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  1. Exhaust and rims
  2. Spark Plug and Ignition Coil Questions
  3. Will a 07-09 transmission fit in my 06 hybrid
  4. Radio quality
  5. Cvt transmission failure help
  6. His much mpg is my ex 16x6.5 rims hurting me?
  7. Does any one have aftermarket rims on their hybrid
  8. Just bought a 2008 Civic Hybrid - Driving Style/Battery Question
  9. appointment ready for Monday at honda dealer service for replace IMA batt
  10. Sound system upgrade, advice?
  11. No USB connection on stereo?
  12. its seems that IM THE ONLY ONE WITH A HYBRID NOW
  13. other than ima battery failure what can cause light turn on and go?
  14. autoStop-bypass on D
  15. IMA LIGHT at 88K
  16. Drive Belt
  17. IMA Battery Replacement Options?
  18. Amsoil Oil Analysis Reports
  19. 2006 Hybrid Civic: AutoTransmission not shifting
  20. Help Putting a Sub in my 09 Hybrid Civic
  21. IMA Battery replacement
  22. 60K service questions
  23. Hybrid coolant change
  24. Is the Civic hybrid truck the same size as the regular civic?
  25. Just bought a 2008 HCH? about mileage
  26. What more can you do to a hybrid?
  27. Coilovers on a hybrid
  28. view my car in my profile!
  29. Hybrid with 17" wheels
  30. Continuous jerk right around 6 mph
  31. 2008, 145k miles, IMA issues
  32. help with upload
  33. Fujita SRI on an 07
  34. Inner Tie Rods
  35. Tires
  36. Converting a Honda Civic Hybrid to run on LPG
  37. Honda CRZ and Honda Civic Hybrid IMA motors
  38. ALABC UltraBattery Hybrid Surpasses 100,000 Miles of Testing
  39. 08 HCH judder / vibration upon acceleration
  40. Hybrid Power Increase Question
  41. What should I look for when buying a used Civic Hybrid?
  42. 2007 Civic hybrid evaporator drain tube Location
  43. How many Miles does you Hybrid have?
  44. Silly Question I'm Sure
  45. 2007 Weird Engine behaviors
  46. Cheapest way to fix cat converter? Is there an aftermarket direct fit cat converter?
  47. Any body with subwoofers?
  48. MPG gauge acting strange
  49. My Hybrid
  50. Do the 09 Si wheels fit on the 07 hybrid?
  51. Work in progress... No more blue interior!!
  52. Civic GX - Compressed Natural Gas
  53. Axleback?
  54. HCHII 120 volt max outlet
  55. TurboGauge won't work
  56. IMA Battery Warranty Extension
  57. Masterswitch door lock
  58. Battery Issue
  59. exhaust
  60. Air Intake
  61. My Girlfriend just bought an FA3
  62. Replacing driver side door outer-frame
  63. Thinking about getting a hybrid
  64. What voltage do the interior lights take?
  65. Need Spark Plug DIY instructions
  66. "Add an Amp" with factory Navigation ?
  67. Refurbish Factory Battery's on 06 Hybrid?
  68. Manual control of the electric motor (MIMA) now available
  69. New owner
  70. Is this a sign of an IMA battery issue?
  71. Getting a new battery
  72. Civic GXs coming up at Newport, CA gov auction
  73. Should I get a used 2003 Civic Hybrid with 89k miles?
  74. Honda Civic Hybrid Workshop Manual
  75. My Hybrid! Semi-Decepticon Themed
  76. Ac
  77. Audio systems
  78. Advice needed before buying '06 HCH
  79. Disappearing IMA & CEL??
  80. Size of Honda emblems?
  81. switching from hybrid rims to after market rims
  82. Lowering Hybrid
  83. My new hybrid :)
  84. 110V Outlet
  85. Tranny swap
  86. 2006 Civic Hybrid: New set of dealer Keyless entry keys wont program!
  87. no HFP kit....
  88. Civic Si RSB
  89. Civic Hybrid Wheels
  90. HCH- dead battery, Charging system indicator,need help PLZ
  91. Hybrid CV Axle different than Civic Auto Axle?
  92. Any hybrids on coilovers?
  93. Using 5w20 Full Sythetic
  94. Purple Royal Oil/Filter on the Hybrid...
  95. 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid Swap
  96. Help from Hybrid Owners
  97. Woman wins suit against Honda for the gas milage on her hybrid
  98. 2006 Civic Hybrid
  99. Car will not stop at lights?
  100. contemplating on getting an used HCH. Worth it?
  101. Woman takes honda to small claims Court Over Hybrid milage
  102. Battery relocation for HCH
  103. What i've done to my HYBRID!!!
  104. Good deal? Bad deal?
  105. Thoughts on '03 Civic Hybrid
  106. Intermittent IMA and Check Engine light
  107. Intake and HFP Exhaust sounds on a 1.3 hybrid
  108. Probably a dumb question but im a rookie
  109. Plans on buying a 06 Hybrid
  110. how does my 08 HCH look?
  111. K&N Air Filters
  112. Will i make it home???
  113. Where do you run wires to install backup camera?
  114. Another one bites the dust... (IMA battery failure)
  115. Any lowered Hybrids?
  116. "Distilled Water" indicator for 12V battery
  117. Questions about HCH before purchase
  118. How do you remove the shift knob of the 08 HCH?
  119. Muffler
  120. FYI 06 & 07 HCH starting battery
  121. Hybrid Owner in UK. Stats on my car FYI
  122. Anyone replace the Water Pump?
  123. hybrid wheels?
  124. New 2009 HCH Owner - AT-PZEV Question
  125. I need to replace control arm
  126. New to This Forum, but I Thought I Would Give it A Try
  127. CEL and IMA
  128. Gas mileage: Factory 15s vs. 15-inch Volk TE-37s
  129. 8th civic Hybrid sedan under cover part # ?
  130. Hybrid owners - show me your fog lights!
  131. Can someone tell me something about the OEM wheels?
  132. Grid charger Help developing
  133. Mobil 1 AFE 0w20 & Red Line H-Type CVT ATF
  134. Is it possible for an aftermarket audio system in the civic hybrid?
  135. Launch Issue
  136. Looking for a Hybrid Antenna
  137. Grid Charger for HCHII
  138. New Recall?
  139. Diagnosrtics tool
  140. Is this normal - sudden "acceleration" when applying brakes?
  141. Hybrid owners in calgary
  142. Si sway bar upgrade?
  143. Exhaust Size
  144. What to look for when buying used
  145. Cop chase commercial
  146. Hello from another new HCH owner
  147. New owner saying hello
  148. Anyone need a new tire for their Hybrid?
  149. Hid's on Hybrid?
  150. 2003 Civic Hybrid: What is the warranty on the IMA Battery?
  151. Hybrid Wheel questions?????
  152. CVT super-jerkey in reverse
  153. Deck Lid to Si
  154. Painted Hybrid Rims
  155. Sparkplugs...have you replaced yours yet?
  156. Tire replacement - What do you have on your HCH?
  157. # of Brake Calipers on the hybrid?
  158. center cap vinyl
  159. 2008 Civic Hybrid Rims: Painted or Polished?
  160. Any of you want to get rid of your hybrid wheels?
  161. The Actual Savings of a Hybrid
  162. Im an owner now!
  163. Student Hybrid project
  164. Snow tires and rims? What are you running?
  165. Hybrid underbody pics
  166. Belt Length for Air Compressor Bypass
  167. Major problem in transmission
  168. anybody else hate their ac in their hybrid
  169. Green EZ Pass
  170. HCHII upgrading acceleration & power?
  171. Did anyone else get the 'Product Update' notice for 2006-2008 HCH?
  172. Question about service history of the car
  173. Anyone Seafoam The 1.3L (Hyrbrid) Engine
  174. Help! Need owner's manual for HCH 07
  175. New HCH II owner, pics/questions
  176. HELP!!! My Hybrid Battery Is Dead!!!
  177. What are HCHII wheel specs? Fit RSXS?
  178. What Oil Should I Use?
  179. Muffler size?
  180. can u put a K20 in Hybrids? so the hybrid never need smog???
  181. Honda Civic New Exhaust
  182. looking at buying a hybrid.
  183. How to increase mileage in your Hybrid.
  184. Auto-stop: Does your car still do it in the cold?
  185. CRZ pics....
  186. Possible to install a sound system?
  187. Has anybody found a reliable power adder for the Civic Hybrid?
  188. Should I get the software update?? Honda TSB 09-058
  189. Wheel Spacers with Stock rims?
  190. 2010 Honda Insight HYBRID Anyone Have?
  191. MPG's around town
  192. 06 hybrid 114k battery question
  193. Brake pad replacement questions
  194. Question?
  195. Resale Value....what happened!!!
  196. Interior Dash Color help
  197. ouch~! my mpg hurts
  198. if u live around los angeles. survey money here
  199. 08 Civic Hybrid Factory Stereo Wattage?
  200. Civic Hybrid - Remote starter?
  201. HELP! Wiper Inserts on Hybrid Sedan! :(
  202. 08 civic hybrid tires--Michelin Energy Saver vs. Cooper GFE--195/65/15's
  203. 07 HCHII dead aux battery-symptoms
  204. Light of (ABS) & (Break System) & auto-stop feature doesn't work
  205. 2007 to 2003 using the 07 as the donor
  206. My Hybrid's tires
  207. Hi all
  208. Our HCHII doesn't have a replacement fuel filter?
  209. 05 hybrid trans problem
  210. HCH not as good as Prius?
  211. My HCH left me stranded---well almost :(
  212. Honda CRZ
  213. Hybrid performance mods ideas
  214. Where is the 12 volts battery located?
  216. '08 HCH turns on with iginiton OFF
  217. need wheel lug bolts for the hybrid
  218. Aftermarket Wheels on a 2008 Civic Hybrid
  219. Si wheels on 2007 Hybrid!
  220. Hybrid Group Gathering, October 24th, 2009
  221. HyPer Hybrids?
  222. Anyone here have a GG hybrid?
  223. List of TSBs
  224. Red signal in rear on 08 and now is clear for the newer model
  225. 2010 Honda Civic
  226. AC Problems
  227. Mugen Hybrid...
  228. Civic SI Hybrid
  229. socal hybrids look
  230. Anyone debadge their hybrids?
  231. Synthetic Oil
  232. Battery keeps depleting
  233. HCHII Craptastic CVT Maint.
  234. had the rear control arms replaced
  235. Anybody down for a oil burning Civic?
  236. 30 mpg?!
  237. Ambient Lighting like in the SI
  238. Rumors and sketch of new 2011 Civic Hybrid
  239. HOV Replacement sticker
  240. Traded our Accord today
  241. How can recharge occur going uphill w/6 bars?
  242. 08 hybrid battery down to zero bars
  243. MPG's: Not sure I can squeak anymore
  244. Hybrid owners with subs!
  245. SI Spoiler on civic hybrid?
  246. can't decide Hybrid or LX sedan??
  247. Civic Hybrid ¡BLING!
  248. warranty question 10yr/150,000
  249. I have both a Prius and an HCH, and my HCH gets 10+ MPG less... something wrong?
  250. Civic Hybrids for 18K in NC