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Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat

  1. HELP! Pulley belt SHREADED!! :O :O
  2. CEL on, overheat engine
  3. ECU / Flashpro Issue
  4. Rattling Progress Rear Sway Bar
  5. New Battery New Alternator? ! Battery Light?
  6. car dieds after going down hill
  7. Spark plug access achieved!
  8. Front wheel hub wobbles
  9. Flashpro is freaking my car out
  10. tranny blown....
  11. Knocking noise--need help ASAP.
  12. Antifreeze
  13. ebay fog lights!! need help
  14. Bumper damage, any idea how much this will cost?
  15. sounds like i have a exhaust but dont!
  16. Help!! no power to radio, locks, etc..
  17. Tranny or clutch????
  18. Problem w/ 2nd gear
  19. weird whiny/slight screeching noise in the rear side for auto trans.
  20. Moonroof shattered
  21. where to order SRI
  22. Help cel p0135 after skunk2 catback install!!!
  23. Need help IDing part #
  24. Quick Topic about +HP and +TORQUE
  25. Battery problems on new Civic
  26. Supercharged Idle issue
  27. 01 Civic Shuts off when its hot outside?
  28. Engine Vibration
  29. Roar in rear end
  30. dont know if this is the right place to post? but here
  31. Turbo install price
  32. ECT Sensor
  33. Honda Scanner
  34. I need help!!!
  35. Please can anyone help?? electrical problem :(
  36. noise from the right c-pillar
  37. Rattling!
  38. went to dealer and got reg oil instead of synthetic
  39. Rattling noise when travelling ~110+ km/h
  40. HFP Double Sided Tape vs. Heat
  41. okay.. so this is defibately a noob question
  42. Strange thud thud thud while driving
  43. right front squeks
  44. Quick Brake Pad Question
  45. Front Driver Fender (Weird Case) + Side Skirt
  46. Lag in horsepower
  47. State Inspection Failure Because of Fog Lights
  48. Brake squeaks
  49. Air Bag Light After CSX SEAT = (
  50. Where do I add the Freon
  51. OMG! help! car wont start!
  52. Weird Downshifting sound?
  53. INtake theory
  54. Loud clunk on lauch?
  55. Hit The Curb and SRS light is On
  56. Paint Issues - Please advise
  57. transmission washer bolt
  58. Civic 07 shakes/vibrates in reverse
  59. stock headunit // aftermarket speakers // equalizer
  60. K20z3, r18 and k20a2 axles are the same????
  61. Question about side mirror replacement - any help?
  62. Aftermarket alternator...causing trouble?
  63. Pulling to the right, 30k servicing, 3rd gear issue.
  64. Air Condition A/C Not Working
  65. Ideas of what went out in the brake system here?
  66. I had to run the donut tire on the front!
  67. Honda Si Coupe 06, light blink sometimes while driving....
  68. heat coming from my trunk
  69. Dome light not turning on when door open
  70. Connecting rod technology - fracture splitting
  71. Getting screwed by Honda warranty
  72. strange noise after going back to stock
  73. Vtec
  74. AUX input
  75. Immobilizer does not recognize OEM key??
  76. Engine sounds like its boiling after my drives.
  77. passenger side engine make a whistling noise
  78. Kenwood Amp Flashing Power Light - Help
  79. Creaking Noise When Turning right ALL THE WAY?
  80. Problem... Need help/advice
  81. Spindle nut size on Si?
  82. HELP! EBC brake noise
  83. Clunking Sound
  84. 07 Si Ac problem
  85. Help retrieving part from transmission!
  86. Exhaust Heatshield
  87. Emission control light is on, after a oil change.
  88. 2002 Civic SI Shifting Issues
  89. ticking noise inside on passenger side
  90. Why didnt my car start??
  91. The F duct - Formula 1's solution to excessive downforce on the straights
  92. compresor
  93. Horsepower and Torque - Which is better? Neither
  94. V6 vs SI
  95. oil cooler
  96. hey guys about traction control??
  97. Rear Bearings
  98. auto tensioner pivot bolt broke help!
  99. 07 Civic LX Weapon R Intake
  100. 07 Si Loud knocking sound
  101. P0301 code
  102. a/c
  103. power steering issue.
  104. Balance issues with 09 Civic
  105. Upgrade horn doesn't work properly after rain
  106. Civic SI Cant Hit Red Line?
  107. Help, hole in transmission housing!
  108. Looking at Shift-Knobs / short shift adapter
  109. Poppin' noise
  110. FOG lights not working?? =(
  111. Estimate cost for repair please
  112. help with replacing visor
  113. Tips tricks and help molding carbonfiber or fiberglass please
  114. Should i be concerned?
  115. vibration noise behind dash
  116. removing tail light
  117. Intermittent A/C
  118. Sounds Like Tin Can Being Struck From Front Driver Side - 2008 FG2
  119. stupid coolant reservoir...
  120. Factory XM Radio Reception - HELP!!
  121. Towing 1,000 pound trailer
  122. installed oem fogs, now doesnt work!
  123. clutch issue. 40K miles.
  124. Does the K20 use an oil cap gasket?
  125. sway bar loose, how do i fix this?
  126. Which wire is it? Fuel Pump
  127. What is the best way to remove tar of your car?
  128. oil change...
  129. Slight hesitation when starting up car (R18 motor)
  130. How reliable is the A/C on the Si?
  131. Transmission-New or rebuilt?
  132. Air bag light
  133. Back seat folding down issue!!!
  134. vehicle warranty
  135. Clicking sound after scrapping??
  136. Auto vs Manual RPM's at 80mph
  137. Suggestions for Southern CA (LA/OC) Honda body shops?
  138. Would a dc5 Oil cap fit our 8th gen civics?
  139. 2009 Si Tranny flush
  140. Something fell off my car, need help finding part #
  141. Is heat shield needed??
  142. Wind noise inside the cabin
  143. Creaking Sound coming from the left front of the car ?
  144. Please Help: Brake Light Issue
  145. Lowering car, good or bad for it?
  146. TPMS problem
  147. Any diy for coolant drain and refill
  148. Does anyone know the lightest variation code for fiji blue.
  149. clutch burning during autox
  150. Car not driving smooth
  151. 2006 Civic LX vibrating/strange noise - Help!
  152. need help on oem clutch....pls look
  153. My 1st accident
  154. Can't get wiper cowl to line back up
  155. Portable air pump
  156. oil question
  157. lookin for help or advice
  158. 06 civic srs code 8-5
  159. No Power to Stereo .. Kenwood dbl din
  160. Something Rattles at Times While in Motion
  161. Warranty
  162. super tech valve train
  163. 2006 SI - Used Oil analysis - 10.7k on Pennzoil Plat. 5w30
  164. Blurry spot on new tinted windows.
  165. LX?EX Manual Tranny problems?
  166. CF hood and rim repair, help!
  167. Wnt to remove metal air hose in engine bay
  168. Clutch and flywheel question
  169. 3rd gear problem
  170. k20z3 engine swap help!!!
  171. Fender, wheel well lining all gone. Now what's that hissing noise?
  172. Oil qty.... HELP
  173. Iphone OS 4.0 and usb...
  174. ABS scared the **** outta me
  175. 1st Gear Popping Noise
  176. squeak going on shifter going into 1st and reverse
  177. squeaking and rattling sound at front end
  178. Transmission Issues *again*
  179. Wheres the Oil Pressure Gauge Guys?
  180. H.I.D. help!
  181. ebay fog lights help!
  182. '08 EX - Uncommon shift problem
  183. o2 sensor problem civic
  184. DX/LX/EX Steering Rack Failure: Report Yours
  185. A/C Vibrates car & Vtec not engaging after startup.
  186. First Start Pop?
  187. spark plug change ?
  188. Steering Wheel too tight compare to other Civics
  189. Electric Steering doesn't Come on intial Start.
  190. haha fml keys in trunk...
  191. Engline Light + No VTEC Occasionally
  192. 4 years, and 52,000 Miles later...a mechanical rundown.
  193. First oil change
  194. Oil Change
  195. valve cover crack!!!!!
  196. Clutch Squeak/Creak, Not CMC or Pedal
  197. Request: DIY Engine Block Heater
  198. Trabby issue at 39k miles???
  199. bad rod=blown engine ('08 Si)
  200. 08 Si RIP
  201. R18 Blown Engine
  202. Oil Pan Gasket Made By Felpro, PN OS30746
  203. Car shakes and valves sounds like tapping =/
  204. VSA Issue
  205. Weighted shift knob bad for tranny.
  206. Automatic Transmission
  207. VSA Installation
  208. over revving on a boosted si?! question
  209. Fog lights aren't working/New Light
  210. tein basics
  211. HID issue, can someone help me ?
  212. Radiator fans not working
  213. 1998 mustang v6 ignition problem
  214. radio code
  215. 07 si limp mode
  216. CEL on 08 Si
  217. RPM's pausing when accelerating
  218. 2009 Honda Civic Si
  219. Fuel pressure gauge assistance please????
  220. car only revs to 3000 rpm
  221. Whining or Whistling from engine bay?
  222. Is my Si under-performing?
  223. OEM FG2 fog lights vs FG1 fog lights
  224. Squeak above passenger front wheel (with video)
  225. drive by wire lag......annoying!
  226. License Plate Light Question - Not What You're Thinking
  227. Brake Problem? Need quick answer
  228. Navigation technical issue
  229. Weird, ocassional feeling in the brakes?
  230. A/C vents are loose when hot
  231. 2nd Gear Issue DEALER RESOLVED **LONG READ**
  232. is it supposed to be hard to shift (N-1 and 1-2) into gears?
  233. My DRL/High-beam are on when ignition off?
  234. Stall out and Smoke from TRANS
  235. A/C Issues
  236. Is it the issues with manual tranny or my head brain is sick?
  237. Big Boys Air Horn ?
  238. Just back from dealer, now cel?
  239. 2nd Gear Grind VERIFIED by Honda Tech
  240. One of my wheels are chipping
  241. Suspension Rubbing sounds???
  242. Spider in tail light
  243. car jack
  244. Ring gear in LSD exploded. anyone else?
  245. New axles?
  246. Odd Sound When Accelerating
  247. Power side mirrors not working
  248. AC not working on 2006 si coupe
  249. Engine whine - dealer says it's normal
  250. 2006 Civic Both Radiator Fans Always running