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  19. What's your favourite thing about your Civic?
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  21. Abs plastic spoilers vs fiberglass spoilers
  22. I put on those door edge things.
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  25. Transferring Seat Belt Buckle to FD2 Seats
  26. Type R Mod - From Base? From SI?
  27. Opinion on the window rain guards?
  28. Neochrome overlays for JDM emblems - by GRFXP!
  29. GRFXP Bride shift boots and all new shift knobs!
  30. Ducktail Spoiler
  31. Exterior mods on sedan
  32. Help w/ Steering Wheel Wrap Installation
  33. 9th gen (12-15) Weathertech Mats in 8th gen
  34. How Remove Door Armrest Pads?
  35. Could use some input if i can pull this off
  36. Rust on my Civic si pedals
  37. Honda Civic 2006 front license plate bracket
  38. Painting the stock rims black
  39. DIY Taillight Tint
  40. Center caps for this rim
  41. Depo Replacement Headlights
  42. 2007 civic coupe REAR JDM EMBLEM
  43. fake vs real usdm mugen parts
  44. Trunk trim
  45. Best Racing Seat for Tall People?
  46. 2009-2011 Front bumper on 2006 Sedan
  47. Stuck with fender molding...
  48. More aggressive look for an Si Coupe
  49. Mirror Upgrade (?)
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  53. Carbon fiber mirrors.
  54. Extreme Makeover: gutted car, custom everything. Literally.
  55. Full Red Overlays?
  56. Which exhaust do you have?
  57. What happens if I don't repaint a 2007 Fiji Blue?
  58. speaker hole damage...where to start
  59. Suggestions for my car? Was going to sell it, but now I want to love it again. PICS
  60. H emblem on steering wheel.
  61. No Such Thing Splitter!!
  62. Window Tint That Looks Good? Post pics pls
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  64. Help - Spoiler Center Seal
  65. 3M Wrapped Roof: Before & After Pics.
  66. Ebay Replica Mugen Visors
  67. 07 Si Matte Rims Peeling?
  68. Installing an aftermarket touch screen radio.
  69. splitter
  70. Red H emblems in TO
  71. Plasti-dipping Mugen rr rear lip
  72. Coupe license plate trim removal
  73. Civic sedan 07 rear window visor
  74. 07sedan civic bumper lip
  75. Mugen visors
  76. Front quarter window visor extension?
  77. Front lip for fa5
  78. Where can I get this spoiler?
  79. Billet LCA's
  80. R18 axle back exhaust
  81. 2009 Civic Si Coupe Leather Seats
  82. removeQ
  83. Civic Type R Seats Arrived!!
  84. Installed Redlinegoods Bride shift boot and arm rest cover!
  85. Spec D JDM headlights VS OEM
  86. Shifter Extender
  87. Trunk Lid Color Match Trim
  88. Sedan with coupe front conversion?
  89. Current prices of instrument panel air vents!
  90. can the 2015 si seats fit the 8th gens?
  91. Painting Tires
  92. Curved wing center piece
  93. Been out of the game a while, decided to grab a pic!
  94. Excelerate Performance: XLR8 Gauge Pod Group Buy
  95. Accident Help Needed to fix
  96. Choosing a Rear Window Visor
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  98. I have a 2009 Honda Civic si coupe
  99. crack the back bumper
  100. WTB: JDM or CSX tail lights
  101. will these fit my si seats?
  102. Sunvisors
  103. License plate cover
  104. A/C Panel LED
  105. Radio Display Scratch Removal
  106. Plasti Dip Hood?
  107. Blox Racing 490 Shift Knob
  108. Trunk plastic
  109. 50% off on select overstock WeatherTech and Husky products!
  110. 9th Gen Gas Pedal Swap - Hanging vs. Floor Mount
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  112. Interior Door Trim Rattle
  113. Red H emblem question
  114. Where can i get this bumper? For an fg2
  115. Will Si front seats fit a dx civic ?
  116. what would be a solid solution to this small issue?
  117. Buffing out swirl marks on the stereo display
  118. Civic Si Mudflaps
  119. CdmAnts Acura Csx Build
  120. Rear lip
  121. Replacement Grille Question
  122. Need spoiler help
  123. Stainless Steel Exhaust ''Sun Tan Discoloration'' problem, HELP!
  124. Chrome Fuel Door?
  125. R18 coupe rear HFP lip install - Cutting the bumper?
  126. FD2 Side Skirt Install Need help
  127. HFP in Canada?
  128. taffeta white paint questions. need answer asap.
  129. Video for Removing automatic shift console?
  130. Heater controls not lighting up?
  131. 4dr ex fog light bumper
  132. Dash kit colors
  133. Problems I'm facing and a BUILD that can solve them
  134. Lug nut adapters?
  135. Lugnuts
  136. Different Coilovers for Rear and Front
  137. USDM CTR Bumper w/ Mugen Front Lip
  138. Fading paint fix?
  139. "Restoring" my 09 Si, where to buy parts?
  140. lowering spring
  141. Amazon HFP
  142. Nrg quick release won't line up straight
  143. Broadway Mirror
  144. Post up your favorite sticker websites!
  145. Coupe mugen rr front conversion
  146. A-Pillar squeak & rattle
  147. Is 07 4door hood same as 09
  148. Removing air freshener smell
  149. Removing Paint From Parts?
  150. Cleaning interior
  151. clearance and bumper pull
  152. air bag cover removal
  153. Glovebox Trash Bag
  154. FA5's can run EX DX LX 06-08 (FA) front bumper?
  155. Plasti dip rims tips/suggestions
  156. Vinyl Wrapped Civic
  157. Headlight restoration
  158. Civic R18 Heat Shields?
  159. Hfp
  160. Arkon smartphone mount (in coupe)
  161. FB6 Steering Wheel
  162. Applying a 12V power centre in the cabin
  163. Intake Manifold Cover Sticker
  164. Small Cubby below Shifter mods? pics?
  165. Should I DIY spray paint Mugen RR fog covers?? Tips needed..
  166. Best mugen parts replica
  167. Gas door / Trunk Valet Lock + Carpet Removal
  168. Fd2 steering wheel???!!!!
  169. Plasti-dip attempt! Thoughts? and a NSX!
  170. Oxidation/Streaks on rear quarter panel
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  175. Can't find it anywhere ...
  176. May just keep my car, need your advice.
  177. Wiring a switch from dashboard to engine bay?
  178. What spoiler is this?
  179. When is it finally ok to rep JDM Honda Emblems?
  180. Aeroflowdynamics Splitters
  181. Custom front/side splitter & canard group buy!!!
  182. Put in a new shift boot today - Red Bride w/Black stitching
  183. What trunk lip is this?
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  185. cleaning up my engine bay
  186. 5150 Engine Cover
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  188. Fog Light Delete 09 Sedan
  189. Difference Between These 2 Spoilers...
  190. After nearly 7 years, I did the once unthinkable, I debadged. But what now & how?
  191. Floor Mats
  192. Detail
  193. Hfp Front lip
  194. need to paint CBP - PPG or Dupont for OEM match?
  195. Help adjusting CF FD2 Trunk Gap
  196. Js style spoiler- will it fit?
  197. Vinyl-wrapped window visors
  198. Let See Those Vanity Plates!
  199. ebay mugen rr foglight cover
  200. ebay mugen rr spoiler
  201. Oem mugen spoiler
  202. Got my car back from the body shop, suggestions
  203. Faded rear headrests and seat fabric.
  204. Headliner/a-pillar removal question
  205. What's the point of lowering?
  206. I hate Oxidation!!!!
  207. For all those Honda haters.
  208. License plate (front) mounting
  209. bride seats...
  210. what rear spoiler is this?
  211. side window visors?
  212. HFP or?
  213. Exhaust question
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  218. Interior upholstery near Chicago?
  219. Valentine 1 Concealed Display in speedometer
  220. J's Racing Steering Wheel
  221. Where to Buy Blue Stitching Shifter Boot
  222. Weathertech Floor Liners or an Alternative
  223. badge on 9th gen engine cover
  224. Missing front H emblem within one week
  225. zestjdm fd1 conversion
  226. D2 springs any good??
  227. greddy Ti-c exhaust for 06 civic sedan lx
  228. Help with Mugen RR front bumper and foam absorber?
  229. Mugen rear lip install
  230. what front splitter is this?
  231. Blox 142 or 490 Shifter
  232. GRFXP products showcased on Stanced_FG2's stunning Fiji Blue Si (Video)
  233. 9th gen seats
  234. Front Grille and Honda Emblem
  235. The ultimate accessory - the GRFXP JDM Backpack!
  236. Carbon Fiber Mods
  237. Hear me out!
  238. Stainless steel look, for those that don't like chrome
  239. Post Your Rust
  240. Sprucing up the interior or a Civic LX...?
  241. Blue blinking interior light
  242. Rear bumper cover
  243. Metallic tints?
  244. Tints on civic coupes
  245. What kind of things do you want to see made for the civic?
  246. Vinyl intall advice or ideas
  247. License plate relocate on a 09-11 Coupe?
  248. Easiest way to obtain factory touch up paint?
  249. 2010 si coupe front lip
  250. Look what I found for sale..