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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. hood install
  2. K&N Intake question
  3. Help. CEL won't go away...
  4. Mp3 Player problem
  5. Do dealerships share customer databases? lookin 4 another dealerhship for 3rd G issue
  6. Cranking but no start
  7. smoke after header install...
  8. windshield wiper fluid not spraying
  9. K&N Intake
  10. Getting a strange vibration after 60-70mph
  11. Passenger Window and keyless Horn and Trunk problems
  12. Sunroof partly open, it rained during the night. Wasn't my fault.
  13. Help Me Identify Part # Needed
  14. One thing you could change?
  15. Noise from clutch..
  16. Front Shock Weird Noise
  17. Fog/condensation in guage cluster
  18. Suspension installation
  19. Clutch!!!!
  20. Help: trim removal
  21. A/C Working properly, but my god its noisy...
  22. TPMS with new rims,is there other solution for this?
  23. my civic's lights are all gone
  24. parking brakes wont work?
  25. Clutch issue
  26. new clutch is slipping ?
  27. 1st Gear wont go in after 2nd grind???
  28. License plate light cover
  29. tachometer
  30. Clutch Sound
  31. broke my visor warranty??????
  32. Water, water, everywhere!
  33. 60k mile service
  34. help with GPS!!!--pics--
  35. Need a bucket for my bucket seat
  36. new to standard transmission need help
  37. hit bump, popped out of gear?
  38. trying to help a friend
  39. could anyone fix the squeaking noise from the dashboard????
  40. Comptech sc weird sound
  41. 07 si sed ac issue
  42. HONDA left half my intake off...engine vibration
  43. What fuse # and where is the fuse for the primary oxygen sensor?
  44. o6 Si coupe CEL light..
  45. ****Helpppp eBay fog lights***
  46. Slow leak in HFP wheel
  47. neeed help w
  48. Boot catch problem!
  49. Help! Weird transmission problem, whirring noise from transmission
  50. Tire rotation
  51. Comptech no start-up, fuel pressure??
  52. Frawk! ... Tick, tick... boom!!
  53. Does bad primary oxygen sensor (wideband) lead to lean AFR? P0135 CEL
  54. Wind Shield crack! Any solution?
  55. CEL , VSA on . Advise hydrolock ? HELP
  56. engine blocked cracked
  57. repainting cracked paint on hood?
  58. screetching whining noise from right side when driving
  59. Side air bag light comes on after it rains
  60. Evap System Purge Solenoid Location
  61. antennae location
  62. Timing Belt or Timing Chain
  63. Weird Noise When Turning Wheel
  64. RPM Not Dropping Quick on Cold Start
  65. how to change radio welcome display?
  66. changed brakes....
  67. Loss of power due to Intake? Help me out guys
  68. Squeaky Noise From Clutch
  69. 3rd Gear POPPING OUT!
  70. Failed Emission's HELP
  71. Click Click Click
  72. Car won't Start
  73. 06 auto tranny problem, help please
  74. New Owner: 3rd Gear problem or just me being paranoid?
  75. Utter n00b fuel question
  76. Tucking Wired
  77. SRS light problem
  78. steering issues
  79. Would this gas cap fit 08 civic si
  80. Best tire option
  81. Nav "auto" display not working?
  82. Transmission leak caused by accident?
  83. I may be the only person on the forum with this problem
  84. shifting problem
  85. Navigation screen dead! Help?
  86. Overfilled the oil during an oil change.
  87. Squek noise sounds like under glove box only w/ no passenger?
  88. 09 FA5 drivers side mirror holding water...
  89. Help! hearing humming noise when taking off
  90. *changed tires* then CEL? the hell?
  91. Speedo metre problem
  92. p2r lower tie bar problem
  93. Official "EPS" Problems thread
  94. Where is 12V fuse? Help
  95. Civic Si Cv Half Shaft Question
  96. Headlights/HID/Fogs/DRL
  97. What pedals did I just receive?
  98. Switching out springs
  99. Airbag/SRS light on, can't pull codes.
  100. oil change about to go wrong.
  101. car has been sitting for half a year, now its acting up..
  102. Unused car for 2 months
  103. inconsistent highway driving experience ???
  104. best tires for lowered cars
  105. Help code p2101
  106. Submarine SI = Fail Hydrolock advise
  107. 2007 Civic Sun Visor split open
  108. 3rd gear problem
  109. Power steering issue--Advice please
  110. premium sound for lx model?
  111. Civic si 08 idle a little rough? Is this normal?
  112. Is there a difference between si and non si doors on a sedan besides sticker?
  113. Ac not as cold as it should be
  114. Burning oil smell
  115. VSA, ABS, BRAKE LIGHT coming on somtimes when hitting a dip
  116. WTB Civic Si Door Panels!!!!
  117. CIVIC video GPS navigation !!??
  118. Help!!! im having issues with my front bumper.
  119. 06si startup grinding noise
  120. Metal and Metal sound from front driver's side wheel (sound clip included)
  121. Is this the right foglight harness?
  122. unusual clutch
  123. Civic losing power during drive
  124. Steering Wheel Radio control problems!
  125. Oil Change Question - Oops.
  126. Jack for Tire Change
  127. Help with AC Compressor
  128. Equipment help
  129. What do I do
  130. Lean A/F Mixture??
  131. Door Alignment
  132. 94 Del Sol Transmission Question
  133. DIM BRIGHT DIM BRIGHT ?????whyyy meee
  134. Warranty and Service bulletins !
  135. Looking for a Cheap Parts Shop ...
  136. Tranny fluid/Brake Fluid
  137. HFP Suspension
  138. Over 160 km/h
  139. Aem sri help!!!
  140. Tranny blown?
  141. girl in need of help
  142. idling problem..............................
  143. Amsoil ASM 0W20 UOA
  144. Passenger window get hung up/won't roll down.
  145. can any one tell me how to change the coolant?
  146. Flashpro
  147. Honda Civic 1.8S FD1 Gear Shifting Problem
  148. Lubing the strut/chassis
  149. Scraping noise from rear!!
  150. Grinding Sound Steering Wheel
  151. roadtrip with a civic
  152. veering to the right!!!
  153. QUESTION about aiming headlights.
  154. No Vtec on a )7 LX coupe?
  155. Need help to convert the bolt pattern.
  156. Backed up into a garbage can, now muffler making noise?
  157. Accident Recovery Help!
  158. Shifter problem after doing CAI
  159. Acura CSX Steering Wheel
  160. Help!!!!!
  161. Rev Hang...
  162. ATF How Many Quarts?
  163. Buzzing front dash
  164. 2nd gear hesitation????
  165. Combining Eneos 0w-20 & 5w-20
  166. Broken hangers in back seat
  167. Technical Question, Door Locking?
  168. incredible tear wear?
  169. shifting to neutral brings up lights?
  170. hit my wheels on sidewalk really hard......
  171. low gas mileage
  172. Help! Installed Skunk2 70mm & Car Smokes Now
  173. Installining additional features in EOD
  174. Factory Repair Manual
  175. Where to get: Honda Coupe 2006 Si part manual?
  176. Defective? Seat height adjustment automatically lowers itself
  177. throttle body problems
  178. idle problems
  179. Back Window Raddle After Window Tint
  180. 3-4th gear grind!!!
  181. I have a problem with the oxygen sensor on my R18 (pardon my English)
  182. TPMS Problem...
  183. Next upgrade
  184. Startup noise
  185. ips k2 cams
  186. Si Shocks useful life
  187. anybody got any ideas?!!?
  188. Brakes?
  189. 2006 Civic cd player won't accept cd
  190. Shifter not returning to neutral?
  191. RPMs flucuate while car is stopped? Is this normal?
  192. buying an 06 civic
  193. 06 lx- hard start/ idle ruff/'d" lght flashin
  194. issue since i installed my clutch
  195. How Durable Is The....
  196. FYI: ECU Error Codes for Honda Civic and Integra
  197. Transmission Cracking?
  198. Dealer says i need a Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate...
  199. Catalytic converter gasket?
  200. groud cables
  201. Tranny Fixed!! I'm on the road again!!!
  202. R18 Magnaflow Cat back
  203. skunk2 knob...???
  204. Car starts, then dies. Battery is 100% okay. Alternator is fine.
  205. Vibrations and Rear Control/Trailing Arm Questions
  206. window sill
  207. oil filter heat shield removal
  208. Interior Driver Door Panel Rattling
  209. 06 Civic AC Compressor Replacement
  210. HELP?? drive side SEAT Belt pluse+ AIR bag Sensors OFF
  211. Tacho ( help needed please )
  212. Blown motor need help
  213. Input please!! :)
  214. 36pin configuration of Si tach
  215. MagnaFlow High-Flow Catalytic Converter
  216. Possible clutch problem?
  217. rear window defroster lines
  218. Flush volumes PS, brakes, cooling
  219. Wheel Bearing Warranty
  220. Does anyone have 2008 civic SRS code 31-10?
  221. cold air intake and throttle body spacer on 06 plus civic si
  222. hissing sound after intake and exhaust install
  223. Need help with a noise
  224. Throttle Body Spacer
  225. Just need some mind relief
  226. Just a few general maint questions
  227. anyone know how to remove the "H" from the steering wheel and the back
  228. Car battery died, what went wrong?
  229. HELP! Pulley belt SHREADED!! :O :O
  230. CEL on, overheat engine
  231. ECU / Flashpro Issue
  232. Rattling Progress Rear Sway Bar
  233. New Battery New Alternator? ! Battery Light?
  234. car dieds after going down hill
  235. Spark plug access achieved!
  236. Front wheel hub wobbles
  237. Flashpro is freaking my car out
  238. tranny blown....
  239. Knocking noise--need help ASAP.
  240. Antifreeze
  241. ebay fog lights!! need help
  242. Bumper damage, any idea how much this will cost?
  243. sounds like i have a exhaust but dont!
  244. Help!! no power to radio, locks, etc..
  245. Tranny or clutch????
  246. Problem w/ 2nd gear
  247. weird whiny/slight screeching noise in the rear side for auto trans.
  248. Moonroof shattered
  249. where to order SRI
  250. Help cel p0135 after skunk2 catback install!!!