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Inside and Out

  1. Carbon Fiber On Fiji Blue
  2. HFP 17" Carbon Bronze Wheels - 12 Promotional Sets Left!
  3. Wht Diff Colors For Brake Calipers
  4. Need Opinions! Si Spoiler or Mugen Replica?
  5. anyone else installed these?
  6. FD2 Seat Rails?
  7. Why dont the sedans get anything like this?
  8. Windows squeaking after tinted????
  9. Windows squeaking after tinted????
  10. si spoiler?
  11. How to remove dealership emblem?
  12. Pics of light window tint
  13. Window Tinting pros, please help me out
  14. Extended Warranty Question...
  15. WARNING: Parts & Accessories going up again!
  16. Front HFP Lip Question
  17. Color Cordination Advice
  18. new pics of canards with splitter
  19. Picture of FD2 with eyelids?
  20. Black or Gunmetal w/ fbp lip???
  21. Help finding a pic...
  22. mugen rr kit/conversion
  23. where can I get the cheapest Mugen visor?
  24. About that inner fender...
  25. How to remove spoiler, FA5?
  26. Help with tinted back lights!
  27. Help...
  28. JDM Looking Civic FD
  29. ebay oem fogs $35?
  30. New Shift Knob from
  31. Those without splash guards, please help!
  32. Car makeover
  33. Dealer prices on HFP body kit
  34. just got my apr canards
  35. OEM or Mugen Style Window Visors
  36. Mugen RR Style Diffuser
  37. badge problem
  38. questions??
  39. Front lip Question
  40. Touren Body Kit and Ti-c Exhaust
  41. What would you do!?!?!?
  42. So I covered my dash
  43. Painting Fog Lights
  44. Removing spray tint????
  45. Non-carbon fiber hoods?
  46. How much should i pay for FD2 seats?
  47. Need some opinions please..side lip or not??
  48. Drunk Driver did this
  49. Will the front lip cover this?
  50. Anyone been to Japan?
  51. tribal side graphics....opinions?
  52. Question
  53. Mugen Wing
  54. Conversions....
  55. Roof Spoiler
  56. Who makes the best CF hoods
  58. Check out this Mugen...
  59. Jeshua
  60. Painted front bumpers on EBAY
  61. Space under foglight switch
  62. JDM Emblem Front Part #?
  63. Front Grille For Sedan?
  64. Front Spoiler Question
  65. My possible next mods...
  66. michelin wiper blades
  67. How well will this help
  68. Pics of Spoilers
  69. Anyone have this spoiler?? FD2R
  70. Red Tow Hook
  71. HFP lip spacers?
  72. ordered a few new goodies today
  73. know who makes this kit?
  74. CF interior panel
  75. Dropping my ride.. What should I drop it on?
  76. help me out!
  77. ZOMG! Bats overlays for the sedan!
  78. Body kit for the Fa5
  79. Good Deal or Bad?
  80. plastic covering tach
  81. HFP Body kit question
  82. which looks better?
  83. Interior paiting
  84. Got my new HFP lip from College Hills and it came like this...
  85. Leather Seats!!
  86. About to embark on hfp lip kit install i have some questions?
  87. Questions on HFP Exhaust for 08 FA5
  88. Opinions on my Tint Job?
  89. Looking for a Body Kit for a friend...
  90. possible to put 2dr front end onto the 4dr sedan?
  91. Is there a thread of everyone with painted oem rims
  92. idea for heavier stock shift knob
  93. White or Black rims for my NHBP
  94. Medical Exemptions for window tinting? (Virginia)
  95. any pics of clean "JDM" FG's???
  96. How would these look?
  97. My GraffiXpressions Mods. Thanks Blue Rocket!
  98. Carbon Fiber Roof
  99. POLL: J's Style Front Lip or APR Front Wind Splitter?
  100. Crazzzyyy Asss Idea..
  101. j's ebay knockoffs
  102. J's Racing Lip Replica
  103. Spoon Sport
  104. Where can I get red emblems for my 2006 coupe si
  105. Does anyone know where i can find this Rare HONDA emblem?
  106. how can i remove weight
  107. Smoked Tails: How to?
  108. 05+ Rsx Seats
  109. FA Smoked Rear Overlays
  110. Red striped Grill on 07 Civic Si
  111. engine start button
  112. My TW Si Coupe is almost one year old!!! Mods so far!!
  113. SEIBON Carbon fiber MG stlye
  114. removed mudflaps, is there a panel that goes under rear wheel wells?
  115. Clear bra
  116. Emblems On A Rallye Red Coupe?? Need Opinions
  117. 08 ASM ex coupe, blank canvas!
  118. Modifying my Honda Civic
  119. Replica J's Racing Front Lip on eBay
  120. Has anyone tried to put the EX brake light in an SI?
  121. Why doesn't anyone make door handle guards for your cars yet?
  122. New Car Smell
  123. OEM Bass Speaker System. yeh or neh?
  124. flush door handles???
  125. door sills
  126. found a good place to get HFP lips
  127. Custom Rear Dash
  128. Tilted front licence plate
  129. Best adhesive?
  130. carbon fiber roof spoiler sedan
  131. Pic Request: JDM Hazard Button lights up?
  132. Carbon fiber lip??
  133. Shift Knob ~~~ Brand New Style
  134. HFP Lip Kit
  135. Seibon Caron trunk
  136. Are you SERIOUS?!?!
  137. 2.0 badge???
  138. si exhaust on r18??
  139. Interior Panel Removal
  140. Will rubbing alcohol damage the paint?
  141. Bronze or Red Or Combo on calipers
  142. anyone with remote start?
  143. JDM Red "H" Emblems
  144. tint ?
  145. anyone have the import trenz bodykit?
  146. Mugen bodykits
  147. 07 Si coupe tow hooks?
  148. FA red reverse overlays (lots of pics and a video)
  149. No more door dings FTW!
  150. HFP rear & sides + mud guards...ever?
  151. eBay Splash Guards, Different?
  152. bumper too low??
  153. Black 4dr Si w/ type-r emblem
  154. Keep the tints or cut them?
  155. What all do i need for a shift knob?
  156. tint on white 4dr
  157. $100 Gas Card Contest from College Hills Honda
  158. headlight/tailight tints
  159. Picture Request - Figi Blue Sedans
  160. It Just Hailed All Over My Car In Florida
  161. Tein Springs
  162. Eibach Springs
  163. keep mud flaps or ditch them
  164. rear window tint question
  165. Im so pissed...someone keyed my brand new car
  166. I just got called a ricer...
  167. side skirts with no bracket...?
  168. Interior film for digital dash?
  169. EX swapping trunks with a SI... DIY? Can't find one.
  170. Anyone ever buy this guys taillight overlays?
  171. Civic badge with mirrored C : does it exist?
  172. New exhaust tip #2. On second thought.....
  173. Black Sun Visors
  174. indoor window visors breaking again....
  175. Grafix Sedan cf b-pillars overlays..who got them ?
  176. STRIPE ON THE SI (56k dont bother)
  177. NEW HOOD FROM AITracing
  178. AIT Hood Bubbles
  179. Any good installers in the Seattle area?
  180. RVinyl Light Tints - HELP!!!!!!
  181. where to buy alcantara suede
  182. New exhaust tip. Much better!
  183. i know this is a repeat but... best HFP Kits found?
  184. Type R kit...will i ever be able to get it ?!
  185. Blue Batmobile Overlay Picture Thread, Post your PICS here to share!
  186. Will this shift knob work in an 08 Civic EX-L?
  187. Need input (vinyl help)
  188. My AIT Racing 07 FA5 Bodykit
  189. Paint that trim
  190. painting calipers, need suggestions
  191. Some new pics and vids of my LX Coupe
  192. Rice or Not Rice??? I need Opinions from my fellow JDM enthusiasts
  193. HFP lip, any performance diff?
  194. JDM Emblems
  195. Heated windshield washer fluid?
  196. Eyebrows
  197. Full NBP HFP Kit on EBAY. OEM
  198. HFP lip question
  199. 07-08 sunvisors will they fit our cars?
  200. 06+ FG Rear Diffuser =]
  201. Cleaned up the ass a bit...
  202. 2006-2008 Civic Sedan TailLight Tints
  203. Jdm>ctr conversion or handling goodies..what shall come First ?
  204. Where can I find...
  205. Where can i buy this? (Passenger Airbag switch)
  206. Mini - Bra?
  207. JDM civic hazard light switch
  208. Vper Remote Start
  209. used CF Hood??
  210. tints for GG fg1
  211. Sedan Taillight Overlays!
  212. BOMEX JDM Civic
  213. Best tint percentage
  214. dash problem
  215. hole in grille... (my fault) >.<
  216. Most popular Si color?
  217. JDM bodykit?
  218. "Black Light" interior?
  219. License Plate Dimensions Civic Coupé
  220. 08 si coupe rhd clip
  221. My 2007 Mugen
  222. FA5 Mugen Aero Rear Wing & Adjustable Rear Wing
  223. clips
  224. Roof Rack for an SI??
  225. QR steering wheel pics?
  226. jdm H emblems off ebay
  227. Did some
  228. to spoil or not to spoil....
  229. how do i...
  230. CF B-pillar
  231. Mugen replica visors removal?
  232. hfp rear lip only?
  233. Will the Rear HFP lip cover this?
  234. Moved rear spoiler, Home made ice box,Led plate light~
  235. out of the ordanary emblems
  236. Would You Buy This If It Were Available?? Spoiler *Carbon Fiber*
  237. opinions...
  238. Front bumper damage on black FA5
  239. painting honda emblems
  240. Interior help
  241. Carbon fibre trim.
  242. Honda E-Store
  243. E-Brake plastic piece broke! Need help....
  244. Lip Spoiler
  245. Weight difference between stock hood/trunk and CF hood/trunk?
  246. need some help please
  247. black roof?
  248. what color should i paint the lower part of my grille.
  249. Aftermarket seats/rails.
  250. EX/LX HFP rear on SI?