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Forced Induction And Nitrous

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  1. Kraftwerks supplied AC line available for purchase
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  3. why choose ct supercharger over kraftwerks?
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  14. Stock k20z3 motor
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  17. NG BKR8E-11 Spark Plugs
  18. Boost solenoid help!
  19. Replacing cheap turbo kit manifold for a better one?
  20. Slowest turbo build ever
  21. where can i get a sc for a good price ?
  23. Ram Horn Style Manifold
  24. Best 350 whp
  25. Unnecessary Worry?
  26. Installing nitrous kit in a few weeks, could use some advice
  27. Anyone used this turbo kit?
  28. Supercharger vs Turbo?!
  29. Best Supercharger?
  30. F/I Buyer's Guide: Turbo vs KW S/C vs CT-e S/C, what to get?
  31. Uprated fuel system. How to
  32. Who sells gauge pods & what varieties are available?
  33. Re tune for elevation?
  34. Turbo Timer Issues (HELP)
  35. How many psi will a t04e hold?
  36. What's your MPG on turbo?
  37. Forged Performance vs. Mainstream... An 8 month Turbo Tale of TERROR!! MUST READ!!
  38. What a trillion hores power did to my 4th gear
  39. Good entry level turbo?
  40. Ultimate Crower K20 Turbo Build...
  41. turbo'd FA5 vs R8 .. wow
  42. Where to get turbo?
  43. GReddy Turbo intake upgrade?
  44. Need your help 8th!
  45. Jrsc supercharger
  46. Teach me everything about fuel injectors
  47. Do i need a new turbo.
  48. noob want to turbo the car
  49. some ideas
  50. Finaly turboing my si here are some pics
  51. Biggest Turbo size?
  52. kraftwerks + cai
  53. boost by gear
  54. CT S/C kit
  55. Help on running gauge wires through firewall
  56. Stock fuel pump capability? don't see much
  57. Skunk2+Kraftwerks=Ultimate Build
  58. kraftwerks vs ct engineering
  59. th gen civic si goo daily forced induction setup?
  60. 500 plus at the wheel.
  61. Prosport 60mm JDM series
  62. Boost On Stock Internals, It Will Be Fun They Said!
  63. Samco bov?
  64. 08 si turbo piping?
  65. vi monitors
  66. Traction Control dial mount location?
  67. Boost irritation
  68. First post but lurked for a while...
  69. Question for all you boosted k20's
  70. Need help choosing what way to boost my civic!
  71. Pistons and Rods for the R18 and K20Z3
  72. Fi?
  73. Help with 24.5x9x15 slicks
  74. 4port mac and gauges?
  75. Post up your DD MPG, SC vs. Turbo
  76. just curious
  77. Turbo leak?
  78. intercooler
  79. Force induction fwd vs rwd/awd
  80. just
  81. Community FPR Crush Tool
  82. Innovate DB series Wideband questions
  83. What guage pod is this?
  84. short shifter fail :/
  85. ATTN: all cte stage 1 and 2 members help me asap
  86. 4.389 FD and odo readings
  87. Supercharge or Ls1?
  88. k20, Turbocharging vs. supercharging?
  89. Head work with boost
  90. clutch help!
  91. Greddy Turbo?
  92. Is forced induction a good idea for me?
  93. Buying car with plans to F/I it?
  94. RC fuel injectors. What's the problem?
  95. Time for a new fuel pump?
  96. Where do I start?
  97. Engine Chip?
  98. P1298 - P0123 Need Help!!!
  99. Forced Induction
  100. Omg please help me
  101. K20A2 head vs K20Z3
  102. civic SI boost or basic upgrades?
  103. Turbo on an R18
  104. Need help w/ install in CO area
  105. Walbro Fuel Pump Failure.
  106. Please help me
  107. Need your opinion on something
  108. new stock sleeve K20 record
  109. RC 440 clips
  110. pre building for F/I project. what gauge needed?
  111. E-MANAGE Installation on NA.. HELP!!
  112. Boost or Turbo? Hmm....
  113. Blown engine!! R16 to R18 swap!! What parts are needed??
  114. Colorado Emissions
  115. Turbo problems
  116. Did you do your own S/C or T/C install?
  117. is the tune everything?
  118. DIY: Fuel Return Setup (Only Cage Modify)
  119. What gauge recommended for super charger
  120. looking for boost gauge
  121. About to buy a supercharger !
  122. oil pressure gauge on FI
  123. Apexi TT issues
  124. DIY: Walbro 400 and E85
  125. need help , emissions test
  126. Internal Wastegate problem ??
  127. Is Supercharging the K20z3, worth it?
  128. buy a full turbo kit or peice it together myself?
  129. Flashpro First or Turbo?
  130. SC mpg vs Turbo mpg?
  131. Boost Addicts - Do We Need a 12 Step Program?
  132. Catch can install gone horribly wrong, did i blow my motor?
  133. Wideband reading differently than FP AFR
  134. Full Race on 11psi...blown tranny...
  135. best way to get to certain HP
  136. injector length
  137. Bought from dealer!!!!!
  138. 3 in pulley question
  139. Inlinepro turbo manifold ??
  140. Yet another S/C or Turbo Thread
  141. Hmmm, Decisions Decisions. Which one do I choose?!
  142. Throttle surge on new jrsc install
  143. '07 SI with SRT kit...11psi.. got beat by 430WHP camaro
  144. What do I need to supercharge my 2011 Si Sedan?
  145. -::Things You Should and Should NOT Do While Boosted::-
  146. T'cing is More Efficient Than S'cing: Found This Little Video
  147. Comptech supercharger
  148. ECU Connector Pin B29 occupied??!!
  149. Fuel Rail
  150. Stock R18 Power?
  151. New to mods
  152. What's Up With All the Superchargers For Sale? And...
  153. whats better for my motor
  154. K20Z3 Supercharged + Cammed
  155. stuck between SC and Turbo..
  156. map sensor question
  157. AFR Gauge Connections For Data-logging in FP
  158. Do i need to upgrade anything else if i get a turbo?
  159. 614hp stock k20z3
  160. Nos direct port or jrc
  161. If You Could Choose Only One Modification What Would it Be?
  162. Boosting anyone!?
  163. Marren Fuel Damper Question
  164. OBD2 Plug and Play Connectors
  165. New Aeromotive 340 Pump..
  166. Turbo Shopping...
  167. ID1000 vs DW1300: a showdown
  168. Regret supercharger
  169. What are the best SC with the most power for a 2011 Civic Si Coupe
  170. Fuel injector help.
  171. Math problem ! boost=compression
  172. Quest. about RC injectors
  173. dyno before and after supercharger
  174. Will i be able to get to 300+whp
  175. Clutch supercharger
  176. Ebay turbo
  177. All motor or boost?!
  178. Supercharger vs. Turbo Charger
  179. Rebuilding for Turbo? Super?
  180. Turbo, what else am i missing?
  181. Automatic Civic Turbo. Yes or No
  182. Supercharger or Turbo install
  183. Supercharger and turbo combo
  184. Knock sensor broke
  185. Flashpro & Emission Monitors
  186. 2011 R18: How much nitrous?
  187. Stumped on choice
  188. Reliability of the K20 engine??
  189. Post your automatics that have been Superchared or Turbo
  190. Buying a Greddy Turbo, need help
  191. Considering CT-SC
  192. what turbo kit is this?
  193. FS RC Injector Clips
  194. Car Alarm - Protect your boosted investment!
  195. E85 = Awesomeness
  196. Blow off valve...when do you need it?
  197. AEM TruBoost as boost gauge only?
  198. Turbo Or Supercharger?
  199. a different approach to fueling
  200. Mitsu injectors
  201. Civic Ex Automatic
  202. What is better for the SI?
  203. Turbo vs. Supercharger on new car
  204. Boosting and Mileage
  205. Yet Again Another Spark Plug Thread...
  206. Turbo Charging Suggestions
  207. Injector Dynamics
  208. a REAL cooling Option For the Supercharged guys!!!!!!!!!!
  209. QUESTIONS!: Super Charging Vs. Turbo Charging, ct-e stg 1 ctsc
  210. to those with a Dash Hawk. (settings question)
  211. turbo gauge and a/f gauge
  212. MAF to IAT, plug and play solution, interested?
  213. Relay mod, aka Ghetto boost-a-pump
  214. On deployment to AFG, now its time to buy!!
  215. tehcodeman gotz toon'd! (pic heavy)
  216. whos making power around here
  217. Cooling options/concerns for 06+ civics
  218. Ethanol proofing the fuel sender
  219. Boosted Si Meet
  220. Too Big?
  221. should i
  222. thinking about going greddy turbo
  223. Does anybody know how many cc the stock R18 injectors run?
  224. If your looking to run ethanol.
  225. superchager or turbo which do you like more
  226. What does your significant other think of your setup?
  227. Evacuation Tank
  228. I Need help with fuel delivery system info
  229. DD or no?
  230. DIY:Supa's Ghetto Fab catch can
  231. Not sure if its a repost, but this car flies
  232. Some Old Vids.. Booooost Inside.
  233. how to have the doors locked automatic while running the turbo timer?
  234. cat-back: Turbo vs. Supercharger
  235. Wiring A Boost Gauge On A Supercharger?
  236. Turbo Financing?
  237. secondary O2 sensor
  238. smaller wastegate + bigger BOV = more power?
  239. Anyone heard of Jotech?? 11.3 at 121 MPH si.
  240. Phoenix, AZ -- EVANS TUNING?? NA/Supercharged/Turbocharged Tuning
  241. Fuel Injector Chat and Discussion
  242. Walbro Fuel Pump
  243. Have boosted car thats track ready? Drop me a line to be in a track comparison
  244. Torn.
  245. internal wastegate explained
  246. Quick question about boost
  247. DIY: Supa Ninja fuel return setup with a side of F*** OPEC!!!!
  248. Bosch Sensor Cleaning (Wideband)
  249. 400+ WHP club
  250. CEL P0108 on a boosted R18