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  36. check my afr please
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  42. Overrun Fuel Cut Delay
  43. Custom Albins Gears - Car Mileage issue
  44. RI State inspection problem.
  45. why am I not going into open loop @ WOT?
  46. tune?
  47. FP for sale
  48. stage 2, vit inlet, 750cc bosch, budclub header starter tune.
  49. 2009 SI Hondata Tuning
  50. Bone stock aside from FP... Considering K&N intake for throttle response...
  51. 06' R18 FlashPro Calibration Needed
  52. Power Gain from FlashPro question
  53. Does this low cam angle make any sense?
  54. need starter tune
  55. Running lean@wot early morning and 12.8afr@noon
  56. Air/Fuel line on the graph remains flat
  57. hows my tune look?
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  59. Datalogging my "Stock Tuned" , safe?
  60. Can you guys check out my Datalog?
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  63. Rich Idle, Some hesitation, Ok at Cruising
  64. New to forum, need help with Flashpro
  65. Computer that my flashpro is linked to is damaged
  66. How to permanently get rid of CEL?
  67. base maps
  68. DIY Or Hire a Pro?
  69. Can someone give me an input???
  70. did they work all the bugs out yet
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  73. Hondata with Windows 8.1 issues
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  76. Tuners
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  81. Safe rev limit?
  82. Ask : Which better hondata for asian R18 Civic
  83. all cylinders misfiring under load
  84. Cold to Hot weather Tuning
  85. Honda Dealer
  86. full stock k20z3 with turbo what options do i have for tuning?
  87. Flashpro/Vtec question
  88. 06 k24a2 with 50 VTC... What cal. Are you using
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  91. greddy basemap safe?
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  94. intake and exhaust WOT
  95. Flashpro questions/ issues tuning.
  96. Everything is OK
  97. need some guidence someone look please
  98. Winbook + FP
  99. Calling all tuners!
  100. Cylinder 4 knock, heat related?
  101. help flashpro tuning website
  102. - where are you?
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  110. Secondary o2
  111. Another new FP user. **Search used**
  112. will 2012 flash pro work on an 07?
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  114. a Display I made
  115. Tuning Knock
  116. Is it normal to adjust tune every couple months?
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  119. Need a CAL for stockish k24a2 asap. Please help guys.
  120. OMG I flashed a map and my car won't start
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  124. Varying Elevation
  125. This basemap be ok to run for a bit?
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  127. Autotune
  128. Is my primary o2 going out?
  129. Need Help to unlock
  130. Launch limiter/rev limiter?
  131. HELP car runs like sh#t
  132. changing canned tune question
  133. I broke something - Help needed
  134. help save my calibration
  135. Need advice on starting point/base map
  136. Random Spikes and Dips in A/F Ratio Running Injen CAI Flashpro Basemap
  137. Help?
  138. New to FlashPro HELP please :)
  139. Anyone use FlashPro on N/A R18 setup?
  140. calibration
  141. flashpro, which calibration!?
  142. FlashPro not working?
  143. Requesting for FP Calibration: K24 NA with cams and RDX injectors
  144. Flashpro Rev Limit Glitch?
  145. finally did a 3rd gear pull for my new ct-e intake!!!
  146. Just got flash pro locked to car need some advise!
  147. R18 Header: Retune Needed?
  148. Excelerate Performance: HONDATA SALE!!!
  149. ? For those who tuned your own AFR at WOT
  150. vin number missing
  151. Flash pro unlock help
  152. hondata traction control
  153. Road trip to sea level
  154. Endless research done...still lost. Experienced advice welcomed
  155. Cam angles
  156. Hybrid Calibration and Maintenance Minder........
  157. O2 sensor issues. Need help. Logs inside
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  166. Hybrid racing 3.5" CAI what flashpro program are you using?
  167. What Else can FP do for me?
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  169. Overrun Fuel Cut Settings?
  170. Questions about hondata
  171. Whos better to deal with for tunes?
  172. Different car, Same Dyno tuned MAP, same setup. Toughts?
  173. Mucter's stock tune + k&n sri?
  174. Flashpro/ Red X
  175. flashpro first time tonight with stock basemap
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  177. getting ready
  178. I'm going to pick up a used fp. Tips?
  179. Hondata Mobile for FlashPro owners
  180. Why no colum 9 or 10 at WOT?
  181. Knock on Cylinder 4..?
  182. Cylinder #4 Knock (Mechanical Noise?)
  183. Need o2 sensor help.
  184. New Calibration Help
  185. Stock tunes
  186. Flashpro calibration for some exhaust fun
  187. Datalog corrupt & problem downloading FP software
  188. Running Race Caliberation
  189. Rev Hang After Stock Hondata Tuned Calibration
  190. Part throttle KR?
  191. Air Fuel Ratio jumps to 29.40
  192. New to hondata *help* please?? :)
  193. Best base map for T1R intake?
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  196. why flashpro?
  197. Running Rich!!!!!
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  200. 15.2 AFR Spike at 5k RPM
  201. Header/Exhaust
  202. Basemap Choice..?
  203. flash pro
  204. WTB R18 Flashpro
  205. For starters that only have a 3.5"-3" CAI and Flashpro!
  206. thermostat to open at what temperature
  207. New parts.
  208. How would tune columns 6,7,8 on flashpro
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  214. Power questions
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  217. where is the fuel low table?
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  224. afm?
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