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: Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. since day one, brakes and alignment issue! what qualifies for a lemon in NJ?
  2. Front suspension assembly wont line up
  3. High pitched "chopping" noise...
  4. Keyless Entry Won't Work
  5. Transmission sounds like a table saw when cold
  6. Help!!!!!!
  7. Hondata FlashPro Problem!!!!!
  8. Squeaking noise from engine?
  9. Help Installing Fogs!
  10. Error after installing
  11. maybe a dumb question. Is wideband O2 and Secondary O2 same sensor?
  12. I sued Honda..and won :)
  13. possibly dumb question
  14. steering oversteer/understeer
  15. 2008 Civic LX Sedan steering question
  16. 2009 Civic Si vibration
  17. Steelies?
  18. *** Caster off after Front Strut Replacement ***
  19. Does anyone know the size resistor to turn off the airbag light for the seats?
  20. audible vibrating sound from engine compartment
  21. Advice on some tune up stuff
  22. Loss of HP after Over Rev
  23. The Air Assist Valve
  24. Window tint
  25. Fog Lights Power
  26. How to check the ignition coils by multimeter?
  27. Really starting to piss me off
  28. Clutch pedal Clicking or popping
  29. Will VIN Tell Me Disc or Drum On Rear Axle?
  30. Tach ~200rpm Fast
  31. Interior B-Pillar Issues? Popping out?
  32. Pre Cat Failure?
  33. Check engine Light problem
  34. Vibration at 60-70 mph
  35. 2006 Civic EX Security sytem won't set
  36. I NEED HELP; Will the HFP muffler fit my 2010 EX
  37. my ebay fog light switch is broken
  38. Looking for TSB's for canadians
  39. Hybrid Transmission Surge
  40. Steering Clunk: Anyone with springs had it fixed?
  41. Steering wheel noise
  42. Transmission Issue with R18 MT
  43. Proper way to change the Coolant
  44. valves are sounding do loud
  45. need HELP in deciding on a muffler!
  46. Help with gaskets
  47. Click or thud when engaging the clutch
  48. tranny problem
  49. Micu
  50. Car Overheating Really Fast
  51. Civic 08 engine light,reverse light problem.
  52. Brake fluid cap loose?
  53. Cruise control wont work above 70mph
  54. after market subs, radio signal lost
  55. Fogs wont turn on with HID's... HELP!!!
  56. Problems with my 06 Civic EX Coupe
  57. Car vibrated at 50+...engine light came on
  58. Slipping clutch or fuel problem?
  59. Air bag lights on can't clear codes! HELP NEEDED!
  60. factory fog light harness with hid problem
  61. Small electrical issue
  62. steering wheel pop/noise
  63. Gas Milage problem
  64. Gear problem i think.
  65. Help I have A Problem
  66. Cold brakes - grabby?
  67. Rev Limiter
  68. MPG on info display
  69. quick question: our lug nut size
  70. Help!! squeaky noises from rear passenger shocks/brakes.
  71. loud clicking noise starting car
  72. Brake problem?
  73. Steering wheel feels very twitchy
  74. Vtec Rattle/Vibration Dealer Diagnosis
  75. This can't be right?
  76. Mobil1 5w-30 EP UOA (analysis) 6,000 miles
  77. Blown head gasket symptoms?
  78. Grinding noise coming from under the car
  79. Another Pulley Noise/Problem...
  80. Modified Stock Injectors???
  81. broken stock radio buttons
  82. Exedy Stage 2 Racing Clutch Slipping!!!!
  83. Deatschwerks Injectors
  84. check engine light
  85. Driver door!!!???!??
  86. Straight Pipe... Yay or nay?
  87. Heres a video of the squeaky noise my car makes
  88. Headlight Bulb STUCK!
  89. The OFFICAL "I STILL have 3rd gear grind and/or pop-out" sign up thread
  90. coupe exhaust on sedan
  91. Buying used Si - 2nd and 3rd gear issues
  92. Need help car studdering
  93. Fuel injection and Fuel System Service
  94. Problem with window and window switches
  95. 2010 Honda Civic LX Click/Pop From Front While Stopping and Turning
  96. grinding and clicking noise...
  97. Anyone ever have issues with washer sprayers?
  98. Oil over fill? Confused...
  99. Strange noise
  100. Strange noise
  101. 2006 Civic Sedan LX ATM, no reverse
  102. Question about oil level
  103. VSA light on?
  104. R18 Spoiler Problems
  105. Coolant reserve tank leak?
  106. HELP! wont go into gear
  107. My 09 FA5 has 3rd gear problems
  108. Break in oil? Dealer changed oil for PDI..
  109. Sad day for the Si :(
  110. Radio Static when I turn my lights on
  111. O2 sensor whistle
  112. blinker light issue plz help
  113. knocking / tapping noise when coming to a stop
  114. Anti-Freeze?
  115. Clicking/Popping Noise SOLVED!
  116. The OFFICIAL "I have 2nd gear grind" ***CHAT*** thread! - Post chattery HERE!
  117. Engine tick?
  118. New Civic Owner Question - 3rd & 4th gear 2100Rpm slight jerk
  119. Bent exaust pipe repair
  120. does anybody know the offset and width of the 16' rsx base tye rims?
  121. Subwoofer installation help
  122. HELP!! Loud Shamu Sound From Subs
  123. 06+ Civic SI Hawk Performance Ceramic Front Brake Pads
  124. coolant resevoir
  125. I BROKE my rear drum brakes
  126. The OFFICIAL "I have 2nd gear grind" sign up thread!
  127. Key Remote & door locks acting up..
  128. Engine rattle at 3krpm in 3rd gear
  129. Chances a dealership will help
  130. Brake fluid capacity
  131. Whining 4th gear
  132. Installed Strup header got bad rattle
  133. Cooling Fan on at Unnecessary Times?
  134. Service light. Didn't reset oil life
  135. 2008 LX Sluggish / Bogged Down
  136. Front/Passenger windows won't roll down
  137. Optima Battery
  138. Civic 07 lost mpg
  139. That plastic part around the wiper
  140. Speaking with a class action lawyer about 2nd gear, time to come forward
  141. Hit curb, help!
  142. JDM intake causing issues?
  143. Mileage before MM calls for MTF replacement?
  144. check oil light/knocking-like sounds
  145. clutch problem??
  146. Skunk2 rear Camber Arms Noise
  147. Mobil 1 0w-30 used oil analysis
  148. Horn Not Working
  149. LOUD rattling sound Si
  150. Almost 35,000 miles warranty almost out...
  151. Catylic Converter Bolt HELP!
  152. A Word About 0W-20 Engine Oil
  153. Interior Ticking Noise
  154. What is this?
  155. 2009 Si starter issues?
  156. Hydrolock Safety feature?
  157. Vacuum Line?
  158. Residue out of exhaust cylinder
  159. HELP I might be CURSED w/ lemon
  160. My car wont start
  161. 2008 honda civc lx sedan second gear issues.
  162. MFactory Oil Filter Relocation Kit
  163. It rolled down my driveway!!!!
  164. Had the clutch changed, now the VSA, ABS and CEL are on and won't shut off!
  165. Bent Front lower control arm
  166. new to site, question?
  167. Help! Weird popping noise form rear left when car is turned off
  168. Major Trans Issue
  169. Hit a curb pretty bad
  170. How to Make Your Car Last Twice as Long
  171. How does every1 like their 8th gen's??
  172. Problem with Tappets (Lots of ticking)
  173. 2nd,4th,6th gear not engaging all the time
  174. Who DOESN'T have rattling sounds in their Civic?
  175. STATIC- LIKE Noise 09 FA5 w/ Navi. Help?
  176. Front Camber Problems?
  177. lights on A/T shifter not working
  178. All season tires
  179. Back pressure affect on revs rising and falling
  180. Clutch Squeak
  181. price check
  182. Oil Filter Sandwhich adapter question
  183. Solution to 08 Civic Vibration/ Rear Tire Wear
  184. I love modding, but hate the noises they bring!
  185. anyone use an engine block heater?
  186. Exhaust Installation Question
  187. my r18 been making a tapping noise......
  188. Presurized fuel tank?
  189. 2009 Honda Civic Intermittent Hard Starting Problem
  190. Front suspension noise when turning w/'09
  191. water in my engine
  192. low speed vibration metal to metal noise......
  193. Bumpy Ride
  194. Soo, I'm an idiot.
  195. Desperately Need Some Help! :(
  196. 08 civic low idle
  197. Civic driving
  198. Front left ABS Speed sensor
  199. better headlights
  200. motor bog on fast shift
  201. Excessive vibration past certain highway speeds
  202. I snapped a bolt head
  203. My Civic Over heating
  204. vsa not working!!!
  205. Can the Honda Service dept do this???
  206. *** Suspension Affecting Fuel Efficiency? ***
  207. Cel
  208. Will 16 '' rsx base fit r18s?
  209. CEL, please input
  210. Steering wheel feels lose on freeway.
  211. Squeaking Noise...
  212. Anyone have a diagram of the engine grounds?
  213. External Windshield Covers for Snow/Ice??
  214. radio and lights
  215. My Civic Turns Out to be a Lemon
  216. Notchy 1st gear
  217. Tail light replacement
  218. Regular and Synthetic Oil
  219. fluid capacity power steering and brake fluid
  220. Sunroof Rattle
  221. after snow car wont start
  222. Clicking Sound While Turning the Wheel - Advice
  223. Howdy, Noob with '09 EX Coupe
  224. Mystery Piece, Help!
  225. Hydrolocked
  226. head unit and speaker problem.
  227. Intermittent air bag light???
  228. 1st Gear Grind
  229. Throwing CEL Code P0135
  230. Hood won't close
  231. Question on my 2010
  232. Squeaking Noise?
  233. my caliper??????
  234. Mysterious Noises @ Startup.
  235. iphone stopped working with USB port
  236. Light knocking noise after ignition?
  237. resister size
  238. change oil!
  239. Help weird idel
  240. TSB claims
  241. Help! car makes sounds while turning
  242. How to bypass o2 sensor (check engine light on)
  243. Lowered!
  244. Stering problem, 2006 Si
  245. question about outside thermometer
  246. air conditioner out
  247. Clutch Pedal Clicking/Popping Noise
  248. Best wipers: OEM or Aftermarket?
  249. Driver door lock not working?
  250. Why are my interior lights so dim?