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Intake & Spacer Discussion

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  1. Running lean from CAI?
  2. SRI with heat sheild
  3. CAI Choice:
  4. aem cai and flashpro basemap NEED HELP
  5. CAI With Throttle Body Spacer
  6. Do all aftermarket intakes require a tune for Si's?
  7. HR intake upper rad hose replacement
  8. Accord intake
  9. Skunk2 CAI install question
  10. Buying a Short Ram: AEM or DC Sports?
  11. Skunk2 cai HELP!
  12. battery for Hybrid racing cai relocation tray
  13. K&N Typhoon 69-1014TS fitment problems with '07 Civic
  14. Hybrid Racing intake worth it?
  15. Individual Throttle body
  16. Password JDM Powerchamber Hiss?
  17. Sri vs cai
  18. Skunk 2 intake maf rubber coupler cracking?
  19. Questions about CAI install
  20. Weapon R titanium intake vs takeda cold air intake
  21. Throttle body gaskets.
  22. Injen SRI versus KN Typhoon SRI datalogs...
  23. Throttle body bolt size
  24. Full Race Intake
  25. Hybrid Racing Intake from CrackedUpRacing
  26. intake gaskets/TBS/TB?
  27. Fresh start. Intake suggest
  28. HPS stage 2 intake for 8th gen Si
  29. Injen CAI for 09+ Si
  30. Issues with Rick Specd intake
  31. Will this intake fit?
  32. Mishimoto Intake R&D!
  33. Help me ID this Craigslist header. (please delete. wrong section.)
  34. Thinking about getting Hybrid Racing CAI
  35. Major Problems after CAI & FlashPro
  36. Skunk2 CAI Install - Questions
  37. New and tried to search and couldnt find anything relating to a k&n typhoon
  38. How many are you guys daily driving with a cold air intake?
  39. Any reason to get hybrid racing CAI over skunk2?
  40. Hybrid racing
  41. Will a throttle body spacer make a difference?
  42. Thinking of changing for my stock intake
  43. Should i take out my intake?
  44. Difficulty of installing CAI and bypass valve?
  45. Is it worth all the money?
  46. help with intake manifold pleasseeee
  47. AEM bypass valve ?
  48. Torn between 3 different intakes!
  49. hybrid racing question
  50. Big bore throttle bodies and the facts you should know
  51. Questions about intake manifold/throttle body size
  52. looking to port my stock intake manifold
  53. ecu reset or let car adjust?
  54. Re-installed factory resonator
  55. custom intake questions and help
  56. Skunk2 CAI Install questions
  57. Another cold air intake question.....
  58. TB leak check?
  59. Need help with short ram intake install
  60. Good deal on takeda SRI?
  61. P2R Gasket
  62. Where can I send my RBC to get ported?
  63. j37 and rrc coolant bypass and aav delete
  64. Need help ID'ing intake
  65. M&M scoop fitment issue
  66. 9th Gen Civic SI OEM TB bigger than 8th gen?
  67. Need some basic intake setup guidance
  68. HPS intake hose
  69. AEM SRI Question...
  70. Pay Less, Get More: Donkey Power Injection Injectors Review
  71. My review: rick spec Sri + j35 tb
  72. 08 si stalling after throttle body spacer installation
  73. Add Bypass Valve to Modded OEM Intake
  74. Rick spec'd intakes?
  75. Yet another intake question thread.
  76. Blox Velocity stack on my K&N SRI?
  77. Hybrid vs rickspecd intake
  78. Takeda Cold Air Intake for R18
  79. TSX TB Help: RPM Jump/Cruising Idle Surge
  80. R18 MAF Sensor Screws
  81. Issue installing K&N typhoon, ugh
  82. Excelerate Performance: FREE SHIPPING ON ANY IN STOCK INTAKE!!!
  83. Tsx throttle body on stock intake manifold.
  84. Need maf sensor please
  85. help deleting a vacume fitting on the tb
  86. Going to get a ct engineering intake tomorrow.
  87. What's This?
  88. Anyone with ct-e intake using a bpi velocity stack
  89. Anyone running gruppe m intake?
  90. Filter options for stock airbox?
  91. AirRaid Kit Pictures
  92. CT-E intake install and short review
  93. air intake question
  94. Intake Manifold Mod
  95. AEM sri running to hot?
  96. Hybrid Racing 3.5" intake extra throttle body hoses
  97. Which TB? J35 or J37?
  98. Short Ram vs Stock Box no tune
  99. Skunk2 Black Pro Series Intake manifold concerns
  100. Biggest Possible TB Size ?!?!
  101. Air box resonator delete problems
  102. Need Help! Car won't accelerate after intake installed!
  103. Gains from J35 throttle + 3.5 CAI + velocity stack
  104. Throttle body bore
  105. Short Ram Intakes: does size really matter?
  106. DC Sports SRI - Coolant Line?
  107. Will my AEM 3" v3 CAI fit my buddys 2012 Si?
  108. 02 RSX Base intake manifold on R18?
  109. Intake install now headlight out
  110. what hardware do I need?
  111. R18 P2R spacer with thermal gasket: Check fuel cap message solver
  112. Just got a P2R spacer... its flat sided with no gaskets?
  113. Weird P0172 code problem
  114. Drop-In Filter
  115. J35 tb
  116. Would a K20A3 Short Ram Intake fit on my K20Z3
  117. NO Fender liner !!!
  118. Best intake for the FA5!? Which one should i get??!!??
  119. Rrc vs rbc
  120. Short ram intake or Cold air intake
  121. Will The Battery Locate Get in The Way?
  122. So a ported RBC works pretty well...
  123. Short Ram Intake Installation
  124. j37 question. can i plug and play and drive off with the same base map?
  125. Square hole in the back of air intake box
  126. To any one interested. 9th Gen intake tube DIY
  127. Intake manifold discussion/quest
  128. aftermarket MAF sensor
  129. fuel injector connectors
  130. Civic type r throttle body
  131. will injen hydro shield fit on Hybrid cold air intake?
  132. j37 tb + skunk2 cai
  133. Skunk2 pro series intake mani w/ j37 tb
  134. IDLE relearn ?
  135. J37tb..zdx..
  136. Civic Type r rrc throttle body review
  137. J35 or J37 TB on R18?
  138. where to find rrc ?
  139. CAI 06 Civic Ex
  140. Rick Spec'd CAI Help...
  141. ported rbc manifold gains?
  142. Skunk2 intake, no maf sensor?
  143. CSX air intake
  144. Do I Have to Port Match?
  145. Secret Weapon SRI ABSOLUTE GARBAGE
  146. skunk 2 intake
  147. Type R TB vs. J35 TB
  148. help with j35 throttle body
  149. Skunk 2 intake questions
  150. 3.5" SRI coolant tank relocate, where?
  151. K24 Intakes?
  152. PSWJDM Battery Relocation
  153. La la la... Hydroshield + CAI . Yup, another one of "those".
  154. RickSpecd CAI Fitment
  155. skunk 2 intake iat help
  156. P2R gasket needed?
  157. P2R spacer ?????
  158. Need to replace K&N Intake for Smog Test
  159. Unidentified hose 2007 civic si
  160. Sri or just a drop in filter?
  161. Injen hose cut
  162. please help skunk2 IM zdx throttle body and cold air
  163. Takeda CAI (TA-1004B) HELP!
  164. Idle relearn with spacer install?
  165. Excelerate Performance's Black Friday Week Sale - Free shipping to the cont 48 US!!!
  166. Installed J37 Throttle body and injen cold air coupler does not fit
  167. Throttle body flange?
  168. Need help with my skunk2 cold air intake
  169. FD2 Type R (RRC) Intake Manifold In Stock
  170. jdm rrc
  171. R18 throttle body spacer options???
  172. j35 tb
  173. 9.0 manifold installed and soon to be tested on a 8thgen
  174. rubbing struts?
  175. Civic Si Cold Air Intake question
  176. Back to OEM Intake??
  177. Dirty MAF?
  178. TSX TB vs TSX bored with port match IM
  179. HPS Intake tube + K&N Drop-in vs. SRI
  180. Intake question/options
  181. Intake manifold and throttle body?
  182. switching intake manifold to 06 TSX?
  183. Need to replace my Intake Filter
  184. Want to get 300hp
  185. J35 on rbc
  186. Custom heat shield
  187. Rrc mani on eBay
  188. Idle probz after J37 & Rdx injectors install
  189. intake compatability si/csx/rsx type s???
  190. Good questions about intakes!!
  191. Fujita Short Ram Intake for 2006-2011 Honda Civic si?
  192. What's best intake? 2009 Si
  193. Skunk2 CAI (check engine light)
  194. is 4 inch cai okay for a all motor build?
  195. Breather hose for short or ca intake
  196. Injen CAI possible water suck?
  197. PW:JDM intake + K-Tuned Air Assist Valve Delete
  198. ive finally done it (pics) review :D
  199. P2r Intake manifold gasket?
  200. Which intake manifold
  201. HELP! Missing tube from CAI install?
  202. 9th Gen intake into 8th gen? The answer is inside
  203. P2r spacer. Yet another
  204. AZ legal CAI?
  205. RRC and J35 Install?
  206. Need help bout throttle body
  207. Inner Fender Well cutting?
  208. another HPS question
  209. Takeda SRI
  210. Intake manifold question
  211. Need opinion on diagnosis of vibrations
  212. intake coupler where to buy
  213. My car is driving like **** after reinstalling the stock intake.
  214. Injen Hydroshield
  215. Loud throttle body
  216. which cold air intake should i chose
  217. 07 civic si -- J35 + rickspec intensity SRI datalog---- HELP
  218. Breather Filter. Usless? or Blue filter adds 50Hp?
  219. injen cai
  220. custom intake
  221. 4inch intake question
  222. port and polish IM
  223. Skunk2 vs RRC
  224. skunk 2 intake with injectors
  225. Does the p2r tbs come with the thermal gaskets?
  226. OEM Big Bore Throttle Body Upgrade Kit w/ J37 TB
  227. J35 TB//ImportDPS rant
  228. Possible hp
  229. custom 3.5" cai parts
  230. SKunk 2 TRUE WHP?
  231. Skunk2 or Greddy?
  232. Skunk2 intake manifold & CAI fitment issue
  233. J35 + P2R Spacer
  234. AEM Sri on 08 si?
  235. So will the spoon filter fit?
  236. looking for opinions skunk2/rbc
  237. Who has a takeda sri? Need help
  238. Smog question about j35 tb and rrc im and tsx cams
  239. DIY home made intake thread?
  240. SRI/CAI help!!??
  241. Sri help!
  242. Takeda SR Installed - Car Bogs/Hesitates - HELP!!!
  243. Stock airbox mod question
  244. K&N SRI '08 Sedan Dx
  245. Convert Injen CAI to SRI
  246. Skunk2 Provides 2 Coupler Sizes!! Nice!
  247. Injen CAI question
  248. Rbc + j35
  249. Skunk2 Cold Air Intake Coupler Size
  250. Hps intake