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  10. 75% of car resprayed from TSB, unpainted panels very dull
  11. What are your favorite products
  12. Detailers box
  13. Liquid Glow Miracle Paint Cleaning System
  14. 2008 NHBP Civic EX 2 step paint correction (pic heavy)
  15. REVIEW: Ken at Autowerkes/ Opti Coat Pro
  16. Ice tea in seats -.-
  17. Nighthawk Black Pearl Paint Correction
  18. Engine By Cleaning/Detailing
  19. Wes_R x e60 M5 (61 pics)
  20. Clear Cost on Side Moldings 2009 ROP Sedan
  21. after the wash
  22. Not bad for a quick interior clean up(99 Accord)
  23. Just Detailed My Engine Bay
  24. How to clean off old undercoating in door jams etc?
  25. Leaf blower to clean car
  26. What is considered washing your car too much?
  27. Removing Paint Fume Smell?
  28. Just got my car repainted
  29. Claybar vs Compound Question
  30. Major "ding" but zero paint damage??
  31. Blurry Tachometer from Overspray
  32. First time detailing!
  33. Need information about fixing paint damages!
  34. 2012+ Civic, Did honda fix the paint quality yet?
  35. Black Si Detail
  36. Wes_R + NSX (61 pics)
  37. Acid rain stains?
  38. Surface Rust Remover?
  39. cheapest da for first timer
  40. Detailing on a budget: Greenworks 1500psi pressure washer
  41. Matte Paint and hardwater spots
  42. First time detailing
  43. I vtec stickers choice
  44. Paint color match for wiper arm?
  45. 1st time claybaring - Went all out
  46. Detailing thoroughly explained...
  47. Front Bumper Pitts and Chips
  48. Cleaned my Si seats...
  49. Should I get my hood repainted?
  50. how to fix this?
  51. plastic and rubber trim drying out.
  52. Quixx scratch remover
  53. What's this?!?!
  54. How do i get rid of this "thing" on my paint?
  55. New Paint - How long before power washing?
  56. What is in your carry along?
  57. Example of using Bissel cleaner and car seat REMOVAL pics
  58. Anyone have crows feet aka clear coat cracking/peeling on a alabaster silver metallic
  59. Cover for 2011 SI
  60. what wax?
  61. Has anyone tried Meguiar's DA Power System?
  62. Clear coat on hood scratches
  63. Windshield Fogging
  64. Buffing wax off
  65. Problems with paint?
  66. I don't know what's wrong.
  67. quick detailer/liquid wax spray and wipe?
  68. Meguiars White Wax
  69. Will rust bubbles reappear?
  70. Product Review: Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax
  71. Bumper bug removal
  72. Recommended Brands
  73. Carbon fiber vs. carbon fiber wrap
  74. 2009 OEM Acura CSX wheel paint code - scuffed rims :(
  75. Ding Removal Estimate?
  76. Need Ballpark Price Figure on Door Ding
  77. Door jambs.
  78. Buttons Stick
  79. Spring Detail on the NHBP
  80. Spot on Dash- Need advice on how to get it out!
  81. A mini exterior detail - clay and wash -
  82. detailing in DFW
  83. turtle wax clear coat pen??
  84. PET PEEVE --- Dudes who claim to detail but leave WAX IN THE CRACKS
  85. Ziebart rip off
  86. Windshield scratches/streaks problem
  87. Rusted brake rotor question
  88. Question about black trim on B-pillar (photo included)
  89. How do you guys wash & dry your civic?
  90. Swirls :-(
  91. Scratches on black part of car door
  92. Washed. Clayed. UC. Polish. Wax.
  93. Wet sand and buff factory paint
  94. Honda Logo For FG2
  95. Throw up in backseat of my 07 four door SI... HELP
  96. How to clean and shine Si Seats?
  97. Hail protection
  98. Any way to get rid of this?
  99. ScratchX
  100. How to remove swirls from window visors?
  101. Butterworks Detailing
  102. Trying to remove scratches from grill
  103. Cleaning suede portion of seat
  104. Clearcoat scratch...what to do?
  105. Cleaning the Engine Bay
  106. What pads to use for fixing light swirls using PC 7424?
  107. Looking for complete detail (Northeast Ohio)
  108. SPS1x
  109. Water spots.. WATER SPOTS EVERYWHERE!
  110. My Collection So Far
  111. Need help removing b pillar tape
  112. Clay bar towel
  113. Single Step / No Rinse Wash opinions
  114. car detailing kit?
  115. What is this? Paint defect?
  116. What is this called?
  117. Wes_R x C63(44 pics)
  118. How Do I Clean This Mess off Cylinder Head Cover?
  119. underbody wash
  120. Steering wheel emblem
  121. Paint Job cost w/ the same color
  122. How to clean si door panels
  123. headlight restoration
  124. Car sits in the sun. Clearcoat is fine but the paint under is way lighter. Help?
  125. tire shine
  126. Looking for detailer - San Francisco
  127. Fiji blue question
  128. The frozen detail?
  129. Up north sarrow?
  130. Nanoskin!!!
  131. which product repels rain?
  132. cleaning and de-greasing your engine
  133. Mirror Effect
  134. HELP: scratch/dent question!!!
  135. Bought myself an 08 si, Question
  136. Chicagobob's detail on a 2008 Si
  137. 2012 HOnda Fit DD Polish and Wax
  138. Wes_R x R8(113 pics)
  139. Sap removal
  140. roof rail product?
  141. Griot's Products
  142. Deleting engine bay trim?
  143. is this stuff good for si seats?
  144. Fading black parts.
  145. Help! Si seat stain removal
  146. ***Update 2012 GE8 Honda Fit 11-30-12
  147. R18 silicone hose kit
  148. Headliner Cleaning
  149. I call it, SOLAR SYSTEM paint... NHBP content!!
  150. Wipe New
  151. How to remove stains from EX seat
  152. FBP Detailed by h0ndafanat1c!
  153. Wax Gloss
  154. How much do you charge?
  155. Did a little clean up for fall
  156. I'm having problems with my clear coat*
  157. Hey NHBP and FBP, it's not just you...
  158. Microfiber Mitt
  159. Fresh paint!
  160. Post Your Detailing Collection!!!
  161. Microfibers in Bulk- Exterior Paint and general use
  162. Honda extending paint warranty
  163. Stains on windows
  164. Waxing/Washing after Honda Painted crows feet
  165. DIY Headlight Restoration
  166. ijm5012's detailing work: 2008 Civic Si
  167. GE8 (Fit) Swirl and Water Spot removal Also Engine bay degrease
  168. A question about Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax
  169. Meguiar's Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit
  170. Detailed: 2011 BMW 335d
  171. How to remove exhaust fume residue from bumper?
  172. Seat Cleaning
  173. Fully Detailing: From Start to Finish
  174. Looking for a detailing guru
  175. New paint help please
  176. Is it pointless to claybar,compound,wax car during winter months?
  177. Finally got around to detailing MY car.
  178. Remove Stains from Si Seat
  179. Curb rash on bumper...
  180. Somewhat new to detailing
  181. Need opinions on Porter Cable DA Polisher kits.
  182. 2009 GTR paint correction--
  183. deep car :-(
  184. Questions about clear coat
  185. Meguair's Cleaner Wax
  186. A quick question
  187. Interior Only Detailing Business
  188. Do i NEED to Clay-Bar before waxing?
  189. Waterspots on plastic panels in the interior
  190. Blue Coral Self Wash
  191. Crow Feet TSB
  192. NHBP - If you can't see the blue flakes...
  193. Honda agreed to repaint my car but i have to pay $450
  194. Super Polysteel
  195. ASM Paint looks like GGM HELP!
  196. FBP nightmare! Help!
  197. How do I re-do my car?
  198. Paint on front fender
  199. Detailers in chicagoland area
  200. Water stain hell
  201. Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit Review
  202. Detail Addict Detail Shop BAY AREA 408
  203. Advice for sealed dirt?
  204. Need some help with my rotary
  205. How can I totally remove RainX?
  206. Gonna detail my civic soon, what do you think?
  207. opinions on swirl remover?
  208. Your Opinion Of This Setup
  209. Opti-guard
  210. how is the meguiars ultimate wash&wax anywhere product?
  211. What do you use to clean your exhaust tip(s)?
  212. My exterior detail - finished
  213. Where can I get a 8th civic sticker?
  214. Carbon fiber all year round?
  215. car wash question
  216. Bugs!!!
  217. Are all 2010 civics prone to the crows feet problem
  218. Launching Clean An auto detailerís community that offers free listings and
  219. Chemical Guys Products
  220. Need Some Advice
  221. Need help! New to detailing
  222. What types of pad to use?
  223. Looking for steamer
  224. Small dent, any way to remove?
  225. Auto Armor?
  226. too hot to clay?
  227. Gouge repair
  228. Auto finesse
  229. Wes_R x GTR (84 pics)
  230. Phoenix, AZ Detail Shops
  231. Watered down trim dressing question.
  232. Autoglym or Meguiars
  233. Simply Clean Details (Brown Man Details)
  234. How do I clean my interior?
  235. First Headlight Restoration
  236. How do you remove the swirling effect on the paint?
  237. is a clear bra worth getting ??? for 650$
  238. How to remove scotch transparent duct tape marks
  239. Save My Carbon Fiber Hood Please.
  240. Should I get a Meguiars DA polisher
  241. Swirls and scratches on cars
  242. goof off destroyed my headlights
  243. Armor all wipes?!
  244. Which Foam gun to buy?
  245. Ordering Touch Up Paint
  246. FG2*Trav Headlight Restore
  247. The Wonders of "California Detailing" Review of Professiona Detail Shop in SF! *Pics*
  248. Paintjob advice
  249. Should i complain to honda about this or should i just let it go?
  250. Help - Need suggestions on how to remove this