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  79. Anyone know what this is?
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  90. Lip HFP
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  93. Unpainted front bumper
  94. Anyone got green G2 caliper paint?
  95. Know what this is??
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  108. Grilles
  109. Question about a trunk swap
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  115. Kit or Exhaust
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  119. CF trunk lid
  120. Badges Stolen, Any ideas?
  121. My baby got hit and run, need your suggestion
  122. functional areo pieces fg2?
  123. Looking for Honda Civic Navigation Pics (Night)
  124. Nrg steering wheel swap
  125. Just bought an asia front lip have some questions.
  126. Pic Request: RR FA5 w/ 35% tint
  127. Wrapping hood on vinyl. Size?
  128. If 09+ mugen 4dr was made... This is how the front would look like.
  129. JDM-style license plates, T-shirts and more
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  131. rear visor
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  133. Civic LX with spoiler.
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  136. Add To The Bible Of Lowering
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  141. how do you remove emblems to plasti dip them and put them back on
  142. Lowering Front
  143. shift boot
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  145. Tint Before Visors?
  146. Similar Shift knob
  147. 3 Spoke to 2 spoke steering wheel swap....
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  149. is my car lowered or stock height !?
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  153. Front Plate Bracket?
  154. Keep your cupholder ring, and water spot free
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  161. Rocker Panels
  162. Short Hub
  163. HFP underbodyspoiler screws!
  164. What could be causing this problem
  165. AeroFlow Dynamics front splitter
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  167. Anyone else have this problem
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  199. hauling my kayaks
  200. need help
  201. Emblem questions
  202. Anyone with pics of 06-08 replica HFP bumper lip
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  204. Mugen/CTR Lip on 09+ Sedan
  205. Good trade ?
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  208. Caliper paint color
  209. Acura seats in an 8th?
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  211. Stock radio back light dimming
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  213. Rear Windshield Help!
  214. Crystal Black Pearl
  215. ebrake boot/sock?
  216. Old front vs 2009 Front
  217. mesh non si oem grille for fa5?
  218. Can someone help me?
  219. Will these fit?
  220. Rear windshield weather stripping replacement
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  223. 2009 Civic LX-S Sedan
  224. Where can I find these CSX interior parts?
  225. What spoiler is this?
  226. Car Wash From Hell
  227. Yah or Nah?? what you guys think?
  228. What car trims to paint for two tone color car?
  229. post the picture of ur rear end civic.
  230. Delete kit?
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  232. New look!
  233. kayak rack, what do you all think??
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  239. The dreaded beginning
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  249. Interior overhaul
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