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  5. finally did a 3rd gear pull for my new ct-e intake!!!
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  10. vin number missing
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  12. hondata traction control
  13. Road trip to sea level
  14. Endless research done...still lost. Experienced advice welcomed
  15. Cam angles
  16. Hybrid Calibration and Maintenance Minder........
  17. O2 sensor issues. Need help. Logs inside
  18. B29 pin question calling all experts!!
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  20. Stoked for tuning tomorrow in the AM
  21. CAM angle Commanded ??
  22. Can't open the flashpro manager.. help
  23. ECT2 all over the place
  24. HELP!!!!!!! I live in florida and flashpro killed my ac
  25. Hondata FlashPro and Bluetooth
  26. Hybrid racing 3.5" CAI what flashpro program are you using?
  27. What Else can FP do for me?
  28. Vitviper stock tune review
  29. Overrun Fuel Cut Settings?
  30. Questions about hondata
  31. Whos better to deal with for tunes?
  32. Different car, Same Dyno tuned MAP, same setup. Toughts?
  33. Mucter's stock tune + k&n sri?
  34. Flashpro/ Red X
  35. flashpro first time tonight with stock basemap
  36. need new ecu/ecm ? flashpro
  37. getting ready
  38. I'm going to pick up a used fp. Tips?
  39. Hondata Mobile for FlashPro owners
  40. Why no colum 9 or 10 at WOT?
  41. Knock on Cylinder 4..?
  42. Cylinder #4 Knock (Mechanical Noise?)
  43. Need o2 sensor help.
  44. New Calibration Help
  45. Stock tunes
  46. Flashpro calibration for some exhaust fun
  47. Datalog corrupt & problem downloading FP software
  48. Running Race Caliberation
  49. Rev Hang After Stock Hondata Tuned Calibration
  50. Part throttle KR?
  51. Air Fuel Ratio jumps to 29.40
  52. New to hondata *help* please?? :)
  53. Best base map for T1R intake?
  54. ct-e supercharger datalog question
  55. is flashpro the next step?
  56. why flashpro?
  57. Running Rich!!!!!
  58. Vitviper vs local dyno tunner
  59. Locked flashpro = junk?
  60. 15.2 AFR Spike at 5k RPM
  61. Header/Exhaust
  62. Basemap Choice..?
  63. flash pro
  64. WTB R18 Flashpro
  65. For starters that only have a 3.5"-3" CAI and Flashpro!
  66. thermostat to open at what temperature
  67. New parts.
  68. How would tune columns 6,7,8 on flashpro
  69. Best possible price on a flashpro? n00b
  70. Better MPG after tune?
  71. Flashpro on a stock Si, yay!
  72. help with flashpro
  73. part throttle tuning techniques?
  74. Power questions
  75. Just got my stock si tuned by VitViper!
  76. Tuning 06 civic si help.
  77. where is the fuel low table?
  78. Starting MAP for 3.5 CAI?
  79. Hondata Traction Control Calibration
  80. Trading in my 06 Civic Si tomorrow! -- HELP
  81. Flashpro for Asian Honda Civic FD?
  82. Single lobe aka vtec killer cams tuning
  83. Fuel low & high
  84. afm?
  85. just got flashpro help kinda
  86. Need help with used fp
  87. Looking for flashpro for dummies.
  88. Preparing to sell car...Hondata Question
  89. FlashPro Error "Error authorizing VIN unlock"
  90. Tune for RDX injectors please
  91. Stock tuned guys: your duty cycles?
  92. Running a base map, need help
  93. What should i use for a base map?
  94. Questions about flashpro base maps
  95. Totally new to FP
  96. How true is this..
  97. Flashpro needed?
  98. r18 flashpro tune
  99. skunk2 + flashpro
  100. K24 TSX Long block
  101. Hondata Reflashed ECU
  102. Hondata flashpro how much HP?
  103. Is Hondata really worth it ?
  104. m62 supercharged si tuned afr 12.5 safe??
  105. Basemap Question?
  106. Excelerate Performance's Black Friday Week Sale - Free shipping to the cont 48 US!!!
  107. Question about FP 'return ecu to stock'
  108. J35 throttle body and flashpro
  109. Flashpro stock tune
  110. Tune back to stock (help)
  111. which basemap
  112. Hondata questions?
  113. Unlocking flashpro without vehicle??
  114. Flashpro + Ultimate Tune by VitViper
  115. HELP!!!! Unlocked HONDATA now car hesitates?
  116. Hondata Traction Control
  117. How To Make Rev Go To 9k RPM
  118. What will be gained?
  119. Flashpro etune with Jeff Evans (hybrid cai, kidd header stock catback)
  120. Help/Question about Calibrations
  121. Wrecked/totaled car (ECU destroyed) FP unlock
  122. flashpro/ecu problem
  123. flashpro rev problem
  124. rick specd SRI datalog is this safe?
  125. Importance of Primary O2 sensor when using MAP configuration
  126. Thinking of getting a FP
  127. Trying to use Hybrid cal but runs real bad
  128. Can you use Flashpro to get better better MPG or run (the si) on regular fuel?
  129. flashpro noob help.
  130. Diagnostic port trouble
  131. Hondata and Maintenance Minder
  132. Which Base Map to Use for intake/header/exhaust on r18 automatic
  133. Should I keep using this basemap?
  134. Do I need a Hondata?
  135. Changing Final Drive Ratio in Flashpro
  136. Did my first autotune runs... Come looky
  137. AFR vs AFR Corrected
  138. FlashPro vs Tune
  139. Hondata dealer?
  140. Datalog not showing my 3rd gear pulls
  141. Rev hang
  142. New with FP
  143. Converting MAP to hybrid tune
  144. Cold Start / Warm Up - Cam Angle Sawtooth's on Datalog
  145. Throttle Tip In Needs Improvement - Datalog Attached
  146. First datalog: Am I reading this right?
  147. Updated/better AEM SRI map?
  148. need help with hondata!
  149. Engine check light and FP?
  150. Flashpro plus ECU
  151. After FP weird
  152. Quick Question, speed ajust ecu and gauge. why are there two places to change?
  153. Day 1 - Hondata K&N SRI map or Mucter's Stock Tuned Calibration?
  154. FP advice
  155. Flashpro before or after bolt ons?
  156. Flash Pro Problems.
  157. Flashpro installed, now maintanence reminder not working....
  158. unlocking flashpro question
  159. Is a Reflash better suited for me?
  160. Quick Question
  161. lots of knocking in cylinders 2 and 3 over 400 combined
  162. From Injen CAI to Skunk2 3.5''
  163. CEL and display flashes
  164. Flashpro Question
  165. Flash pro and HDS (Honda Diag. System tool)
  166. Flashpro no cd
  167. Flashpro Stock tune problem
  168. Uploading map to ECU
  169. mucter's "stock tuned" calibration--experiencing knock during uphill drive
  170. A/C problem running Flashpro?
  171. Acer NetBoot died. Tablet or bootcamp
  172. 2 Step help
  173. [Civic Si] Added light control features for knock control and traction control
  174. does anyone have a MAP for DC 2.2
  175. About to get Flashpro
  176. Iat compensation calculator
  177. Etune vs Dyno how many Third gear pulls does it take ? .
  178. vtec engauging at 3500 odd or normal ?
  179. flashp datalog help
  180. Another guy with a Flashpro ???
  181. Quick flashpro question
  182. Takeda Sri calibration
  183. Want to sale hondata r18 but don't have a windows laptop.
  184. short term trim
  185. Spirited Datalog without Hood
  186. Gas Mileage issue?
  187. Flashpro, MAF, FlexFuel sensors, IAT sensors, OH MY!
  188. Hondata / inspection
  189. Dyno tune issues
  190. flashpro questions... fuel system upgrade copensation
  191. Flash pro question
  192. just got flash pro
  193. need some help
  194. Flashpro
  195. MAF sensor and Flashpro
  196. Flashpro problems ??
  197. flashpro & no pro tune
  198. COBB Ap to Flashpro
  199. Security cal
  200. changes to cal.
  201. Flash Pro w/o Proper Tune?
  202. knock
  203. Hello 8th
  204. Terrible basemap, going back to stock
  205. help with fp, injectors and tsx tb.
  206. MAP based, K&N V2 SRI or K&N V2 SRI?
  207. New to FP - basic questions
  208. Flashpro won't unlock?!? Please advise.
  209. A little help with calibration....
  210. Temperature Stuck at 72
  211. Hondata Flashpro Manager 1.5.0 beta
  212. FP on Windows 8....``
  213. Do i have a re-flash or flash pro?
  214. Need help!!
  215. swap to rdx inyectors car wont start
  216. Type r engine and a new flashpro
  217. flashpro rev limit raised question
  218. Flashpro Awesomeness!
  219. Base map questions.
  220. Where to buy Flashpro in LA
  221. 1st datalog and fp noob.
  222. Holy flashpro Batman!
  223. calibration for Rick spec'd only?
  224. knoob question/ change of intake
  225. Gained 3-5mpg by removing e-tune and cai- r18
  226. Check engine light after flash back to stock.
  227. Minnesota flashpro question
  228. Data logging results help
  229. Flashpro help
  230. New FlashPro, knocking on stock tune
  231. Looking for FP
  232. v tec adjustments
  233. Knocks showing up all of a sudden?!?!
  234. Hard time plugging in Flashpro lol
  235. Can i run this cali?
  236. Flashpro and smog
  237. inspection?
  238. Will it hurt if i put my silencer in with a tune?
  239. New to flashpro. Need help on deciding on a calibration.
  240. Lambda values not showing
  241. Display Legend
  242. used flashpro for $500
  243. FlashPro will not lock... Error
  244. R18 turbo tuning
  245. Any easy way to go from MAP to AFM tune?
  246. J35 Idle Relearn Fail, Fix with Tune?
  247. How cold is too cold to tune?
  248. not showing datalog or live feed??
  249. Flashpro for dummies...
  250. basemap vtec range.