. Bad Battery?
  110. Computer box
  111. Bog?
  112. Please helppppp!!!
  113. AC blower?
  114. Help me Fix my HID, PLEASE
  115. Bad Caliper!
  116. Help! (C/V Axles)
  117. Low/highs wont turn on-
  118. Battery/Alt bad
  119. Clicky Clutch Sound?
  120. Trans rattle sounds like a broke tooth gear
  121. will mods affect honda warranty?
  122. New clutch?
  123. Backfire/Popping Problem
  124. lighton dash
  125. OEM Navi Help
  126. 07 Sedan, Ebay fogs wont come on
  127. valve taping problem
  128. Driver side window
  129. Shocks shot?
  130. reverse lockout problems
  131. Hit and Run
  132. Trunk/gas lever stuck
  133. Cruise control
  134. check engine lightt
  135. What causes this? (oil pump shattered)
  136. Help! With fog lights and taillights
  137. Can I get my alignment redone?
  138. SRS problem with twist
  139. Driver side tires sticks out more
  140. factory head unit screen non navigation
  141. Clicking Sound While Turning?
  142. Ford truck: what's this hose that came off attached to the rear axle?
  143. Metal Rattling noise when turning left at low speeds
  144. 2nd Gear Issues Anyone?!?!?!?!
  145. 09 civic sedan rear window won't work
  146. Transmission weirdness on a new 2010 LX Auto
  147. EPS Reset?
  148. Loud bang after new clutch install
  149. Squeaking Right Front
  150. What is this!!!
  151. Trunk help important help needed!!
  152. U0122 FCAN Malfunction (ECU to VSA)
  153. Loud squeaking coming from front right wheel well
  154. Minor "heartbeat" like sputtering during idle.
  155. Car Pulls to the right after 3rd Gear Fix
  156. will rsx springs fit on fg2?
  157. 08 Civic LX SEDAN battery draining !!!
  158. Two problems that shouldnt happen with a 2010 ..Help me please
  159. Gears wont Engage. HELP!!.
  160. Car stalls randomly since HID install?...
  161. reading si's dipstick correctly?
  162. Weird noise when accelerating
  163. why the hate on SeaFoam?
  164. Help..
  165. Loud vibrating noise when it rains hard? WTF
  166. Teaching gf to drive my FA5
  167. Pop sound while turning/backing out of spaces
  168. transmission noise
  169. I squeak!!
  170. Question about foglights
  171. remove 06 civic lx alternator
  172. Hydrolock and tarbo
  173. Poor Milage on R18A
  174. Steering Is Getting Rough
  175. Lean code
  176. What is engine braking?
  177. Can I add outside temp to a Canadian DX-G?
  178. tran or motor please help!
  179. cant get in 1st gear sometimes
  180. Blown Motor Mount?
  181. Bent Motor Mount?
  182. A "studder" after cold start in 1st gear
  183. HID losing power
  184. Trunk Mechanism Picture Please
  185. my ghetto passenger seat lolz
  186. shorty header with HFC
  187. Dontcha just love cars?.... I got nothing.
  188. 2009 Civic EXL Alignment concerns...
  189. It does not allow me to shift 1st to 2nd above 8000rpm.
  190. hesitation when shifting
  191. Wheel Size question
  192. Replacing compressor clutch
  193. Breaking/Snapping/Knock Noise!
  194. Intermitant Not Starting Issue
  195. Battery keep dying ... electrical is getting loose some where?
  196. Mysterious problem, could it be the Tranny?
  197. This or ziplock bag ?
  198. Alarm goes off on its own
  199. car turing off when clutch is in
  200. Radio lights doesn't work - Not covered under CPO?
  201. Front end wobbling in turns
  202. 2008 Civic SI Coupe Idle RPM...
  203. can i get some help
  204. When coming to stop, small rev occurs
  205. Antifreeze Stench but NO LEAK!?
  206. How To Remove Door Armrest Trim
  207. 3rd gear grind
  208. jack stands
  209. synchromesh in winter
  210. Two bad ac blowers in a month
  211. locking in JDM EMBLEMS
  212. Tranny problem
  213. Blower fan motor buzzing noise, please read. thanks
  214. Ebay Foglights! Need Help with harness!!!!
  215. 2006 Honda Civic Passenger Airbag Blinking
  216. Airbag light on dash
  217. 3rd brake light problems
  218. Stage 2 clutch problem
  219. 3 OBD Codes
  220. Zero defects?
  221. 1st gear stall
  222. scraping noise when pressing the clutch
  223. Bad Tune Up?
  224. 2006 Civic Si with a wrecked engine
  225. 120,000kms Oil Change
  226. ac on as well as some noise
  227. Would you?
  228. Oil pan gasket change out
  229. 1998 Honda Civic Exhaust Leak Question - need to fix
  230. 98 Civic 4-door exhaust leak...HELP!
  231. 06 EX, losing water/overheating
  232. Baught Bad gas 10 gallons of prem water...
  233. HELP! 1998 Civic LX 4-door
  234. Car squeaks when cold
  235. Steering Wheels Shaking at start
  236. HELP! Buying car with mods and have concerns...
  237. Dash emergency Light On! HELP PLEASE!
  238. Urgent: Need help in undoing outer tie rod lock nut (LHS)
  239. I'm sooo Upset right now
  240. Scraping/Whistling noise coming from rear wheel
  241. Passenger Airbag Light On
  242. Can I fix my third gear? >:(
  243. Can we trust the "Oil Life" indicator?
  244. weird sound when turning
  245. disapearing oil...???...
  246. squeek!
  247. header stud help please
  248. catless header w/o defouler
  249. Loose Shifter?
  250. Clogged exhaust cause car to run rich?